tagNonHumanThe Twins Take Over Ch. 04

The Twins Take Over Ch. 04


"Dani, are you sure you want to be a panther? If we can wait until after the full moon you can be a wolf, like me." Troy stood staring into her hazel eyes and stroking her soft skin. He'd been expecting his mate to be a wolf. He wasn't so sure about the whole panther thing. Hadn't Guillame said there were only supposed to be two panthers?

"Rebecca and I both dreamed we were panthers. It's meant to be Troy. In the last few weeks I've learned to trust in my dreams and those of my cousins. I can't explain it in words, but I know its the right thing. Its what's meant to be." She smiled at the man she knew she'd spend the rest of her life with. She hoped he'd get used to the idea of a panther as a mate.

"What will our cubs be? Wolves or panthers?" Troy had to admit, that was probably his biggest concern. But did it really matter as long as they were together? She was the descendant of a wolf/panther mating. So it couldn't have been a bad thing, right?

"I don't know. I guess we'll find out when we have them." She hesitated for a moment and then finished her thought. "Or when I dream about them." She flashed a happy smile that quickly turned wicked. "I think we should get started on making those cubs, don't you? Hmm?" She rubbed her body on his as she dropped to the ground in front of him. She found his belt buckle in the dark and deftly removed it. "Can't wait until I can see in the dark as well as you can. I feel like a clumsy oaf fiddling around in the blackness."

"You're doing just fine with your fiddling. Don't stop." Troy helped her out of her blouse and pants and dragged his tongue from her neck down her chest and belly, pushed her down onto her back and found his way to her swollen pussy. The overwhelming scent of vanilla and strawberries took control of him, and his wolf broke free to take their mate.

Danielle felt the difference from the dry human tongue that tickled across her skin and the larger, wet tongue of his wolf. She moaned as she felt the long tongue dip into her and begin lapping her juices. "Oh my God, Troy, yes, yes." She was soaring closer and closer to her release and begged him to make her cum, but she quickly realized he wasn't going to oblige. His tongue roamed her thighs and even between her cheeks, but he refused to go near her pussy or clit again. She was practically panting as she begged him to finish. "Troy, why did you stop, please, please, I was so close."

She felt his nose pushing her to roll over. She realized what he wanted and turned over onto her hands and knees, not caring about the hard ground underneath her. She held her breath and waited in the dark. She couldn't see him but she knew he was there. She whispered into the quiet darkness. "Please Troy, don't keep me waiting like this." She knew it was cold on this rainy winter night, but she felt hot, everywhere. Was it sweat rolling down her back? She gasped when she felt his tongue clean it from her skin.

Danielle could swear her pussy was dripping as she waited for her wolf to claim her. Was he torturing her on purpose? Did he mean to make her suffer? "Troy. Oh!" She was suddenly startled by his wet nose touching hers and his tongue swiping across her cheekbone. "OK, I'll stop begging." She began to giggle and couldn't stop herself until she felt him move behind her and his soft fur covered her back. She was nervous, but not fearful. She kept telling herself that only the unknown is worth being afraid of. She'd seen many of the pack mating during her time at the compound. She knew what to expect.

His cock slid into her ready body, and she moaned loudly as he bottomed out. She felt his paws hook in front of her hips to hold her in place and he thrust into her, harder and deeper with each pass. She made unintelligible sounds as he slid in and out, allowing her to stretch to fit him perfectly. She heard his growls and it made her even more ready to be his mate. Danielle wanted to hear those growls for the rest of her life. Growls used to mean being bitten by a dog, now it meant being loved by a wolf. Her mind was brought back to the here and now when he pushed his knot into her tight body and seated it as he readied himself to truly mate.

She jumped a little when she felt the knot stretching her, but once it was seated it was actually a pleasurable feeling. In fact, it pushed her even closer to the edge. She felt like she was walking a tight rope and any second she'd be pushed off, and she couldn't wait for the leap. She was waiting for it, for whatever it was that would send her over the edge. She could feel him breathing in her ear and quickly flipped her hair to one side, baring her neck to him, to her mate.

