tagIncest/TabooThe Unexpected Escort Ch. 02

The Unexpected Escort Ch. 02


The Unexpected Escort (part 2 - a continuation of 'The Unexpected Escort')


It had been a long week. Every day I woke up thinking about Sophie and every day I thought about her before I went to sleep at night. In fact, she was hardly out of my thoughts all day. Every time I masturbated, which was a lot; several times a day at least, I imagined my hand was hers or better still, her mouth.

After my wonderful evening with Sophie, the previous Sunday, about Monday teatime I had phoned 'Dream Lovers' and booked her; booked Serena, as Sophie was known at the agency, for the following Sunday night. I had booked her for an hour and insisted she come dressed as before in her old school uniform. I had loved that, it reminded me of when I took my daughter and her to school and picked them up sometimes after work -- they always looked so cute. She had modified the uniform a little, the skirt had been shortened and the white blouse was tighter with a couple of buttons undone at the top to show her still young and firm cleavage.

Finally, it was Sunday again, I woke excited but a little nervous and I grew more nervous as the day -- slowly -- progressed. Finally, as dusk approached, I had taken my second shower of the day, dabbed Armani on my upper body and pulled on the new silk boxers I had bought from the 'young' designer shop in the mall.

I had counted the cash out several times to make sure it was the right amount, £120 in crisp £20 notes that rustled in my fingers each time my hand went into my pocket to check it.

Why didn't I book two hours? Maybe I could phone and extend the time? Maybe for three hours, maybe an overnight stay -- did she do that? No, let's see how tonight goes first, I'm not as young as I was and an hour with young Sophie is probably about as much as I can take.

For the final half hour, I paced around the house. I had a couple of glasses of whisky -- small ones which I sipped slowly, I must be in full control when...

With ten minutes to go I heard a knock at the door. Damn, if it was some cold caller or friendly neighbour or other unwanted visitor I would get rid of them quick - I hurried to the door. I was relieved and very happy when I opened the door and saw her smiling face beautifully highlighted in the porch light.

"Oh, hi," I smiled, opening the door wider and stepping aside, "you are early -- do come in Sophie."

She smiled back, a slightly self-conscious smile I thought, but a smile nonetheless. I indicated for her to go straight ahead into the living room.

"Would you like a drink before we... umm, whisky perhaps?" She had seemed to enjoy it last time.

"Oh yes please sir," she smiled up at me, "I would love a small one thank-you."

She had remembered to call me 'sir' - good girl, I allowed myself a little smile of satisfaction as I poured her a generous glass of malt whisky and handed it to her.

"It's lovely to see you again Sophie!" I smiled more warmly now, "Let me take your jacket." I eased the school blazer from her shoulders as she passed her drink from one hand to the other, and lay it over the arm of the sofa.

"Oh, sorry..." I suddenly realised and pulled the cash from my trouser pocket and handed it to her, "mustn't forget this."

"Thank-you sir." she said as she took the notes from my hand and, without looking at them, slipped them into the top pocket of her jacket.

She drained the glass -- was it Dutch courage? And handed me the glass which I placed on the side table. I picked up mine and after swallowing the last drop I placed it beside hers.

"Well," I started nervously, "shall we..." I gestured through the open door to the stairs.

"Yes sir." She started for the door but as I looked her up and down I placed my hand on her shoulder and stopped her. She looked at me with a puzzled look on her face.

"Before we go up," my hands moved down to the sides of her short skirt, "let's leave this down here!" I slowly knelt down in front of her smiling up at her nervously. I reached for the fastener on her skirt and unhooked it, pulling down the short zip. I lowered the skirt over her hips and down her thighs, my heart pounding as I saw her pretty little panties come into view -- they were small white cotton briefs with pale pink piping and a little pink bow in the centre of the waistband. I lowered her skirt to the ground and she obediently stepped out of it.

