The Twins


Mark was on holidays. He was considered by all who knew him to be a nice person. He was twenty five, fairly good looking, fit and had a good job, with what seemed to be a good career ahead of him. He was known to like the girls but he never seemed to go over the boundaries. Mothers liked him and considered that he'd be a good catch.

But, he was now on holidays. He was at a holiday resort out on the coast where no-one knew him, and he was free to be himself. So Mark went hunting, knowing the sort of places where he could find his prey. All hunters have their favourite targets and Mark was after young women who were taking the chance of being on holiday to find lonely beaches to do a bit of private sun-bathing. He'd checked the local maps and had spotted a couple of likely beaches, both out of town but not too far out. They were the right sort of distance from the town to attract one or two young ladies who might want to have a little privacy.

The first beach he checked proved a dud for now having too many people, but something to keep in mind for future forays. The second beach was to prove much more to his liking. Cruising back and forth along the little side roads that gave access to the various stretches of the beach had turned up only a single parked car, and a quick glance inside seemed to indicate feminine ownership, with no obvious signs of a male companion. He decided further investigation was in order.

Mark parked his bike behind the car and moved cautiously down towards the sands, not being deliberately sneaky about it but just walking quietly and keeping his eyes open. Coming around some scrub he found he had a good view of the beach, including a view of a couple who were relaxing on the sands, enjoying the sun. They had, he noticed, taken a position where they had a good view of the beach, but a somewhat limited view back in his direction. However, a couple was not what he was looking for. You could get into real trouble with some types if they caught you looking over their girl. He'd pass and go elsewhere, he thought.

About to head back to the bike, he paused and took a closer look. Not a couple as such, but two girls. Things had suddenly become more interesting. He looked over their position, seeing how they had things arranged. Both their beach bags were favourably placed for him. He could be over there and remove the bags from their reach before they even knew he was about. Looking carefully, he could see one mobile sitting on top of one of the bags and could hear the music it was playing. He'd have to remove that before they got any ideas. Presumably if there was a second mobile it would be in the other bag. Mind made up he headed towards the girls.

The twins were relaxing, doing a little nude sunbathing, getting that secret illicit thrill from doing something they had been taught was wrong. They had picked the beach carefully. It was rarely used and they had a good view along it, which would give them time to get dressed if anyone approached. They were startled and appalled when a voice behind them said "Hullo, girls."

Both girls spun around, hands frantically moving to protect their modesty, eyes darting to the stranger and also moving quickly to their bags and clothes; which were gone.

Mark smiled as two identical pairs of eyes fastened on him, and two voices sounded as one asking him to please leave. "Twins," he said. "This is great. Now don't tell me your names. I'm going to call you Anna and Belle. That will be easier than trying to remember names and more polite than saying Twin A or Twin B."

"What do you want?" burst out Anna, as Mark had just christened her. "Why don't you go away and just leave us in peace."

"What do I want? That's easy. I want to have sex with one of you, but I'm not sure which one. Does one of you want to volunteer or do I get to make my own choice?"

"You're mad. We're not having sex with you. Just go away or we'll call for help."

"Actually, just one of you will be having sex with me. The other can watch, though. I won't mind. And who are you going to call for help? You've probably noticed that your bags have gone missing and that includes your phones. If you yell it will be a waste of time as there's no-one around to here you. That's why you came here, isn't it? To be alone?"

"We're still not having sex with you. We're virgins. We just don't do that," said Belle.

"And this is of interest to me, because..." queried Mark, indicating that they should explain further. "Not that you look young enough to be virgins," he added.

"We're 20," snarled Anna. "We're saving ourselves for marriage."

"Why?" Mark asked, only to be met with a furious silence. "No matter. Are one of you going to volunteer, either herself or her sister?"

"We'll fight," said Belle.

"Oh, bad idea. I'm bigger, stronger, nastier and know martial arts. Much better to yield gracefully, or to yield, anyway."

"We'll scream."

"We've already covered that one. No-one around, remember. Now will you hurry up and choose."

"If you attack one of us, the other will run for help," Anna said desperately.