Troy had one thought on his mind. He had to bite her, now. No worries about wolf or panther. She would be his regardless of what species she was. And any cubs she had would be his, that was all that mattered. It was time. He opened his mouth and took a full hold of her neck before biting down, just where the pulse beat.

She screamed as her orgasm hit her with full force, her body bucked and spasmed over and over as he continued to thrust into her. She heard him howl and then felt his hot cum spurting inside her, jet after jet, hitting the still pulsating walls inside her.

Rebecca was having fun shifting from panther to human and back again over and over. She wanted to learn everything her other half could do. And now that she'd been the panther, she understood her thoughts a little better. She relied solely on instinct, but she would have to learn to incorporate the human half. She looked up at Trey who was smiling back at her. She tried to smile back but it came out looking more like a snarl.

"If I didn't hear your thoughts I'd think you were mad at me." Trey was chuckling to himself. It must be strange to be changed into a Were. He had to admit he'd never thought about it since it's what he always was. It was just a part of him, but for Rebecca and the other women, it was a brand new, and probably frightening, experience. "If I were you I wouldn't attempt smiling at anyone while in your panther form unless you want to start a fight. But it was very sexy." He winked at her as he tended the fire.

She made one final shift back to human and dropped to her knees next to Trey. She looked into his handsome face and grinned from ear to ear. "I can't believe how different I feel. I feel years younger. I've got so much energy, and just looking at you makes me so hot I want to jump your bones." She was talking a mile a minute. She just couldn't help herself.

Trey laughed and stroked her face. "That's because you're in heat. I just hope you still feel that way when your cycle ends." He laughed again and leaned forward to capture her mouth with his. His hand tangled in her hair and held her close as they tasted each other. A whine from behind them got their attention and they ended the kiss abruptly and turned to look at the brown wolf laying nearby.

Anneke was twisted around trying to look at her leg. She was in obvious pain and couldn't seem to get in a comfortable position.

"Is something wrong with the splint?" Rebecca ran to her and tried to comfort their friend by stroking her head. She'd seemed so much less painful earlier. What had happened since then? She could see the pain etched in her expressive pale blue eyes.

Trey finished inspecting the splint and addressed the wolf directly with a frown on his face. "Anneke, I don't know what's wrong. We've been here for hours now. The bones should have at least started healing. The splint has loosened up and the bones are moving. Have you ever had a problem healing before?"

The wolf shook her head violently and whined. It hurt so badly, and she couldn't communicate with them in this form. Unfortunately, if she shifted so they could talk about it she might do more damage to her leg. Why wasn't she healing? She licked Rebecca's hand to thank her for trying to make her feel better.

The loud howl from deep in the caves caught all their attention. Trey and Rebecca exchanged knowing grins and Rebecca flashed back to when she heard Trey howling as he thrusted into her. She felt a warm glow through her entire body and shivered with the memory.

"Maybe once Troy and Danielle are done we can get a move on. I think the sooner we get Anneke out of here the better. We're not going to be able to wait for her to heal." Trey looked out the entrance. The rain was still coming down in sheets. "With you being able to shift we won't have to worry about the rain being as much of a factor as we travel. We'll just have to figure out how to carry Anneke."

He moved to the pile of sticks he'd gathered earlier and looked for more to shore up the present splint. At the very least he could make her feel better by stabilizing the shattered bones.


Delilah pleaded with Viktor through their bond to be strong. She loved him so much. Sure, they had fun playing with others during full moons, but only because it made them want each other even more. But being the Alpha's toy was never part of their fun. And it was no fun for her. He terrified her. She could only think of a few of the females he had used that were still alive. And they were never the same again. She'd heard stories of horrible injuries that no one could explain. There were rumors that he did experiments on them.

Viktor knew all of this and was trying to come up with a way to take her from the Alpha's quarters and leave the pack. But if he was caught he'd be killed. Delilah couldn't even imagine what her life would be like if he died. He was everything to her. She begged him to wait. If he found the Vloklak that would take his attention off her and they could escape. Hopefully the Betas would find them as soon as the storm let up. Until then, she could only hope the Alpha found someone else to take his attention away from her.

