tagLoving WivesThe Unexpected Change Ch. 02

The Unexpected Change Ch. 02


The first part of this story was published several days ago. I have included it here for convenience for new readers. The majority of the story is new material. If you don't enjoy loving wife stories with extramarital sex please take a pass on this story.

My heart was racing. I was warm and sweating. My mind was spinning and stomach churning. I placed the faded red-covered diary on the nightstand and lay back on my pillow. I was exhausted but unlikely to sleep much.

My wife was fast asleep next to me and had been for over an hour. I couldn't put the diary down. It was incredible; never in a hundred years would I have expected what I read. It explained my wife's behavior for the past several weeks. I had been pressing her to explain her change in behavior and she had been reluctant. Then she consented and shared the diary – asking me not to judge too harshly.

I'd read through nearly a dozen entries. The pages revealed cryptic and not so cryptic references to sexual liaisons of the type one might expect to overhear in the college fraternity and sorority houses on a liberal campus.

"I couldn't believe how fast he peeled off my lace bra and panties but left my stockings on as he climbed between my legs."

"I can take five inches without gagging now, thanks to the practice."

"I didn't use to like it when he wanted to cum on my breasts but now I enjoy the primal unconditional pleasuring of a man."

"This was the first but hopefully not the last time I satisfied two men at one time."

"That weekend I was taken nine times in thirty-six hours and it was wonderful."

"Every woman should be impaled with two cocks at least one time in her life and more often if she can arrange it to happen without emotional consequences."

"I think my breasts were kissed and fondled more that weekend than in the prior whole year."

"I couldn't believe they did it on the public park trails in full daylight, each taking turns being the lookout while the other one took me slightly off the main trail and pulled up my skirt and entered me from behind while they squeezed my boobs and pinched my nipples."

I wondered who else knew.

Let me back up a little.

Six weeks ago I returned from work anxious to see my wife, Liz, as she had been away for ten days. As I came in from the garage she greeted my with a huge smile, warm kiss and glass of wine. She looked smashing. She was wearing a black leather short skirt that hadn't been out of the back of her closet since our grad school days nearly ten years ago. She had on a dressy hot pink sheer blouse that I had never seen before. Unbuttoned to mid chest level, it revealed a pink push up bra that I didn't recognize filled with Liz's 34C's bulging from their skimpy confines. Her dirty blond hair had been lightened, highlighted and restyled. She looked delicious. As we worked on a take-out Chinese diner we touched, kissed and chatted about the past ten days. In a rare role-reversal, Liz unbuttoned her blouse saying, "I want to show you my new push-up bra."

Needing no more invitation, I quickly nuzzled between her breasts and hugged her with my hands searching for the skirt snap and zipper. "I need to see if the panties match? I offered before burying my tongue deep in Liz's mouth while I worked the zipper down.

Liz is 36 years old. We have been married for 9 years. Our 4 and 6 year old daughters were staying with my mother for the evening. We met in grad school, dated for three years and have been very happily married ever since. Liz is 5' 4" tall with a very youthful 34C-23-35 inch figure. Long wavy hair and a wholesome Midwest smile complete the package. If she were being judged in a swimsuit contest she would be a solid 8+. Not Angelina Jolie, but definitely attractive. At work or around the house, Liz's conservative dress and demeanor would knock her "hot" score down a few points. She downplays her attractiveness and is relatively reserved. That is why the sexy outfit was so intriguing and exciting.

Liz had lost all but her panties before I got her down the hall to our bedroom. That evening and night were fantastic. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and it made my cock grow very very hard. We had the most romantic and hot sex we had had in since our fifth anniversary. My normally passive but warm wife was more into it than usual with her choreographing round two - her on top riding to an orgasm impaled with my 6 inches and with those beautiful tits bouncing in full view, and round three, an energetic, sloppy, hot, rare blow job in the shower.

Twice more that week Liz practically raped me and bedroom activities that had previously been rare special occasions were now becoming a ritual. I was curious and began teasing her about what went on when she was away. Liz and I had always been affectionate but she is, or at least was, not particularly sexual. Her conservative upbringing with a focus on school, work, and family had been her priority. She was not a virgin when we met and she had tried a reasonably wide range of positions and activities but has restricted her exercise of leadership to running her chemistry lab office, and her risk taking to a regular winter ski trip.

