tagIncest/TabooThe Twins

The Twins


Authors note:

There might be a second part to this, not sure yet as I would like some feedback as to whether or not it's any good. I hope you enjoy this short story, I came up with it after talking to a friend.


Rachel woke up feeling excited, it was her eighteenth birthday today and she was looking forward to the party that she and Jack had planned together.

Jack was her twin, born exactly two minutes and thirty four seconds behind her, they were extremely close and shared everything, there was nothing they didn't do without talking together about it first or giving each other a nod of approval.

Being twins could lead to some problems, but overall their shared understanding of each other outweighed those a thousand times over.

She bounced out of bed and went through her morning ritual in a cheery rush, wanting to start the day as early as possible.

It was illogical as the party wasn't going to start for hours and they already had everything organised and prepared, but still she wanted to get going, so she had the quickest shower of her life, before doing her hair and makeup as quickly as she could.

She had just finished with her lippy when Katy Perry's latest track came blaring out of her bedroom's CD player, with a grin she whirled around and ran into her room, knowing immediately it was Jack who had turned on the music.

Sure enough, Jack was standing there with a huge smile on his face as she pelted into her room and lept into his arms. "Happy birthday sis." He managed to say before she almost knocked him off his feet.

"Happy birthday Jack." She squealed excitedly as he caught her around the waist and twirled her around in the air, lifting her feet off the ground and laughing boyishly.

The towel she was wearing fell loose as he twirled her and she squealed again, this time in awkwardness as she tried to grab it with one hand while still hanging onto Jacks neck with the other.

His laughter stalled and he let her feet touch the ground, stepping back as she scrabbled to get the towel back around her small but distinctly feminine curves.

Rachel gave him a scolding scowl as she clutched the towel closed, "Oi, we're not kids anymore, turn around." She huffed at him in mock anger. Knowing full well he wouldn't as they had seen each other naked all their lives.

Strangely he did ask she asked and she cocked her head to one side in puzzlement, he had been acting a bit weird around her lately and this was another example, she didn't like him being different as it upset the balance of her reality, usually she knew what he was going to do before he did.

Jack stared at the wall uncomfortably as he surreptitiously adjusted his pants, trying to make the bulge in them less obvious. "Ahem, well you better put some clothes on, I'll go make us some brekkie." He said in a slightly strained voice and headed for the door.

Rachel shrugged his oddity off and dropped the towel, walking to her wardrobe to pick out some clothing. She had a good body, slim but not skinny, pale pink skin, largish breasts that wobbled as she walked and wavy dirty blonde hair that she always kept bobbed so it only just touched the nape of her slim neck and hid the ears that she thought were a bit sticky outie.

Her party dress was already laid out, but not wanting to wrinkle it before the party even started, she threw on a pair of pink jeans shorts and a loose pale yellow scoop necked T-shirt, wiggled her feet into her favourite slip on flats and headed off to the promised breakfast.

Fairly bouncing with happiness, she entered the kitchen and cheerfully greeted the rest of her family, kissing her mum on the cheek and sticking her tongue out at her older brother as he rolled his eyes at her, David hated mornings and was always grumpy first thing, having his younger siblings so happy before he had finished his coffee grated on his nerves.

Jack turned around from the bench top where he was spreading generous globs of butter onto toast for himself and his twin, he beamed a smile at her and threw the toast at her, Rachel yelped gleefully and caught it with both hands, smearing butter all over her palms yet not caring at the mess, she took a large bite from the toast and sat down. "thanks, Jack, but you forgot the jam."

She chewed happily and waited for the expected glob of jam she was sure he was about to flick at her.

David growled menacingly at Jack, he knew the little bastard was about to start a food fight with his sister, the pair were still annoyingly childish. "Throw that jam and I'll batter you to death with the jar." His frown telling everyone that he was seriously pissed off.

"David, don't be such a grouch, it's their birthday." Their mother scolded him while shooting a warning glance at her two youngest.

Jack sighed regretfully as he jammed up his slice of toast, Rachel was too hyped up to see the warning signs and flicked a bit of her overly buttered toast at David with a giggle.

Jack saw the piece of greasy bread fly across the table in slow motion, he winced as it landed with a splat on David's tie and slid down it, leaving an oily smear in its wake.

David looked down at the mess, his face turned bright red in anger and he lept to his feet with a shout, "you stupid little twit, act your fucking age." He growled and started around the table.

Too late, Rachel realised she had just pushed him too far, she was well aware of what her brother was capable of and with a squeak of fright bolted from the kitchen with David in hot pursuit.

She instinctively ran for her room, in hind sight that wasn't the best idea as she had to navigate the living room and go up the stairs.

