tagFetishThe Ultimate Tribute for Janelle

The Ultimate Tribute for Janelle


Janelle had never heard of such a thing, but reading the description that day last spring had instantly moistened her pussy:

"A tribute is a video in which a guy looks at a girl's picture as he masturbates, saying how much her picture turns him on, how hot it makes him to see her body, her nipples, her butt, maybe even just the outline of her breast beneath a sheer top if that's all the girl is showing in the picture. As he talks and strokes for the camera, he gets more turned on, and it's clear that he's going to come. The camera catches his hand jerking his hard cock and then spurting through his orgasm as he groans in pleasure."

Holy shit! thought Janelle. That would be so-o-o-o hot, seeing some good-looking guy, nude and making himself hard while he looked at her picture. Knowing that he was thinking about her as the camera caught the movement of his fist up and down his naked, erect cock and hearing him describe why SHE made HIM hot and horny. Seeing all that on video would be incredible! Then, the sounds of his moans and groans as he spurted his excitement for her to see exactly how crazy hot the thought of her made him . . .. Damn! she thought. That would be like hearing him tell me his nastiest secrets about me and my power to turn him on, to make him want to put his hard cock into my pussy and . . .

Thoughts of naked men --- and even better --- of naked men with her, doing wonderful things to her naked body, were not unusual for Janelle. She was attractive and had her share of sexual encounters as a single woman working as a realtor in a metropolitan southern city, so sometimes she only had to replay a satisfying encounter in her mind to spur such thoughts. There had been, what? Three guys the past year who had been sex partners at various times, two for several weeks, one --- Bill --- for several months.

But long-term partner material wasn't what Janelle was looking for just yet (though Bill might hold some potential in that area at some point in the future . . .).

So the anticipation of the next buff guy shucking off his clothes in her apartment for the first time was a very nice divertissement as a daydream.

And Janelle was often naked when she daydreamed, one hand drawing lazy circles around her clit, the circles becoming more concentrated, the laziness giving way to focused strokes along the side of her hardened nub as she became more involved with her fantasies.

Yes, Janelle masturbated as she thought about a naked man (or men --- how very hot!) licking her pussy, sucking her nipples, fondling her breasts, whispering into her ear, slipping their fingers and then their very hard dicks into her slippery, aroused pussy.

She enjoyed watching this happen in a video scene, too, but there wasn't a whole lot of good porn for women, depictions that caught both the lust and the tenderness that true intimacy with a good sex partner requires. Janelle made do by going back to old favorites and occasionally adding a clip from a couple of sites she'd found that did very explicit yet very classy videos featuring gorgeous couples, whether male-female or, occasionally, female-female when the fancy struck.

(Watching girl-on-girl sex was sometimes perfect because seeing a lovely young woman use her lips and mouth on another girl could be exactly the right way to imagine herself receiving such delights from someone who really knew how to give great oral sex.

(And there had been a couple of male-male videos she'd found, purely by accident. The action was powerfully erotic, and she had watched, entranced, as the guys stroked each others' cocks and groaned with urgent directives to each other about what they wanted --- needed --- done immediately as their desperation to come became ever more pressing. Janelle realized afterwards that it was those sounds of lust and the visuals of masculine fists sliding up and down stiff erections that had been the allure for her.)

But her favorite fantasies were usually of a handsome, naked guy who knew how to excite every inch of her body and who did just that as she enjoyed all the sensations. So it was easy to lose herself in a steamy sexual fantasy portrayed nicely in video, then masturbate to climax afterwards.

Who wouldn't be interested in finding such videos out there on the Internet?

During one session of some down-time surfing she chanced onto a page describing "tributes," which Janelle had never heard of. They were apparently videos that guys shot of themselves masturbating without showing their faces. The catch was, though, that the guys would be looking at naked pictures women had sent them, pictures which also never showed the women's faces.

After a few minutes of fascinating investigation on the web page and a couple of the links from it, Janelle had another thought during her education about this new, sexy thing called a "tribute": What if he talked about wanting to lick my pussy and suck my clit as he masturbated for me?

