tagIncest/TabooThe Twins Ch. 02

The Twins Ch. 02


Rachel had taken her time with her makeup and hair, she admired the results in her bedroom mirror and was satisfied she had done a good job, her blonde hair was bobbed to perfection, curling slightly inwards at the nape of her neck and framing her face pleasantly. She had used a bit more makeup than usual, dark mascara and eyeliner made her startling blue eye's pop nicely and the long fake eyelashes gave her a more mature look.

She was turning eighteen and wanted to look her very best for her party, the dress she had bought with Jacks approval and help was pretty yet sexy, she donned it with excitement and felt that it showed off her slim yet nicely curved body well.

Her breasts had been a bit late to bloom, but now they had filled out to a perky and full C-cup with large pink areola's and slightly darker pink nipples. Much of her breasts were revealed by the draped scoop neckline that opened up to just below the curved bottoms of her boobs, showing off her braless curves pleasantly but not smuttily.

It was made of a light yellow Satin that was loose but clingy in the right places, the hemline just above her knees still showed off her nice slim legs and the back clung to her small bum in a way that showed she had a really good ass. The pale pink thong she had decided on was discreet and unless you counted the hint of its thin straps at her hips, it didn't spoil the lines of the thin shimmering satin dress.

Sandal style Gold high heels with a three inch heel, almost finished her outfit.

Last but not least in importance to her, she put in the dangle earrings that her mother had bought her as an early eighteenth pressie and then clasped shut the gold and pearl neckless that Jack had chosen for her on the same shopping trip.

Happy with the way she looked, she went downstairs to the living room where she knew jack would already be waiting, unlike most people, her and Jack had a deep connection, as Twins they always seemed to be aware of each other. In the crowed hallways of their school, she had never had to search for him, she just looked in the direction she knew he would be in and there he would be.

Her friends found it funny, the way they could finish each other's sentences or point to one another without looking.

The family were all ready to go, her mum was wearing a pretty blue dress and Jack was smartly outfitted in a dark suit and yellow shirt that matched the colour of her dress. David, their older brother, wasn't coming as he had unexpectedly been called into work.

It wasn't far to the village hall, they could have had a party in town, but money was tight for Jack and Rachel's family, David was the only one earning now that their mum had been made redundant from the chocolate factory.

So the village hall it was, they walked the short distance and were greeted warmly by old man Jones who managed the hall, he and the locals had worked hard and entirely for free, the hall looked great, Rachel enthusiastically embraced Mr Jones and kissed the slightly embarrassed old man on his cheek, "wow, it looks amazing, thanks so much Mr Jones." She gushed with genuine thankfulness.

There was a good reason for all the effort that had gone into the Twins party, unlike many of the younger villagers, both Rachel and Jack had always volunteered for village events, even working for free on the Redmond farm when it was hit by the floods two years ago. The Twins were extremely well liked, Rachel was always bubbly and cheerful and Jack, while a bit more serious, had a ready smile for everyone.

When their mother had asked to have the party in the Hall, it was quickly agreed to make it the best party the village had seen in a long time, even the grumpy old publican who owned 'The Red Lion' had chipped in with setting up a full bar at no cost, all people had to pay for were the drinks.

Rachel and Jack whisked around the hall and thanked every single person for everything they had contributed, The large banner over the stage proclaimed in bright multi coloured letters, "Happy Birthday Rachel and Jack." While the room was festooned with glittering balloons and bright streamers all over the rafters of the ancient hall. Long tables were set up around the room, a smaller banner was strung across the temporary bar saying the same as the larger one and then there was the buffet table, fairly groaning under the weight of all the home cooked food that many of the local housewives had spent hours of their time preparing.

Naturally, the twins had helped set much of it up with the rest of the village, but they had not seen it finished and ready, they were both very pleased and a little stunned by it all.

More and more people arrived and the party went smoothly, Rachel danced with her friends and her boyfriend in-between downing drinks that she was constantly bought. While Jack chatted with his mates and ventured onto the dance floor irregularly.

They had been dancing, drinking and enjoying the food for a few hours when Jack saw Rachel storm off and leave the hall, he knew immediately she was annoyed and quickly followed her outside.

Rachel felt her twin was close and turned to see him following her, Jack approached her full of concern, this was her birthday too and he hated that she might not be having a perfect evening.

"Rach, what's up? You look really angry." He asked sympathetically.

