tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Ultimate Social Director Ch. 2

The Ultimate Social Director Ch. 2


As the Ultimate Social Director at "The Palace," I always look forward to my next challenge. My reservation office manager, Lucy, a gorgeous blonde in her mid-thirties called me on my cell. "Doc, we have three new guests arriving, and these will really challenge your imagination!" I quickly responded, "I'll be right there Lucy, but as my second in command I expect you to have this under control!" I quickly continued, "I'll make minor adjustments to your suggestions, but this is why I rely on you!"

"Lucy I want your recommendations, I'll see you in a half hour."

I was in the midst of hiring a new escort, and she was extremely thorough in her presentation. Wearing red stilettos dressed in a red micro-mini skirt, with a pink top that was so tight that I easily witnessed a pair of perfect 36Cs, with pointed nipples. I don't think any brunette could have topped this girl. She wore no bra, and no panties. Her name was Shari, with a very tanned complexion, which was throughout, as I was to learn later. She walked, no sauntered, into my spacious office, and planted a kiss on my mouth. I gently pushed her away, and told her that I was married and was not to be considered to be on her or anyone's menu. She said she understood, but really wanted to be my friend. After which I felt like a combination between a voyeur and gynecologist. Her voice was like a melody, and she kept saying that whatever needed to be done she'll do.

During the questioning she took off all her clothes. This was not like any indecent act. It was more like in the form of a dance. Her figure, was similar to a coke bottle, 36-24-36. She must have sunbathed in the nude, and often, for she had absolutely no tan lines. Her 36C breasts were exquisite, obviously implanted by a high-priced plastic surgeon. The nipples were like proud erasers and aureoles were light pink, the size of silver dollars. Her face reminded me of Cher, but with much softer features. Her snatch was clean-shaven, emitting a musky, but sweet smell, as she walked inches from me. She left a very narrow tuft of hair, barely enough to cover her slit. Her butt was the most perfect, I have ever seen. I hired her, and told her to report for work on Thursday. She replaced one of our regular hostesses, who married one of our earlier guests.

I called Lucy, and asked her to report to my office, and to brief me on the three new guests, their problems, and her recommended solution to those problems. Lucy came into my office, and she was really shaken, but I figured I'd let her speak before I correct or console her. Lucy, my faithful, assistant, brought with her three files. She seemed very concerned that we may not be able to accommodate them. I told her to brief me one-at-a-time. The first guest is to arrive next Friday, and he is former Superbowl quarterback, Lance Laughton, who had a season ending injury to his lower back near the spine. He's had divorced three wives, and he hasn't had normal sexual relations in some time. He is planning to stay until Monday, or 4 days and three nights. His injury left him partially paralyzed, and he was depressed that he was 37 and was confined to a wheel chair. He hasn't had an erection since the injury. His only request is to have lots of sex for the weekend. Lucy suggested teaming him up with Robin, a very good-looking redhead, who has done marvels, and has received praise for her oral talents. I interrupted her by telling her about our new hostess Shari, and told her to get a full medical report on Lance. I also told Lucy that Shari will do fine, and asked her to brief me on the next two guests. She told me that the other two guests were a husband and wife team, who decided to try other partners just for this weekend. She is the Prime Minister of Grand Aulitia, and he is her husband.

The good news from Grand Aulitia is that they speak English there, but what is not such good news is that the Prime Minister has never experienced orgasm, and the first husband has had some gay experiences. The task or the problem is that if we don't get her to achieve orgasm, she'll never frequent The Palace again. Evidently she has tried similar places without much success. The Prime Minister goes by the first name of Glenda, and her husband is Richard. His problem is that his pecker is very thin and maybe 4 ½ inches long. He also has a tendency to come very quickly. In fact Richard never lasts longer than 5 minutes. His requirement is to have sex, and have it last at least a ½ an hour. He is no longer interested in gay lovers. I told Lucy I want full physicals on both Glenda and Richard. Richard and Glenda were in their mid to late forties.

I listened to the background on all three guests, and concluded that we really didn't have great problems. We'll have to evaluate the medical results before we can recommend the respective solutions. I also told Lucy that we'd house them in three different wings. I didn't want the married couple to foil or complicate any plans we may have for them.

