The Unknown


Mike walked into the bar, just like he did pretty much every Friday night. This was his one way to blow off steam from the week, since he didn't have a lot of friends and the friends he had weren't close.

He grabbed a stool at the bar and started looking around. He noticed a few of the regulars in their regular spots and smiled to himself, happy with the normality of his situation. Things never changed, so they were predictable. The only thing out of the ordinary was when a woman hit on him and he got lucky, which didn't happen very often.

It's not that he was a bad looking guy. Sure, he would never be on the front of GQ or anything like that, but he was just over six feet tall with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He would be considered 'cute' but not 'hot.' His nose was a little too big and he had an almost permanent five o'clock shadow. There were guys more attractive, but Mike didn't care. He was just happy with his life the way it was.

He was sitting there looking around, sipping his beer, when he noticed a brunette sitting back in the corner with her boyfriend. Since the boyfriend was there and he wasn't Twelve Beers Tall Mike, he wasn't going to go over and say anything but he couldn't help finding her attractive.

She was probably around five and half feet tall, long brown hair that cascaded over her shoulders. Her breasts were nice and round but not overly big. She had a nice smile and full juicy lips that just begged to be kissed. She was wearing a black shirt that had a semi-low neckline, just showing a little cleavage and blue jeans that were baggy on her. Probably the boyfriend's.

Said boyfriend has his back to Mike. He had broad shoulders and spiky bleached blond hair. He had on a tight black t-shirt but Mike couldn't see his pants. Mike guessed they were black jeans with combat boots or something big and macho like that.

The boyfriend stood up and even Mike had to be impressed with the amount of lean muscle he had on a frame that was probably no bigger than his girlfriend. His arms were ripped and his lats were big enough to make him do that 'muscle builder' walk with his arms up from his sides. His waist was narrow and his legs bulged slightly inside the aforementioned black jeans.

He headed off for the bathroom and Mike tried making eye contact with the girl, not trying to seduce her from across the bar...just trying to be friendly. Finally, she looked his direction and he smiled and raised his glass in a silent toast. She smiled back, a slight blush creeping into her cheeks, and raised her glass in return.

Mike turned and asked the bartender for a refill but when he turned back, the boyfriend was slipping back into his seat, leaning in as the brunette spoke to him while occasionally looking in Mike's direction. Now, Mike had to do some thinking. He had never thought of himself as gay, nor did he want to experiment in that direction. He wouldn't be averse to taking care of this lady with her boyfriend, as long as the boyfriend understood that there was going to be no male-male interaction.

Mike noticed that the boyfriend had turned his head and was looking at Mike over his shoulder, only his piercing gray eyes visible beneath his blonde hair. Mike smiled and raised his half-full glass and received a nod in return. Mike drained the rest of his drink and turned to ask for another. Usually he didn't drink this much this fast, but he was trying to get to Twelve Beers Tall Mike so he might be able to go and talk to her or the both of them together.

It seemed he need not bother because when he turned around, she was walking toward him, her hips swaying as she walked, a small smile playing on her lips. "Hi there," she said, her voice slightly husky. "We were just talking and we were wondering if you'd like to have a drink with us."

Mike looked down at his drink and then up at her, smiling. "I'd love to," he said, standing up from his stool and following her shapely behind back to her table. Mike sat down next to her, probably a little closer than he should have in the situation, but figured that they invited him over, so it didn't really matter.

Mike looked up at the boyfriend, trying to gauge his intentions. He was surprised to find an androgynous face, similar to what you would think of a pixie looking like. Elfin with pale skin. Two gold hoops earrings adorned his ears and a thin gold necklace sat close to his throat.

The brunette started speaking first. "My name is Madeline, but you can all me Maddy. This is Ricky."

Mike nodded at Ricky. "I'm Mike. Nice to meet you two."

Ricky smirked and started talking, his voice low. "You're probably wondering why we invited you over here."

"Well, the thought had crossed my mind, yes."

Maddy took over again. "Well, you seem like a nice guy and we were wondering what you were doing later tonight?"

By this time, Mike was feeling his drinks a little since he had been imbibing quite quickly. Probably a little more than he should have been feeling it, but he didn't mind. With a grin, he turned and looked at Maddy. "Well, I was kind of hoping to be doing you."