David caught her as she tried to run past the large table in the living room, it was a small house and everything was slightly cramped together, he lunged and snagged her top, with a squeal of terror she went flying onto her ass as the top pulled tight on her neck and ripped loudly.

David was furious, he hauled her to her feet and threw her over the table, she let out an "Ommfh" as her breath was knocked out and she landed face down over the table.

Rachel knew what was coming and shielded her bum with her hands as she tried to squirm away from David's firm grip.

He was far stronger and quickly secured her wrists in a painful grasp, pulling them up to the small of her back with one large hand while his other took a grip on the back of her shorts.

Rachel screamed in protest as he yanked down her pink shorts and exposed her bare buttocks, delivering a solid slap to them before she could even beg for mercy.

Jack and her mum ran into the room just as he smacked her a second time, his hand had already left a large reddish glow on her bum.

Rachel was kicking her legs and protesting loudly as David delivered blow after blow onto her naked bum, her mother stood still in shock for a second, while Jack immediately ran forward, his mind a blazing mess of emotions from what he was seeing.

Jack might have been confused emotionally, but his instinct to protect his twin kicked in above it all, he threw himself at David and they both crashed to the floor.

Rachel grabbed at her shorts and pulled them up, her own emotions were at war, having herself exposed like that had been humiliating, she was a young woman now and aware that her naked bum and vagina had been flaunted to both her brothers and mother.

Jack was wrestling with David and the older stronger man was clearly winning the struggle, seeing Jack being pummelled made her shame recede and her anger flower. She grabbed the first thing that came to hand, a large candle stick that she promptly threw at David.

THUMP, it smacked solidly onto the back of his head and he suddenly went limp, Rachel was aghast, her hand flew to her mouth and the look of mortified shock on her face was plain to see.

Jack grunted and heaved the limp weight of his brother off himself, concern for Rachel was all that filled him as he got up and pulled her close. "Are you okay?" his tone full of worry for his twin who was now sobbing in fright.

She nodded, her frightened eyes never leaving the unconscious form of her older brother, "Is he?" she managed to say breathlessly.

Their mother, Sandra, was already tending to David, she looked up at her twins with a sad face, "he's fine, but you two better go to your rooms, I'll calm him down when he wakes up." She shook her head in sorrow, her children were a constant mess, as much as she loved them, they just couldn't get along.

Still clutching each other, Jack and Rachel went upstairs, Sandra watched them go and felt a flash of jealousy, they were just that bit too close, she had never stood a chance in their affections, they always put each other first.

Jack sat on her bed, still holding her and knowing she didn't want to be alone.

Rachel clung onto him, she held him close and felt better with him in her arms, she couldn't imagine a time where she wouldn't want him close.

She looked up at his face, mere inches from hers, his eyes looked so big, so caring and full of concern for her. She swallowed and her heart skipped a beat, gosh he really was very good looking she thought to herself guiltily. "Jack." She whispered under her breath as she lent her face upwards and her lips almost touched his.

Jack wasn't thinking straight, her face was close, her lips were close, he closed the last of that distance with a hesitant kiss, softly brushing his lips to hers.

Rachel responded, her lips pushed against his and then they stopped, both looked deeply into each other's eyes' and they knew what they wanted and needed.

Rachel moved first, kissing him softly, once, twice, three times, each kiss more urgent than the next, Jack gave up all hope, he fell into her as she hungrily kissed him, their mouths opened and their tongues flickered, each explored the others mouth with hunger and need.

Urgently and with increasing abandonment, Rachel pulled her twin closer, her fingers running threw his messy blonde curls and holding his face to hers. She was breathless and panting, her body aching to be even closer to his, she pulled at his shirt with both hands, freeing it from his jeans as they continued to kiss deeply and passionately.

Jack tugged at her top, she willingly let him pull it over her head, shaking her hair free of it as he did so, they paused briefly, both topless, they ate each other's bodies with their eyes, she started to feel nervous, unused to the way he was looking at her, but wanting him to see her.

She bit her lower lip and looked up at his face, she saw for the first time what she had been missing, that behind his caring gaze there was lust for her, she understood finally why things had been different between them lately and she didn't care that he was her brother, not anymore, she wanted him inside her, she wanted to feel him the way he wanted her, balance between them was being reborn.

Jack was looking at her longingly, he was unsure what to do next.

Rachel gently took both his hands in hers and guided them to her bare breasts, feeling him cup them she let out a low moan, his touch almost unbearably perfect. He was gentle but firm as he moulded her breasts in his hands, a look of wonder and excitement on his face.

She giggled at his expression, it was a naughty little giggle and she didn't need to explain it to him as she undid her shorts and he stopped playing with her breasts to help her pull them off as she raised her hips and he slid them down her legs.

She lay back and he gazed down at her, she wanted him to look, to see her as a woman, to want her as a man wants a woman.

