tagLoving WivesThe Ultimate Sacrifice

The Ultimate Sacrifice

byThe Avenger©


It was high noon in the small town in Oregon. The sun was beating down on empty streets. There was a trickle of traffic. Everyone was probably in the shade somewhere, sipping a cool drink.

Joey's diner, a small, cozy, place was sparsely populated. Joey, the owner and Bartender was behind the bar, wiping glasses. Two men sat at a table, both wearing suits. The first was Rick, a handsome blond in his mid thirties. The other was a stocky, bearded man in his fifties. He was Andrew, the District Attorney. Rick was toying with his glass of whiskey. Andrew was pissed.

"Goddammit Ricky-boy! How the hell can you commit check fraud? That's a fucking federal offense. You wanna go to jail?" He sneered, like he wanted to smack him.

"I will have the checks covered by the end of the month! I swear Andy. Please, just give me a chance," Rick whined.

"Listen boy, we are talking incarceration here. Now I was your old man's friend. So I am stalling things a bit. But there is only so much I can do boy. You don't sort this mess out in 2 weeks, you are going to the clink, buddy," he said emphatically, downed his glass, and stood up. "Sort that shit out fast, pardner!"

Andrew dropped a note on the table, patted Rick's shoulder, picked up his briefcase and walked out. Rick looked like a hunted, desperate man. He nursed his drink, looking after Andrew. Then he downed his glass fast. He looked at the note Andrew had left. Shrugging, he pulled out his wallet, took out a few coins, laid them on the table and pocketed the note in. The bartender saw this and sneered, thinking, "What a cheap skate and an asshole."

Chapter 1

As Rick got into his beat up car, he cursed the bad luck of the last years that had brought him into his miserable situation, where he, a thirty five year old man, was facing jail. Hell, there was just no way he could pay back the money.

Rick blamed the world, but truth be told, he was responsible for his own mess. Rick had always been a big talking, kind of shit-for-brains young man with ambitions to get rich. Where as some people had noble causes to desire wealth, Rick lusted after the fast life; fast cars, fast women, and the envy and admiration of his peers.

Though of average intelligence, Rick had always managed to get by quite well on his looks, charisma and wit. He was a tall, handsome fellow, with short, blond hair, and beautiful blue eyes that sparkled with an intelligence that he didn't possess He had broad shoulders, a deep chest and an athletic body. He knew how to charm and flatter people, especially women, and make them feel like they were special to him. Then he would use them to his advantage.

Rick studied business and then worked for a big distribution firm named Jerry's for 5 years. The young blond never quite made it far up the ladder in the company. He might have fooled some people some of the time, but one old hound was on to him, and that was Old Jeremiah, the company owner. Jeremiah was someone who knew the hearts of men, and he realized that Rick was just an ass licker; all charm, all talk but little substance. Therefore, he black listed the blond.

Rick was very frustrated when he was passed for promotion, yet again. He was mad at Liza, his 54 year old department head. She had reassured him so often that he would get it this time, during the nights he spent wither, helping her live out her kinky fantasies. It was something he had done many times, charming women, seducing them, getting what he was after, be it cash or something else that gave him an advantage, and then ditching them when he didn't need them.

Liza was so kinky however, it surprised him. She was into getting her mature, married pussy licked out thoroughly, and she liked to sit on his face and feed him her ass. She had surprising stamina for a woman her age and she use his young, handsome body for her own pleasure, leaving him wrecked and worn out.

So Rick was real pissed when she failed to deliver. He started talking that, "You used me, you slut!" shit to her.

Liza got pissed off with him finally and told him she had done her best, but Jeremiah would never promote him until he changed his ways, stopped using his charm and body, and started using his brains and working hard.

"I know it might sound strange, but could you stop thinking with your dick for a change!"

Rick changed his strategy, calmed her down, let her use him. Then he asked if he could have a soft loan, of 100K. She looked and she laughed and she smacked his firm, taut ass. Then she said she could lend him 50 bucks for gas, but that was it. For Rick, this was like small change pimping. He started making plans to black mail her. When he tried, she laughed and said her husband had been made impotent by an accident and had no problems with her messing around with pretty, young studs.

