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The Ultimate Sex Club


First the warning:

This is not a true transsexual story, but this category is the closest one to the subject matter, so here it is.

The story contains trysexual concepts. Trysexual is a homemade word based on the old saying 'I'll try anything once', and I have extended it a fair way in this story. So if you don't like gay, anal, mild incest, restraint, transsexual or S&M references then please try reading something else.

This work is entirely the product of my twisted imagination, and any similarity with any real person or place is purely coincidental. If a place like the Ultimate Sex Club really does exist, and if there is a person like Halyn there, please let me know, I can pack my bags very quickly.

I have designed this to be a stand-alone story and I don't intend to do a sequel, however you never know. There are so many more possibilities at the Ultimate Sex Club...

This work is subject to copyright and it may not be reproduced or reposted without my express permission.


Sam held the small plain business card cupped in her hand as she looked hurriedly around to see if anyone was watching her. Nobody was, so surreptitiously she looked at it again.

The Ultimate Sex Club





No Judgements



Blushing brightly Sam quickly put the card back into her bag and she found the billfold that she had been looking for when she had noticed it. She went to the counter and paid for her coffee.

"You OK Sam?" Seth asked. She must have still been a bit flushed.

"Never better," she replied quickly, "I have the whole day off today."

"Lucky you." He sounded jealous, and she waited for him to say more, but instead he turned to the next customer.

Sam's mind was racing as she walked away. The early morning summer sun already had some bite and the intermittent shade from the trees that lined the quiet street made it like a bright light flashing on and off as she walked past. But Sam didn't notice.

Where had the card come from she wondered? She certainly hadn't seen it before.

Sam was paranoid about her personal privacy and security. She had to be. She always locked her car everywhere she went, even when it was parked safely in her parent's garage. She always double locked the house doors. Her bag was always zipped shut and the zip was always clipped down. She even wore her bag at the front where she could see and touch it all the time. So when could someone have put the strange card in her bag?

Sam didn't notice the admiring glances she drew as she walked. She never did, because she did not see herself as beautiful. In the classic film star sense she wasn't. She was tall and very fit, her reward for the many hours every week that she spent working out in her father's gym room. He never used it anymore, so she had the total privacy she desired. Although she had lustrous medium length light brown hair that showed highlights of blonde in the sunshine, and very pert C cup breasts (Sam would not call them tits, that was far too coarse), Sam's facial features were strong rather than soft, and she thought she looked too masculine. But whenever she was out eyes would follow her.

Finally the answer came to her. The lingerie party, that must have been it. Sam cursed Pernice yet again. Pernice was supposed to be Sam's best friend, but even she didn't know Sam's secret. Pernice was beautiful, funny, flirtatious and very promiscuous. She wanted Sam to be the same and she saw her friend's virginity as a barrier that needed to be overcome before Sam could really enjoy life. But she had absolutely no idea...

A week earlier, and very reluctantly, Sam had gone with Pernice to a lingerie party. She knew she wouldn't enjoy it but Pernice could be very persuasive when she really wanted something, and Sam had nothing else to do. So Sam went, and she watched as Pernice and the rest of the 'in' girls there giggled and tried on the gloriously revealing and skimpy undergarments that Sam would have loved to wear but didn't dare.

Then Sam watched as the sex toys were brought out. At first all the girls were embarrassed, and they looked nervously at each other. Sam had felt relieved for a short time, but then, inevitably, it was Pernice who changed it all.

"That one is about Bradley's size," she said, talking about the captain of the football team.

"That one is more like Warren," Fran said, pointing at a slightly smaller one.

Soon Sam was glowing with embarrassment as the girls started sorting the items into the starting formation of the school football team.

"That's sort of like Gerry, but his twists over to the left," Sandra said.

"Yeah, it's weird, but oh boy it works well," Heather added, and all the girls broke into gales of laughter. Well, all the girls except Sam.

"See what you're missing Sam?" Pernice said, and Sam flushed even deeper as all the girls looked at her with what she saw as pity.

Fortunately for Sam their attention was quickly drawn away from her when all of the girls were presented with a small paper bag that contained a catalogue, a party order form and some small samples.