She heard loud footsteps coming towards the room and jumped into the bed, pulling the covers over her. She tried to lay as still as possible, hoping if he thought she was asleep he'd find someone else. She didn't give it much hope but it was better than watching him come through the door. Delilah prayed she wasn't shaking. She begged her wolf to help her calm her nerves.

Rolf opened the door and saw the figure under the blanket. Did she really think he was that stupid? He walked around the bed slowly, watching for any sign of movement. "Come out my little bitch, it's time to play." He stood near her head and pulled the covers back. She blinked, pretending to have just woken up. He reached down and grabbed her wrist, holding it like a vice until she howled in pain. "Now, remember the rules, you do as I say and you live as long as you please me. And if you don't, you will beg me to kill you, after you've watched your mate die."

Her blood ran cold when he talked about Viktor. She did her best to hide her disgust and fear. She'd have to make him think she wanted him. She looked up at him and smiled. "Just playing a game Alpha. She got up on her knees and slid her hands up his pants legs towards his cock. She watched his face as she began stroking him through his pants. She could feel his cock jump under her hand. At least now she had felt his size and knew what she'd have to take. The first time had been such a shock and she'd been scared. If she could give him pleasure and take some for herself, she could make it. She just hoped Viktor would understand if he felt it through their bond.

"Mmmm, now that is more like it." Rolf stroked her jet black hair. He couldn't decide if he liked her better as a wolf or a human. Both pussies gave his cock pleasure but in different ways. And her mouth could do such wonderful things. He had been amazed she could take almost his whole length before choking on him. He loved making his bitches cry as they struggled to breath. It didn't matter if he choked them with his cock or his hands. It had the same effect. Watching their pain and fear excited him. But she seemed to be controlling her fear, for now. He'd decide later if he wanted her to lose that control.

Delilah's shaky hands undid his pants and loosed his hardening cock. She had to admit he had the largest cock she had ever seen. She couldn't imagine what had happened to him when he was away for those years. Before he'd left he looked the size of an Omega, barely six feet tall and not a broad frame. And his cock was much smaller than it's current size. She'd never heard of a Were changing so much in size after becoming an adult. Not to mention how much his personality had changed. He'd become a different person. It'd been obvious to everyone who saw him after he got back. This was not the Rolf that had left for college years before. His father and brothers found that out the hard way.

"Hurry up bitch, I don't have all day." He hated when he had to remind a female of her role in life. His father had been far too lenient with the pack. They needed the discipline he meted out on a daily basis. Someday they would thank him for it. He grabbed her hair and yanked her head into his crotch and onto his immense erection. "Now please me before I rip your head off." He looked down at her as she opened her mouth and closed around his shaft. "Ahhhh, much better, that's it." He tilted his head back and groaned as her tongue did amazing things. He looked down at her face and laughed when he saw her struggling to keep up with his thrusts.

His moans drove her to what pleased him most. She had to concentrate to coordinate breathing with his movements in and out of her mouth. She knew what he wanted. He wanted to feel his cock going down the back of her throat. He pushed himself forward but she just couldn't do it. Tears streamed down her face, but she continued to try. She had to give herself and Viktor the chance to run away. She could feel the blood pulsing through the veins into his hard member. As much as she hated this, she also felt herself responding. A bitch wanted to be bred by the Alpha male. It was instinct. She felt her pussy swelling and smelled her wetness.

She felt Viktor's anguish as he felt her rising excitement. "I'm sorry my love, I can't stop my body. Please forgive me." She pleaded with him through their bond and was somewhat relieved when he sent his love to her. She felt it surround her and she calmed. "In my mind I'm pleasing you Viktor, please remember that. I belong to you and you only."

Delilah moaned as she imagined herself sucking her mate's cock and not the Alpha. She knew she could please Rolf if she deluded herself enough.

Rolf roughly pushed her away and took off the remainder of his clothing. "Now take your position like a good little bitch." He pointed to the open space in the middle of the room as she climbed down off the bed.

She shifted and immediately felt his hands grab her fur over her neck and back just before he threw her into the wall. She crumpled to the floor whimpering.

"Did I tell you to shift? You are never to shift without me expressly giving you my permission. Is that understood?" He stood glowering over her, his face turning red. He watched as she cowered before her Alpha, as she should be.

