tagInterracial LoveThe Twins Come Home

The Twins Come Home


It had been two months since Lynne had attended her bukkake party as the recipient of the men’s pleasure. It was now the holiday season and Kim and Kassidy were coming home to see their mom and Johnny. Johnny had been sick lately and Lynne thought probably his age was beginning to catch him. He was close to 78 and even though he was able to feed his cock to her, Lynne didn’t get much more than her belly filled with his cum usually. Not that she minded, but she did need that wild fucking she had become used to. She looked back over the last 3 ½ years and the men she had use her during that time. She smiled as she realized that she loved to be used by men and her pussy became wet.

Lynne went into her bedroom and looked at Johnny laying on the bed asleep. She was worried that she would probably lose him before long and she was despondent. She had come to love this man over the past few years and knew she wouldn’t be the same without him. As she looked at Johnny, she became even hornier, walked toward him and pulled the cover back, bent down and slipped his cock into her mouth. He had been asleep all night and his cock tasted it, she enjoyed the taste of his sweat and cock mix, and the smell was her favorite. She swirled her tongue around the head as she felt him stir. She began to slowly move her head up and down the length of his cock as he began to harden in her mouth. Johnny’s eyes opened and he looked at this white woman he had come to know so well over the years bobbing her head up and down on his cock, making soft slurping noises as she sucked him. Lynne always took the time to work his cock whether he had just taken a shower or as she was today, not bathed since yesterday, and she was always so enthusiastic about it. He knew that she would probably have to suck him for an hour or so before he filled her mouth with his salty sperm, but he had become used to it.

Johnny’s black cock became very hard as Lynne continued to work. She cupped his balls in her hand and slowly moved her head up and down the length of his shaft, enjoying the feeling when it entered her throat as she took all of him on the down stroke. She looked into his eyes as she felt his balls rest on her chin, and he smiled at her. He knew the twins were coming home on the Christmas break and remembered the times in the past that they would leave the shower and head toward their bedroom with nothing but a towel wrapped around their head to keep their wet hair from dripping. He wondered if they were as good as Lynne was at sucking cocks.

After 45 minutes of constant he told Lynne he was going to cum, she looked deeply into his eyes and he back at her as he filled her mouth with his cum. Naturally she swallowed every drop as he pumped it to her, savoring the taste of his wonderful seed.

Lynne sat up and asked Johnny “Are you feeling okay, baby?”

“Yes, just a bit tired all of the time lately, but feel great otherwise.”

“I love you, Johnny.”

“And I you, my love.”

Lynne wondered if he really felt all right, but she let it slip away into the back of her mind. The girls were coming home and she couldn’t wait. They probably would want to go see their father and she thought she might go with them when they did. Things were going well with the appeals and the lawyers had told her that they might be able to get a new trial. She missed Bill, and hoped a new trial may free him.

Three days later, the twins arrived home. Both Kim and Kassidy were petite, 5’4” tall weighing 107 to 110 lbs a piece and medium length blonde hair, with 34A breasts. Both had nice bodies, and they both had their mothers happy outlook on life. The had started having sex at 17 and when they had been put through the horror of the “night” three years ago, they had put most of it out of their minds. They were both getting fucked by the brothers when their father had entered the room and proceeded to blow the brothers brains out. Marvin was in the process of fucking their mother in the ass when he bought the farm, but they had since progressed well and except for the little game that they played with some of the guys they dated, they had adjusted well to adult life.

Lynne hugged and kissed the twins when they entered and they talked about how much they had missed each other, how the school year was going and naturally about boyfriends. Kim told her mother about Lonnie a boy she had met about a week ago at a frat party, seems like the girls were popular at the frat parties and they dated quite a few of the men they met at the parties. Kassidy told Lynne that she didn’t have anyone special at this point, but she thought that Lonnie was nice looking and she might go out with him when Kim had other things to do. It was normal for the both of them to date the same guy at times, and they didn’t bother to tell him they had made the switch and nobody seemed to find out so no one was hurt by it. The three of them laughed about this and Lynne told them why would they be bothered, they could have both of them for the price of one. Johnny came into the room and the girls stood up and hugged him and kissed him as they rubbed against him. Lynne smiled because she knew Johnny enjoyed that her girls loved him like they did. She knew they were little cock teasers when when they kissed him she knew that at least Kim would push her tongue into his mouth and grind her pussy against him and when Kassidy kissed him he grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them as they kissed.