"Glow in the dark condom," Fran giggled, "when would you see it?" Pernice grabbed Fran's hips from behind.

"Not now," she said pushing her pussy against Fran's ass.

"Now," she said, pulling back.

"Not now, now, not now, now..." the girls chanted laughing uproariously as Pernice simulated sex with Fran.

"A little sachet of lube," Gail exclaimed, after they had stopped and calmed down again, "when would you use that?"

"Good for anal," Sarah said, and Sam cringed at her bluntness.

"Or Robbie," Pernice said and the girls laughed again. Sam looked quickly at the massive toy in his position. Nothing that big could ever fit into her pussy, she was sure of that. She was totally embarrassed and she hurriedly put the paper bag into her shoulder bag and then zipped it shut.

Sam had thought that she had found all of the items that had spilled out of the paper bag later, and she had carefully discarded them in a bin in the park while nobody else was around. But she must have somehow missed the card.

As Sam walked down the street she could have sworn that she could feel that small piece of cardboard weighing her bag down. The Ultimate Sex Club. Was it what she thought it was?

But, more importantly, was it what she needed?

Sam knew she didn't want to be like Pernice and the others, who she just thought to be slutty, but on the other hand she didn't want to be a virgin any more either. It wasn't like she hadn't had offers either, but she just couldn't face what would be revealed when it finally did happen.

She walked quickly towards her home, her mind in turmoil. Hendersville was more than an hour and a half drive away, and that should be far enough away to ensure nobody there knew her. That meant that if it went wrong she could just cut her losses and never go back there. The card in her bag felt heavier.

Sam looked at the web site with a critical eye. Her major was web design, and she could immediately see that someone had spent a lot of time or a lot of money to make sure this page looked good and gave at least the outward appearance of respectability and security, even if it was getting a bit dated.

Unlike most web pages this one didn't have navigation tabs across the top. You had to go through all the pages one by one just using a 'next' or a 'previous' button. The first page simply said in plain gold text on a maroon background 'USC Hendersville', and there were two buttons, one stating 'I am 18 or above', and the other stating 'I am under 18'. Sam nervously clicked the first button, she was nineteen.

'Welcome to the Ultimate Sex Club website' the next page said, 'are you really 18 or above?' Sam clicked the 'Yes' button.

'About Us' was the title on the next page. 'The Ultimate Sex Club is an exclusive club run by James and Mary, who are both doctors of medicine. The purpose of the club is to allow people to experiment and to express their sexuality in an environment that is safe, clean, comfortable and non-judgemental. The club opened in 1998 and currently has in excess of 300 financial members.'

Damn, Sam thought, exclusive usually means expensive, I'm not going to be able to afford this. She only worked three nights a week as a waitress at a small café, and there were times when she could not even afford to put petrol in her car. Just the fuel for the drive to Hendersville would have been expensive to her.

Absently she pressed the 'Next', and the rules page came up.


No alcohol or drugs (and no admittance if you are affected by alcohol or drugs)

No cameras, phones or any recording devices allowed past the change rooms

No means no

What happens at USC stays at USC

Leave your prejudices in the change rooms with your clothes

Financial members only (except on our annual 'bring a friend' night)

No unprotected sex

A new condom must be used for every entry

All members must produce new sexual health check certificates every three months (James and Mary will do these for $10.00)

No money or items of value may change hands between members in exchange for any activity

Sam pressed the 'Next' button, thinking that it all sounded reasonable, and the next page was 'Images'. Initially she was worried, but thankfully there were no people in the images. What they did show was a variety of views of an opulently decorated establishment. Sam looked in amazement at the size of the bed in what was called the group party room. She did not think that sort of thing was for her, but the smaller, more intimate, rooms also looked lovely. Sam sighed, and hit the 'Next' button.


The club holds an event every Wednesday and Saturday night. Between 6.00pm and 7.30pm there is social interaction only, providing the opportunity to get to know your fellow members. This time also gives you the chance to view all of the rooms on the premises. After 7.30pm it's time to party. The finish bell sounds at midnight and the premises must be vacated by 1.00am.