"Your car keys are with your missing bags, aren't they? By the time you could find help I'll be finished and gone. It will be far better if you stay so you can talk to your sister afterwards. Enough talking. I'll take you, Anna."

"You won't, and my name is not Anna."

"It is for now. You're Anna and she's Belle. Now if you try to struggle, I am going to hit Belle, hard. If Belle doesn't just sit quietly over there where I can see her, I'll hit you. Do you understand or do I have to hit one of you first?"

There was silence from the twins as they looked at each other, pale and scared.

"Now Belle, you sit just there and you do it now," snarled Mark, clenching his fist and raising it when she hesitated.

Belle gulped and sat, staring with horrified eyes at the scenario that was unfolding before her.

"Lie down now, Anna, and remember Belle can get hurt if you misbehave."

Anna sank slowly back down on to the beach towel, wincing as she saw him strip of his shorts, letting his erection stand free.

Mark sank down next to Anna and reached over and cupped her breasts. He saw her jerk slightly, but she didn't resist but just lay there, resigned. Mark started slowly playing with Anna's breasts, stroking them and manipulating her nipples. Then his hand dipped down to the cleft below, sliding his hand though her curls and squeezing. "Move your legs apart now," he ordered, following the order with a stinging slap to the side of her leg when she didn't obey. "Now or I just might decide to fuck your sister instead. Do you want me to go over there and fuck her while you watch?

Anna shook her head, relaxing her legs and moving them as he guided them wide. Mark now continued his exploration of her pussy, stoking and squeezing, running his fingers along her slit, slowly getting her body ready for his entry. He spread her lips apart and, while sliding his fingers into her gave Belle a wink, receiving a murderous look in return. Mark laughed, his fingers dipping in and out of Anna's pussy, checking to see her receptiveness.

Mark now moved between Anna's legs, reaching down to spread her lips while inserting the tip of his cock between them. The he looked back at her as she lay there, unresisting but watching where his erection was piercing her flesh. Mark exerted more pressure, not moving fast, and felt Anna's hymen yield slightly and then tear as he continued to push.

Anna gasped as she felt Mark's intrusion tear her virginity, knowing that she'd lost something irrecoverable. A tear trickled down her cheek as she felt Mark continue to press forward, the earlier teasing having provided a natural lubricant that allowed him to slip smoothly along her vagina. She felt herself distending, stretching and yielding, making room for this rapist within her who seemed to be plunging slowly down to her very depths.

Mark continued to press forward. He was in no hurry, quite willing to take his time as he slowly embedded his full length within Anna. Finally in place deep within her he paused, looking across at Belle to see what she was making of this desecration of her sister. He could see a look of horror and anguish on her face, knowing her sister was being despoiled and she could not help, but he could also see a touch of lust and excitement there. Glancing down slightly he could see Belle's legs had drifted apart slightly as of their own accord, and he was quite certain there was a hint of moisture down there. He grinned to himself and returned his attention to Anna.

Anna lay, feeling Mark within her, pausing for a moment after he first entered but now starting to move. She felt a twinge of relieve at this, as soon he would expend himself and depart. She felt Mark slowly withdraw, and equally slowly return. And again, moving with what she considered excruciating slowness. She had always thought sex would involve rapid movement, especially rape, not this slow drawn-out torture that was teasing her internally.

Mark continued to enjoy himself. He loved the rasp of his cock sliding slowly in and out of a girl's vagina, especially a reluctant vagina, and he was going to make this last. On he went, knowing full well the havoc he was raising within Anna, and he wondered how long it would be before her body responded to these slow deep thrusts.

"I'm being raped to a slow death," thought Anna, as Mark kept up his methodical ravishment of her body. She could feel all sorts of odd things inside her, all of them seemingly tied to that intruding cock that was making itself so thoroughly at home. She looked over at Belle, and saw her staring back in fascination. Then, as Mark started another slow descent she found her body give a little hitch and realised that she was lifting her pussy up to meet the invader. She gasped and tried to lie still, but her body was in rebellion now. It had come to appreciate the invader and was determined to collaborate. Helplessly she felt herself moving in rhythm with Mark, actively assisting him in his rape. She gasped at the sensations starting to tumble through her, taking her towards a climax she did not want.