"it's Ryan, he being a total dick." She replied with an angry shake of her head as she let Jack fold her into his arms.

She always felt better when he was close and she calmed down almost instantly from being in his embrace.

It didn't take long to understand what had her so angry, Jack already knew Ryan had been putting more and more pressure on Rachel to take the relationship to the next level and sleep with him.

He might be a man, but Jack and Rachel shared everything, even the most intimate details of about their respective boyfriend and girlfriend.

Jack felt the same anger as his sister when she told him that Ryan had basically said she had no excuses left now that she was eighteen.

The fact that she had already given her virginity to Jack wasn't lost on either of them, but for her boyfriend to be saying such things and pressuring her this way was still upsetting, she genuinely liked Ryan and had intended for him to be the one who she gave herself to first, things just hadn't worked out that way and now she was also upset with herself.

Rachel was a nice person, she never wanted to hurt Ryan, but now she wanted to end it with him, she couldn't bring herself to want anyone but Jack inside her, the problem was she didn't want to do it at her party and she still liked him as a friend, just not as a boyfriend.

Jack understood, he had the same problem with his girlfriend, luckily she wasn't here tonight so he didn't have the conflicting and complex emotions that his sister was having to deal with, that would come later when he went to see Jane on Sunday.

Jack had known how much he wanted Rachel for quite some time now, so unlike her, he had already been backing away from Jane, even though he had never thought that it would happen between him and Rachel.

Holding her close and smelling her perfume was having an effect, as sympathetic as he was, he was also strongly aware of how much he liked holding her close and her thin dress let his hands feel the softness of her body.

Rachel felt the heat radiating from her brother as he held her, she knew he was getting turned on and felt herself reacting to his need, she wanted him too, even though it had only been a few hours since she had felt him inside her for the first time, she felt a responding need to have him again.

They didn't need to ask or speak, Jack took her hand and they moved quickly down the side of the hall and around to the back, it was dark in the halls back gardens and the only light was from the halls windows where the party was in full swing.

Rachel followed Jack willingly, he walked them to the old weeping willow tree and under its dangling branches, pushing her up against its trunk, kissing her passionately and urgently. Her own mouth was hot against his as their jaws worked and their tongues entwined.

In mere seconds her thong was around her ankles and her dress hitched up to her waist as Jack wasted no time in pushing his erection into her already wet and hungry pussy, taking her from behind while she turned her face to his and they continued to kiss as he started to pump in and out of her.

His thrusts were fast in his urgency to fill her with his cum and she let out small "uh, ah, uh, uh." Noises as he filled her with each needy thrust of his hips, she felt no need to cum herself, all she wanted was to feel him inside her and to feel again that sense of closeness when he would cling to her in his own orgasm, sending his cum deep into her.

The feel of him inside her was so good, he was big and he hit the very back of her walls, she was still a little sore from earlier, but that small discomfort was nothing compared to the pleasure of having him again, she bucked backwards with her own hips, encouraging him to go as fast as he wanted.

Jack stopped, his cock buried as deep as it would go inside of her, his whole body seemed to shudder and he spurted his seed deep inside her. She could feel his cock pulse and twitch and she let out a soft sigh of satisfaction that was matched by his own.

He turned her around and kissed her deeply, her arms went around his neck and she moulded her soft body against his hard firm one, responding to the lazy yet intense kiss with satisfaction.

Jack stroked her face gently, "I love you sis." He said quietly but clearly.

She smiled up at him, even in the darkness she could tell he was smiling that soft smile of his, "I love you too Jack." She said just as quietly.

Their reverie was spoilt by the sound of a girlish giggle, followed by stifled male laughter.

Rachel's eyes went wide in fright, she scrabbled to get her knickers back up and then smooth her dress back down, nervously looking in the direction of the sounds as Jack fumbled to get his trousers up and belted.

They needn't have worried, hidden by the trunk of the willow and it's low hanging branches, they were invisible to the two people who drunkenly lurched around the corner of the old hall.

Jack and Rachel recognised the two immediately, the man was her boyfriend Ryan and the small blonde girl that was all over him was Amy Wells.

Amy had left her farm two years ago, going to the city and getting a job with some big firm, everyone had been surprised that at eighteen and with no qualifications, she had found such a good job.