Maddy laughed nervously, color creeping into her face, turning her head away from Mike. Mike looked at Ricky and saw that he was smiling, his teeth bright white. Ricky met his gaze steadily, almost unnerving Mike. Mike blinked a couple of times, wondering what it was about Ricky that

Mike took a drink and felt a hand on his leg, looking over at Maddy and smiling. Ricky broke their eye contact, again keeping his voice low. "What do you say we get out of here and go somewhere more...private?"

Mike tore his gaze from Maddy's brown eyes and nodded, finishing his drink. Maddy and Ricky both followed suit and they all stood and walked out to the parking lot, heading for Ricky and Maddy's car. "Did you drive, Mike," Maddy asked, slipping her hand into his.

"No. I live pretty close, so I just walk over."

Maddy started to say something but Ricky cut her off. "Let's go back to our place. It's only a few miles from here." He opened the door and hit the electric locks, Maddy pulling Mike into the back seat with her.

Mike had barely sat down before Maddy had her hands all over him, feeling up his leg, brushing her fingers over his crotch. He responded, moving one hand over her breast, the other cupping her neck, pulling her into a deep kiss. She moaned into his mouth and out of the corner of his eye, Mike could see Ricky watching them in the rearview mirror, adjusted so he could watch their hands.

In only a few minutes, they arrived at Ricky and Maddy's apartment. They walked up the stairs to the second floor, Mike and Maddy still fondling and rubbing each other. Ricky unlocked the door and then stepped out of the way as Mike and Maddy clung to each other, humping each other the whole way.

Once they got inside the apartment, Mike and Maddy fell onto the couch. Ricky leaned against the end of the couch, his arms bulging as they held his weight. He had a smirk on his face, watching the two of them go at each other, and go they did.

Within minutes, Maddy had Mike on his back, his pants around his knees and his cock wrapped in those luscious lips, her head moving up and down, looking his right in the eyes. Her hand worked his shaft, Maddy keeping her touch soft. Ricky moved around behind Maddy and knelt behind her, pulling off her jeans, showing her lack of panties. He went right to work on her pussy, causing Maddy to moan around Mike's cock.

Mike groaned and exploded into Maddy soft mouth, Maddy sucking up everything and swallowing it without trouble, keeping her head bobbing slightly as Ricky licked her hard. Mike shuddered and his cock popped out of Maddy's mouth and she started to grind herself against Ricky's tongue.

Mike leaned his head on his arm and watched Maddy, her body reacting to Ricky's tongue, her face flushed. She kept looking into Mike's eyes and finally, she cried out, her whole body shaking as she orgasmed. She laid her head on Mike's stomach, her hand moving to his cock again, stroking it softly. Mike sighed and watched as his penis started to rise again in her hand.

Ricky stood up, licking his lips, looking at Mike, which made Mike a little uncomfortable, but since he didn't make a move or anything, Mike settled down.

Ricky reached down and started to pull up his shirt, his six-pack abs showing. Mike's jaw dropped when Ricky pulled the shirt over his head and saw small breasts there, nipple erect, chest muscles pushing them even further outward.

Ricky was actually Rikki!

Mike started to say something, but Maddy put a finger to his lips, shushing him. "Don't freak out on us, Mike."

Rikki pulled down her pants and boxers, Mike still shaking his head. She stood there, her legs as bulging with muscle as the rest of her, the smallest patch of brown hair situated right above her clit. She put her hands on her hips and various muscled flexed and relaxed. The look in her eyes almost dared Mike to say something.

"See," she said. "I've always been big...muscular, I mean, so I started working out and getting bigger. Guy's clothes fit better, so I always wear them. Plus, I'm more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt than a dress. Maddy is the feminine one. I'm the butch," she said with a grin.

Mike blinked at her, finally figuring out what was off about 'him.' He was a she. At least she didn't have a penis. A little muscle wouldn't be a problem. Mike finally nodded. "So, you're a lesbian then, Rikki?"

Rikki smirked again, this time her eyes alive with fire. "No. Both Maddy and I are bisexual and while we do prefer each other's company, sometimes a little meat is a good thing." With that, she knelt next to Maddy, her mouth joining her partners on Mike's cock, bringing it back to full staff.

