tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Ultimate Social Director Ch. 3

The Ultimate Social Director Ch. 3


Our first guest the former Superbowl quarterback, Lance Laughton wheeled himself into my office. "Doc, I'm ready to start my treatment!" I quickly responded, "Let me get Lucy and Shari and we'll join you in the gymnasium."

"Give me fifteen minutes and I'll change your world!" Lance broke into a sly grin, and took off like a bat out of hell. He made his wheelchair go faster then I've ever see one operated. I dialed Shari and Lucy on a conference call, and asked them to join me in my office for a five-minute briefing. I suggested to Shari to wear her interview outfit and between Lucy and I will coach her for her upcoming meeting with Lance.

Lucy got to my office first; within a few minutes Shari joined us. We discussed the quarterback, his problems and our possible resolutions. Lance sustained a season ending injury to his lower back near the spine. He's had divorced three wives, and he hasn't had normal sexual relations in some time. He is planning to stay until Monday, or 4 days and three nights. His injury left him partially paralyzed, and he was depressed that he was 37 and was confined to a wheel chair. He hasn't had an erection since the injury. His only request is to have lots of sex this weekend. "Shari, Lucy will give you three love potions, all have aphrodisiac capabilities, but you are welcome and encouraged to improvise, as you feel fit." Shari smiled, nodded, and said "I can't wait to get him hard!" Lucy asked," do you need any help?"

"I don't think so, but if he is not milked within two hours, please join us, OK?" Lucy agreed, and asked Shari to keep us both posted.

The three of us walked into the gymnasium, and found Lance doing curls with two ten-pound dumbbells. He gently replaced them onto the rack and smiled. He must have been working out for ten minutes or so, for he was sweating a bit. I introduced the ladies, first Lucy, whom he has already met, and then Shari. I told Lance, in front of Shari and Lucy, that if he is not progressing as well as I think he will to call me and Lucy or another hostess will join him. Lance was wearing gymshorts and a tee shirt. He looked at Shari and thoroughly checked out her assets.

Shari was wearing red stilettos dressed in a red micro-mini skirt, with a pink top that was so tight, revealing a pair of perfect 36Cs, with pointed nipples. She wore no bra, and no panties. During the introduction she took off all her clothes. This was not like any indecent act. It was more like in the form of an erotic dance. Her tanned body, was similar to a coke bottle, 36-24-36. Her snatch was clean-shaven, with a very narrow tuft of brown fluffy hair, barely enough to cover her slit. I smelled that sweet aroma, as she walked inches from me to Lance. She reached out to shake hands with Lance, and said "hon you are in for the treat of your life, and all you have to do is enjoy."

"Can you do that?"

"You betcha ma'am" and he took her hand and unexpectantly pulled her towards him and kissed her on the mouth, and their tongues intertwined, Lucy and I took our queue to leave. We walked out of the gymnasium, and found a sofa behind the one-way mirror, and decided to watch for awhile. From my vantagepoint I could see what was going on, and smell the aroma in the room. It was like getting sex, but not participating. I suppose this can be considered a lazy man's thrill without the climax.

Shari placed the three bottles of potion on the rack next to the weights. She then wheeled Lance over to a huge sink, just across from where I was sitting. Lance took off his tee shirt, and with Shari's help he stood up, and started removing his shorts. They had a little problem taking off his shorts, so she reached in, took out his semi erect organ, and kissed it. It seemed to stir, but she knew that this was not going to be easy. Shari pulled down his shorts and wound up ripping them off, when it was down to his ankles. She took a sponge, lathered it and with Lance standing, she commenced to wash him all over. She than washed his bunghole area, but for a good two minutes. She than washed his balls one at a time, saving the best for last, finally she washed his pecker, over and over, always watching Lance's facial expression, and all the while licking her lips. Shari took a very large towel and seductively dried our quarterback all over.

