tagIncest/TabooThe Twins' Vacation Ch. 05

The Twins' Vacation Ch. 05


"So what's with the shorts you were folding on the deck?" Jackie asked cuddling against Alex's side in the after glow of several body shaking orgasms.

Her hand idly stroked his flaccid dick that glistened with the remnants of his own cum and juices from both Jackie and his sister. Gwen casually traced a circle around one of his nipples with a fingertip. Jackie wiggled closer to him and Alex brushed his hands over both their asses, drawing them closer until their knees met with their dripping pussies leaking his own jism on to the top of his thighs.

"They're for the snorkelers," he laughed, slowly dragging a finger up through Jackie's ass cheeks, causing her to shiver and tighten her hand on his dick. "Even with a good all over tan, spending a few hours in the water with your ass in the air can lead to some pretty severe...and really, really unpleasant...sunburn, so everyone wears them when we go out."

Jackie quivered again as Alex swirled a fingertip around her puckered asshole. Her low moan and quickening strokes of his stiffening cock told him she didn't mind that at all.

"I can see your point," she moaned lowly before licking his earlobe, "there are much better ways I'd rather get my ass reddened and stinging."

"You don't say?" Gwen chimed in from her brother's other side.

She reached across Alex's chest and tweaked Jackie's left nipple, pinching her hard before giving it a firm tug. Jackie groaned even louder before flicking her tongue into Alex's ear and squeezing his balls hard enough he yelped. When he turned to face her, she rammed her tongue into his mouth and pushed her hips back against the fingertip pressing against her asshole.

"Fuck yeah...much better ways!" Jackie murmured, taking her hand from Alex's balls and pulled Gwen across his body to her.

Gwen didn't hesitate, crawling over her brother's chest to kiss Jackie passionately. Their bodies entwined, rolling off Alex as their fingers found each others dripping pussies. Alex wiggled around to watch them for a moment then gave Gwen a sharp slap on her ass.

"Get on your back, sis," he commanded and got up on his knees, "with Jackie on top and lick each others cunts."

The girls shuffled around until their faces was buried in each others pussies. Jackie wiggled her ass suggestively just before she felt Alex spread her cheeks with both hands. A moment later, his tongue flicked around her puckered asshole, sending yet another shiver through her entire body as he squeezed her ass cheeks tightly.

Alex rimmed Jackie's asshole for a few minutes, while Gwen eagerly sucked her clit and fingered her drooling cleft. Jackie thirstily lapped up the sweet and tangy juices seeping from Gwen's cunt. Then Alex pulled back and Jackie felt a gob of spittle ooze over her anus, followed by a finger stretching her tight sphincter. She groaned and pulled Gwen's clit between her teeth.


Jackie's back arched and her head flew backwards as Alex swatted her right ass cheek. She looked back over her shoulder and grinned her approval.


He spanked her left ass cheek a bit harder than the first, the sting and warm tingle going straight to her pussy. She didn't need to look to know there were two reddening hand prints on her ass. Then Alex rubbed his rigid dick up through her dripping slit, lubricating his cock head with her own juices.


"Oh god...YES," Jackie cried out and buried her face between Gwen's legs.




Alex's cock rammed deep into her throbbing pussy, thrusting hard a few times as his thumb penetrated her asshole.


He slowly pulled out of her cunt, the tip of his cock pressing against her asshole.




Her asshole resisted his stiff dick for just a heartbeat before stretching open and he slowly slipped into her.




Her first orgasm peaked and blended right into the even stronger next one as Alex's dick rammed as deep as he could go into her bowels. She screamed and flooded Gwen's face and mouth with her orgasmic fluids.


"MORE...HARDER...FUCK...YES...FUCK...MORE!" Jackie screeched as she felt Alex's warm cum gushing into her.


Alex pumped her hard and deep, fast and hard as his sperm flooded into her, each thrust followed by a stinging swat on her now blazing butt. At last his dick deflated and slipped out of Jackie's asshole, followed by a river of his cum splashing across his sister's face.

Alex rolled off Jackie's back when his dick finally pulled completely out of her ass. She collapsed on top of Gwen, breathing heavily as she inhaled the sweet aroma of Gwen's dripping pussy. For a few moments, Gwen eagerly lapped up the combined cum and pussy juices oozing from Jackie's ass and cunt. Then she pushed Jackie on to her back and raised herself on one elbow.