Each month there is at least one special themed event; see the member's calendar for details.

Sam nodded. Wednesday would work because she had the afternoon off. Saturday night she worked, so she couldn't attend then. Again she pushed the 'Next' button.

'Membership Fees', popped up, and Sam groaned.

Once only joining fee - $50

Annual membership fees

Single men - $500

Single women - $200

Couples (1M, 1F) - $500 (Must always arrive and leave together)

Transvestite & Transsexual (no bust) - $400

Transsexual (with bust) $200

Hermaphrodite (Intersex with both M&F organs operational) - $50

Attendance fee (paid at each event attended) - $20 (higher for some special events as detailed in the calendar)

Sam stared at the screen, not quite believing what she could see. Maybe she could actually afford it after all? She should be able to find $130 and enough for petrol if she worked some extra hours and saved the money.

Sam's pussy was throbbing with excitement. Finally there was recognition of her predicament that was not negative. She was in the category that was charged the lowest membership fees, and that made her one of the most desirable people to this club. Her hand slipped under her summer dress and into her underwear. She moaned as her fingers slipped past her flaccid penis and sought her clitoris.

Sam masturbated herself in an unhurried and deliberate manner. Her parents were both at work and she had the house to herself, so she could take her time and savour it. She considered going and getting her favourite vibrator, but that would mean she had to stop, and it was feeling so good. She didn't need penetration to reach orgasm.

As she felt her arousal building she increased the pace of her movements, and made more firm contact with her most sensitive female part. She liked to just brush it lightly in the beginning, creating a tiny tingle of anticipation and then she would build the sensations up slowly. She teased herself for half an hour, and then Sam moaned in anticipation as she felt her peak approaching.

Sam writhed in climax, gasping for air in between moans. She loved her female orgasms; they were longer than her male ones, and more gentle. She had never tried to explain it to anyone, but being a weekend surfer she likened a female orgasm to riding a good wave. It was a long run of ecstatic feeling that started slowly and faded away gently. In contrast her male orgasms were more like riding the wave but then being suddenly dumped. They also started slowly but instead of riding the wave, the wave took over and when it decided it was time it consumed Sam totally. It was more sudden and in that one moment of orgasm far more intense. Male orgasms left Sam feeling drained, female orgasms left her feeling tired.

Sam gently squeezed her penis as she moved her hand back up, but it didn't react. She knew from experience that she could be aroused as a female or a male, depending on the circumstances, but it had never been both at once.

She took a deep breath and looked back at the computer.

She asked herself, do I really want to do this?

Yes, she replied, I do.

Sam pressed 'Next'.

Joining procedure:

Do you want to become a member of the Ultimate Sex Club?

If the answer is yes then we have gone as far as we can without direct contact, so here is what happens next.

Ring us on the number below and we will arrange a time for a telephone interview.

After a successful telephone interview you have 2 options.

1.Send us a current health certificate and your membership fees.

2.Come and see James or Mary for a professional sexual health check and pay for your membership at the same time.

Once you have been accepted you will get a members calendar. You must book your first visit so that James or Mary can show you around and introduce you to some other members.

After your first visit you can attend any event without notice.

Please note, your membership guarantees you entrance to the club, it does not guarantee sex.

Sexual interaction is entirely at the discretion of individual members.

Any member who coerces, or attempts to coerce another member will be immediately and permanently banned from the club. Membership fees will not be refunded.

The only exception to this rule is when both members have agreed to a role play and the club safe word has not been used.

Next there was a phone number. Sam picked up her cell phone and dialled. She did it quickly before she had time to think about it and change her mind.

"Hello?" The voice that answered was that of an older male. It was a gentle voice. Sam breathed in.

"Uh, hi, I was after James or Mary," she said nervously.

"I'm James, how can I help?"

"I'm, uh, interested in joining the club," Sam said quickly.

"The Ultimate Sex Club?" James asked with a smile in his voice. Sam swallowed.

"Yes," she said with a squeak.

"Don't be nervous, you will not be forced to do anything. Now what is your name?"

"Sam," as soon as she said it Sam wondered if she should have made up a name. Maybe she should have called herself Pernice?