They spent the day reminiscing about times past and then Lynne asked if they would like to out to a local watering spot and have a dinner and a drink after they all showered. The girls jumped at the chance, but Johnny begged off saying he was tired and wanted to stay home. Lynne asked if he wanted her to stay, he told her no, go and have a good time. Lynne knew that she would definitely have a good time that evening, she needed to get fucked and this would be her opportunity. She wondered what the girls would think about it, but didn’t worry about that they were grown and she wouldn’t just off and leave them, but if the opportunity came up she wouldn’t say no.

At eight o’clock, the women were ready and they all kissed Johnny goodnight and headed out. The girls had dressed alike with black mini skirts, black hose, white sheer blouses, black heels and black leather jackets. Lynne wore a red mini, black hose a red blouse and a black leather jacket. Seems like they were more like sisters, than daughters and their mom. None of them had worn bras, and the girls nipples showed through their blouses when they were in the light. Lynne mentioned how good they looked and they in turn told her she looked great also.

It was about 8:45 when they pulled into the parking garage at the Hilton and found a parking place. This was a place Lynne knew well, she had been picked up many times at this lounge and they also had good food. When they entered the lounge every eye in the place turned to look at them. The girls giggled as they knew they were being ogled and they enjoyed it. They took off their coats and sat at a table in the middle of the room.

The waiter approached and Lynne knew him. His name was William and she had been here one night and when it was time to leave she hadn’t found anyone that really grabbed her fancy and she took William behind the bar and sucked him off. He was a 23 year old black man with a 9 inch cock and a large set of balls. Lynne said “Hello William, how have you been? These are my daughters Kim and Kassidy.”

William told her “I’ve been great and it’s nice to meet you Kassidy and Kim, your mother and I have known each other for a while. She is wonderful.”

Kim said, “Thank you William, it’s nice to meet you too.”

Kassidy said, “Yea William nice to meet you.”

William asks, “What would you ladies like to drink? And I need to see your ID’s please.”

They showed their ID’s and ordered their drinks. Lynne looked around the room to see if there was anyone interesting sitting in the lounge. William came back with the drinks and asked “Lynne, do you want to run a tab?”

Lynne nodded and smiled at William as she thought how nice his cock had felt in her mouth that night, and she had swallowed everything he had been able to empty into her mouth. Then he had grabbed her turned her around and shoved his cock into her ass and he fucked her for twenty minutes and she had had three orgasms. He was a wonderful lover, and she went home happy that night. In the past 3 ½ years she must have had over a hundred men, and she loved them all, or almost all of them. In her first 35 years she had only been with 2 men, but she was making up for that.

In the lounge that evening, there were 5 or 6 possibilities, a table with three guys at it, a table with a black man and a white women, two women, five black guys who were watching a basketball game on the TV, and a white man and a black man who looked like lawyers or something. Lynne looked around and knew if she was alone she would go to the table with the five black men and offer herself for the night. Kim and Kassidy also were looking around and told themselves that William was the youngest person in here, and the three guys looked to be in their early thirties, and they may be fun to play with. They also looked at the table with five black men and spoke to each other and giggled a little. Lynne asked them what the humor was and they said nothing, just a little college humor.

Lynne watched while William walked over to the black guys talked to them a little while, they looked over at the table where she and the girls were and then they talked a little more and William left. One of the guys sitting at the table looked over at Lynne and smiled, she smiled back and ran her tongue over her lips.