Janelle adored good head, but finding a guy who did it well, whose oral skills were right on target, seemed all but impossible. (Though Bill had been good at taking a few instructions . . ..)

"Oh, damn, Janelle," her private, sexy, naked hunk would say as he stroked his stiff cock for her in the video, "you look so sexy, so hot in this picture. If I were there with you right now, I'd drop down on my knees in front of you, reach around behind you to grab your ass and pull you to my mouth, and I would bury my tongue as far up your beautiful pussy as I could get it," Mr. Janelle-Turns-Me-On would say. "I would have you hump my face until you came hard, and I'd hold you up while your legs shook and you had a massive orgasm. Then I'd lay you down and slip my hard cock inside your soaking pussy and I'd stroke inside you until . . . until, oh, god, oh shit! . . . Oh, god, I'm gonna-"

Then she'd watch in fascination as the guy spurted through an intense orgasm. His excitement would be evident not only in the jets of creamy liquid he would produce as his pretty cock twitched, but also in the throaty moans which would be all he could manage, but could not prevent, as he experienced his release.

God, how sexy! How very, very exciting!

The whole idea about a video tribute was just so . . . well, indescribably naughty, hot, sexy, erotic.

Janelle couldn't put into words how much it turned her on to think about watching a man masturbate for her, hearing him groan through an orgasm triggered by thoughts of her!

So she had interrupted that session at her computer last spring when she read about this for the first time. She opened another window and surfed to a site she sometimes visited when she was horny and wanted some eye candy to plug into one of the many fantasies she played out during a masturbation session.

There. "Randy" was the guy's name in the caption of the picture. He would star in the immediate fantasy she was going to indulge. Randy was going to do a tribute for her in her imagination . . .

He was buffed but not overly muscular --- just right, as is possible when you have the option of scanning through hundreds of pictures of naked men that are so easy to find on the 'Net. You could always be a very particular shopper in such a marketplace, and Randy's trim torso, sexy abs, and firm glutes were all features that topped Janelle's shopping list.

Randy's cock was also "just right" --- it looked to be about seven inches when erect. Janelle's favorite picture of Randy was when he was erect, smiling into the camera, his glorious, naked shaft hard and on beautiful display, sending its sexy, arousing message: "Here's the proof of how much you make me hot, Janelle, how very irresistible you are. God, I would love for you to do whatever you want with my pulsing hard-on, and I promise to stay stiff for you until you say you want me to come, no matter what you do to me until then . . ."

Well, it IS a fantasy, thought Janelle after that first session when Randy's pictures had launched an arousing session with a favorite vibrator. With her panties bunched at her ankles as she recovered from a truly satisfying orgasm while lying back in the chair at her desk as the monitor continued its display of Randy's smiling face and hard cock (both perfectly positioned for her to appreciate), she thanked anonymous Internet gods who had concocted this easy, safe way to find pictures of gorgeous, naked men with hard cocks on display for her viewing pleasure.

Randy had been a dependable Fantasy O for Janelle for several months. She returned to see him every few weeks --- sometimes almost daily during one particular stretch when, for whatever reason, she had been almost incessantly horny.

Her first climax after finding out about tributes was produced by thoughts of Randy stroking his cock for her and talking about how hot he got looking at her picture.

It was an intense and draining, absolutely wonderful orgasm.

Then Janelle went back to the page with its description of tributes. There were other postings:

"I don't know how I could watch something like that and not go out of my mind," blogged one woman. "I've never seen a man masturbate, and then to see him do it while he's thinking about me. How hot is that?"

"Oh, that would be so sexy and such a sweet thing to do," wrote another.

"Guys should take the time to make lots of presents like that for their girls," posted another lady, followed by the reasons they should do this and offering suggestions for what they should say as they stroked their erections in the videos.