"Good girl." I smiled at her as I stood and laid her skirt on top of her jacket, "now slip off your shoes." She slipped of her 'Mary Janes' and bent to place them next to the sofa. I couldn't resist it -- I gave her a swift slap on her pert bum, followed by, "Hurry up young lady!" I was getting into this.

"Ooh!" she exclaimed as she felt the sharp sting of my fingers, "yes sir!" she exclaimed obediently.

"Now, upstairs young lady!" I commanded. She turned, started up the stairs and after a few steps I gave her another sharp slap.

"Come on -- hurry up!" I hoped she knew these were play slaps, the red finger-marks would quickly fade. Well she seemed OK with it and I think I heard her giggle a little... She trotted up the stairs and I followed, watching her round bottom bobbing up and down in front of me. She opened my bedroom door and trotted in.

By the time I got into the room she was laying on my bed, looking gorgeous in her little girl panties with matching bra and white ankle socks. I stared at her as I unbuttoned and removed my shirt and cast it off, unfastened my trousers and let them fall. Kicking them free I stood beside the bed in just my boxers with a prominent bulge - then sat on the bed and gazed at her slim young body.

"Oh Sophie, you are so beautiful my darling girl! Now get up - come and stand in front of me, here, between my knees!"

"Yes sir." She said as she obediently sat up and swung her legs off the bed.

She stood in front of me, between my wide open legs, her young firm breasts inches from my face. I told her to turn around then I examined her smooth back and the top of her bubble bum. I felt the roundness of her bottom and slipped a finger down the back of her panties; between her smooth bum cheeks and felt the soft warmth of the crease. I moved the other hand up the side of her body as I moved my finger up and down in her warm crease. When my hand reached her bra, I moved the other hand up and unhooked it. The straps hung at the sides, she didn't remove it, she knew that was my job.

I slid my fingertips down her body, into the curves of her waist and out at her hips, to the top of her panties. I slid the back of her panties down to reveal the globes of her bum. So cute, I wanted to kiss them, bite them, lick them... but not yet. I applied gentle pressure to her hips to turn her to face me. I pushed the now loose bra straps off her shoulders and taking a cup in each hand, gave a little squeeze, then slipped her bra off and let it fall. Her breasts were firm and perfect, her areola as puffy as I remembered with stiff pink nipples. I moved to take one in my mouth and sucked gently till her areola was stretched in my mouth. I let it out a little and sucked hard on the stiffening nipple. I peeked up at her face -- her eyes were closed and I could just make out the gentlest of moans -- she was enjoying this too! I repeated the action on her other breast, flicking her nipple with my tongue as I sucked it.

My hands were on her lovely bottom fondling, stroking and squeezing as I sucked each breast in turn. I knew I could happily carry on like this for hours -- but my time was limited. I looked at the clock and saw I was ten minutes into my hour. Oh, but she was ten minutes early, would she count that too or would that be a bonus? Maybe she would only count from when I took off her skirt -- I was still very new to this...

I sat back a little and held her away from me a little as I looked at her breasts, wet and pink where I had been sucking. She was almost naked -- just the last and most exciting bit of undressing to do. I pinched the sides of her panties and slowly lowered them -- watching her bald pubic bone come into view, then the tight pink knot of her clitoris and the puffy lips of her pretty pussy. Her mons pubis which had a landing strip last week, was now shaved smooth. There wasn't a single hair to be seen on or above the fabulous folds of her vagina. Such a good girl... she knew what I wanted... maybe she wanted it too?

I pulled her to me and kissed her flat tummy, pressing my face into its softness. My fingers moved between her legs, along her inner thigh to feel her already moist slit. Two fingers slid along the length of her labia, just inside her moist slit, feeling the slickness of her groove then rubbing that onto her clitoris. After a short while I stood up, facing her.

"Take off my boxers Sophie." I instructed her.