Lynne looked at Kim and Kassidy and told them she thought the guy at the table was cute. Kassidy looked over and agreed with her, then she said she thought another man at the table was cute. Kim told her she thought all of the guys at the table looked cute. The man that was flirting with Lynne came over to their table and asked if they would like to join them. He told her that William had told him about her and she might have a good time with them. She asked Kim and Kassidy and they told her it would be great if she wanted to. So they stood up and followed him to the table. He introduced himself as Nathaniel, and the other guys as Marcus, Darius, Edward and Ray. The guys seperated and allowed the girls to squeeze into the seats between them. Each of the girls was between two of the black men, when Marcus asked if Kim and Kassidy were twins.

Kim said “Duh, I would think so.”

Marcus said, “Well, you are two, no three beautful ladies.”

They all thanked him and William walked up and asked if they needed to refill their drinks. He leaned down and whispered in Lynne’s ear that he had told Nathaniel about her talents. Lynne looked at him and smiled and whispered back to him, “I owe you then, looks like you made my evening. I hope my daughters don’t miss me when I go take care of him.”

William looked over and smiled as he saw Marcus with his hand on Kim’s thigh as he talked with her. He thought to himself, Lynne, your daughters will be part of the fun tonight.

Lynne and Kim and Kassidy talked with the guys and drank more than they should but were having a good time. Lynne looked up at the clock in the lounge and saw it was already 12:30 and Darius and Nathaniel had been rubbing her pussy most of the night. She had reached over and felt the wonderful bulge in Nathaniel’s trousers and also Darius’s both seemed to be well hung and ready.

Lynne talked to Nathaniel and whispered in his ear, wondering if he would like to go somewhere to be alone. He said they had obtained a couple of rooms in the hotel so they could spend the night and was curious if she would like to go to his room with him?

She looked at Kim and Kassidy and told them she would be back in a little while, she was going to Nathaniel’s room to see something he wanted to show her. Nathaniel stood, Lynne stood and took his hand and Darius stood and told them he was going to go with them. Lynne smiled and said “Let’s go.”

Kim smiled as she watched her mother disappear through the lounge door, and Kassidy looked at Kim and laughed. She said “I think Mom’s going to have a good time.”

Kassidy had been being felt up all night. Marcus and Edward had both had their hand under her skirt and she had actually cum once as they talked with her. Kim had both Edward and Ray running their hands over her breasts and between her legs throughout the night. They had learned that the guys were minor league baseball players and it was winter so they had nothing to do and thought spending the night in Savannah was going to be fun. It had turned out to be more than fun when the three women walked in.

Kim turned to Ray, put her arm around his neck and kissed him, her tongue searching his mouth, and her hand rubbing his crotch. Kassidy turned to Edward and kissed him deeply as she felt Marcus’s cock. Marcus put his hand over her breast and cupped it as he tweaked her nipple. Ray grabbed Kim’s ass and pulled her toward him. He asked if she would like to go to there room and Kim told him that she thought that would be a great idea, and turned to Kassidy and asked “Want to go to their room, Kass?”

Kassidy nodded and Ray got the tab from William and paid it. He told William that he had been great, and thank you for the tip on the girls.

William watched as the five left the room, with Ray, Marcus and Edward enjoying the wonderful feeling of the two young girls. Ray wondered what Kim would look like when she was on her knees before him, with a mouth full of his cock. He wouldn’t have to wait long to find out.

The ride up the elevator was slow and hands were all over the girls. When they reached the 9th floor, the followed Ray to the room and he slid his card in the slot and the door opened. When they stepped inside, they saw Lynne on her knees sucking on Nathaniel’s cock and Darius was behind her fucking her in the ass. Kim and Kassidy looked as Lynne looked at them and pulled her mouth from Nathaniel’s cock and told them, “I didn’t think we were all going to be together but hello my baby’s hope you have fun tonight.” She went back to Nathaniel’s cock and deep throated him, as Darius shoved his cock as deep as he could into her ass.

Kim and Kassidy removed their clothes and kissed each other deeply as the guys watched. Ray said, “Damn these girls are wild as hell” as he dropped his pants and took his cock in his hand.

Edward said, “You two are going to get fucked good tonight.”

Marcus pulled his pants off and told them, “All you white whores gonna get fucked tonight” and his 11 inch cock came into the open.