But it was the next post that really caught Janelle's eye:

"If you work it right, you can get a guy to do this for you. I've had three tributes in the last two years, and I can tell you, those three videos are at the top of my playlist when I'm in the mood for some visual erotic stimulation. There's just nothing like the rush of hearing and seeing a naked man stroking his cock for you as he looks at your picture and says why you turn him on so much that he has to masturbate. Then seeing him shoot his load. Sweet Jesus! That in itself is so incredibly hot. But knowing he stroked himself to climax while thinking about you and your body is such a power trip somehow, such a deeply erotic sense of control mixed with flattery all at the same time. It's like this crazy swirl of emotions that gets layered on top of the purely physical arousal of watching a naked man jerk off for you. (And, ladies, we have to agree that handsome, naked men with erections, whether they are stroking their cocks or not, are so-o-o-o lovely to look at!) But maybe it's what these guys say when they do this that gets me off the most. They talk about me, about why my body gets them hard and makes them want to stroke their cocks. Now THAT is one incredibly sexy mind trip!"

Shit! thought Janelle, squirming in disbelief that reading the woman's post was getting her wet so easily after an orgasm only a few minutes earlier. I've gotta get some guy to do a tribute for me.


She continued reading, hoping that the woman who talked about getting three tributes would share her strategy.

No fair!, Janelle thought, her lips pouting automatically. THREE naked guys stroking their cocks for her, telling her how hot she is. How did this woman do it?

But there was no advice that followed. And whoever it was that put up the message had not responded to the multiple entreaties that were posted afterwards, asking for details about how the woman had convinced three men to get naked and masturbate for her on camera, then email her the videos.

Janelle made sure to check back regularly, hoping the lady who had been honored multiple times would share her techniques. Finally, several months later, the mystery woman returned to the blog with an even more tantalizing account:

"I've been hesitant to say a lot after my last posting," the comment began, "because I don't really consider myself an expert or anything."

Cut the false modesty B.S., thought Janelle when reading that first sentence. Any woman who can convince three guys to videorecord themselves naked and masturbating and then send her the videos is damned well an expert.

"And I'm happy to share the simple process, but first let me tell you about my latest tribute. I have to tell somebody about this because it's just so amazing, and none of my friends know I do this crazy, sexy thing."

Okay, Janelle relented, I instantly forgive you if you tell me more about your tributes.

"This guy, Tim, has such an incredible body that he could model swim trunks or underwear or, and I've thought about this, I can assure you, the skimpiest thongs possible for a man to wear. (Oh, I'd love for the two of us to be out shopping or at a restaurant while I know he has nothing on underneath his slacks but that thong!) But, as you know, I got to see everything in the tribute, so my thoughts of Tim in a thong aren't because that's all I've seen of him. He must be some kind of videographer or something, because his tribute was so well lighted, and he must've had a tripod and anything else he needed to create the fantastic video he sent me."

Janelle was dubious. This chick sounded like she was starting to make things up.

But that wasn't stopping the wetness that was creeping into Janelle's pussy as she continued reading.

"And Tim made sure I saw everything. He had shaved for me (he said so at the start of the tribute, telling me that he wanted me to know that he did it on purpose because he wanted me to think about fondling his smooth, naked ball sac in my palm as he stroked his cock for me). The picture I had sent him was from the neck down, but it was a good one and showed my breasts with my nipples hard, and in the picture I had spread my legs as I sat on the chair in my bedroom so he could see my naked pussy. Tim had taped that picture to the mirror in his bathroom and set the camera so I could see him from the side as he stroked his cock and looked at my picture."

Okay, okay, I don't CARE if you're making this up, Janelle thought, just keep going with the story.

"The first thing he did was amazing, and maybe the sexiest thing I've ever seen (and heard). He turned toward the camera and began talking to me in this sexy voice, looking straight into the camera and telling me that my body was fantastic and how it made him hard the instant he saw it."

Janelle kept away the skeptical thoughts that would otherwise have entered her mind. Guys just don't say those things . . . at least, none of the guys she'd ever let see her naked. More important, this guy was breaking the anonymity rule about tributes.

But it was more important not to interrupt the flow of the sexy story this woman was telling about Tim's tribute to her.