"You aren't done yet, brother, my pussy needs some of your special attention too," Gwen cooed before falling back and pulling her legs up from behind her knees to spread her thighs as far as she could manage.

Her small clit popped out from under its hood and her pussy lips gaped wide, the pink moist flesh glistening in the dim light of the boat's cabin. Alex got back on his knees next to his sister, his flaccid dick practically resting on her lips, one hand tightly grasping one of her tits and the other rested down between her legs.

"Oh yes, brother...you know what I want...what I need," she gasped and cupped his balls in one hand while pulling the hood over her clit back even further.


The crack of Alex's hand across Gwen's exposed pussy caused Jackie to jump. While her own ass still smarted from her ass spanking, this was entirely different. Gwen howled and spread her legs even further.


The second swat was slightly muffled by the squishy sound of the fluids seeping from Gwen's pussy and splattering them all. She writhed around for a moment before again laying still and totally exposed.


Jackie's pussy began to twitch and drip as Gwen cried out and begged for more. Alex's dick was rigid again, brushing over his sister's lips as she moaned.


The prominent mound beneath Gwen's closely trimmed cunt hair reddened even as more orgasmic juices spurted on to her brother's fingers.


Jackie pushed herself up on her knees for a better view as Gwen took Alex's dick into her mouth. She looked up at Jackie and extended her hand until Jackie scooted closer and Gwen's finger split the dripping folds of Jackie's slit.


Gwen's hips flailed widely as yet another orgasm flooded through her body. Jackie reached down and pinched one of the young woman's nipples, pulling on it hard when two of Gwen's fingers slipped inside her.


Alex looked over at Jackie and grinned wickedly then withdrew his hand from his sister's cunt and turned it palm up, gesturing for Jackie to spank Gwen's cunt too.

Jackie grinned back and moaned lowly as a third finger slid into her pussy.


The palm of Jackie's hand stung with the initial impact on Gwen's now ruby red mound. She felt a fourth finger slip inside her and Gwen's thumb strumming her clit.


Jackie and Alex swatted Gwen in turn even as another orgasm built in Jackie's cunt.


Alex's rigid dick slipped out of Gwen's mouth as her back arched and her entire body shivered another massive orgasm.


String after string of creamy cum gushed from Jake's cock, covering his sister's face and tits while she shrieked the next climax flooding her body.



With a final scream, Gwen crumpled into a writhing heap. As Alex's cock deflated in her hand, Gwen's body went limp, her breathing hoarse and ragged. She still had four fingers inside Jackie's pussy...and Jackie felt another orgasm building in her cunt.

While Alex sat back on his heels, Jackie reached down between her legs and folded Gwen's thumb into her palm, Then by wiggling around slightly, the rest of Gwen's hand slipped easily the rest of the way up into Jackie's vagina.

Jackie just let herself gently slide down until the knuckles of Gwen's fist pushed against the deepest part of her pussy. For a moment, Jackie just held still, luxuriating in the fullness of the hand filling her cunt. Ever so slowly she pulled herself upwards until Gwen's wrist came almost completely out of her stretched hole then dropped back down until the other woman's knuckles again punched the back of her cunt.

Even as Jackie began rocking on her hand, Gwen realized what was happening and began twisting her hand back and forth, her thumb brushing across Jackie's g-spot. Jackie closed her eyes, cupped both of her tits in her hands and pinched her own nipples hard as her next orgasm exploded over Gwen's fist.

Alex just watched sitting back on his heels with his flaccid cock in his hand as Jackie's orgasm flooded down his sister's arm until Jackie collapsed on her side, her entire body quivering with the aftershocks of her climax. After a couple of moments, Gwen ever so slowly withdrew her hand from Jackie's cunt, the heel of her thumb sliding out with an audible pop.

While Alex went to fetch something cold to drink, Jackie and Gwen cuddled together, regaining their breathes until they were able to sit up without getting dizzy.

"That was fucking awesome," Jackie exclaimed, taking a deep drink from the cold beer Alex provided. "You two are just gonna love my brother and Dori!"