She then opened one of the bottles containing the potions, and took one capsule in her mouth and gave one to Lance. They both drank some papaya juice to wash down the capsules. She helped him on to a massage table, about two feet from the sink. Lance laid down onto his stomach, and Shari commenced to apply a raspberry scented body oil starting on his toes, and working up to his groin area. When she got to his butt, she gently pried it open, found his bunghole, and worked two fingers in and out. After doing the other leg she started nibbling on his butt. She licked his bunghole, and began tonguing it, while cupping his balls. She sensed that he was aroused, and he felt like he was larger than ever since the accident. Though proud of her achievement, she abandoned his bunghole, and massaged his back, and his arms, at times using her ample breasts to spread the oil. Her nipples were erect, and Shari was getting turned on. She licked his bunghole with a vengeance, cupped his balls, and heard Lance moan.

She turned him over on his back, and saw that he was ¾ erect. She engulfed his pecker with her mouth and moved up and down with a purpose. He reached up and inserted two fingers into her sopping wet cunt. He moved them in and out, in slow, but methodical movements, carefully massaging her clit. Shari could not stand it anymore, and she mounted his face. Lance licked her snatch until she lost all inhibition and came with a force he never could have imagined, trickling all over his face. She regained her composure, cleaned Lance's face, saw some precome on the tip of Lance's dick, but noticed that he was not fully erect. She licked the two gobs of love juice up and started bobbing up and down, as she cupped and kneaded his balls. She felt Lance become stiffer, but not on his dick, and he spurted his juices which she greedily swallowed. Shari licked him up over and over until he was clean. He asked her to help him into the wheel chair, so that he could go to the men's room. He was gone no more than ten minutes, and Shari noticed that his pecker remained semi-hard. She gave him another capsule, but one with more strength, but didn't take one this time. She wheeled him over to the Jacuzzi and asked whether he could use a little rest. Lance answered, 'no way, I'm here to play lady"! Shari helped him out of the wheel chair, and into the Jacuzzi. She joined him in the tub and kissed him on the mouth. His tongue invaded her mouth, and she playfully captured it. Lance smiled, but it was more of a smirk. Shari reached under the water, and found him to be harder than before. She wrapped her hand around his dick and gently pumped him. He put his tongue into her ear, and was driving her crazy with delight. He grabbed both boobs and kneaded them, capturing each nipple, as Shari moaned. She playfully ducked under water, and took a third of his dick into her mouth. She stayed under for nearly a three quarters of a minute, and all the while bobbing up and down. She came up for air, but quickly returned underwater, and felt him get harder. Shari did this quite a few times, as she felt him get harder yet. He went under every now and then to suck on her boobs, gently biting on each nipple. Lance timed his descents, when Shari was catching her breath. She then asked whether he wanted her to straddle him, Lance just nodded. Shari's snatch engulfed his pecker, as he held onto her breasts, and she started moving up and down. She was on fire, and felt like she was about to explode. She kept riding, and was working her coital muscles that held him tight. She came with a force that even scared her, and briefly stopped, but felt Lance getting harder yet. He was beaming, as he told Shari, "I'm erect, baby I'm harder than I've ever been!"

Shari helped him sit on the side of the Jacuzzi, and attacked his genitals. His pecker was hard as a rock, and Lance was frantically pointing to his pride and joy. Her experienced mouth now was sucking, bobbing up and down, took turns grabbing his nuts, or sneaking her index finger into his bunghole. She felt what had to be his prostate, for Lance shuddered. Abandoning his balls, she massaged his joy button, and sucked his pecker, licking the slit each time she got to the top. Lance couldn't last at this pace; he bucked and came nearly three times as much as before. Four strong spurts, that Shari greedily swallowed. Lance was beaming, and told Shari, "you cured me, I love you, will you marry me?" Shari started to laugh, and said that getting him hard, and making him come was her pleasure, and maybe in a few years, she'll consider it, but for now she is enjoying her work way too much.

Lance asked Shari to get him to a phone. He called me and he hollered into the phone: "Doc, Shari cured me! I'm going to take a short nap, but I want her around every minute until I leave on Monday! "

"Don't be surprised if I'll marry her in a few years, if she'll have me!"

"I agree, but as to marriage, well that will be up to her."

"Enjoy Lance, I now must check on my other guests."

I began to make final arrangements to have Eric and Robin team up pleasuring Glenda and Richard, the Prime Minister of Grand Aulitia, and the first-husband, but I'll cover all that in my next chapter.

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