"And as he continued talking to me about how hot my body made him (and, ladies, I am NOT a fitness model, I can assure you), I saw his cock start to get hard. This was all without him even TOUCHING it! He talked himself into a complete erection as he described my tits and my nipples and my pussy (that's what he called them --- tits --- and it was damned sure okay with me that he used the words he did, even when he said he would love to trail his tongue across my asshole)."

Jesus! thought Janelle. That's never something that any guy has said he wanted to do to me.

What would that feel like?

"So I just sat here in front of my computer and watched this incredible thing happening, hearing Tim talk about how I made him hot and horny, and I could see --- literally --- that he was telling the truth. After a minute or so, his beautiful cock was sticking straight up to the ceiling, and at that point he said he wished I was there to see the drop of pre-cum that had already leaked out of the tip of his dick."

Janelle slid her slacks and panties down to her ankles.

"Then he picked up a bottle of lotion and squirted a little into his hand as he looked into the camera and said he was going to focus on my picture because I was so pretty and arousing and that he was going to jack off just for me. That's what he said, honest. There's no way I'm ever going to forget it or get tired of hearing it when I replay this video over and over. This guy, who is really handsome and who was completely naked and with a hard cock, looked straight at me in the camera and said he was going to jack off just for me."

Who cares if she's making this up? Janelle thought, her fingers sliding through the wetness that had quickly accumulated as she read this sexy, intriguing tale. Keep going with the story!

"Then Tim starting stroking his hard cock, looking at my picture and talking about what he was seeing --- how pretty and hard my nipples were, how inviting my pussy looked, how much he wanted to be there on his knees in front of me and leaning his face into my crotch in order to lick my clit. God, I got so horny watching his tribute! Right before he came, he stopped talking. His hand was pumping so fast up and down his hard cock. He moaned and gasped, almost holding his breath for a few seconds right before he shot two powerful jets of his cum, and he shivered and shook and actually doubled up in ecstacy as he milked the last few drops onto the countertop in his bathroom."

Janelle's masturbation was just as intense as the description of Tim's, and she came, too, in ecstacy, muffling a moan in the process and jerking in her chair, almost sliding off it as she shuddered through a thoroughly satisfying orgasm.

"Then, this gorgeous, naked man, looked into the camera and said how grateful he was that I allowed him to show me how much I turned him on."

Janelle stopped reading at that point, needing to recover from her orgasm. She slumped back in the chair to rest and reflect.

So maybe this chick wants to write erotica or something, and none of this happened, she mused as she reached down to gather up her clothing and take it to the bedroom. After a quick trip to the toilet, Janelle took off her blouse and bra, hanging the blouse and dropping the bra into the hamper in her closet before retrieving her slacks from the bed to hang them as well and then slip back into the panties. Retrieving her favorite robe from the hook on the bathroom door, she pulled it on as she walked into her kitchen to fix a cup of hot tea before heading back to her computer.

True to her word, the mystery woman who'd described her latest tribute, told her readers how she got guys to do it for her.

"Okay, so I know you're wondering about this, how I get guys to do this for me. I confess that Tim's video is special, and I confess that he made it for me after we began dating. But it's the truth that his first contact with me was the tribute he sent that didn't show anything except from the chest down so that no one would ever recognize him from the video. It's also the truth that his naked penis was just as beautiful in that first tribute, though, and it's true, again, that his first video really got me hot and horny."

Finally, Janelle thought, a little honesty in disclosure. She was sipping the smooth Earl Grey as the warmth of the mug settled into her hands.

"So, yeah, it's just like anything else, I guess," the woman's post continued. "There is always a wide range of quality in anything. Tim's first video was the best of any of the tributes I've gotten when I've had guys send me their vids, and the others varied in quality. Except for Tim, I have never asked for a second one from anyone because I purposefully do not want to initiate any email conversations with any of the guys, and because this has always just been a harmless kick for me that's a nice ego boost as well as being good for some alone time with my fingers or a favorite toy as I watch."

Okay, I'm with you on that, Janelle mused, the pleasant scent of the tea curling into her nostrils as she read. A naked man stroking his hard cock as he talks about me and how much I turn him could be nothing but flattering AND intensely erotic.

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