tagLoving WivesThe Unexpected Change

The Unexpected Change


My heart was racing. I was warm and sweating. My mind was spinning and stomach churning. I placed the faded red-covered diary on the nightstand and lay back on my pillow. I was exhausted but unlikely to sleep much.

My wife was fast asleep next to me and had been for over an hour. I couldn't put the diary down. It was incredible; never in a hundred years would I have expected what I read. It explained my wife's behavior for the past several weeks. I had been pressing her to explain her change in behavior and she had been reluctant. Then she consented and shared the diary -- asking me not to judge too harshly.

I'd read through nearly a dozen entries. The pages revealed cryptic and not so cryptic references to sexual liaisons of the type one might expect to overhear in the college fraternity and sorority houses on a liberal campus.

"I couldn't believe how fast he peeled off my lace bra and panties but left my stockings on as he climbed between my legs."

"I can take five inches without gagging now, thanks to the practice."

"I didn't used to like it when he wanted to cum on my breasts but now I enjoy watching the primal unconditional pleasuring of a man."

"This was the first but hopefully not the last time I satisfied two men at one time."

"That weekend I was taken nine times in thirty-six hours and it was wonderful."

"Every woman should be impaled with two cocks at least one time in her life and more often if she can arrange it to happen without emotional consequences."

"I think my breasts were kissed and fondled more that one weekend than in the prior whole year."

"I couldn't believe they did it on the public park trails in full daylight, each taking turns being the lookout while the other one took me slightly off the main trail and pulled up my skirt and entered me from behind while squeezing my boobs and pinching my nipples."

I wondered who else knew.

Let me back up a little.

Six weeks ago I returned from work anxious to see my wife, Liz, as she had been away for ten days. As I came in from the garage she greeted my with a huge smile, warm kiss and glass of wine. She looked smashing. She was wearing a black leather short skirt that hadn't been out of the back of her closet since our grad school days nearly ten years ago. She had on a dressy hot pink sheer blouse that I had never seen before. Unbuttoned to mid chest level, it revealed a pink push up bra that I didn't recognize was well, filled with Liz's 34C's bulging from their skimpy confines. Her dirty blond hair had been lightened, highlighted and restyled. She looked delicious. As we worked on a take-out Chinese diner we touched, kissed and chatted about the past ten days. In a rare role-reversal, Liz unbuttoned her blouse saying, "I want to show you my new push-up bra."

Needing no more invitation, I quickly nuzzled between her breasts and hugged her with my hands searching for the skirt snap and zipper. "I need to see if the panties match? I offered before burying my tongue deep in Liz's mouth while I worked the zipper down.

Liz is 36 years old. We have been married for 9 years. Our 4 and 6 year old daughters were staying with my mother for the evening. We met in grad school, dated for three years and have been very happily married ever since. Liz is 5' 4" tall with a very youthful 34C- 23- 35 inch figure. Long wavy hair and a wholesome Midwest smile complete the package. If she were being judged in a swimsuit contest she would be a solid 8+. Not Angelina Jolie, but definitely attractive. At work or around the house, Liz's conservative dress and demeanor would knock her "hot" score down a few points. She downplays her attractiveness and is relatively reserved. That is why the sexy outfit was so intriguing and exciting.

Liz had lost all but her panties before I got her down the hall to our bedroom. Her shapely legs looked delicious and her hefty breasts revealed their authenticity with a slight acknowledgement of gravity. The firm nipples revealed her anxiousness for the events to follow. That evening and night were fantastic. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and it made my cock grow very very hard. We had the most romantic and hot sex we had had in since our fifth anniversary. My normally passive but warm wife was more into it than usual with her choreographing round two - her on top riding to an orgasm impaled with my 6 inches and with those beautiful tits bouncing in full view, and round three, an energetic sloppy hot rare blow job in the shower. Liz was hotter and wetter than I had seen her in years. She openly fondled her nipples and massaged her clit while I pounded her with deep thrusts.

Twice more that week Liz practically raped me and bedroom activities that had previously been rare special occasions were now becoming a routine. I was curious and began teasing her about what went on when she was away. Liz and I had always been affectionate but she is, or at least was, not particularly sexual. Her conservative upbringing with a focus on school, work, and family had been her priority. She was not a virgin when we met and she had tried a reasonably wide range of positions but had restricted her exercise of leadership to running her chemistry lab office, and her risk taking to a regular winter ski trip.

Liz knows that I have gone to bed frustrated on numerous occasions, and have been understanding, but nonetheless disappointed when she prioritizes household chores ahead of bedroom time. Too many times I felt Liz was accommodating my sexual needs rather than mutually enjoying our time together and it had caused some disappointments and friction in our relationship. We had even talked about hormone tests and doctor or counselor visits hoping to get more on the same wave length in terms of sex. That's why the change in behavior was so strange.

It went on for several weeks. Fantasies long since relegated to the recesses of my mind were reemerging as remote possibilities and other rare treats like Liz going braless around the house and for short errands and sleeping in the nude or sexy nighties were now regular occurrences. Then yesterday Liz came to meet me for lunch and ended up being fucked from behind over the arm of the couch in my office while coworkers could be heard passing by in the hallway. And she enjoyed every thrust and left with a huge smile on her face. That is why I was pressing her on her change in behavior. I had even teased her about the change perhaps being motivated by guilt from a dalliance while she was out of town.

Liz had been visiting her home town. Her mother had passed away from a rare brain aneurism six months ago and Liz and her sister had grieved enough to go back to settle various affairs and clean her mother's belongings from the house. That's when she had found her mother's diaries. That's when her long held attitudes about sex changed. Having now read the diary, I wondered how much more change there might be.

To be continued ...

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