The reports came back just as I thought. All three were relatively healthy other than the paralysis of Mr. Laughton, the thin and short pecker of Richard, and the sexually frigid Prime Minister from Grand Aulitia. After a follow-up discussion with Lucy, I asked her to invite our guests into my office one at a time. Lance wheeled himself into my office. A good-looking blonde guy whom aside from being in a wheelchair looked to be a very happy, and personal person. I explained to him that the facility was open to him, to meet his every need, and that he'll be teamed up with Shari, who is just starting with us. I told Lance that if he has not achieved an erection within the first 24 hours, that I will either add another hostess or replace Shari, but that I am certain that he'd be pleased. I sent for Shari. When she walked into the room, wearing the red outfit, Lance smiled; in fact he had look of a cat that swallowed a canary. Lance confided in me that his pecker gets semi-erect, and that he has been able to ejaculate manually, but he doesn't feel whole without the real thing. I asked Lucy to escort Lance to his quarters, and requested her and Shari to spend a few minutes with me, to discuss our treatment of Mr. Laughton. Lance excused himself and smiled at Shari, and joined Lucy with his motorized wheelchair.

While waiting for Lucy to return, I asked Shari whether she felt that she was up to the task. She smiled and said confidently that he'll be a regular at the Palace after this weekend. Lucy returned, and we started discuss the treatment. We can start using Viagra at first, also add massage therapy, and oral stimulation. "Shari, Lance needs his erection, and within the first 24 hours." I stated. "Any questions or concerns?"

"None whatsoever!" said Shari. I than asked Lucy "Do you have anything to add?"

"I think that Shari should spend a few minutes with Robin, what do you think Doc?"

"I agree and Shari on the way over to Lance's quarters stop by at Robin's place, and see whether you can pick up pointers from her, OK? Shari agreed. "Call Lucy, or me when you are ready to encounter Lance, we need to watch, and maybe learn." I chuckled and Shari nodded. "Any questions Shari or Lucy?" They both shook their heads, and left my office.

Shari knocked on Robin's door, and was soon invited into Robin's love-den. Shari introduced herself, but Robin just smiled, and said that anyone who can impress Doc the way you did has just got to be a natural. Robin was wearing skintight brown leather out fit, wearing 3-inch heels. They soon discovered that they had much in common, and within a half an hour the two became fast friends. Robin asked what she could do or show Shari. Shari said that perhaps Robin could give her some pointers in giving head. Robin asked Shari to make herself comfortable, as she dialed the phone and called for one of her male counterparts. Within minutes Eric Boone, knocked and Robin let him in. She introduced him to Shari, and told Eric that it's high time for her to give him a blowjob. She asked him when he last had sex. Eric grinned, and blurted out that about a half an hour ago. Robin told Shari that he would be a great subject. Stimulation and quantity of the ejaculation will be a great deciding factor.

Robin asked Eric to shed his clothes, and to sit on the love seat next to the couch Shari was sitting on. Eric quickly got out of his clothes, revealing an adonis-type a body. He was well endowed, and his manhood quickly grew rock-solid. Robin sat next to Eric, and kissed him on the mouth, and grabbed his manhood. Shari was studying this, and watched Robin babykiss Eric down to his dick. She cupped his balls, and kissed the slit of his cock, he shuddered and smiled. Robin took a quarter of his pecker into her mouth, and squeezed his balls. She loosened her grip, and moved her middle finger to the tip of his bunghole. Eric groaned, as her finger entered his hole, and gently massaged inside. She then took a half of his dick into her mouth as she gently moved up and down with her tongue she flicked the tip, and gently sucked on the slit, and hungrily lapped on his precome. With three-quarters of him in her mouth, she plunged her finger deeper into his anus, and Eric nearly jumped off the couch. Robin now took all of him into her greedy mouth and massaged his bunghole with urgency. Eric was on the verge, as Shari was leaning closer, she watched Eric buck and dump load after load into Robin's waiting mouth. They cleaned him up and sent him on his way. Robin thanked Eric for his cooperation, and Eric, just said: "I do what I can" and winked at them. Shari smiled and told Robin that she has never had any complaints in the sex department.

She learned a lot today, and couldn't wait to try it on our quarterback, Lance Laughton. Eric and Robin would later team up pleasuring Glenda and Richard, the Prime Minister of Grand Aulitia, and the first-husband, but I'll cover that in the next chapter.

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