tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Unexpected Prey

The Unexpected Prey


Raphael swirled the beer in his bottle and surveyed the crowded room. The man he was chatting with-he'd introduced himself as Dan-was droning on about the stock market. Raphael was listening with half an ear. His friend Keith brought him to this bar, he said it was very exclusive. There certainly was a lot of testosterone in here, apart from the waitresses he could only see men. All were loudly going on about the big account they just landed or the big trade they put on. Raphael loathed this kind of conversation.

The staff all looked gorgeous though. One of the hostesses caught his eye and smiled, he smiled back politely. "Nice piece of ass!" Dan stated. Raphael expected such a frat boy comment. It was perfectly in line with the general mindset of this crowd. He just nodded and smiled in response. Dan looked a bit puzzled by the lukewarm reaction. Raphael could read his mind: "this guy must be gay." That was fine by Raphael. Little did Dan know that he was actually jealous of the hostess. Jealous of her perfect body, which she eagerly showed off. But above all of the power she had over these men, and the way she used it, with intent.

Raphael finished his drink and walked over to the bar for the next one. It was time for something stronger. The hostess he exchanged smiles with was there. "Can I get an Old Fashioned?" asked Raphael. "Sure," came the reply. "In fact we have a collection of vintage bourbons and whiskeys, which one would you like?" She presented him with a menu. Raphael chose a 23 year-old Kentucky Straight whiskey. "You seem to know your spirits, would you like to see our cellar?", the hostess asked. She flashed a sweet, encouraging smile. This piqued Raphael's interest. "Yes please."

The hostess motioned to a door at the end of the curved bar. Raphael walked up to it, she led him through, down a narrow and dimly-lit staircase.

"I'm Tamsin by the way," she said.

"Raphael, pleased to meet you."

At the bottom of the stairs, the cellar extended a few metres further. Raphael needed a few moments to adapt to the darkness. The cellar looked solemn, with alcoves on both sides, each filled with bottles. He couldn't hear the din of the party above anymore.

"So here you have it, vintage bottles of nearly everything," Tamsin said. Raphael wandered along the alcoves. He spotted an Armagnac from 1956, a Scotch from 1963, a rum that looked like it came straight off a pirate ship. "Very impressive," he said.

"Thanks," said Tamsin. "But the really interesting stuff is behind this door." She pointed to a steel door at the end of the corridor. She reached it in a few steps and opened it. Light flooded the cellar. "Come on!" she enjoined Raphael.

Tentatively, Raphael stepped into the room. It looked like a locker room, with a linoleum floor and a bench in the middle of a number of lockers. There was another door at the far end. He assumed this was where the personnel got changed. He was puzzled by the floor to ceiling mirrors on the walls though.

Tamsin had remained near the entrance. She closed the door. Raphael turned around. Tamsin had a conspiratorial look on her face. "What's this? Why are you showing me this?" Raphael asked. There was more apprehension in his voice than he liked.

"Don't worry," Tamsin said soothingly. "Actually, I expect you to show me something now."

Before Raphael could process this, she moved up to him, surprisingly swiftly. She placed one hand on his neck and slid the other into his jeans. Raphael's heart nearly jumped out of his chest in alarm. He felt Tamsin stroking his shaved butt and playing with his frilly g-string. Raphael braced for the inevitable laughter and ridicule to come. But she seemed unfazed. She moved her hand to his crotch, his cock twitched. Her smile morphed from friendly to wicked.

"Take off your clothes", she whispered in his ear.

Raphael's head started spinning, overwhelmed by panic and fear. He couldn't undress, he'd shaven his body all over and even painted his toenails! He didn't want people to find out! But his cock stirred at the idea that he would be so exposed.

Tamsin didn't fail to notice. "Come on, you know want to. It's ok, trust me."

She took a few steps back and kept staring at Raphael. A whirlwind of thoughts went through his head, shame, fear, panic. But also excitement, he was reluctant to admit. After what seemed like ages, he gave in and started to unbutton his fly. He had never been good at standing up for himself. His heart was racing as he slowly took off his clothes. One by one his perky butt, smoothly shaved legs and pink toenails were revealed. He stared at the floor, dejected.

"Cheer up Raphael, you look lovely! You even have a waist," Tamsin said approvingly. "I like boys who take care of themselves. Come here." She pulled a bag out of one of the lockers. She took out a matching bra and thong and threw them to Raphael. A garter belt, fishnets and a lacy chemise followed.

"Put this on."

Raphael self-consciously walked the few steps and picked up the lingerie. He started to put it on, his cock by now rock hard. He couldn't help but steal glances at his reflection in the mirrors. The sight turned him on even more, inevitably.

"Very nice," Tamsin said, "but you're not done yet." She gave him a pair of stilettos. After Raphael put those on she ordered him to kneel, and swiftly locked a collar with lead around his neck. Next she grotesquely applied red lipstick to his face.