Jake propped himself up from where he lay between Alicia and Karen. Renee had crawled over to her father sitting in the chair and was licking his cock and balls clean. The remnants of Ed's cum dribbled down the inside of her thighs from her ass and pussy. Claude opened his eyes and grinned at Jack, motioning him over to join them.

"Mon ami, come join me and my beautiful daughter will clean you up too," he laughed and pinched one of her nipples.

Renee glanced over at Jake and seemed to smile without taking her father's cock out of her mouth. Then she spread her legs a little wider and wiggled her ass in invitation.

With a familiar twitch in his groin, Jake rose and sauntered over to them. When he was within reach, Claude extended his hand and softly grasped Jake's already stiffening dick. Renee looked up then extended her hand to cup his balls and, with a gentle tug, pulled him closer until his knees pressed against her father's thighs.

Claude grinned and leaned forward, flicking his tongue across the throbbing head of Jake's dick. Jake groaned and brushed his fingers through the hair on the back of Claude's head. That was all the invitation the older Frenchman needed, enveloping Jake's cock in his lips and pushing his face forward until his nose was buried in Jake's pubic hair.

When Claude pulled his mouth back to just hold the head of Jake's cock, Renee let her father's dick fall from her mouth and sucked Jake's balls. She kept stroking Claude's cock while licking her way up Jake's cock to lash her tongue with her father.

As another orgasm built in his groin, Jake bent forward resting one hand on Claude's shoulder and the other on his daughter's back. Suddenly he felt another finger slowly drawing up through his ass cheek.

He looked over his shoulder. Ed stood grinning behind him, stroking his rigid dick with one hand and fingering Jake's asshole with the other.

"Gwen was right, even though I didn't say a word to her," Jake murmured, spread his legs wider and dove down to take Claude's thick cock into his mouth.

The Frenchman leaned back and closed his eyes while his daughter continued to suck Jake's dick. Ed spread Jake's ass cheeks and rather abruptly rammed his cock into Jake's ass. Jake gasped and felt Claude's dick push against the back of his throat.

After a moment, Ed established a steady rhythm thrusting in and out of Jake's asshole. His motion caused Jake to rock back and forth on Claude's cock even as his own orgasm swelled up in his balls.

Ed cried out and began shooting his warm jism into Jake's tight ass. Jake's own cum flooded into Renee's mouth and throat just before Claude's salty and slightly bitter semen fill his mouth.

With Ed's dick pounding his prostate, Jake's climax seemed to go on and on until at last Ed's cock deflated and he slipped out of Jake's asshole. He kept Claude's dick in his own mouth until the older man finally went limp and crumpled back in the chair.

Renee grinned up at Jake, his cum dripping out of the sides of her mouth and coating her bad teeth and tongue. Jake fell to his knees next to her, then turned and sat on the floor, leaning back against the chair in which Claude sat. Ed sat down next to him and casually fondled Renee's tits.

Alicia and Karen sat next to each other with their legs dangling over the edge of the bed, grinning brightly.

"Wow, that was fucking hot!" Karen exclaimed. "We always get really excited seeing guys fuck and suck each other."

Jake didn't doubt that, since both Alicia and her daughter's nipples were stiff and erect. Karen got up to get everyone a cold beer, smears of cum coated the inside of her thighs and shaved pussy mound.

"My Mom's right, that was fucking hot," Karen cooed as she bent forward to hand Ed and Jake each a cold beer. "Do you guys like to fuck an ass and a pussy together? I love feeling cum shooting in my asshole and cunt and mouth all at the same time."

Her soft tits dangled tantalizingly close, right in front of both their faces. Jake took a deep drink of his beer, grinned at her and pinched one of those erect nipples.

"We haven't done anything like that with anyone together yet," Jake muttered, "but in about twenty minutes or so, I'll be more than willing to try."

Claude and Ed readily agreed. Karen went back to sit by her mother and very loudly discussed the pros and cons of whose dick would fit best where inside the young girl. After a moment, at Alicia's request to Claude, Renee went about the task of getting all three guys hard again with her mouth and hands.


Jackie walked to the end of the dock with Gwen. Alex stayed behind on the boat to finish the preparations for an afternoon snorkeling excursion.

"I must get back up to the house to help with lunch," Gwen murmured, brushing her hand over Jackie's ass and flicking her tongue in Jackie's ear. "Perhaps later, I can meet you and your brother."