Belle sat and watched, horrified, fascinated, excited. Her sister was being raped but she'd gone from just letting Mark thrust into her to a more active role. She could see Anna's bottom lifting right of the ground as she thrust it up to greet Mark's plunges. And those plunges were now coming faster she realised.

"OK," thought Mark, "she's finally with me. Time for the main event." He started thrusting harder now, knowing he would climax shortly and wondering if Anna would, not really caring if she didn't, but considering it a score in his favour if he could make her.

Anna felt Mark's sudden burst of speed, finding her own body frantic to match it. Unable to control herself, she just went with the flow, joyfully joining their bodies in a heated exchange, then feeling her climax rushing over her, flooding her, even as she felt Mark flooding her with his own climax.

Anna, lay there with her eyes closed, exhausted, feeling Mark rising of her. She opened her eyes and looked at him. "Bastard. I will find you and you will be very, very sorry."

Mark laughed, rising. "Maybe you will, maybe you won't. Bye, now. It was fun. I tossed your bags over there," he added, pointing, and quickly took his departure.

Mark didn't go far. Once out of sight, he circled around to see what the girls would do. Would they call the police or not? He suspected not, as his victims rarely did. He watched, noting that the girls were talking to each other, holding each other. Then they headed down to the water to bathe. Mark nodded satisfied. If they were bathing they were removing evidence of rape and wouldn't be going to the police.

He watched the girls as they bathed, pondering, and then made a decision.

For the rest of the week, the girls were a lot more careful about what they did, but they had no intention of letting the rape wreck their lives or their holiday. This type of incident did happen and it could have been a lot worse. They continued doing the usual holiday pastimes, but always where there was a certain amount of company. They also kept an eye out for their assailant, but what they'd do with him if they found him was as yet unclear.

Mark was quite experienced at not being seen by people he didn't want to see him. He often tracked his intended victims for several days before taking his shot, and few of them were ever aware of him until too late. Keeping an eye on the twins was child's play, as the two matching beauties stood out like a sore thumb. He overheard them talking to a tourist information officer, asking about hikes, especially through the vast nature reserve outside of town. After the girls had left he emerged and went to talk to the officer. He was thinking of going on a hike in the nature reserve. Did the man have any suggestions? A very helpful gentleman, that. He gave Mark some excellent advice. Mark studied the map carefully. There was some lonely country out there.

"I like to be alone when I hike," he said. "There won't be too many people around will there."

"No," he was assured. "Few people bother these days. I know of a couple of girls who'll be in the reserve, but they'll be on this trail, so although you start at the same point you can swing off this way and never even see them."

"I see. That seems reasonable. If I get lost, what happens. Can I make a phone call out."

"Sorry, no mobile towers in the park so no reception, but if you stay on the paths you should have no worries. If you're taking a picnic lunch you will find table and benches at various points."

Mark thanked the man graciously and went to check the map. Although bikes weren't allowed in the park, he could see that at his intended rendezvous point it was only about half a mile to a dirt road that he could use.

Mark left early the next morning, heading up the dirt road and then cutting along the bush trail to the picnic are that he thought the girls would be aiming for. Getting there early gave him time to familiarise himself with the area and decide where to wait. Satisfied, he checked his phone to ensure there was no signal, and then settled back to wait. "If they don't come," he mused, "I'll have wasted a day, but it's a nice place to waste it."

Eventually, Mark heard noises on the trail and shortly after he saw the girls hiking along. They seemed relieved to see the picnic ground, and moved to the table and quickly shed their rucksacks. They then froze in shock as a familiar voice said from behind them, "Hullo again. Fancy meeting you here. Remember me."

The twins spun around and looked at Mark, shock and disbelief plain on their faces. He saw their eye flick to the trail, and shook his head. "Don't bother running. It's too far to go and get help and while I'll let you run Anna, I'll catch Belle easily. I thought that this time it would only be fair to initiate her, rather than give you another lesson, Anna."