"One last thing," Tamsin added, and she pushed Raphael forward so that he was on his hands and knees. In what seemed like one fluid movement, she produced a steel buttplug, lubed it up and worked it into Raphael's ass. The sudden cold and feeling of fulness made Raphael moan.

"Oh, you like this?" Tamsin replied. "Good, you'll enjoy the rest of the evening then, let's go."

Tamsin gave a tug on the lead and Raphael got to his feet, uneasily staggering behind her towards the far door. Despite his fear and shame, he caught another glimpse of himself in the mirror, and once again his cock stirred. He had to admit to himself he was pleased, no proud, with how hot he looked. He noticed the buttplug had a tail, it swung from side to side and gently caressed his legs with every step.

Tamsin led Raphael through the door, which opened onto the bar's lobby. Raphael noticed the men had assembled at the entrance of the bar itself. It looked like they were all appraising him. His head started spinning and he felt his bowels liquefy. He must have stopped, because Tamsin tugged on the leash. She swung the doors open and pulled him in.

At once whistles, cheers and whoops broke out. He choked with fear and anticipation, but still Raphael took it all in and demurely looked down with a little smile. He was terrified, but at the same time pleased with such a reception. With every hip-swinging step, the sensation of the buttplug twisting in his ass made him more aroused.

As they made their way through the crowd, men were fondling his chest, spanking his ass, even feeling his crotch. Raphael's cock was rock hard by now. After a few steps, Tamsin let go of the lead. The men immediately closed in on Raphael. One grabbed him by the waist and roughly kissed him on the mouth. Once again, he choked at the hands eagerly grabbing him and the lustful looks on the men's faces.

Now two strong hands gripped Raphael's shoulders, swivelled him around and pushed him down to his knees. In front of his face, a black man unbuttoned his fly and took out his cock. Raphael looked up at him. The man glared down.

"That's right bitch, you're going to suck my cock." With that the man slapped Raphael across the face and pulled his head forward. In shock, Raphael surrendered the last of his willpower and quickly grabbed the cock. He couldn't close his hand around it. He licked it tentatively.

"You're gonna have to do better than that, bitch!" the man yelled. The crowd erupted in laughter and started cheering and clapping. Raphael opened his lips and let the head in, swirling his tongue around it. He'd sucked dildos before, pretending he was a porn actress, but never a real cock. Raphael was overwhelmed by the humiliation, yet the taste, warmth, and feeling of the cock in his mouth turned him on more than he expected. Maybe he had just found his vocation in life? He closed his eyes and abandoned himself to the moment. He gagged when the cock went into his throat, but soon the black man was rhythmically fucking his face.

Someone behind Raphael pulled his ass up by the buttplug's tail. Alarmed, he immediately realised what was to come. The man behind him pulled out the plug and squirted some lube on his asshole. One finger slipped in, then two. The fingers followed the same rhythm as the cocksucking. Raphael closed his eyes again. Soon he felt two hands grabbing his waist. A cockhead pressed against his asshole. He relaxed as best he could. With one thrust and pull on his hips, the cock was inside. Raphael shivered and moaned, ecstasy and agony combined. The man in front and the one behind started coordinating their movement.

Raphael was being fucked in the ass and the face, dressed like a slut. He forgot the shame and the fear, he was living his ultimate fantasy. He pictured himself from above, became light-headed again. Suddenly, the man whose cock he was sucking pulled out and came all over his face. For good measure he smeared his cum everywhere with his cock. Raphael ran his tongue over his lips to savour the taste. His own cock was so hard it was twitching along with his heartbeat. Another man had already taken the place of the first. He pulled the lead, Raphael grabbed his next cock.

The room became a blur. Raphael was being passed around like a fuck doll. Doggy style. Missionary style. Standing against the bar. Wrapped over one of the couches. He was always pinned down, his mouth always filled with another cock. The rush was overwhelming. Before he passed out, he caught Tamsin handing an envelope to Keith. She cast a glance at him, her prey, he realised now. That wicked smile...

* * *

"We're here, man." boomed a voice.

Raphael snapped out of his daze. The outside world came rushing in. He was in a taxi outside of his front door. His memories returned, he looked down in alarm. He was still in his slut outfit. The chemise was ripped apart. He was sticky all over, covered in cum and smeared lipstick. Raphael wanted to die on the spot. He looked at the taxi driver, shame-faced, imploringly.

"Don't worry, you're not the first. Looks like you had quite the night. Can't blame the guys, you're pretty hot", he said, matter-of-factly. "I reckon they'll have you back."

Raphael relaxed and a little smile danced on his lips. He got out of the taxi and teetered to his flat on his high heels. His erection had returned.

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