"Yes sir." She whispered as she pulled them down, over my bum, then easing them over my rigid cock she pulled them down to my feet enabling me to step out. As she stood I bent a little to put my arm at the back of her knees. I lifted her into my arms and turned to place her on the bed. I lay on the bed next to her nuzzling the side of her face and neck as I stroked her tummy, my stiff cock poking her thigh. I kissed her cheek as I moved my hand between her legs, feeling them part a little to allow better access.

"Mm, good girl," I half whispered, half moaned, "you are such a good girl!" I emphasised. "Do you..." I hesitated, "do you... kiss? I shouldn't ask... I don't expect..." without a word she turned her head and her lips met mine. I kissed her softly, then more passionately as I felt her respond. Our tongues met and circled each other. I slid two fingers into her now wet pussy and pushed them deep and hard, finger fucking as I kissed her. "Oh Sophie! Sophie, Sophie, Sophie... I want you so bad, I want to fuck you hard!"

I moved on top of her and between her now wide-open legs. I felt her hand guide my shaft to her slick opening and then her heels descend onto my bum cheeks. Her hole was still tight and I felt it grip and squeeze my cock as it slowly slid all the way in. I was deep inside her and still kissing her soft lips. Slowly I began to slide my shaft out -- then back in, out then in, harder and faster each time till I was fucking her harder and faster than I had ever done any girl before. The padded headboard was pounding the wall and the bedsprings were creaking as my groin was slapping hers. I slipped my hand down to stroke her bum then slid it between us to tease her clit. I circled and massaged, feeling her buck a little and moan when I got it right. I so wanted her to cum, I wanted her to feel all the pleasure I could give her.

After many minutes of pounding and kissing and rubbing and moaning I felt her body tighten, her mouth stayed open as I sucked her lower lip - she squealed then cried then shook all over. I resisted as long as I could but when she started sobbing and her feet dug into my bum cheeks, restricting my thrusts, my body stiffened and I came harder and faster than ever before. I was helpless as waves of pleasure accompanied each surge of ejaculate stream from my sensitive tip.

Eventually I collapsed, sprawling on top of her -- my flaccid penis still inside. She was moist and glowing with perspiration. As my cock slowly slipped from her hole I rolled off and to her side. My arm was draped across her, fingers spread to caress a breast and head on her shoulder. Without thinking I reached over her to grab the quilt -- pulling it over us both then went back to cuddling her, holding her close and tight. It seemed a perfect way to spend the last ten minutes or so, hugging this little cutie and feeling her warmth.

When I awoke she had gone, she had dressed and left without disturbing me. All her clothes were gone except one item; her cute little girl panties were in the bed next to me. It looked like she had placed them there. They had been smoothed out on the bed, neat and virgin white with just a small but obvious damp patch at the crutch.


* To be continued...

* Maybe you have suggestions for how the story should progress?

* If you like my writing let me know what other scenarios you would like me to explore...

* Let me know what other themes you would like me to explore -- incest, BDSM, Voyeur, Lesbian, Fetish, First time...

* Don't forget you can send anonymous feedback with all your deepest desires -- send ideas, send me links to inspirational pictures...

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/25/18


Sophie role playing as your daughter ...
Sophie telling you about her lesbian experiences with your daughter while she stayed over when they were younger.
69 with Sophie and some nice ass licking, mutualmore...

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by 0ldGriz03/31/18

Chapter 3 must be anal

Another good story. Has he ever tried anal? Would Sophie be his first?

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by prop6903/08/18

AWESOME. A lovely story.

There are so many ways to.
1- Why is Sophie working as an escort? Problems at home and she had to move out. Raped by a Mother's boy friend. That was why Sophie stopped being his daughters friend.
2- Sophiemore...

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by ju8streading03/08/18

was this in the wrong section?

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by silverace103/08/18


Perhaps we can have Sophie/Serena decide to leave the agency and move in. Then maybe pregnancy and marriage. Or, as another comment suggested, daughter comes home when Sophie is there and we end up withmore...

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