Rick was dating a girl named Gayle. She was just his type of woman, tall, slim, blond and pretty. She was kind of shallow, the type of woman that is there to be seen, but not be heard. Back in high school, she had always come up short with the books, but had never been short on looks. Rick loved to be seen with her. And he loved to decorate her with jewels and diamonds and sexy clothes, put her on his elbow, drive her around in his fancy car, to fancy places, and then take her home, unwrap her like a Christmas gift and worship her slim, blond body.

However, she was a high maintenance broad and she was burning a hole in his wallet. And he had been spending too much anyway, already banking on the pay rise he would get in lieu with the promotion. The promotion that never was.

Rick knew he had to find a way of making more money soon. He said it was about time he set up his own company and showed them all. He would put Jerry's out of business. Gayle was sipping imported sparkling wine and toying with his cock, telling him she believed in him and supported him all the way. As he told her his big plans, she was nodding and moaning, from between his thighs, sucking his dick nice and slow, just how she liked it.

Not that Gayle understood most of what he said or cared one way or the other. If Rick was successful, that meant more money for her. She would marry him and have a couple of kids, so that when they divorced, she would be insured of a lot of money. If he failed, well, tough luck. He would have to get out of her life. She was fond of him, he was handsome and could make love, and she loved the way he worshiped her and lavished her with gifts, expensive gifts that made her feel good. But if he was broke, she could stand that, broke men (and that included anybody not in the high tax bracket) upset her and fouled up her mood. There were several other rich men in town with money. She would find herself one or the other, married or single, it didn't matter. In fact, married men were the best. All they wanted was a sexy, hot little blond play thing, way under forty, saying, "All I need is a man to support me."

Drunk on his ego, self overestimation and greed for money he was sure he would make, Rick went to work, told Old Jeremiah and Liza, "Fuck you!", quit his job and set up his own company. He managed to sweet talk and steal several clients from his old firm. However, three problems led to his ruin; first, he was spending more time partying with Gayle than working, and second, he was not as good as he thought, but was too stingy to employ someone else, and third, he was always trying to cut corners and cheat clients and everyone else he worked with.

His debts started piling up and clients left him. Money got tight. He tried to borrow some money from Gayle and she looked, and she laughed and she kicked his ass, all the way out of the door.

In fact, the only good thing to come out of his company was that he met Pam.

And it was Pam he was thinking of as he drove to his office. Pam always knew what to do. But she would freak out, if she found out that he had been issuing rubber checks behind her back. For he had not spent the money on or with her. Hell, he had always told gullible, loving Pam that he was going on business, around the state, but instead had caught flights to places like Vegas, gambling, visiting and big spending in tit bars, partying with foxy women, basically, living the life he so desired, the life of a dashing, handsome, wealthy, young man.

Rick started thinking fast, for he had to come up with some lies. Pam really believed in him. He did not want to disappoint her. Or piss her off.

Chapter 2

In a fancy restaurant across town, the place was bustling with lunch time customers. Waiters buzzed around busily, taking and delivering orders. Pam walked in through the doors and looked around, searching for someone. Pam was a pale, busty brunette of thirty. Her mane of dark, curly hair cascaded halfway down her back. She had a pleasant face, devoid of makeup. Her eyes were light green, with tiny shards of light brown, and they were big and glass. She had a cute, small nose and thick, full, pouting pink lips. She wore a white, long sleeved shirt, a small, striped, light gray vest and matching, striped, gray pants and high heels. She had a pair of thick, full breasts, a tapering waist, wide, curvy hips and a thick, round ass. Her thighs were strong and full and juicy. She was not slim or fat, but had a very curvy, solid, feminine body. Her fingers were not manicured, and she wore no make up and no jewelry, except for her wedding band. Her clothes fit her nicely, but they had a worn look to them. You could see that she did not have that much money at her disposal.

Pam spotted the woman she was meeting for lunch, Gayle, sitting at window side table, looking out at the deserted street. She observed her for a few seconds, her face not really lighting up at all.

Gayle was a pretty, tall, slim blond. She looked like a Barbie doll. She had long, curly blond hair, that framed a pretty face, with smooth, deeply tanned skin. Her brows were trimmed and arched, and neat, light turquoise shadow was on the lids of her eyes, matching her oval shaped, pretty, pale blue eyes. A diamond sparkled in a nostril of her long, cute nose. Her pouting lips were a glossy, cherry red. Large, silver earrings with diamonds hung from her ears and she wore a matching necklace and bracelet,both studded with diamonds. She wore a sleeveless, turquoise, backless, silk halter top, with deep front and a playboy bunny that smiled from below her thick, round breasts that looked awesome on her slim frame.