Liz knows that I have gone to bed frustrated on numerous occasions, and have been understanding, but nonetheless disappointed when she prioritizes household chores ahead of bedroom time. Too many times I felt Liz was accommodating my sexual needs rather than mutually enjoying our time together and it had caused some disappointments and friction in our relationship. We had even talked about hormone tests and doctor or counselor visits hoping to get more on the same wave length in terms of sex. That's why the change in behavior was so strange.

It went on for several weeks. Fantasies long since relegated to the recesses of my mind were reemerging as remote possibilities and other rare treats like Liz going braless around the house and for short errands and sleeping in the nude or sexy nighties were now regular occurrences. Then yesterday Liz came to meet me for lunch and ended up being fucked from behind over the arm of the couch in my office while coworkers could be heard passing by in the hallway. And she enjoyed every thrust and left with a huge smile on her face. That is why I was pressing her on her change in behavior. I had even teased her about the change perhaps being motivated by guilt from a dalliance while she was out of town.

Liz had been visiting her home town. Her mother had passed away from a rare brain aneurism six months ago and Liz and her sister had grieved enough to go back to settle various affairs and clean her mother's belongings from the house. That's when she had found her mother's diaries. That's when her long held attitudes about sex changed. Having read the diary, I wondered how much more change there might be.

(The conclusion)

The next morning Liz filed me in on the diary. She had found it when cleaning out her mother's dresser. She wasn't sure anyone else was aware of it, even her father. She didn't dare tell her younger sister after she had skimmed it – she wasn't sure she could handle it. The liaisons in the diary did not reveal affairs but rather regular, mutually agreed upon sharing and swapping of spouses between Liz's parents and another couple that had been their best friends. As it turned out, those get-away weekends the kids were told about when they were growing up were actually full blown orgies between consenting, perhaps more accurately, conspiring adults. On these weekends it appeared that nothing was forbidden.

Liz's mother's otherwise disciplined motherly demeanor was put away for the weekend and the wild streak was let loose. It all started one year when the other woman was very pregnant and after a few drinks, Liz's mom, a little too under the influence, was talked into relieving the other husband's sexual frustration. Evidently seven inches of fresh cock was all it took to start a regular habit of seasonal orgies.

As it turns out, the diary also had a two page narrative rationalizing the need for a family and work focused routine to ensure a productive and comfortable life but explaining that occasional mutually agreed upon flings can be great stress relievers and motivators if safety and confidentiality are assured?

Well it must have worked because Liz's mom was very well liked and successful in both work and raising her family. Her core values had served the family well with her girls were all well educated, successful and happy parents.

Liz reported that she had several emotions when she first read the diary. Initially she was stunned and disappointed. For a while Liz felt deceived and thought her mother was something of a hypocrite, preaching one lifestyle while occasionally living another. Then, with more reading and time she realized that her mother was very normal and had enjoyed life to the fullest. Liz, realizing how much in love her parents had been, understood that the escapades enhanced their marriage and didn't jeopardize it. She became accepting and in fact admired her folks for being able to pull it off so successfully. That is when she finally shared the diary with me.

Over the next few days I read the remainder of the salient parts of the diary. The stories spanned nearly 20 years until Liz passed. The descriptions were usually cryptic only revealing enough to make it clear what types of things were going on. But in other instances there were detailed descriptions. As I read the passages my mind quickly switched between the scenes described in the diary and thoughts of whether Liz would ever be willing to follow in her mother's footsteps. Could I envision Liz ever saying, "He knelt and put his head under my sundress and kissed his way up my legs until he was nibbling on my private parts as I stood on the hotel room balcony sipping a glass of wine?" Or, "We were swimming in chest deep water at the beach and the men stole our bikini bottoms and fondled us while did our best not to arouse the interest of other nearby swimmers." Or, "On a dare we hiked three miles of the Appalachian Trail topless acting nonchalant when two couples and two single men passed us."

I was torn as to how to proceed. I was delighted with Liz's new enlightened attitude and her level of interest and energy in the bedroom as well as in her willingness to initiate and accommodate sex, so I was reluctant to push the boundaries. Yet, I was unbelievably excited about the possibility of taking our relationship down a similar path.

