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The Ultimate Social Director


I recently applied for an Ultimate Social Director, a job listed on the net. The ad was short and it requested me to check whether I had four out of the five traits the job required. The necessary traits were sports-minded, friendly, trainable, mature and available. Being happily married I issues with the word ‘available’, but I checked yes for the other four traits. Early the next day I received an e-mail that they’d be calling me that evening at 6:20PM sharp, for a telephone interview. I was not sure whether I had the qualifications they were seeking. I had plenty of reservations, but our funds were kind of low, and we were in no position to turn down any interviews. I told my wife of the interview, and she had even more reservations, but mainly because of the words ‘ultimate’ and ‘social’.

The 15 minute interview and vague, and very general, so I really didn’t think much more about it until two hours later I was asked in for an interview. The job was in Miami, Florida. The place was called: “The Palace," and the interview was for 10 AM on Friday. I’m a guy in his fifties, who looks more like in his mid-to-late forties. I do have about 30 pounds to lose, and I’m not what you would call an Adonis. However, I’ve been frequently told that I’m still good looking and was considered to be a nice package, buns and all.

I don’t have a clue as to what to expect. I showered, shaved, put on my best suit. We drove in near silence for 3 ½ hours. I dropped my wife off at her mother’s, I kissed her, and she wished me luck. I left for Miami and soon arrived at the address I was given. It was this high-rise building, and The Palace was on the 22nd floor, which also was referred to as the penthouse overlooking Miami. Getting off the elevator I noticed, no I gawked at the hostess, who was obviously expecting me. It was 9:45. She was dressed in a very low-cut red dress, and wore no bra. She wore a gold necklace, with two arrows pointing to her two restrained breasts, with nickel-sized hard nipples, which seemed to smile at me. Her skirt was very short. I remember wishing to myself, that she’d bend over to give me a ‘better’ view. She greeted me with a pad and pen, introduced herself as Lucy and asked me to fill out the necessary introductory forms. Incredible as it may seem, for she must have sensed my wish as she dropped my temporary badge. I saw that she was without panties. Her freshly-shaven pink snatch winked at me. My heart began to race, for this had to be the most off-color job I every applied for. She then told me that the team would be ready to meet me. And for my interview, in 15 minutes. I was getting quite concerned for I had no idea what they were expecting of me or what I was expecting of ‘them’.

I was 10AM and Lucy pinned my temporary badge on me, kissed me, pinched my butt, and hugged me for good luck. She ushered me into a conference room, and had me sit on a couch. Plush had to be an understatement, for there were 4 leather couches, one on each wall, with small tables placed in front of the couches. The tables were adorned with erotic figurines, and waterfalls. The carpeting must have been 3 inches thick. Lighting the room was huge chandelier with a male and female symbols intertwined made of gold and crystals. Paintings on the walls were exquisite nudes in various state of undress. There were 8 doors headed out of the conference room, one on either side of each couch. These doors led to the executive suites, I would see later.

Then they came out, two ladies and one guy. The women were dressed similar to what Lucy wore. One was in a tight blue dress while the other wore a skin-tight black dress. They both sported much too much jewelry. Both women were stacked, and I bet that they were not wearing underwear. I’d guess that all three were in their late twenties to maybe their mid-thirties. The guy was dressed in white leather pants and a very tight mango-colored, sleeveless shirt with a large medallion around his neck, and also wore way too much jewelry. They introduced themselves as Heather, Ginger and Steve. They explained that they were equal partners in the Palace. It seems that each of their parents left them huge amounts of cash, and they recently formed the Palace. The longer they spoke the less I seemed to fit in, but I listened. They explained that the Palace is intended to provide entertainment to the very rich, and they were to young to be taken for real. They knew I was married, and in fact they seemed to know way too much about me.

They then began to describe the position I applied for. The Ultimate Social Director will have a staff of 8 women, 4 men, and one assistant. The staff is to be trained to do everything as wished, desired or even anticipated by the guests. The Palace provides all types of gaming, massages, and other personal services. The stay per night is $7500. I, because of my marital status, and age was being considered, since that I would not necessarily sample the merchandise. My job was to make sure that every guest is pampered, and is completely satisfied. There can never be more than 8 guests at one time, for there were 8 suites at the Palace. My own staff suite would be at one end, certainly large enough to be a home for my wife and I.

The problem is, what would she do while I do my job. I shared my concern with the trio, and they smiled and said well we’ll need someone to keep the books for the Palace. “Do you think she’d mind?” Because of the exorbitant price, they’ll plan to have few guests, so the hosts and hostesses need to be part-timers. They are not expected to work more than 5 days per month. Their pay would be $1500 per day, and our combined salary would be $250,000 per year. They then took me on a tour of the Palace. First we toured our suite, about 3,750 SF, where my hon and I would live. It was a three bedroom, fully furnished luxury apartment, with 3 bathrooms, a huge kitchen. The master bedroom had a huge round bed. It was explained that we’d have bi-weekly maid service, and that we’ll both have chauffeurs at our disposal. We then toured the 8 suites. And I was in awe, for nothing was spared. They were literally fit for a king or queen.

They then concluded the interview and asked that I get back to them within 3 days. My wife and I briefly discussed the opportunity, and after I assured her that I will not ‘sample’ the merchandise, but what I’ll do is watch and criticize, and share my days with her. This should spice up our own sex life. I called Heather, for she was the senior member of the trio, or so it seemed. I told her that we could get started in two weeks. “That’s great,” she said, for the Palace officially opens for business on August 6, 2001. “You’ll need to start to interview hosts, hostesses, maids, chauffeurs, and your assistant."