Half of Gayle's toned belly was exposed by her short top, and a diamond brooch was gleaming from her navel. She had a waist like a wasp and slim, curvy hips. The shoe lace waist straps of her turquoise thong were cutting into her hips and disappearing tantalizingly into her tight, blue jeans. The tight jeans outlined her hips, and long, supple thighs and shapely legs. Her feet were in boots. Her hands are manicured. A golden wedding ring sparkled on one of her fingers. Gayle had the body of a model, with a little more ass, for she had a round, juicy butt that was pushing out, as she leaned forwards, her elbows resting on the table as she sipped wine from a glass and chatted on her cell phone.

Gayle was thirty, just like Pam, but could have passed for early to mid twenties, for cosmetic surgery had gotten rid of her wrinkles, as well as given her much bigger breasts and fuller lips.

Pam strolled to Gayle, who saw her and waved. Pam didn't wave back and she gave a forced smile. She and Gayle had grown up together. They had been great friends till their early teens, then Pam had withdrawn from Gayle, for she disapproved of her new tendencies. Gayle had decided to get by on looks, manipulating men, and turning into a shameless conniver, gold digger and user of men. Not only had Pam found this shameless, but she had also been shocked and disgusted at Gayle's lack of guilt.

And Pam had had to endure some terrible pain due to Gayle. Gayle had stolen the love of her life, several years earlier, a guy named Andrew. In fact, Andrew had shown Pam what lowly dogs men could be. She had supported his way through college, working two jobs. And what had he done when he graduated and started moving up in the world of management. He had dumped her for Gayle. To be honest, Gayle had stolen him away- She had used her pretty looks and whoring skills to seduce Andrew. They got married with pomp, as Pam nursed a nasty heart break. They had had two children over the years, with Andrew rising into top management and providing Gayle, his housewife, with a lavish lifestyle that she liked to show off with. Then Andrew had started suffering from severe burn out and a midlife crisis. He had taken to heavy drinking and gotten fired from work. Gayle was now having to work in a hotel as a desk clerk, to support her drunkard husband and kid. And Pam had no sympathy for her.

Pam loathed Gayle, and had only agreed to meet her for lunch because Gayle said she had a lucrative business proposal, and she was buying. Gayle held her hand up as she finished her call.

"All right hon, gotta go now. Just make sure you keep it nice and hard for me. Oil it a bit, with that scented stuff, I like it when it gleams and tastes like oranges. See you. Hi hi hi."

Pam was kind of shocked but she caught herself.

"Hi there Gayle," Pam said with no warmth in her voice as she pulled her chair.

"Oh-h-h-h, hi hon! Good to see you!" Gayle said in her typical sweet voice, shaking Pam's hand as if they were very close friends.

"Your panties are showing," Pam said.

"Oh its all right. Let them look. Besides, my man likes me to dress like this. He is a lil dirty!" Gayle chuckled dirtily.

Pam did her best not to groan and roll her eyes.

"What do you want?" Pam asked, getting impatient.

"Lets eat something first. Pick whatever you want, money is not a problem."

Pam decided to really stick the knife into Gayle and ordered a glass of the most expensive wine, as well as the most meal and dessert. But Gayle did not even flinch. Pam was impressed by Gayle's apparel, jewelery and generosity, and she became curious, for she knew that Gayle and her husband, Andrew were having severe financial problems. As they were in the middle of lunch, she asked her if she had won the lottery.

Gayle laughed gaily, and then leaned in and asked her if she could keep a secret. Pam nodded. Gayle lowered her voice, leaned in close, and told her that indeed, she had, sort of. She had a wealthy lover, that she was seeing secretly, behind her husband's back, and he was very generous, looking after her very well. Pam gasped. She couldn't believe that Gayle was not even ashamed. She had not changed one bit.

"But Gayle! You cant cheat on Andrew! He loves you! How could you do this to him!" Pam nearly wailed.

"Lower your voice. And fuck Andrew. I will kick that loser out on his lazy ass one of these days, I swear. He just spends his day lounging before the TV and drinking. I have to pay his and the children's way. What would I do, if I hadn't met Don. He is so understanding, and so generous. And so good to me."