"OK Sam, how old are you?"

"I'm nineteen."

"Good. Just so you understand we have to see your ID on your first visit to ensure we do not break any laws."

"Oh." She hadn't expected that. Did she want them knowing who she really was?

"Do you have a current sexual health certificate?"

"Oh, uh, no. I've never..." Sam's voice trailed off.

"That's OK; do want to get one from us? We are both practicing doctors, so you have the choice of a male or a female." Sam thought of having to see her family doctor and of the humiliation she always felt with him. Would she get a sexual health certificate from him? Never.

"Uh, yes. With Mary please."

"OK. Now, how did you hear about us?"

"I got a card at a lingerie party, er, I think."

"Oh, good. Yes that is quite a productive recruiting method for us. Now are you aware of the costs?"


"Good, ten dollars for the health check, fifty for the joining fee and two hundred for a single woman makes two hundred and sixty, OK?"

"Uh, no, I'm not really a woman, I..."

"Oh, I am terribly sorry; your voice is so feminine. Do you have breasts?"

"I... yes."

"That's fine; a transsexual with bust is also two hundred so the price is the same." Sam took a deep breath and finally admitted to a stranger on the phone the secret she had been keeping from everyone except her parents and her doctor for her entire life.

"I'm a hermaphrodite," she just blurted it out.

There was a very long silence.

"Really?" James sounded dubious.

"Yes." Once again Sam felt the shame and she seriously considered hanging up.

"Both sexes are operational?"

"Yes, er, given the right... stimulation..." Sam was glowing red yet again.

"That," James said hesitantly, 'is wonderful."

"It is?"

"We have never had a true hermaphrodite member at the club, and to be honest I wasn't sure if they actually existed."

"I, uh, hope I do..." Sam said lamely and James actually laughed.

"OK," he said, "we will confirm function as part of the health check, so that will be on the house."

"Really? That's great. I'm still a student so I don't have a lot of money."

"Sam, if you pass the test as a true hermaphrodite then your joining fee is waived and we'll give you the first year's membership free."

"What? Why?" Sam suddenly wondered if there was some sort of trap or scam involved, people don't give people they don't know something for nothing.

"Honey, if you really are what you say you are you will be our absolute star attraction."

"I will?"

"Definitely, now when can you come in?"

"I have today off, and then..."

"How about three this afternoon?" James asked quickly. Sam looked at her watch.

"Oh, uh, OK."

James gave her the address, reassured her a bit and then hung up. Sam shook her head.

What the heck had she just got herself into?

Being a very careful person Sam looked at the address and did her research. She found the clinic James had nominated in the phone directory and on line, and it appeared to be legitimate. Two of the doctors were James and Mary Flanders, so she researched them too. They were not on Facebook, but they were listed on a few medical sites and seemed to have very good reputations. They were both in their late fifties and Sam wondered if the whole setup was an elaborate scam for them to find young people for sex.

But Sam knew she was young and she wanted sex, so she reasoned it didn't really matter. If James didn't interest her she didn't have to do anything with him did she?

Twenty minutes later Sam was standing naked in front of her full length mirror, still wet from her shower, and she was examining herself critically.

Her breasts were on the small side of a C cup, but they were pert. Sam liked the word pert; it was a good positive word. She liked her breasts too. They were big enough to play with and small enough not to get in the way when she was surfing or exercising. She always wore a bra, but her breasts were very firm and she could easily have got away with going without. She turned side on. Yes, pert. Her nipples were very sensitive, and they too were a touch on the small side, maybe 80 percent female sized and twenty percent male sized? That was also fine by her because her sexual appetites were about eighty percent female and about twenty percent male.

Sam lived as a female. She dressed as a female and thought of herself as a female most of the time. When she had her female appetite she looked at well-built men and imagined what it would be like when they kissed her, caressed her, sucked her nipples and her pussy, but most of all she imagined what it would be like when they made love to her. But when the male appetite took over Sam looked at all the pretty girls in their tiny skirts and tops, and imagined what it would be like to kiss them, to play with their ripe young breasts and to slowly ease his aching penis into their eager young pussies.

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