tagGroup SexThe Two Emmas

The Two Emmas


Note: This story is a sequel to my previous story, "Natasha's Ploy", so I would recommend that you read that story to familiarise yourself with the premise and background of the story first, before sinking your teeth into this one.


Emma slipped her hand into her bra and readjusted her breast so that it sat a bit more comfortably in the cup. She had elected to wear an ankle-length red dress, which had a single slit along her left leg, from the bottom hem of the dress all the way up to her hip. She was wearing matching red heels, had her hair up in a bun and a small red handbag.

She was ready.

This was Emma's seventh consecutive outing to one of Nadine's parties, tonight's party having a dress theme of "Hollywood." Natasha had been attending less and less as her relationship with Andy got more serious (mainly from his pushing for it), so had been reluctantly relegated to Emma's chauffeur for the evening.

Natasha was waiting patiently by the door for her, eyes widening as she trotted out of the bathroom to get her coat, "Christ, Emma..." she exclaimed, eyes wandering all over Emma's figure, "I'll be honest, I did not expect you to come out wearing that,"

Emma smiled as she selected a coat off the rack, just a thin black one to contrast the red, "What can I say? I enjoy showing off,"

"Your tits look huge!" Natasha exclaimed, her gaze transfixed to Emma's cleavage.

"Well, they have actually grown a bit," Natasha looked up at her and raised an eyebrow, "36E," she precognitively answered Natasha's question, her expression a mixture of impressed and surprised, "I'm not sure why, whether it's natural, something to do with my diet or my hormone levels of late."

"Wow," Natasha bit her lip, "Could I...?" Natasha raised her hands and wiggled her fingers a bit to help express her question.

"I would, but I'll be late," Emma put her coat on and tried to usher Natasha to get in the car, but she managed to step between Emma and the door.

"Come on, please, just one quick squeeze!"

"Fine," she relented, opening her coat for Natasha.

What Natasha and Emma defined "quick squeeze" as clearly differed greatly. Natasha took a long, big, slow grope, mushing Emma's breasts against her chest and gasping at the bulging above her dress's neckline.

Content she'd had her fill, she composed herself and led Emma to the car.


Natasha pulled up outside Nadine's house and stared at it for a moment. Emma unbuckled her seatbelt and popped the door.

"Well, thanks a lot for driving me," Emma thanked, Natasha still just sat looking at the house, "Nat? You okay?"

Natasha shook her head and snapped back to reality, "Sorry, I was miles away there,"

"Reassuring words from the driver," Emma joked, a smile spreading across Natasha's face.

"Yeah, but it's just...memories, you know?" Natasha sighed, "I kind of miss it, but there's my commitment to Andrew I need to keep so...never mind. Just have fun, okay Emma?"

Emma smiled, trying to be reassuring, "It's okay, I'm sure you'll get to come back some day,"

"Yeah, I guess," Natasha hugged Emma, "Give me a text and I'll come pick you up, yeah?"

"Will do," Emma opened the door and got out of the car, "See you later,"

"Have a good night,"

Emma shut the door and trotted over to the door, Natasha losing herself in memories again, seeing only herself in Emma's place, running towards the door excitedly, an evening of great enjoyment awaiting her. She shook herself out of her reminiscence, checked her blind spots, indicated, and pulled off.

"Emma!" Nadine flung the door open, beaming, and hugged her guest. She was wearing a black dress, which, like Emma's, seemed to act as an amplifier for her bosom, and was strapless. Emma smiled and greeted Nadine, "Well, Emma, first might I say how great you look tonight,"

"Thank you," Emma grinned, taking a flute of champagne off the table near the door and taking a sip, "In keeping with the theme, I see,"

"Yes, the dress theme has not been forgotten," Nadine led Emma through to the kitchen, "There are a few nibbles scattered around. The ones under cling film are for afterwards, so leave them be. Shame I didn't have time to come up with some proper themed games, but hey, I can take notes for next time!"

Emma skewered a pickled onion with a cocktail stick and popped it in her mouth as she looked over the other guests. A few familiar faces, and not too numerous either.

"Now, we have two newbies, neither of whom have any experience in this sort of environment. They look fine now, but when everything gets going, they may struggle," Nadine pointed one out to Emma, "That is Martin, works in the hospital as a porter, I think..."

