tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Ultimate Intergalactic Orgasm

The Ultimate Intergalactic Orgasm


The reason the first alien species, Zooms, came to Earth, was not for purposes of destruction and annihilation, as many doomsday prophets had long predicted. It was not to find a new habitable planet, as many others suggested. It was not for scientific exploration, nor was it even flat out curiosity, as many optimists had opined over the years. The thing which brought this half-lizard, half-humanoid species halfway across the galaxy to make contact with intelligent life forms was, in fact, pussy. Sweet, delectable, honey-dripping human pussy.

The human female vagina, to be exact. The problem was this: Zorak, the legendary, universally respected leader of the Zooms, was at the pinnacle of his livelihood. As a healthy, successful Zooms who was effectively in charge of an entire system of planets, he naturally acquired a tremendous amount of poontang from the dawn of his sexual career. He received so much feminine attention, in fact, that now, despite abstaining for weeks and being of sound mind and body, he had come to the point where he was unable to reach orgasm.

This was a great affront to Zorak's sensibilities. He had long studied the human race, bore a connoisseur's, even an academic's interest in human female sexuality, and quickly ordered a ship to deliver him to their homeworld. This was just the excuse he needed to fuck some soft, moist Earth pussy - he must be able to orgasm again eventually, for he required children to assume his throne. Of course the massive lizard-humanoid did not think of it this way, he was far too polite and ingrained in the delicate cultural guidelines of his home planet to describe sex in that manner. Yet his obsession - part curiosity, part intellectual desire, part sexual demand - now had a valid reason to be sated.

Despite the tremendous disparity in appearance between humans and Zooms, the massive, part-amphibious aliens were not anatomically dissimilar, nor were they hypothetically incompatible. In fact, the greatest difference between the two species was likely the female reproductive organs of human women versus those of Zooms origin. Zooms female organs opened only for birthing, not reproduction. The organ, named the loomaleeloo, was well-oiled and slit-shaped, but not concave. Nothing entered, and only the baby exited. Zooms had no concept of penetration. Sex was a matter of friction, and tiny connections. Males would place their tender meatsticks, alternatively known as arkrakts, vertically against the female Zooms loomaleeloo, which, when stimulated, would extend tiny feelers to massage the arkrakt against the aroused, moistened, ultra-sensitive patch of flesh. Females also bore tiny suckers on the tips of their fingers which they placed between the male's legs during intercourse to attach to their four testicles. The pleasure females drew from this connection was not unlike what human women experienced when men, in the heat of passion, sucked on their nipples. The pleasure ran straight from the Zooms female's fingertips to her loomaleeloo at her core, like a string of electricity shooting through her veins. She would shiver in ecstasy, and the suction power of her fingertips would increase, much like the contracting vaginal muscles rewarding a man's penis. Arkrakt ejaculation involved hard, small, steel-like eggs being shot from the tip into a tiny, sucking hole on the Zooms female abdomen, located exactly where the human belly button would be (and greatly resembling a belly button).

The idea of penetration was thrilling and mysterious to Zorak. Zooms phalluses, especially that of the massive, nine foot four Zorak, being far too large for a female's mouth, had never experienced that enveloping embrace of moist warmth to which human males were so drugged and accustomed. Thus human pussy held great allure.

The woman chosen by the human world governments to sate the alien creature was a Russian woman who was an intern in the president's office. She was informed of all the details of the Zooms - which Zorak had freely provided - before her assignment. The woman, Sonya, was the best candidate which the world governments had quiet access to. They did not wish the general public to know the details of the true reasons for the Zooms visit, for both the purposes of Zorak's humility, and their own sensibility and potential implication as little more than interstellar pimps.

Sonya, however, was unquestionably beautiful and clearly the subject of the lust of any healthy man. She stood five feet ten inches tall, with a full, voluptuous figure that mirrored a cross between the Russian tennis great Maria Sharapova and the British model Keeley Hazell, both of whom Zorak was familiar with from his reconnaissance on human female sexuality. Her hair was cascading blonde, her skin pale and milky-spotless. Her rear end protruded profoundly from her sharply curving body. Her breasts busted against anything she wore, great soft orbs of nature which made anyone's mouth water with longing.