Over the next several weeks I made it clear that I was very excited about the "new" Liz and eager to continue the exploration. While the reality of kids and jobs limited the amount of time that could be spent on romance, we nonetheless continued on a far higher level of both romance and hot sex than we had in years. Liz was enjoying sex much more and both open to more variety and quicker to let me know exactly what she enjoyed and what to do to give her the most pleasure. Her once occasional orgasms were now stronger and more frequent.

After several weeks I began to be more specific in questioning Liz about what stories she found most exciting and which ones she wanted to do first. She dismissed me with various comments including: "Be glad with all the extras you have already gotten.", "Don't you wish." and, "In your dreams." Things continued that way for the next several months at which point I was beginning to resign myself to a much more frisky and sexual wife but not one who was willing to take it beyond the bedroom.

One evening while planning our summer vacation, we got into a discussion about our friends and ended up hypothetically comparing them to the couple that Liz's parents swapped with. Liz concluded that none of them had the right traits and personalities to be suitable swinging partners. With that conclusion I asked her what traits she would require in another couple. I also told her that while swapping would be great, I would be just as happy with a three way with her and another man.

"Really?" she responded. Then we were interrupted as one of the kids woke up with a cough that needed some motherly attention.

Later that evening when Liz turned in I went to the internet and researched several sites on using the internet to find swinging and sex partners. After reading late into the night I printed several articles on connecting thru the internet. Articles I Put on Liz's nightstand included, Internet Sex Protocol, Safe Sex with Internet Partners, and, Do's and Don'ts of Internet Sex Partners.

I didn't say anything but noticed the articles were gone the next evening. In the meantime I set up an internet profile on one of the matching sites outlining what we were looking for – well at least what I was fantasizing about. I included neck down photos of Liz and me in tank tops and shorts. I chuckled as I chose the screen name of "In-my-mother's-footsteps". While I mentioned both couples and men as an interest, I had several other strict qualifications including a 30-40 ages, BMI less than 25, must be married and if not a couple the wife must consent (Liz would never stand for jeopardizing someone's marriage), and must be willing to undergo a doctor's STD examine at their own expense within one week of any planned liaison. I also mentioned that any liaison would be at least 60 days away, a strategy recommended to discourage insincere responses. Finally, I stated there would be no promises and there was only a slight chance that my wife would go through with it. Then I checked the box to have the responses stored on the cloud for later retrieval as opposed to being sent to an email.

A few days later I sent Liz an email with the link to the site and mailbox. The next day I got an email back with note.

"Cute screen name. You are persistent aren't you? You got 48 responses that I have sorted into the top five couples and singles. We'll talk this weekend."

That had been the most positive sign in months. Summer was coming up and Liz would be off from teaching and the kids would be spending some time at camp as well as the grandparents. Just maybe we could find some time to experiment. Later that week Liz and I talked about the responses. She had thrown out those that seemed too aggressive or crude and those that seemed to be a little too experienced at swapping. Not surprisingly my ordering was based on the attractiveness of the women and the sincerity of the stories. Then we picked three to send notes to.

Over the next several weeks we chatted with five couples, three interested in swapping and two who were offering up the husband for our pleasure. The chats eliminated one couple in each group. We prioritized the remaining and decided to meet one couple for dinner at a neutral place with the understanding that it would only be an initial meeting at lunch on Saturday. Liz was getting very anxious but also excited. She was very noncommittal but the fact that she had been participating this long made it clear she was at least interested. Then on Thursday we got an email suggesting we exchange underwear and lingerie photos before we drive 50 miles to meet just to confirm we were serious. That scared Liz off as she was afraid to risk even faceless photos on the internet.

With our top candidates backing off we picked up communications with the next couple. A lunch was set up for a few weeks later. Liz was anxious as the date approached. After much consternation she decided on a very snug red knit top that displayed her shape and a pair of tight black jeans that similarly revealed her very nice ass and legs. It was about as hot as someone could dress without showing more skin, yet a very appropriate outfit for a lunch meeting. I chose a turtleneck black top and tan slacks - we looked like a fit suburban couple.

