tagLoving WivesThe Ultimate Wife: Jen's Dream #1

The Ultimate Wife: Jen's Dream #1


The Ultimate Wife: Jen's Dream #1

My name is Jennifer and I am a 41yo, happily married woman. I'm so happily married it's ridiculous. My hubby and I met as horny teenagers and basically never slowed down when it came to sex. We treat each other so very well, and neither one of us has (or would ever) stray outside the marriage for sex. I am a natural caretaker, a woman of certain appetites and full of maternal strength. A long time ago, I asserted this maternal power in my relationship with my boyfriend (now hubby), in the form of a loving, nurturing control over his pleasure. He willingly surrendered the care of his privates and their pleasure to me, and I have proven every day exactly what a wise choice that was for him. I've never withheld sex from my wonderful hubby - quite the reverse. I exert my wifely authority and most often give him preemptive relief. I give him a real workout sometimes, and although it can be exhausting for the poor dear, he has never complained.

If you've read my other submissions, you'll know that my favorite way of relieving my man is by hand, as I have more control and options at my disposal. It's also the way in which I can see the final effect of my efforts, as I watch his flared cock head spray semen out the tip. In the heat of passion, usually while I'm stroking hubby's meaty erection, we talk about fantasies. One time he confided that he would never be upset if I found myself in a situation where I felt I had to give another man hand relief. And although I would never consider sexual contact with another man in real life, the thought did enter my fantasy realm, and got filed away. About a week later, I had a series of extremely erotic dreams, and I would like to share them with you.

The first dream was about a shipwreck. At least I think it was a shipwreck, as it was set on a small, deserted tropical island somewhere in the middle of a clear blue sea. Instead of being alone with my hubby, however, it appeared that three other men had been stranded with me. One sort of looked like my hubby, all 6'5" of blonde, blue eyed goodness. The second sort of reminded me of an attractive bank teller I saw once, about 6', dark haired and muscular. The third man was younger, about 18 or 19, with auburn hair like mine, a slim build and firm butt. And of course me, 5'6", slim waist and smooth round ass, and my set of wobbly 40DD breasts.

It was apparent there had been an accident, since there was debris strewn around the beach. What didn't make sense was that, while I was clothed in 3" heeled knee-boots, a denim skirt and white scoop-neck T-shirt (one of my favorite combos), all three of the men had not a stitch on! I can't remember exact dialog, but there was a general murmur of building a shelter, a bonfire, scrounging up some food, and preparing for a long wait to be rescued. Those gorgeous hunks did everything - I didn't have to lift a finger. I just reclined on the beach, drinking in the sight of them as they walked around, constructing a shelter, spearing fish, gathering palm fronds and firewood, their penises and balls swaying and jiggling as they went about their business. I decided I would have to examine each of those lovely packages up close and personal. Fortunately I didn't have to wait long.

The first injury was when bank teller guy stepped on a sea urchin, making him stumble and fall in the water. At that point I became the de facto nurse of our little settlement, cleaned and dressed the wound on his foot, and made sure to check him over for any traces of those poisoned spines. I tried to act nonchalant when his penis began to salute, although my pussy was contracting fiercely. Before long, it was sticking up straight against his reclining stomach, a thickly-veined 6" shaft topped by a nice, fleshy head.

"You have some swelling here," I smiled sweetly at him. "I'll have to relieve that." It appears that even in my dreams I am never without a bottle of body lotion, and I laughed as I pulled one from the supply crate. I pumped a couple squirts into my left palm and immediately began working it into his erect cock. I noted that his penis was circumcised really tightly, the head straining against the stretched skin. I held his penis at the base and pulled forward, giving myself as much slack as I could. In the end, I gave up on that tactic and assaulted the head of his penis by rubbing my lotioned palm around and around, sending waves of intense sensation through his straining cock and into his body. It seemed I'd only been at it for a minute or two when his legs jerked and his tormented cockhead flared in my firm grip.

"Aaarrrrrgggh. Mmmmmmm!" he groaned, as spurt after spurt of his warm semen flew toward my chest, splatting my cleavage, striping my soft T-shirt. One spurt hit my left nipple, then rolled down and dripped into my lap, pooling in the folds of my denim skirt. I continued to grip his penis as it spasmed, his hips writhing in the sand. When he'd calmed down, I ever so gently massaged his testicles and played with his sensitive glans. He jerked and moaned with each intense pass over the head, but he did not try to pull away or stop me. He knew I was in command here, and when I was done playing, I planted one of my sensuous kisses on the tip of his penis.

I left bank teller guy to recover and, with my own juices leaking from beneath my skirt, went in search of my other two charges. I found my young auburn haired lad gathering coconuts around the far side of the beach, and asked how he was doing. He looked so proud when he said he'd collected enough to feed us for a week, and I gave him a big smile of praise. I'm sure he saw the streaks of semen drying on my clothes, but I was watching his cock sway to and fro as he shifted his weight. Suddenly he seemed to get shy and made a remark about being naked in the presence of a sexy, fully clothed woman (semen-stained or not). Before my eyes, his cute little wiener began to throb and grow, climbing up toward the light like a strange, fleshy plant. I guess every man in my dreams is circumcised - which makes sense, given the fact that aside from my two sons, I've never really experienced an uncut penis. I was transfixed. His shaft was more slender than the last one, but I estimated a length of at least 9" when fully erect! Again he gave a bashful blush and tried to turn away. I stopped him, placing my hands on my hips in a scolding manner, which thrust my big breasts out, and probably didn't help his erection at all.