For her assignment she wore a stunning v-neck tank-top, which meant her breasts were everywhere. The slip was cut short and exposed her abdomen, and more importantly, her belly button, a great symbol of eroticism in Zooms culture. Her jean shorts were incredibly tight, and unbuttoned above the zipper. The milk flesh of her ass pressed full and fatty-muscular against the denim. Just the sight of her would be enough to give a healthy male a fully blooded erection of rock-like composition. Her whole aura oozed sex: here was a mammal built to breed the children of men.

When the drop-dead gorgeous Sonya entered the chambers of Zorak, the massive reptilian alien from across the universe was instantly aroused, and he felt a sincere gratitude towards his new human government friends for discovering such a gem. What drew him most of all though were not the things which the average teenage boy might see. Her breasts, while undoubtedly unparalleled in human ranks, would have only come in as slightly above average among the racks of Zooms females. Her legs were beautiful, but Zorak had seen longer, skinnier thighs (albeit green in color) of Zooms that were mouth salivating. The first thing which was extraordinary, however, were Sonya's eyes – delicate blue orbs of captivating sensitivity and deeply held submission – eyes which betrayed in their innocent flickering an absolute helplessness, a giving over to authority, which made Zorak's bathwater-temperature blood broil in his popping veins.

The second and by far largest contributor to Zorak's premature arousal was the sight of a belly-button, something of a cultural taboo in the Zooms solar system and roughly akin to a nipple slip on Earth. It would have been the same for a man if Keeley Hazell walked in the room and there were two carefully placed holes in her dress which revealed her nipples. Or the crest of her clitoris, for that matter. The Zooms female belly-button was, after all, where the male seed was deposited.

Male Zooms were large, beefy, muscular, fatty creatures, with an epidermis tinged green that was part-scaly and bore faint traces of mucus-like slime. Average height ran between nine and ten feet. Already naked when Sonya entered, his chest was massive, barrel-like, his beady red eyes moist with desire, his full belly fat taking up tremendous space, inhabiting the room all on its own. And his arkrakt, roughly the width of a large human calf muscle, and the length of a whole lower leg (about two feet), was standing at stiff attention.

The two major differences, besides width and length, between penises and arkrakts, was that the Zooms phallus was ribbed with long, thick stripes of flesh that, when aroused, puffed two inches out from the side of the organ in anticipation of stimulation a loomaleeloo's gentle feelers.

The other difference was that the arkrakt was a curving organ, gently sloping inwards and outwards at three points. This was so that it fit well, like a puzzle piece, against the loomaleeloo. For Sonya, it meant she swallowed even deeper in trepidation, and the look of helplessness on her pretty face intensified.

Sonya tried to maintain some semblance of her dignity, of her womanhood. She was a proud, intelligent girl, by human standards. She did not cower easily. But her effort was in vein. She quivered on her approach. Zorak reached down to stroke his arkrakt, which was faintly buzzing in anticipation. He grunted, beamed at her, said something in his alien language. The doors shut, the chamber was bathed in iridescent silence. Sonya tried to smile.

He brought her to him, without preamble, and began stroking her flesh. His massive paw-claws roughly explored her femininity in all its glory, his hands under her tight shirt and stroking her spine, pressing on her narrow ribcage, going down the back of her shorts and applying such pressure to her buttocks that the denim fabric of her jorts ripped in several places. He rubbed her belly, stopped and knelt by her belly button and sucked on it firmly with his mouth. The sensation was powerful – Sonya doubled over in extreme pleasure at the sensation, surprising herself. She was too scared to feel sensuality from her ass being squeezed, but this sucking seemed to pull at something deep within her that she'd never known even existed. It vaguely tickled, but the sensation was nearly orgasmic. She cried out softly and bent over onto the aliens back, heaving her breast on his shoulder.

Taking advantage of her sudden weakness, Zorak pushed her to her knees. Her clothing torn, heart beating frantically, gasping for air, she found herself nose-to-arkrakt, faced up close with the unthinkable organ. Zorak took her cold little hand and guided her in rubbing himself, eventually letting go once she had gotten the hang of it.