His face told her all she needed to know, she reached for his belt and with eager fingers undid him, rushing now, she pushed down his jeans and pulled him into her arms, spreading her legs and feeling his erection against her sex.

Neither of them were truly thinking any more, lust took over and they kissed passionately, his body felt so right against hers, naked and willing, she ground her hips onto his cock, she was aching to have it enter her and he could wait no longer.

He used his hand and positioned his raging hard cock to her opening, it was already slick and she nodded encouragement as she felt the tip part her most intimate place.

He pushed deeper, she felt so much love for him as more and more of him entered her. There was a flash of searing pain and then he was fully inside her, she winced once as she felt him take her virginity, he paused but she pulled him into her with her legs and kissed him deeply, letting him know without having to say anything that she wanted him to keep going.

They thrust their bodies together in frantic inexperienced passion, she whimpered and moaned, clutching his body to hers, gasping out in breathless whispers her love and need for him, his large cock shoved in and out of her tight pussy, filling her fully and making her feel wonderful, it was nothing like she had imagined it would be, yet it was so good.

It took them a while to get the right rhythm for them both, but soon after they did, she was feeling a tingle that seemed to spark every nerve ending in her body.

He mashed his groin to her mound as hard as he could, going as deep as he could with each thrust, grunting in effort, his sweat glistened on his body, her own perspiration made their bodies slick as she started to feel a wave of something build inside her, stronger, better than when she masturbated.

It crashed over her suddenly, her whole body convulsed and tensed up, her thighs clenched tight around his hips as she clasped him tightly inside her and had the first orgasm she had ever had with a man.

Jack felt her squeeze him tight, her walls seemed to contract around his shaft and he went over the edge, pulsing and spurting inside her, filling Rachel with every drop of his sperm, making her already slick pussy squelch as he pumped twice more in and out of her, spurting more into her with each thrust.

He collapsed onto her and she held him close, both of them panting and exhausted, they breathed heavily and he caressed her hip lazily as he tried to recover.

Finally he pushed up onto his elbows and she looked up at his face, he looked so caring, she felt a swell of emotion fill her and tears started to roll. He brushed them away, knowing she wasn't sad, he always knew how she felt, just like she always knew how he did.

The only time they had not been perfectly in tune had been the last few months, but now that was fixed, they were one again.

He pulled out of her and she winced as she felt him leave her body, he smiled at her as he got off her and then stood up at the side of her bed.

She looked at his naked body, until now she had not thought of him sexually, he had a good shape, lean and strong, broad shoulders and nice abs, framed by a tousled mass of curly blonde hair, his large cock glistened wetly from her juices, she had never really appreciated his cock, now she looked at it and marvelled at how it had all fitted inside her, her brother was seriously hung.

Jack grabbed his boxers and pulled them on, never taking his eyes off Rachels nakedness, she was so beautiful, even sweaty and with her hair a mess and smeared lipstick, his breath caught once more and he felt himself stiffening again.

Rachel saw the bulge and giggled, "absolutely not, we can do it again later." She pulled her top on and wiggled off the bed, grabbing her shorts and quickly pulling them on. She gathered up her brothers jeans and top, shoved them into his arms and pushed him towards the door.

She hustled him out and closed the door behind him, Jack went without objection, he knew his sister needed a bit of alone time, he did too. What they had done went against everything they had been brought up to believe was right.

Rachel let out a sigh, she looked at the red stain on her sheets and hurried over to her bed, pulling off the ruined sheets and bundling them up into a ball. Her mind was now functioning perfectly and clearly.

She knew it was wrong, she knew that having sex with her twin went against the normal moralities of the world, but she didn't regret it, in fact she was now thinking about how she was going to deal with her boyfriend, he had been increasingly insistent she sleep with him and now she was realising the idea of anyone but Jack inside her would feel disgusting.

She sighed again and headed for her bathroom, she stank of sex and her vagina felt sore, the scalding hot water felt good as she washed the smell and sweat from her body.

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by Anonymous07/17/18

Your book was not bad

18 is way to old to have her dad spank her bare ass that’s sick and messed up big time. All because toast hit him he is a pervert

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by Anonymous05/20/18

Pure Fantasy!

And not just sexual fantasy which is good but her older brother smacking her bare ass is far fetched. In normal families he would have been outraged but physical assault would not be tolerated by the parentsmore...

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by Anonymous12/09/17

So let me get this straight

There is bad blood between the older brother and twins. They have a fight serious enough to cause blunt force head trauma resulting in unconsciousness. They run to a bedroom and she takes her shirt offmore...

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by mike250110/05/17

Well, I'm never fond of stories with serious family internal conflict, but I get that it's frequently used. Hell, if I was the brother or sister I wouldn't be overly concerned with my older brother's healthmore...

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