Nadine pointed through to the living room towards a guy who was not bad looking at all. Black hair, slicked back, some slight stubble and a tailcoat suit. He was chatting with Simone, one of the faces Emma recognised from a previous evening. "...and this..." Nadine continued, turning and tapping a blonde girl behind her on the shoulder, who joined her at her side, "...is also an Emma."

Emma raised an eyebrow. The girl was a bit shorter than she was, and sported a rather slim and curvy frame, which may have been considered fat in some circles of youth culture, but was by no means overweight. She was wearing a baby blue dress and a grey knitted cardigan, buttoned up all the way, with white flats. She had long, straight blonde hair thrown forwards over one shoulder. She looked rather nervous.

"Emma, this is Emma," The two Emmas exchanged greetings, "Now, Old Emma..."

Emma rolled her eyes and smirked at her new nickname.

"...Young Emma here is 19, and rather inexperienced. She has not got much sexual history, so I would like you to look after her for the evening. Stay close, make sure she's comfortable and happy, you know..." Nadine took a sip of champagne, "So go and chat for a bit, get to know each other and I'll get started in about 15 minutes,"

Nadine vanished into the kitchen before Emma could say anything. She smiled at Young Emma, "come on, let's go upstairs, shall we?"

Young Emma nervously complied as Emma led her upstairs to one of the bedrooms, and sat on the edge of the bed, "So, Emma, is there anything you want to know? Any questions you might have at all?"

"Umm...well..." Young Emma began, taking another sip of champagne, "I'm just nervous is all. It's my first time here,"

"So I've been told. How did you hear about this?"

"Nadine posted in an online forum about it, but I had to call her up about it first," she explained, hesitating a few times mid-sentence, finding herself nervous about talking about these things to someone who was essentially a stranger, "I thought it might be fun to try but now I'm here, I'm starting to regret it,"

"Hey, don't think that," Emma smiled warmly, "When I first came here, I didn't even know what I was coming here for," Young Emma looked slightly shocked, "My roommate brought me here, and I had no idea what was going to happen. I had an opportunity to leave, but I chose to stay, and I had an incredible time, and you will too,"

"You didn't know?"

"Not a clue,"

"So what happened? Weren't you mad at your friend?"

"I was, but she convinced me to try it out. Then after it was over, I couldn't be mad at her,"

"Okay," Young Emma seemed to relax a little, "So, what happens normally?"

"Well, usually we start off by having a chat, a bit of 'Get to Know You' time. Then we start playing a few games just to get warmed up and get everyone comfortable and ready to go, and then we get into fucking each other and enjoying ourselves," Emma explained, Young Emma wincing slightly at the abrupt mention of the word 'fucking' in the mood of the current conversation, "Though everything is usually randomized, from the people you get paired with to the acts you're doing,"

"Doesn't sound so bad,"

"Well, I reckon we've still got five minutes or so before we get together in the living room, so if you want, we can make out for a couple of minutes," Emma suggested, "Y'know, to help ease you into it,"

"What? But I'm not a lesbian," Young Emma interjected, seemingly taken aback.

"You don't have to be," Emma reassured her, "I'm not a lesbian, but I like girls as well as guys, and I thought that while we have a spare moment, you could see it as warm-up, to help relax you,"

Young Emma sighed and took a deep breath, "Okay, just do it," she closed her eyes and took deep breaths, clearly nervous about it, and a slight reluctance.

Emma wrapped her arm around her shoulders and leant in, gently planting her lips against her counterpart's. It didn't take long for Young Emma to begin kissing back, and for tongues to get involved, and even less time, it seemed, before they had to stop and head downstairs, Nadine's call interrupting them.

Young Emma seemed more relaxed as she descended the stairs, and a bit more cheery than before. Emma grinned. Her job was done.

As the group gathered in the living room, Emma did a quick head-count. Eight, including Nadine, but a three:five boy:girl split. Not too bad, Emma thought.

"Evening all," Nadine greeted, "Now, before we begin, as always, we shall go around the room, everybody introducing themselves one at a time. Each of you has a bag provided, with your nametags on, ready for you to put your valuables in before we begin, so watches, necklaces, bracelets, rings et cetera. Pairings will be done slightly differently tonight due to having only three guys, but four girls.