For anyone else in the galaxy, to make a being like Sonya double over in ecstasy would have been the grandest accomplishment, but Zorak's sexual prowess was unmatched, his domination unquestionable. Her conquering had been inevitable. It did not make his seed rise any quicker for her to be resistant to him – only submissive and helpless.

No, what he wanted especially at this moment was this: Sonya jacking him off. It was a concept unfamiliar to him, unique to the human experience. Zooms females jerked off the arkrakt effectively with their loomaleeloos – the idea that hands could be used to effect the same measure had never been seriously considered. How Zorak envied those young men he had studied who could shoot cum just by the stroke of the human female's hand! It seemed such a pleasant experience, this hand-job. To have the female look deep, submissively into your eyes as she worked her hand up and down the organ, bringing orgasm about in such a unique way.

And when he tilted Sonya's chin up with the thick, sandpaper-sausages that were his fingers, he was not let down. A tear dribbled down her soft, gently mascara-ed face. Her bright red lips quivered, even as they sucked together to kiss and suck his arkrakt. He hissed in happy approval. The woman was doing well.

Time passed. Sonya's arm cramped from furiously jacking this calf-penis. She stood up so that she could better fellate it, pressing her small mouth to the tip, licking in a circle around what she perceived to be sensitive spots, and breathlessly sucking as much flesh as her lung capacity allowed.

Growling and hissing and twitching with pleasure all at once, Zorak lifted Sonya easily with one arm and plopped her on the table. With his hands he ripped apart her shirt, leaving her chest mostly bare save for the tatters that clung to her ribcage. He nipped her bra off with his teeth, plunged his scaly face into her bosom, feeling the warm mounds of soft flesh bounce against his face.

He let his face trail further down, and, holding her steady with his hands firm on her tailbone, and sucked again as hard as he could on her belly button. A wondrous warmth stealing across her pancake-flat abdomen and her legs convulsed with an unthinkable pleasure. With one swift movement he ripped off her panties and shorts, jerking her whole body roughly to the side as he did so. He quickly smashed his massive lizard head between her legs and blew and sucked and rubbed against every bit of the wondrous pussy thing that he had read so much about, using his length tongue to lick at once from her anal hole, up her groin to her labial lips to the crest of the vagina and the very puffy clitoris.

Sonya screamed in intense ecstasy such as she had never known. A beautiful fire still radiated from her stomach where he had sucked her. This, combined with the pressure on her clitoris and the stimulation of his rough face on her sticky crotch, had brought her to a point where she felt way out of control. Her fingernails tore into the wood table, drawing her own blood as she screamed and moaned. She stretched her legs straight in the air and locked them iron-tight around Zorak's shoulders, as if the orgasm rolling over her had stiffened her body into rigor mortem. She arched her back into a delectable curve, heaved her flushing breasts into the air, cried open-mouthed to the world like the most deeply sated woman in history, which she was. And no part of Zorak, save for the tip of his tongue, had ever entered her orifices or cavities or much-talked-about sticky holes.

The sight of Sonya in submissive rapture made Zorak by instinct line up his lizard dick with her labia. The hot presence of the massive organ was pleasant between Sonya's legs, bringing her to tears again with the pure strength of the convulsions running their course in her stimulated body.

And then, mucus dripping from his intensified face, Zorak, after a few strokes of his arkrakt against the surface of the human pussy, tilted his hips back, lined the tip up with the tiny hole, and attempted to enter her.

The sight of it was absurd. The girl, her legs straight in the air, still crying out on the table, heaving and twisting in agonizing pleasure. The lizard alien, standing nine feet four inches, hovering between her legs, looming over her prone body, trying to fit a calf-sized organ inside a narrow slip.

The only reason Zorak even imagined it to be possible to complete union between pussy and arkrakt, between human and Zooms, was because he had measured the size of the average human baby's head, and it was only slightly smaller than that of his phallus. Meaning that hypothetically, Zorak should be able to penetrate the quivering Sonya.