After a few minutes of what felt like heaven to Mike, Rikki grabbed Maddy by the hair and pulled her mouth of off Mike's twitching shaft, merely looking at her. Mandy nodded, stood up and walked out of the room.

"Where did she go," Mike asked, pushing his hips up off the couch slightly as Rikki circled his cockhead with her tongue.

Rikki smiled around his shaft and then pulled her mouth off of him, continuing to stroke him up and down. "Maddy is the feminine one and I am the dominant one." She said nothing else and clamped her lips over his head, sucking on it hard.

Maddy came crawling on her hands and knees out of the back room, her head held low, something in her hand that Mike didn't recognize. She crawled right up to Maddy and bowed, her head brushing the floor. Rikki smiled around his shaft again, patting Maddy on the head.

Maddy kneeled next to the two of them, apparently awaiting orders. Rikki took command.

"Maddy, suck his cock and suck it good." Maddy merely nodded and replaced Rikki on his cock. Rikki stood up and picked up whatever Maddy had brought in and knelt behind her. She grabbed Maddy's hips and pulled her backwards, making Maddy moan around Mike's cock, the head hitting the back of her throat as her mouth opened, making her gag a little.

Rikki began pulling Maddy back hard and fast, pumping her hips forward. Mike realized she must be wearing a strap-on dildo and was fucking Maddy with it. Rikki's hands were gripping Maddy's hips hard, the skin turning pink from the friction.

As much as Mike was enjoying the never-ending blowjob, he wanted some pussy. He pulled Maddy's mouth off of his cock, letting her lean on the couch as Rikki fucked her.

Rikki looked at Mike and smirked, giving Maddy a smack on the ass, hard enough to echo through the apartment. "Say it, Maddy. Tell Mike who owns you!" She smacked Maddy's ass again.

"You do," Maddy cried out. "You do, Master!"

Mike's eyebrows rose. "I like being called Master," Rikki said. "Make me feel more in control. Now get over here and stick that big cock in my pussy." As Mike walked around Maddy's body, he could see the fake penis Rikki was using and it put his own manhood to shame with its size. Rikki looked at his cock and licked her lips.

Mike moved over behind her as she almost bodily lifted Maddy off the couch and laid her on the floor. She leaned over Maddy, fucking her with an almost downward motion.

Mike grabbed Rikki's hips and held her still, pushing himself into her wet pussy, then releasing her, letting her do all the work as she fucked Maddy on the down stroke and herself on the upstroke, grunting softly as she backed into Mike.

"Fuck me harder, Mike. I want to feel you when I'm fucking my girl with this big cock of mine." Mike obliged, putting his hands on Rikki's hips, shoving into her hard when she pulled out of Maddy.

Mike took in this whole scene and suddenly his world tumbled. Here he was, fucking this muscular woman who could probably kick his ass while she fucked her girlfriend with a strap-on that was bigger than his own penis. He closed his eye and tried to reconcile this with his normal, ordinary life. He failed and finally gave himself to the pleasure.

Rikki undid the straps to her rig and left it in Maddy's pussy, saying, "Don't move, Maddy. I'm enjoying this cock too much." She pulled off of Mike and pulled him to the floor, mounting him and riding him hard and fast, her weight holding him down, Rikki pinning his arms to the floor.

She smiled down at him. "I said I like being the dominant one." She moved forward and back on him, squeezing her pussy muscles as she did, pulling his cock along with her. "Now, fuck me, bitch. Give me your cock."

Mike grasped her hips again and started thrusting into her as hard as he could, his tailbone bouncing off of the floor as he did. Rikki rewarded him with a growl as he filled her, pulling her top lip away from her teeth, giving her the look of a feral beast.

All of Rikki's muscles contracted and released under her skin as she and Mike fucked, her arms holding her up off of him, her legs pushing her up above him and pulling her back down onto him harder than he ever had been fucked before.

Rikki groaned and growled again, Mike feeling her muscles starting to tighten inside, signaling her impeding release. He moves his hands from her hips to her nipples, pinched them hard, Rikki's hands flying up from the floor to grasp his wrists. She didn't pull his hands away, though, so Mike kept pinching and twisting.