"Pairs will be selected boy-girl, but there will be one girl left over. This girl will be paired with Greg, who I'm led to believe had a birthday last week,"

At that moment, the other two guys looked at Greg with a glare of pure jealousy, "Now, we shall begin. I'm Nadine, I'm in charge of tonight's proceedings, as per usual. I will be acting as rule enforcer and regulator. What I say goes, no arguments,"

Nadine gestured to her left, as Greg introduced himself as the "lucky bastard of the evening" to a smatter of laughter. Emma introduced herself next, with Young Emma keeping hers as brief as possible. Dan, Beth and Simone, had each attended twice before, though on separate occassions, and Martin, the other newcomer was last to speak.

Once all members had been acquainted, Nadine advanced proceedings, "Okay, everyone, now that we all know each other, there is a bag in the closet with your name on a tag. If you could pop all your jewelry, wallets, purses, handbags, shoes, et cetera, inside, and lock them up with the little padlock, we can get started,"

As the group sorted their bags out, Emma glanced over at Young Emma. She seemed a bit nervous, but otherwise fine. They exchanged a smile and headed back into the living room.

In the middle of the room, Nadine had placed a ring of cushions around an upturned wooden dining tray, the handles on either end acting as legs. In the middle of the table was a box of cards. Emma found herself a seat next to Young Emma, and shuffled on the spot until she was comfortable.

Once everyone was seated, Nadine cleared her throat, ready to begin, "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our night of cards. Before we start, rules of the game," Nadine picked up the card box off the table, opened it and tipped the cards into her hand, placing the box on the mantlepiece behind her.

"Now, in turns, we go around the group and draw from the stack of cards in the middle of the table, one at a time. The suits are all that are important and will determine actions. If you draw a Club..." Nadine pulled a card from the pack and showed it off, the 3 of clubs, "...you may do something to someone else in the circle, and can only influence your own actions. Once you have performed one action with or to that person, turn will pass clockwise to the next player.

"If you draw a Spade..." Nadine displayed the 6 of spades to the group, "...you can control the actions of two other members of the group of opposite sexes. You can only act as an observer, however, and are not allowed to interact with the participants or yourself.

"If you pick up a Diamond..." Nadine put the 6 of spades back in the pack and replaced it with the Jack of Diamonds, "...you can have one other member of the group do something to you. You cannot interact with the other person.

"And finally, if you pick a..." Nadine seemed to struggle finding her last card, but she fished the Ace of hearts out of the deck and held it up to the group, "...heart, you control the entire group for a turn. The two through ten of hearts have been removed from the deck, leaving only the Jack, Queen, King and Ace left in the pack.

"House rules. No creampie cumshots, guys. That's a big no-no and you will not be invited back if you creampie someone. You cannot force anyone to do anything. If they don't want to do what you tell them, then you back down and the turn passes to the next player. The winner of the game is the last player left to cum. They shall be rewarded with all other willing members of the group make them cum in whatever way they want.

"The last rule is that once a turn has completed, all participants must remove one item of clothing, should they have any clothes on. The additional rule of the night being that since it was Greg's birthday recently, any actions involving Greg as a participant must involve two girls as participants as well, on his turn or anyone else's. I open the floor to questions,"

Everyone glanced at each other, before Beth spoke up, "When you say we can't interact with people, is that limited to touching, or does that include talking as well?"

"Everything. Once the instruction has been given, you can't communicate any further with the other participant, or participants as an observer," Nadine replied.

"How long are turns? So how long do you do things for before we move on?" Dan asked, to murmurs amongst the rest of the members.

"You judge for yourself, mostly, but if the rest of the group thinks you're taking too long, they can tell you to stop whenever they like," Nadine paused for a moment, inviting more questions, "Okay, now if Martin could shuffle the deck, and pass it on to Simone for secondary shuffle, we can get started,"

She handed the deck to Martin, and pulled a whiteboard from behind a bookcase, placing it up on the mantlepiece. She pulled a pair of whiteboard pens from seemingly nowhere and began writing. Martin was rather sloppy at shuffling the deck, clunkily shuffling the deck in chunks, moving them back and forth from one end to the other in a rather robotic fashion.

Grumbling that he wasn't too good at shuffling, he passed the pack on to Simone, who shuffled the deck skillfully, riffle shuffling, cutting the deck and being incredibly thorough. She dropped the pack down in the middle of the table with a thunk! She grinned proudly that she had scored social points for being the better shuffler of the two.

Nadine turned around to face the room again, having finished her work on the whiteboard. She had drawn some crude suit symbols in red and black marker, and brief reminders of the actions each suit noted next to the symbols, "Are we done? Splendid. Play may begin,"

Everyone looked at each other awkwardly, "So who plays first?" Dan asked the group, to looks of confusion. It seemed that everyone else was as clueless as he was.