Sonya's vagina, lubricated as it was, had other ideas. The rough head of the arkrakt met tense resistance. The harder he pinioned his hips, the louder Sonya screamed; and very soon these screams transformed from agonizing pleasure to a wicked pain unknown to all men everywhere. The act of sex is tremendously invasive for women – hence the understandable reluctance by many to sleep with a man whom they do not care for deeply. The act of penetration requires a certain intimate submission, an ultimate trust – the girl is literally allowing a foreign object to enter her body, to be nursed by the most sensitive and delicate organ on an already sensitive and delicate body. And as if nature is providing a final test, a final 'are you sure about this?', the initial insertion is almost always painful for the female.

Translation: it hurts even when a normal sized penis is forced inside of a vagina.

Sonya saw stars. The pain was so bad that it made her feel nauseous. Orgasms were still somehow passing through her but the beauty of it was clouded by the pain of her labial lips being torn open by this unnatural attempt at unification.

Zorak rammed his hips harder, his throbbing arkrakt smashing against and seeking to loosen the tight cunt. Hot pussy juice dribbled over the tip, keeping his erection powerful. Zorak reached down and grabbed her hips firmly for leverage, pushing her into the calf. Zorak felt a moment of ungodly pleasure as the first millimeter entered her, as he successfully broke her open.

But by now it was too late. Sonya had passed her breaking point. She tried to twist away. Zorak's grip was strong. Her voice had gone hoarse from screaming at the top of her lungs for so long. Zorak pressed harder but could go in no farther than the slimmest millimeter. Sonya kicked at his chest and he released her, gasping himself, the tightness of her grip causing no unfair amount of pain to him, either.

The fertile blonde who had appeared so stately and innocent upon her entrance was now ruined by failed fucking and the most extreme encounter of her existence. She lay in a heap on the floor, racing in and out of consciousness, her hands between her legs, covering her nether regions. Zorak flipped her over so she was on her belly, and for a while, to stimulate himself, he fucked the flesh of her plump ass and her wonderful spine. Hardly aware of her surroundings, Sonya gave out only faint moans as the massive cock-like thing tore over her skin.

Zorak soon grew exhausted. Eventually, he gave up. He barked orders out the door and ordered a message to be relayed, one which any desirous human male in a similar position of blue-balls never demanded in the long history of sex. Translated, it came to this:

"Tell them I need a looser pussy."


As it turned out, no woman which the Earth governments could find was lubricated like Sonya.

Soon Zorak came to kick himself for giving up so easily. How incredible even just those few moments of penetration had been with Sonya, when she had just managed to slip her over the end of his nub before splitting open! In each successive attempt at penetrating a girl, a woman, he had failed even greater. No crotch had been as pleasantly sticky and wet as Sonya's, no vagina had been as up to the job as hers.

Over that next week after he attempted fornication with Sonya, over thirty young human girls were brought to Zorak. Almost all of them were between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four, but a few were in their thirties and the oldest was forty-two. The word was out on Earth: all sexually enticing females were to be brought to the attention of the government for evaluation.

Women of all shapes and sizes were brought to 'see' Zorak. Supermodels sat on his dick, twisted their hips into his groin, slapped their round fleshy asscheeks against the rough curvature of his arkrakt. Yet penetration had proved impossible, and still, no orgasm was achieved.

"Send a message," a spent Zorak told his chief of operations as the blonde he'd tried to fuck collapsed to the floor, moaning.

"Yes, sir?"

The woman, a model, turned on her back, exposing a beautiful chest of golden skin with heavy breasts that were darkened red by their abuse. She mouthed something hoarsely at Zorak, who held a finger up.

"What is it?" he said in his alien language.


"I don't know what this woman is saying," he said. He returned to his aide. "As I was saying – what is this!"

The woman had returned and was sucking furiously as his drooping quadruple nutsack. Distant pleasure washed over him, but it was too late now, he knew. He had used all his energy. He swatted her away in a fury.

"I am sick of this!" he exclaimed. "Tell them to find me a new kind of woman!"


"Something different! Something...new. Or else..."

"Or else what, sir?"

"Or else," Zorak said, his arkrakt going limp, "They don't want to know or else."

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