We met Ron and Linda at an Applebee's about twenty minutes from our house. Ron and Linda were quite attractive, him tall and trim and her a slender brunet. They seemed about five years younger than us. We hit it off pretty well and had a nice visit. Each complimented the others on their looks and we exchanged brief hugs when lunch was over. But we left without any commitments, only promising to get in touch.

Liz was squeamish about following up, hinting that Ron seemed a little too arrogant. I showed my frustration by reminding Liz that she didn't need to like the guy, only to find him sexually attractive enough to let him in her panties some night. My comments hurt Liz's feelings and we avoided the topic for the next several days. I finally apologized for my comment and suggested we forget about the internet connections for a while. Forgetting about getting my hands on Linda's cute ass took a little longer. Nothing was said for the next few weeks.

Then one Friday evening in August Liz asked if I had any plans for Saturday evening. When I said I was available she said, "Good because you and Jake are going to make love to me tomorrow night."

As my metabolism ratcheted up several degrees, I asked, "Who is Jake and what brought this on?"

Liz explained two things happened this week. First, she happened to overhear a colleague at work talking with her husband about how much fun she had when her husband and his friend got her drunk and fucked her silly last weekend. It was someone Liz would have never guessed would fool around and it reinforced in her the idea that such dalliances were both common and could be fun. Next, she had gotten an email to our site (I didn't realize she was paying any attention to it any longer) from a woman who was looking for someone to help her with her husband's fortieth birthday. The woman had been treated for cervical cancer late last year and has been recovering from surgery and treatment for months and was on doctors orders to avoid sex with her husband beyond oral and manual stimulation. She wanted to treat him for his birthday to some good sex and was hoping to find someone on the internet since she was afraid of professional escorts. As it turns out, Liz and her had exchanged several emails with Liz being sympathetic and committing to be the "birthday surprise" for the woman's husband as long as they were comfortable with my participation. When Liz asked how she should dress to best excite the birthday boy, her caring and cooperative attitude cinched the arrangement. The other couple, Janet and Jake, would host the event in a resort about 50 miles away with Janet making the other surprise party arrangements.

Liz then proceeded to tell me we were meeting at the resort and would have drinks in their suite then, if everyone was still game, she would submit to Jake's desires while I waited for sloppy seconds. Liz thought I might be reluctant to commit since Janet couldn't have sex and the birthday boy would get her priority attention. As she spoke my cock stiffened as I contemplated Liz actually going through with the plan after months of disappointments. Liz then showed me a picture of the couple. Janet was very attractive, looked like something of a trophy wife and Jake seemed like the handsome successful business man type.

My mind was racing and I couldn't fall asleep that night and Liz was no help as she dismissed my advances, wanting to be "good and horny" on Saturday. Saturday morning I asked Liz what we should wear and if she needed any new lingerie or cloths for the date. She told me that Janet and her had it all planned and not to worry. I was increasingly convinced that the odds of seeing my wife get fucked by another man were now above 50 percent.

Liz spent the afternoon getting her hair and nails done and taking care of normal household chores. I dropped the kids off at grandmas and spent an hour at the gym before trying to relax with a drink and some television sports. After a light diner Liz told me to get dressed as we had to be at the hotel by eight. As we got ready to get into the car I was surprised how casually Liz was dressed. She had an overnight bag but informed me that Janet had picked out the clothes her husband would enjoy so Liz could get dressed at the hotel. As it turned out we had our own room at the fancy four star hotel on the far side of town. It was something of a staging room for the birthday surprise. A couple of bottles of liquor and Champaign as well as a birthday cake and boxes with clothing for Liz were in our room waiting for us. Money was obviously not an object as the liquor was top drawer and the clothes boxes from Nordstroms and an exclusive boutique. I could tell Liz was anxious though she showed no signs of wanting to back out. In fact, she was eager to see the items Janet had bought her. The lingerie was stunning. It included a beautiful embroidered demi bra and panty set in a dark charcoal color with a matching garter belt and shimmery smoke colored stockings. Liz said they seemed a little snug but as I looked her over I told her I suspected they were sized just exactly as intended as her 36C's were beautifully framed and deliciously bulging from the bra. The panties hugged her ass perfectly and the garter straps framed her shapely hips. The box contained a short black flared skirt and sheer black blouse. It looked like a high class French maids outfit. Black heels completed the outfit.

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