The twins dropped to their knees and began to nibble at Marcus’s cock and balls, meanwhile Lynne felt Nathaniel expand and dump his cum into her mouth, he pulled back and then Ray offered her another cock to suck. She readily took him into her mouth and he said “That’s a good Mama. Show your girls what a good cocksucker you are.”

Lynne began to work on him in earnest as she looked over at her girls. Kim had a mouth full of black cock and Kassidy was being laid back and black cock was being stuffed into her cunt.

Ray grabbed Lynne’s head and began to fuck her mouth hard and Darius pushed one last time and emptied into her ass and Lynne moaned as she felt his cum begin to dribble from her ass.

Marcus began to fuck Kim in the mouth his hard black cock shining as he pulled it so just the head remained in her mouth and then pushed hard back into her mouth and it slid down her throat and she gagged and tears flowed from her eyes.

Kassidy had her legs spread wide as Edward pounded into her. She cried out as her orgasm hit her and she grabbed Edward by the neck and pushed her pelvis into Edward as she kissed him deeply.

Kim’s cheeks were covered with tears as Marcus fucked her mouth. He said “Damn you are a good little cocksucker, you white whore. How do you like that black cock buried in your throat?”

Kim grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him even closer to her and her nose buried in his pubic hair as he expanded and began to cum in her throat. She swallowed, leaving him buried deep in her mouth and enjoyed the feeling of the cum trickling down into her stomach.

Kassidy was holding Edward tight and grinding into his cock, wanting all of his black meat in her body. He held back and grunted as his cock began to spurt his sperm into her cunt.

Nathaniel was getting hard again and saw that Kim was letting Marcus’s cock slip from her mouth. He offered his cock to her and told her to suck it hard for him. She took him in her mouth and worked him until he was rock hard again. He pulled from her mouth and pushed her over on her belly, reached down and spread her ass with his hand, and placed his cock head against her sphincter. She told him she didn’t do that, but he pushed his way into her ass as she let out a little squeal. He said “Damn, this whore’s ass is tight, it feels like she is going to squeeze my cock in two.”

Darius had already fucked her mother in the ass and now he was going to do her. Kassidy looked up and saw him offer her his cock and she took it into her mouth. She tasted his cum and he asked her “Taste good little whore? I just had it in your Mama’s ass, and I am going to put it in your’s so get me ready.”

Lynne looked over as she took all of Ray’s cock deep and felt his balls tighten as he began emptying his cum into her mouth. She saw Kim with a black cock already in her ass and Kassidy was about to be shown the intense pleasure of being fucked in the ass. She saw Darius press the head of his cock against her tiny puckered hole and push forward, and watched as the glans disappeared into her daughters asshole. He held still for a moment then he and Nathaniel nodded at each other and they began to ass fuck her daughters right in front of her. She looked over and asked Marcus, Edward and Ray if they wanted some more mouth, pussy or ass and if they did come feed her their cocks.

Marcus walked over to Lynne and held his cock and told her to “Suck this you slut. I’m going to fuck you in the throat, then pull out and jerk off in your face.”

Lynne opened her mouth and took his cock deep into her mouth, letting her throat relax and accept the cock into it. She loved the feeling as the head expanded her throat as it slipped in.

Kim and Kassidy were looking at each other as Darius and Nathaniel fucked them in the ass. They squealed and moaned as those black cocks worked to stretch their assholes. The guys high fived each other as they fucked the twins asses. Because the girls asses were so tight they guys grunted and began to spill their sperm deep into the asses they were fucking. They pulled out and were immediately replaced by Ray and Edward and Kim and Kassidy felt the onslaught of their second cock buried in their asses. They looked at their mother and saw she was getting fucked in the mouth and saw as Marcus pulled his cock from her mouth, she grabbed his cock and finished by jerking him off as his cum spattered her face and a little ran down on her tits. She looked at her daughters and smiled, she was proud of them and was happy that they knew the pleasures of black men before they became too old. She wondered how many men they would fuck before they were her age.

Lynne leaned back against the bed and listened as Ray and Edward finished fucking her girls.

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