"Don't you dare cover up or turn away from me," I scolded him. "You are naked and I have my clothes on, and that's just the way it is. You can trust me - I have no interest in hurting my boys. I know getting an erection in front of a clothed woman is probably embarrassing, but I don't mind at all... in fact, I'm flattered that I make your penis hard." He continued to blush, but turned back around to fully display his goods.

"That's better," I smiled sweetly, adding an adoring sigh. "And what a beautiful penis it is." I reached out and grasped his erection in my soft hand, still somewhat moist from the lotion. "Would you like me to put some lotion on it?"

The young man could only nod meekly, and it made me giggle - the poor lamb was petrified, standing there naked with a sexy brunette holding his cock. But he didn't fight it, or turn away, or try to cover himself. He let me pleasure him, and I made sure he was happy! Once again, I squirted some lotion into my hands and went to work on "Long John", twisting my right hand up and down his fleshy pole while my left hand pulled and worked his balls. He winced a bit with my working of his testes, but I soothed him. "Shh shh shh. You need to trust me - I know what I'm doing. Now spread your legs a bit more, honey."

He did exactly as ordered, and my vaginal lips began to swell. My nipples stood out almost obscenely through my full-cup bra and the thin cotton T-shirt. I sighed happily and hummed as my hands continued to work his hard penis and tightening balls. I felt his testes trying to draw up to his body, and I immediately made an O with my thumb and forefinger around the top of his sac, preventing his balls from escaping and pulling them gently downward. The poor kid was beside himself, and I felt like the lioness tending to a cub.

"There there," I said as I continued to pull downward on his ball sack while masturbating his penis in firm, luxurious strokes. "We can't allow these little guys to escape." I giggled, and that seemed to have a huge effect on the lad. I didn't think it was possible for that fleshy cock to get any longer, but it seemed to expand to twice its original girth. I felt the telltale contractions of his nuts as they tried to swim up toward his body cavity, and I concentrated all stimulation on his exposed cockhead, squeezing his glans with rapid strokes.

"Ah ah ah," he gasped, "oh god... oh god..."

"My name is Jennifer," I corrected with a laugh as I squeezed his cockhead with skilled precision, forcing him over the edge. "Ohhhhh gaaaahhhd, J-Jenn... Jennifer!" The spray was amazing. Semen spewed from his flared, overstimulated glans with amazing force. Since I was standing in front of him, most of it shot onto my front, from the lap of my skirt up to my heaving tits. It covered my arms and hands, and one spurt actually hit the bottom of my chin.

"Very good, honey! Oh my lovely boy!" I grinned as his penis continued shooting its white goo. I loved the sensation of forcing pleasure on a man who could just as easily overpower me or run away but actually CHOSE to surrender to my ministrations. My clitoris began to swell and my left hand dropped from his balls to the front of my skirt, and I began to rub my crotch in earnest. The thing is, I was still stroking "Long John's" amazing cock, and he was on overload. His legs buckled and quivered, his hands balled into fists as he clamped his eyes shut and whimpered like a hurt puppy. "P-please..." he begged, "please s-s-stop... ohhh my penis."

"Yes, your poor penis," I cooed, pursing my lips. But I kept stroking it, fascinated as the head oozed the remnants of his ejaculate and his breathing got shallow. "Hold still, honey. Just a little more. I'm almost there."

He winced and shut his eyes again, a tear streaming down his cheek. "Oh god... oh n-no..."

Incredibly, his cock stiffened in my hand, and another spray of semen shot out in great warm spurts, once again plastering my skirt and top. My legs pressed together and the most thunderous orgasm I can remember shot through my body. It radiated from my pelvis, up through my entire vaginal cavity and up through my breasts, making my nipples grow to obscene proportions. I shuddered, still stroking the spurting penis in my hand, riding out one of my longest orgasms on record. Still the semen continued to shoot out of the pulsing shaft as I pulled all the juices out.

I felt like a goddess!

In dreams, the scene can change abruptly. Suddenly the young man was gone, and I was wandering along the beach, looking for the man who resembled my husband. I found him walking the other direction, fishing spear in hand, his marvelous cock swaying as he walked. I needed him, and I needed him right now. I ran directly up to face him, and he dropped the spear, taking me in his arms. I felt protected and so full of maternal joy - I just wanted to care for him, to make his penis erect and then get it to spray. I dropped to my knees before this fantastic cock, taking it gently in my hands. It swelled to full hardness in seconds, and I sucked it hungrily into my mouth.

"Jen... oh baby..." When I opened my eyes, I realized it had been a dream, but for some reason my mouth was still full of cock. Hubby told me later that I'd been sleeping fitfully, apparently having some kind of hot dream, and then suddenly grabbed his penis and shoved it in my mouth. I figured as much but in that moment, I just wanted to continue the dream. I sucked his thick erection into my warm, loving mouth, licking around the underside of the head as I pumped his shaft with one hand and worked his balls vigorously with the other. In no time, he was squirting his thick semen into my mouth, and I lovingly sucked it down.

Of course, I had to tell him about the dream before it left me, and hearing it caused his penis to swell again. This time, I mounted him and milked his wonderful cock with my toned and experienced pussy, and we came together. We fell to the bed with his softening penis still clutched in between my legs. I sighed the sigh of ultimate contentment, and we drifted off.

I hope to go back to that desert island someday.

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