"So, who is this Don guy?"

"Oh, he is a from New York. He is setting up business here in town."

"Are you divorcing Andrew for him then?"

"No. We have this arrangement. He will look after me. And whenever he comes to town, I will make myself available for him. I will also fly out to him in New York of course. And we will do a little jet setting to some nice locations now and then."

"Ugh!!!!" Pam gurgled. She seemed to get desperate. "But Gayle, at least if you like him, then break up with Andrew and date him openly."

"Oh no, we cant do that. Not here, in town. He is a Nigger! What would people say about me?"

"What! You are having an affair with a Nigger!" Pam was flabbergasted.

"Lower your damn voice! He is very rich. And he knows how to keep a woman happy. And give her all the finer things in life."

"So you are just using him for his money!"

"Its a mutually satisfying deal. I get what I want, he gets access to my alluring body. He really loves to have a white woman like me," she gave a naughty smile, "And Pam, he has a nice, big, strong, beautiful black cock and that man can make love, I tell you! Sex with him is awesome! And he is not uptight, I mean, you want, I can set it up for you to try him out some time."

"What!" Pam looked so scared Gayle feared she might run away. "I love my husband, and second, I never would ever stoop so low as to whore, especially not with those people! How could you, Gayle! Stoop so low as to become a shameless nigger whore!" Pam was really outraged by now.

"Pam. Still a naive square!" Gayle chuckled meanly. "Look at you, Ms good, clean and wholesome. Maybe I am a nigger whore, as you put it. But look at you and then look at me. You like a heifer wrapped up in sacks..." Gayle broke off and just laughed.

Pam was irritated. And disgusted with Gayle.

"Sorry Gayle, I didn't mean it like that. Listen, I have to rush back to work. Thanks for the invitation..."

"Sit down. I told you on the phone that I have a proposal for you."

Gayle then told Pam that she could get her rich black lover to award Pam and her husband, Rick's company a lucrative contract.

"We are talking millions here, Pam. And its easy like stealing candy from little brats."

"Hold on, I mean. Are you serious? Rick and I would need to know more, so we could..." Pam was excited and jittery...

"Relax Pam," Gayle said, leaning closer. She lowered her voice, "Its easy baby. Jerry's already sent him their contract bid. I can copy it for you and mail it to you. All you have to do is underbid them a bid. And I will work on Don. I got him wrapped around my little finger. It should be pretty easy for you to win the contract. But I want my twenty percent, alright?"

Pam became so nervous and uneasy, and sat squirming in her chair. Her voice was almost a whisper. "But this is illegal, Gayle. And its dishonest."

"Gees Pam. Don't be naive! Where the hell has honesty gotten you and Rick? Your clothes look like shit. You are in debt up to your ears. You live like a bunch of starving trailer trash rednecks. This is the golden opportunity here. Take it!" she finished firmly.

"I will discuss it with Rick."

"Listen Pam, I want your word that I will get my twenty percent. And tell Rick if he tried to fuck me over, I will fix him real bad." Gayle was now quite pissed off.

"Hey, why are you talking down on my husband. I mean, don't blame him when it is your fault that things did not work out."

"What#s that supposed to mean. What is that ass hole saying?"

"Well, you cheated on him, with some elderly man. He was heart broken when I met him, Gayle."

"Listen, Rick was stealing money from wallet and using my credit cards. Your husband is an asshole that would sell his mom for ten bucks!"

"No! He is not!"

"Believe what you want. I want your word Pam. Will I get my twenty percent."

Pam was confused, angry, and feeling woozy from all the information that Gayle was pumping into her head, illegal contract bids, accusations against her husband... But she took a deep breath, pushed all emotions out of her mind and looked firmly at Gayle, all business now.

"All right Gayle, assuming that we do take you up on your offer, its like this, you brought the deal, but we do all the work. Therefore, we will give you ten percent of the income in the first year. And that is it."

They haggled a bit and settled for fifteen.

"I will take care of Don, I got him under control. He really loves to make me happy," Gayle winked deviously. "And I am really getting fond of him."

"But, dammit Gayle! How can you live with yourself?" Pam couldn't help it. The words just exploded out of her.

"Oh," Gayle opened her wallet. It was filled with bills. "I love some things about him," she said, as she peeled out a hundred and laid it on the table. "It pays to be nice but its nice to pay."

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