"I'd like that," Jackie moaned softly, "and I'm sure my brother would too...and with your brothers as well."

Gwen squeezed Jackie's ass cheek before turning and walking back toward the main building. Jackie watched her go wistfully, admiring and aroused by the way her ass swayed, her sheer wrap accenting the curves of her tight ass and the deep cleft between those cheeks.

Collecting herself, Jackie adjusted her wrap as Gwen suggested, her tits covered and the slit in the material clearly exposing her pussy. She tweaked her nipples so they pressed out firmly against the sheer material and started to walk along the water, letting the warm waves just barely lap over her feet and ankles.

She walked by a few people standing in the water or laying on the beach, most of whom smiled pleasantly at her. As she approached a cluster of palm trees, the older British woman who spoke to her earlier sat up on a lounge chair and waved her over.

Her wrap lay crumpled in a pile in the sand next to a small cooler. The young man she said was her son earlier lay nearby on his stomach, his bare back and ass reddening in the late morning sun.

"Ah, there you are, my dear, please come join us for a cold drink," the woman said cheerfully in a British accent Jackie found exciting even from a woman at least twice her own age. "I'm Theresa, by the way, and this is my very loving son, Phillip."

Theresa indicated the young man as he rolled over. She didn't look to be much more than five feet tall with a round body, short blonde hair on her head and a cleanly shaved cunt. Her pronounced mound seemed slightly red and swollen, the ragged edges of her pussy lips dangled between her thighs. As she sat up, her huge tits sagged over her belly, their large aureoles and stiff nipples pointing slightly off to each side. The pink gash of her fleshy slit glistened between her spread legs.

"I'm Jackie," she said by means of introduction, "and yes, thank you, I could use a cold drink."

Phillip rolled to a sitting position and rose, reaching into the cooler and holding up a cold beer for her. Jackie accepted it gratefully, realizing with the first sip just how thirsty she was. Phillip stood next to his mother openly leering at Jackie, making her a little uncomfortable yet slightly aroused.

He was about her brother's height but considerably stouter, at least two hundred pounds. His very thick five and a half inch dick and sizable ball sac dangled freely beneath his slightly protruding belly.

Jackie liked the look of Phillip's large round mushroom head. Girth in a dick was always more important to her than length. Before Jasper earlier in the morning, only one other man, Jerry at the ranch, had fucked her with a long enough cock to reach an especially sensitive spot deep in her pussy. In consequence, she drew her pleasure from the ways a dick stretched her cunt open and massaged her g-spot. Phillip's thickness and the way it curved slightly upward promised a gratifying fuck she had every intention of enjoying quite soon.

Theresa obviously saw the hungry look in Jackie's eyes. She smiled and wrapped her fingers around her son's dick while motioning Jackie even closer. Jackie stepped right up to Theresa until their knees practically touched. Theresa took one of Jackie's hands in hers and placed it on Phillip's rapidly stiffening dick.

With the touch, Phillip moaned and Theresa reached behind Jackie's ass and drew her even closer. With a devilish smile, Theresa bent and ran the tip of her tongue over the head of her son's cock. Jackie could feel the first droplets of his precum smear across her fingers, warm and sticky, with the promise of much more to come.

Phillip cupped Jackie's right tit in his hand and strummed the erect nipple with his thumb. The vein pounding in his rigid dick matched the pulsing of Jackie's pussy.

"Our casita is right over there," Theresa cooed as she stood and pulled her hand up between Jackie's thighs until a finger grazed Jackie's throbbing clit.

Jackie walked between Theresa and her son on the way to their casita and bed. They all groped each other along the way, their warps falling to the ground long before arriving.

As if they knew in advance what would happen next, Phillip immediately walked to the bed when they came to the casita and fell on to his back. Theresa climbed up next to him and stoked his thick cock and looked at Jackie.

"Ride my baby boy," she gasped, "I want to see his cock disappear inside your cunt and then see his cum pour out of you."

Having no problem with that at all, Jackie squatted over Phillip's waist as his mother held his thick throbbing dick straight up. She lowered herself slowly, taking her time to completely enjoy the way that cock would stretch her pussy before his warm sticky cum flooded her cunt.


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