Delilah slowly pulled herself up and shifted. Her black hair covered her face as she quietly cried to herself. She had the feeling if he knew she was crying he'd be angry. She needed to be sure she did her best to never make him angry again.

She watched as the Alpha shifted and the brown wolf came towards her. His teeth were bared as she scrambled into position. She turned to watch the huge wolf rise up to mount her and screamed as his cock invaded her depths once again. Even knowing how large he was and being somewhat aroused it still hurt as he thrust his way inside her. But the pain from his cock was overcome by another pain, his claws digging into her sides. She gritted her teeth as he dug in deeply, cutting her flesh. The sooner she could bring him to orgasm the sooner her torment would end, for the moment.

She looked forward so he couldn't see her close her eyes and thought of Viktor. He wasn't the gentlest when they fucked either, so she just imagined he was being rougher than usual and pictured herself underneath him as Rolf pounded her with his cock. When she finally had grown used to him and her pussy had stretched, she bucked back into him and moaned in pleasure. Her body betrayed her by orgasming multiple times on his thick member.

Rolf felt her moans of pleasure and felt the tightening around his shaft. He smiled to himself and fucked her harder and deeper. His knot had formed but she wasn't his mate. He wouldn't dignify her with a tie and his cum. He pulled out just in time and shot his seed all over her back. He retreated to the other side of the room and watched with displeasure as her wounds healed before his eyes. He'd have to start her on the supplements. He liked to see the marks he made on a female for longer than a few minutes.

Viktor was in their quarters laying on the bed, his face contorted in a mixture of rage and jealousy. The Alpha was with his mate. When Rolf had taken females before it hadn't affected them. He hadn't understood why someone would be upset their mate was chosen for the honor of being the Alpha's consort. Now he understood. He had to get her away from him before he killed them both.


Troy was enjoying this time tied to Dani. For one thing, she was quiet. As much as he loved hearing her voice, she did have a tendency to talk incessantly. He wondered if her panther would change that at all. But for now she was laying quietly in his arms, his knot finally releasing from her body. He licked her salty skin and growled when he felt her trying to move away from him. His arms were like steel around her, not letting her move.

"Now how are we going to finish this mating if you don't let me move, huh?" She loved feeling his arms tight around her. She'd never felt so loved or safe in her fifty years. If she'd known she was going to find Troy, she would have followed those dreams a long long time ago. But as much as she was enjoying laying in his arms, there was an insistent voice in the back of her mind telling her she had to bite him or they could lose him. Don't be silly, we could never lose him now. Just let me lay here for a while longer. But the voice was relentless. No, you must bite him NOW! She took a deep breath, let it out slowly, and agreed.

"Turnabout is fair play Troy. Now it's my turn." She heard his sigh as he reluctantly released her. She spun around to face him, a feral look in her hazel eyes. Her brown hair hung down, hiding the sinful look on her face from his eyes. She kissed him deeply, hungrily. The panther had control now and wanted to taste every bit of her mate. Danielle's small tongue licked his chest, and across his collarbones, stopping to suck the skin on his neck. She listened to his quiet growls and smiled to herself. She was in control now.

She felt his cock growing and grazing against her hip. She looked down with a mischievous look on her face. She looked at him and then at his cock and slowly licked her lips. She inched down his body, across his hard abs, to her quarry. She flicked her tongue out, tasting both of them. "Mmmmm, we do taste good to together, don't we?" She purred softly as she continue her ministrations to his hard shaft, enjoying every bit of the throbbing meat as she began to suck it into her mouth.

His growls were louder as she brought him closer to the edge. His hands stroked her skin. She was so hot, he thought at first she had a fever. But she wasn't sick. Was this normal for a panther?

Danielle was enjoying herself and wanted to suck him to completion but the voice in the back of her head said no. They had to bite him. It was time. She gave his cock one last kiss and swung her leg over his hips. She leaned on his muscular chest, savoring every bit of him she could touch. She was poised over his cock head and lowered herself carefully, closing her eyes and half moaning, half purring as she sank down until he was buried to the hilt inside her.

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