Rikki grunted and slammed herself down onto Mike, all of her muscles twitching as she orgasmed, her teeth clenched together. She threw herself at his mouth, crushing his lips with her own, her tongue forcing it's way into her mouth. Mike sucked on her tongue and bit it, Rikki growling at him as her tongue retreated.

"Now, my little man," she said, pulling herself off of him, licking her lips. "You're going to help me fuck Maddy right." Mike didn't know what to say, so he just nodded and picked himself up from the carpet.

Rikki went over to Maddy who was still in the same place and pulled the dildo out of her, making Maddy moan. Rikki strapped it back on and laid on the floor, her 'cock' pointing straight up. "Mike," she said. "The bottle behind you on the lamp stand."

He turned and saw a bottle of lube there, so he grabbed it, instinctively knowing what was coming. He lubed up as Rikki ordered Maddy to climb onto her 'cock,' which easily ran nine inches long. Maddy nodded and straddled Rikki, slowly dropping herself onto the massive dildo, moaning as she did. When she hit the bottom, somehow taking it all, she laid down on Rikki's chest, licking at her nipples.

Mike knelt behind Maddy, touching her asshole with the swollen head of his cock, Maddy holding still as he pushed into her. Mike groaned as he slid into her ass, the tightness threatening to overwhelm him. He held Maddy's hips, his hands covering Rikki's as she too held Maddy, trying to fuck her as hard as she could. Rikki looked up at him over Maddy's shoulder and moved her hands so that she and Mike had their fingers interlaced.

Mike felt another orgasm rising and moaned his impending release. Rikki plowed into Maddy and stopped, letting his cock pull out of her. "Let's turn over, Maddy. Let Mike cum all over your face."

Rikki to Maddy in her arms and turned the two of them over without removing the dildo from her pussy, Maddy groaning at the twisting sensation inside her. "Mike," Rikki said. "Go kneel above her head and cum all over her face. Make her the little cum slut she is."

Mike moved, finally getting a look at the rig Rikki was wearing. It was the same pale color as her skin, almost unnoticeable, making her look like she indeed had a nine-inch cock. Maybe that was the idea.

Mike shrugged mentally and knelt above Maddy's head, Maddy clawing the carpet as Rikki lifted her legs and shoved the dildo back into her, rocking her body as Rikki's large leg muscles flexed and relaxed as she fucked her companion.

Mike started stroking his cock, feeling Rikki's fluids all over it and groaning, knowing he wouldn't last much longer. He moved his hand more quickly, Maddy tilting her head back and opening her mouth, her tongue sticking up into the air.

Mike groaned, unleashing his cum onto Maddy's face, some of it landing in her mouth. She lapped up all she could of the flying white substance, moving her face around trying to catch it all.

Mike collapsed onto the floor, his cock still twitching in front of him, watching as Rikki kept pounding and pounding into Maddy, rocking her entire body with each thrust, Rikki's legs pumping as she pumped.

Maddy cried out again, this orgasm louder than the first, as she dig her fingernails into the carpet, her face turning bright red from pleasure and trying to breathe. Once she regained her breathing ability, Rikki pulled out of her and unhooked her harness.

The three of them sat there looking at each other, each catching their breath. Without a word, Mike stood and collected his clothes, pulling on the minimum for public decency. As he reached for the door, Rikki put her hand on his shoulder.

"Thanks, Mike."

He smiled back. "I had fun."

"Good. Because we want you to come back and do it again."

"Okay, when?"

"Every night, Mike." Rikki smirked at him.

"What? No, I can't..."

Rikki grabbed a handful of his hair. "Listen to me, you little bitch. Every night from now on, you will meet us at the bar. Then you will come back here and fuck us both, is that understood?"

Mike was in a state of panic. "Yes! Yes! I understand!"

"Yes, what, maggot?"

"Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir! I'll come back here and fuck you every night!"

"Good, boy. Now go. And we'll see you tomorrow night." She released his hair and shoved him toward the door.

Mike nodded and walked out, realizing that his nice, neat little world had just been turned upside down. And he liked it.

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