The Ultimate Mommy Test


A couple months later I made my move.

"Please don't make me do this," the Little Guy begged.

I coated his cock with lubricant. Despite what he said, his penis was rock hard and heavily swollen.

The three of us were in the living room. The boys were completely naked. I was wearing lace panties and a white blouse, open in front with no bra, my breasts freely moving about. The Big Guy was on all fours, his face toward the couch and his ass toward the Little Guy. The Little Guy was kneeling behind the Big Guy, his cock pointing at the Big Guy's ass.

"Don't be upset, darling," I said as I positioned the Little Guy's cockhead against the Big Guy's anus. "You'll love the way it feels."

"Shit, Mommy," the Little Guy cried. "I'm not gay."

"Of course you're not gay," I said. I patted the Little Guy's ass, moving his hips forward and his cock head inside the Big Guy. "But you need this."

"Why?" the Little Guy asked as he took a hold of the Big Guy's hips.

I felt sorry for him. "Little boys are helpless when they are with their Mommy," I explained. "All they can think about is cumming for Mommy, to make her happy. They can't control themselves."

I moved the Little Guy's hips back and forth against the Big Guy's ass. The Little Guy's cock pressed in and out of the Big Guy's anus.

"But when you fuck a man," I continued to explain, "you are totally in control."

I took my hands away from the Little Guy. To my pleasure, he began fucking the Big Guy on his own.

"You are like an animal," I said. "You have only one mission in life -- to get your rocks off. The guy you are fucking is just a tool."

"Yes," the Little Guy panted. He began to pull the Big Guy's hips toward him and thrust his cock deep into the Big Guy's ass.

I moved to the side to watch them. The Little Guy was really beginning to enjoy himself. "You see what I mean?" I asked.

"Yes," he panted in a stronger, more guttural voice, as he slapped his hips against the Big Guy's behind.

"When you fuck Mommy, your cock controls you," I explained. "But when you fuck another man, you control your cock."

"Yes," he cried, this time in strength, not weakness. "Oh, God, this feels so good!"

"Wait, there's more," I said. I had the Big Guy prop himself up with his outstretched arms against the couch. His heavy erection stuck straight out. Next, I squeezed a big gob of lubricant into the Little Guy's palm and had him wrap his fist around the Big Guy's cock. Then, I moved the Little Guy's fist up and down the Big Guy's cock until the Little Guy was fully masturbating the Big Guy.

"Oh, God, I love that!" the Big Guy cried.

"You feel the power?" I asked the Little Guy.

The Little Guy looked at me with a mischievous grin. "Yes," he said as he pumped his cock into the Big Guy's ass and pumped the Big Guy's cock in his fist. "It's incredible, Mommy. I don't feel gay. I feel strong. I feel straight. I feel...powerful!"

A newfound awareness shined in his eyes. "Now I understand," he panted. "This is how you feel when you fuck me."

"Yes, baby," I said, laughing at the different kinds of joy all three of us were experiencing.

I turned toward the Big Guy, pressing my breasts against his arm. "Is Mommy's gay boy doing OK?" I asked in a whisper.

"Yes, Mommy," he panted.

"When you give up your ass and cock like this, you have no control anymore, do you?" I asked.

He was having trouble concentrating. "It...feels so...good," he panted.

"Good, baby," I kissed him on the cheek. "Mommy's got a special surprise for you later."

I climbed on the couch and leaned forward so that my breasts were dangling right in front of them. I urged them to go faster and harder.

They looked like animals in heat, rocking against each other, getting increasingly excited. Their bodies glistened with sweat and lubricant. Thick strands of pre-cum flew off of the Big Guy's cock.

I had to time what I was going to do next perfectly. Looking at the Little Guy, I commanded him, "Tell Mommy how straight you are!"

"I am straight!" he grunted.

"What?" I asked. "I didn't hear you?"

"I AM STRAIGHT!" he shouted.

"Then show Mommy!" I ordered him, pushing his Mommy Switch to the limit. "Cum in that gay boy's ass. Make that gay boy cum in your hand!"

"Yes!" he cried, bucking into the Big Guy's behind one last time. Then he let loose, injecting one hot load of cum after another until it exploded out of the Big Guy's ass.

At the same time, the Big Guy's cock erupted, gushing out stream after stream of thick cum all over the carpeting and the couch.

The enormity of what I had done hit me. I had used my Mommy Power to make a straight man fuck and masturbate a gay guy!

A wave of energy filled my body and mind. It wasn't an orgasm. It was something way beyond that. And I had to have more!


Later that night, the Little Guy was sound asleep on the couch. I was upstairs in bed with the Big Guy. He was on his back. I was kneeling between his legs, sucking his giant cock into a raging hard on.

I raised my head, letting his shaft drop out of my mouth. It hit his stomach with a loud, wet slap. "Doesn't that feel good, baby?" I asked.

He propped himself up on his arms. "I can't believe how hard I am," he said.

I smiled. "That's because I'm your Mommy."

I climbed up on his hips, positioning his stiff shaft against my wet pussy. "Now it's time for my big gay Son to fuck his Mommy."

He sat up. "No, Mommy, please don't make me do this," he pleaded. "I'm gay."

I pressed his cock head just inside my pussy lips. "Of course you are gay," I told him.

I held his face in my hands and looked deep into his eyes. It was easy now to push his Mommy Switch to full throttle.

"And the reason you are gay," I said as I pressed my pussy on top of his erection, "is because you could never have your real Mommy."

He stared back at me, helpless, his cock growing thicker and longer inside me.

I began rolling my hips over his, causing his cock to rub against my clitoris and press up and down inside my vagina. "When you were a teenager, you lusted for your real Mommy," I explained. "But, like most Mothers, she didn't understand."

Tears began rolling down his eyes.

"If you couldn't have her, you didn't want any girl. So you played with the guys. And once you tasted the forbidden fruit, you couldn't stop."

He hugged my breasts and buried his face between them. "Yes, Mommy," he cried. "I was so hard, I needed to do something."

I comforted him to my chest. "Mommy understands," I said. "Sex was so easy, so physical, and so good, with another guy."

"Yes," he moaned deeply, as he began meeting my thrusts.

He looked up at me. "But why, Mommy?" he asked. "Why can't I stop fucking you?"

I felt sorry for him, too. "You can't help it, baby. No boy can resist his Mommy, even if he is gay. You have no control over your body. Only Mommy does. You saw what I did to the Little Guy earlier?"

"Yes," he said, weakly.

"Now, I'm doing the same thing to you."

He looked at me silently, the truth sinking in.

"Suck Mommy's breasts and you'll feel better," I told him.

After he had given each nipple several good sucks, he was nearly delirious with pleasure. He was a teenager once again, living out his Mommy Fantasy.

I held his face in my hands and stared into his eyes. "Now, it's time for Mommy's big gay Son to cum," I told him.

"Yes, Mommy," he panted.

"Tell Mommy how gay you are."

"I am so gay Mommy," he panted as he grabbed my hips and ground his cock inside me.

"What?" I asked. "I didn't hear you?"

"I AM SO GAY!" he shouted.

"Then show Mommy!" I ordered him, pushing his Mommy Switch into the red zone. "Cum inside Mommy's hot, wet pussy!"

"Yes!" he cried, totally and utterly helpless. It was like a damn burst as his cock sent a river of cum pounding up inside my vaginal canal. Within seconds, his semen began leaking out, all over his crotch and hips.

Then the energy wave hit me again, more powerful than the first. This time I had used my Mommy Power to make a gay guy have straight sex with a woman!

I was the source of power over all men! I was Mother Earth. Nothing could stop me now!

# # #

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