"Our names are not Belle and Anna," snapped Belle, "and you don't know which of us is which anyway."

"Yes, I do." Mark said. "You're Anna and you're Belle. It's really quite easy you tell you apart." In truth, they were like peas in a pod, and I'd have defied even their mother to tell them apart if they were dressed the same. I had an unfair advantage, as their body language was now subtly different, with Anna's reflecting her awareness of me in a different manner to Belle. The girls seemed astounded at my easy confidence in naming them mores because I was correct. They weren't used to that and it sapped their confidence.

"Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way. I suggest we do it the easy, the same as last time," Mark said, smiling at them.

Then, "Take of your shorts," he snapped at Belle.

Belle flinched, and automatically unclipped her shorts and started to push them down before she fully realised what she was doing. She hesitated and heard Mark snarling to keep going. Mark was relieved. Taking off her shorts and panties was a tacit acceptance of defeat. "Now your top," he added pleasantly and watched as Belle stripped off her top and bra, standing with shoulders slumped and her hands in front of her.

Mark turned to Anna. "What are you waiting for? Strip. Are you going to stand there dressed while Belle is naked?"

"You said you were taking her, not me. Why do I have to strip?" Anna protested.

"Because I like to see naked women, and it will deter you from running off while I'm fucking your sister," Mark said pleasantly.

Anna glared at him, but reluctantly stripped.

Mark smiled at her. "Now sit there," he said, pointing to the other side of the picnic table, "and watch and learn."

Mark approached Belle, who was standing frozen to the spot, eyes wide, watching him. Moving slowly so as not to startle her and precipitate a crisis, he took her arm and turned her around to face the table, encouraging her to lean forward looking at her sister.

Belle stood there, feeling a strange excitement starting to run through her. She had seen what that man had done to Anna, and now he was going to do the same to her. She remembered watching his cock slowly sinking into Anna, and the excitement she had felt then even through her fear for her sister. She found she was breathing harder now, wondering how he was going to take her. She nearly screamed when she felt his arms slide around her and hands close over her breasts, gently squeezing them. She shuddered slightly, looking down, seeing those hands cupping her while his thumbs were reaching up and rubbing her nipples. Then she shuddered again, feeling increased heat burning through her loins as she realised just what was pressing so firmly between her buttock cheeks.

Mark slipped of his shorts and moved up behind Belle, slipping his hands around her to cup her breasts while pressing his erection firmly against her bottom. He looked past her to where Anna sat watching, glaring at him but also resigned to having to sit there and watch. He winked and saw her fury raise a notch, her helplessness burning brightly in her eyes.

Mark continued to play with Belle's breasts, teasing them and rubbing the erect nipples, doing what he considered his warming up exercises. Satisfied, he dropped a hand down and slid it between Belle's legs, stroking over her mound, feeling the moistness already there and feeling a slight surge of pressure as Belle gently moved her pussy towards his intrusive touch. Mark gently edged her lips apart, noticing with a slight surprise that Belle unconsciously widened her stance to ensure he had easy access, then slipped a couple of fingers inside her, probing at her sensitive inner lips, testing for the moistness he expected to find and smiled as his fingers slid along inside her slit, damp from her juices.

Belle felt Mark's fingers penetrating and touching her where she had never been touched before, felt her excitement rising with internal fires seeming to burn the moisture that was gathering inside her. She felt a faint sense of loss as those fingers retreated, and then gasped as she felt him pressing the head of his blatantly swollen cock against her lips. She could feel her lips swelling, distending, flowering apart so as to give that delicious menace room to enter. Then it was sliding in, oh, so slowly, making its way into her, invading her privacy. "I should be resisting," she thought. "I should be passive at most, not anticipating and hoping. I've heard of cherries being popped and now it's my turn, and oh, god, but I want it."

Mark felt that little barrier and pressed firmly forward. Belle was wet and slippery, and he could feel her adjusting her position to meet this initial thrust, heard her give a squeal as he broke through, and then he was past the barrier and again tormenting a virgin by taking his time completing that initial entry. Now fully within her, both hands came up to clasp her breasts, and he leaned into her to whisper, "Now let's dance."

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