Now she was back, she was the same age as Ryan and had been his girlfriend before Rachel, they were both twenty and Rachel guessed strait away this wasn't just a "hello, nice to see you." Kind of thing. Not in the darkness of the halls gardens.

Rachel looked at Jack, he shrugged, knowing what she was thinking and then gave her a nod, this could work out quite well.

The Twins knew Amy well, she had always been the shy but cheerful type and they both liked her a lot, back when she had been working her family farm, she had always been nice to them and the first one to bring out the choccy biscuit's and hot tea.

She had changed quite a bit since then, now she wore a slutty dress and a strange collar around her neck, it looked like a dog collar, only it was white and studded with diamonds. She still looked younger than she was, even at twenty she looked younger than Rachel, having always been small and pixie like.

Ryan was obviously smitten, he never took his eyes off her and even from this far away, Rachel could see the bulge in his pants. She felt an irrational pang of jealousy and squished it down hard, this was what she wanted, a reason to let him go without it being her fault.

The new slutty Amy, grabbed Ryan's belt and fell to her knees, she didn't seem to care that they were only just around the corner of the hall. Anyone could walk around and catch them.

Rachel and Jack watched in a sort of shocked fascination as Amy pulled out Ryan's willy and started to suck it with obvious expertise.

Her mouth and tongue worked him perfectly, flickering over his tip, sucking him deeply and then retreating while her tongue seemed to curl around his shaft as she did. It was quite a display, she even deep throated him and seemed to have no problem with taking it all the way to the base of his shaft, even extending her tongue to lick his balls while she was down there.

Rachel made mental notes, she didn't think she could do everything that Amy was doing, but she was going to try, Jack would love her doing that to him, she was sure.

Amy looked like she was enjoying it too, she gobbled Ryan's cock enthusiastically and there looked to be a glimmer of satisfaction in her eyes.

Jack felt very turned on, he hoped one day that his sister would do to him what he was seeing, he looked over at Rachel and saw her grinning at him in a very dirty way, his heart skipped a beat as he realised she fully intended to try what they were watching.

Amy finished her blow job and stood up, Ryan's cock was throbbing and he looked annoyed she had stopped, she grinned at him impishly and played with a lock of her long blonde hair, looking totally innocent.

Ryan made to grab her, but she twirled away from him, "get naked, or you get nothing." She demanded with a giggle.

Ryan stripped naked in no time flat. Amy smiled and pulled her expensive looking dress off, revealing her naked body, she wasn't wearing any underwear and she stood stark naked in front of him in just her heels and that silly looking collar.

Her small breasts poked out and she had large puffy nipples that were stiffly erect, while her mound was totally cleanly shaven, displaying her slit wantonly.

He let out a low growl and reached for her again, this time she let him grab her and pull her tiny body towards him.

Ryan had her on all fours and was inside of her in a flash, grunting and growling as he slammed into her. Amy squealed in apparent delight as he viciously fucked her.

She bucked her hips back onto him and wiggled her bum with well experienced movement, Rachel realised that Amy was deliberately miss timing her moves, making Ryan work harder to get himself off.

Clearly she had learnt a lot about sex in the last two years.

On all fours like that, being brutally taken she shouldn't have been in control, yet she was, the formally shy Amy was a sex demon and it looked like she knew every move Ryan was going to make before he did it.

Amy climaxed, she shuddered an shook like a rag doll and in that moment Ryan came too, Rachel was in awe, where on earth had Amy learnt to do that.

The tiny blonde got up and picked up her dress as an exhausted and spent Ryan lay on his back, "that was fun, look me up if you get to the city." She said as she donned her dress and walked away with a satisfied wiggle of her hips.

Jack gave Rachel's hand a squeeze, this was her moment and he pushed her forward with a gentle hand on her back.

Rachel walked out into the dimly lit area, "I don't think I want you anymore Ryan." She said firmly to the exhausted body that still hadn't made any attempt to get dressed.

Ryan sat upright in a bolt of action, "shit, it's not what you think." He tried to explain, already knowing he had fucked up.

Rachel looked down at his naked body, "Oh I think I have a good idea of what to think, cut the shit, you just wanted to fuck me."

She sneered at him, knowing full well he had never loved her, "go home, I never want to see you again."

Rachel knew she had cheated on him, but she also knew that Ryan had showed no hesitation in fucking Amy, he would have cheated on her no matter what, and probably already had.

Without any guilt, she walked back to the party and had a fun time with her friends.

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