"I know I speak for Steve, Ginger and Lucy when I say welcome aboard," Heather said.

I thought I’d let my honey interview and hire the maids and chauffeurs. I reported for work as soon as I could. I wore a suit, as before. Lucy took my hand and took me to a huge dressing area. Here I was fitted into a real comfortable pair of slacks, made of chamois, which I was told one wears with no underwear and a sport shirt, with the insignia of the Palace. The staff told me that I’d have 12 different colored outfits, custom-made in my size. Prior to starting work I went into a huge hot tub and then had a 45-minute massage, dressed and Lucy showed me to my huge office.

I had 4 interviews lined up each day for the next three weeks. The first girl, Joni, interviewing for the hostess position has been a social director for a small cruise line. She seemed personable, danced well, says that she can massage, and fully dressed she looked great. I told her that the first phase of the interview was looks, and in that department she passed with great marks. A blonde she had long hair down to the middle of her back. She had blue eyes, slightly tanned with small, but small perky nose. Her boobs seemed to be about a 38C, and at about 5’ 7” height, she had great legs and a gorgeous caboose.

I then told her to strip for me, but in a tantalizing fashion. Joni’s attire was a tan business suit, with a sheer blouse, and 3-inch heels. She took off her skirt, and garter revealing blue thong underwear. She did a cute pirouette, and I nodded my approval at the site of her slightly tanned butt. She then took off her blouse, and lacy bra. I was impressed with the pair of 38C breasts which were also tanned, with quarter sized nipples. I asked to cup them for authenticity. I was impressed for they were hard to the touch. I told Joni that 2 out three parts are now behind her. “Now I’ll ask you some questions.” I stated “How do you feel about blowjobs?” I asked. “I love them,” she said. “Do you swallow?"


"How can you tell when a man maybe looking for ‘action’?” She giggled; “Hard-ons or nipples maybe more pointed, showing that they are excited."

"what would you do, should you see a guest experience those symptoms?"

"I’d suggest a massage with a thorough blow-job." Joni was natural, and we’ll need 7 more girls like her. This was fun.

I promoted Lucy to be my assistant, and asked her to interview the prospective hosts. Based on her recommendations we’d hire the 4 hosts. She was exhilarated, and gave me a thorough massage. I had to send her away before she was through for she was starting to get my ‘full’ attention. Meanwhile my honey hired our maid, Magda, our chauffeurs Seymour and Ralph. We were ready to open on August 6, and we had guests that very first week. The Duke and the Duchess of Yoda were the first to arrive. Both were in their forties, they were ushered into the southernmost suite. Next came the Ambassador from Lakos was in his fifties; he took the suite next door.

I’d like to point out that all public rooms have one-way mirrored walls for my witnessing the good times and to make appropriate corrections.

The Duke was headed for a massage, while the Duchess decided to gamble at a blackjack table. I nodded to Joni and she met the Duke in the parlor. Lucy signaled to Darren, one of the hosts, who took the Duchess’s arm

Joni helped the Duke get out of his elaborate clothes and showed him to the showers. Dressed in a slim bikini, Joni was getting the massage table ready, when the Duke cupped her breasts from the rear. He whispered in her ears that he wanted a manage-a-trois that evening. Joni looked toward me and signaled to have a second girl ready for tonight. I mentally remembered to team up Carol with Joni for that evening. The Duke removed Joni’s top and sucked, nibbled and playfully bit each boob. Joni’s nipples seemed to burst with pleasure, but she remembered to always please the customer first. She helped the Duke onto the table and started to massage him, starting on his back spending much time on his butt. She kneaded his flesh with exquisite oils, and the Duke was getting uncomfortable, so Joni asked him to turn on his back. She continued massaging him from his shoulders down. She kissed around his belly button, and very slowly headed lower. She put some oil on her hands and she put her middle finger into the bunghole, moving closer to his pecker. The Duke had a 6-inch dick, and it was the hardest he could ever remember. Joni took each of his balls into her mouth, and alternately sucked on them. She then sipped some hot water, into her mouth and engulfed his pecker, and started to bob up and down. At the Duke’s request, Joni took off her bottom and straddled his face. The Duke, for being royalty, was suprisingly good at finding, teasing and making her clit gush. He soon was slurping on Joni’s juices, and was himself on the verge now and bucked, and emptied a salvo of three streams of load into Joni’s waiting mouth. She swallowed the entire load, and cleaned up the Duke, who fell into a deep sleep. Joni smiled and winked at me through the mirror.

Meanwhile, Darren helped the Duchess out of her clothes and into a shower. Darren washed every crevice of the Duchess. The Duchess was in great shape, but her breasts were kind of small, and her butt was a bit too large. Darren helped towel dry her and asked her to sit on the massage table, while he dropped to his knee and placed a tongue into her waiting snatch. He teased and got her sopping wet. He then helped her into a terrycloth robe. They walked hand-in-hand into one of the casinos. Darren selected a comfortable chair for the Duchess, who carelessly left the bottom of her robe open. He once again got on his knees and continued on slurping her love canal. She was getting great cards, but was getting too aroused that she could care less. Soon she was humping into Darren's face as he found her clit, and he locked on it. She started to flow slowly at first, but soon freely, filling Darren’s willing mouth. Another happy and satisfied customer, Darren thought to himself.

The Duke of Yoda got his manange-a-trois that night. The Duchess of Yoda got her own fantasy. The Ambassador of Lakos got his, and the Palace looks to a great success. Heather, Ginger and Steve will continue to spread the word, and we’ll create the desire, need and wants for our guests to always yearn to return to our Palace.

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