"I'd say let Simone start. She shuffled the pack last," Beth suggested, "And she shuffled it best!"

"Or maybe Greg could play first as he's the birthday boy," Simone advised, feeling she'd done her part.

"Nooo, he's got it good enough tonight," Dan objected.

"Oh for God's sake..." Emma went for it and drew the top card of the deck, to numerous disgruntled moans, "Hey, if someone didn't go, we'd just be whinging all night," she glanced at the card through mumbles of agreement, "Club! I'll start off by..." she thought a moment, "...I think I'll keep it simple to start with. I'll hug Dan,"

Dan shrugged, "Fine with me," and leant over to give Emma a quick hug. They didn't prolong it, but now both had to lose an item of clothing. Dan took off a sock, and smirked. Emma opted to remove her bobble, letting her hair cascade down, matching Dan's minimalist play.

"Hey, no fair! That's not an item of clothing!" Dan called out, Nadine stepping in for the rules dispute.

"It was essential to her original look, so it's allowed,"

Dan moaned in disagreement, Emma sticking her tongue out victoriously. It was his turn now, though, and he drew a card from the top of the deck, "Diamond!" he declared, "I would like Simone to kiss me,"

Simone obliged, leaning in. Dan's eyes closed in anticipation, but Simone grinned and leant forwards past his lips and gave him a peck on the cheek. Dan recoiled in surprise, "Hey!" he complained, slightly taken aback.

"You never specified where to kiss you," Simone grinned fiendishly, removing her skirt to reveal tight, knee-length black shorts on underneath. Receiving odd looks of 'Why?' from around the room, she retorted with "It's chilly out," before taking her turn. "Club. I shall hug Emma,"

"Which one?" Emma asked, glancing at Young Emma.

"Old Emma," Simone nodded at Emma.

Emma facepalmed hoping her new nickname wouldn't become permanent, standing up to hug Simone. The pair embraced for a bit longer than Emma and Dan had, but not much longer. They sat back down to remove clothing. Simone removed her top to reveal a corset underneath, while Emma took off her flesh-coloured tights.

Martin drew a Spade, "Both Emmas can kiss each other," he announced, with a grin. Emma was somewhat startled by the decision, but as they'd already had some practise time together, it didn't feel like such a big deal or a big step up to do it with an audience.

Emma smiled warmly, and leant in to kiss Young Emma full on the lips, gently, nothing too erotic just yet, keeping it nice and simple. After twenty seconds or so, she broke the kiss, removing a bobby pin from her hair, allowing her fringe to droop over her face, covering half an eye, much to the protest of the men in the room.

"Oh come on! That's even less a bit of clothing than a bobble is!" Martin complained.

"Give her a fair chance. She's only wearing a dress. You're in a suit!" Beth pointed out. Young Emma took off her cardigan, and dropped it behind her, revealing her cleavage. Not too deep, but showing just enough to draw attention. From where she was sat, Emma could see the deep shadows right down the middle of Young Emma's bust. She bit her lip as her crotch began to moisten at the view.

It was Greg's turn to draw. He looked at it and moaned in frustration, "It's a Spade!" he put the card in the discard pile on the table and thought for a moment, "Beth and Martin can kiss each other, since neither of them have lost any clothes,"

The pair obliged and moved around so they could kiss, before each removing their jackets. Beth took her turn, drawing a club, "I think that I..." she pondered a brief moment, "...and Emma should each remove a piece of Greg's clothing!"

"Whoa whoa whoa!" Greg protested, "Can they do that?" he asked Nadine to clarify the decision.

"It's legal. They are allowed to make that call if they want to," Nadine explained, folding her arms authoritatively, doubling to accentuate her breasts, more seeming to bulge out above the hem of her dress than before.

Beth grinned, inviting Emma over to remove some of Greg's clothes. Beth grasped his jacket lapels and slowly drew his jacket off his shoulders, and down the arms, her fingertips brushing against his shirt and body underneath. At the same time, Emma slowly unbuttoned his shirt, one at a time, taking care with each button, slipping it through its buttonhole.

She hooked her thumbs inside his shirt and pushed it over his shoulders and down his arms, her thumbs gliding across his bare flesh, eyes gazing at his chest. She bit her lip and grinned.

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