The Unplanned Adventures of Lady M


"No thank you Baron," she replied, "I am more than happy in my work. Will we be dressing for dinner this evening Baron?"

"Oh, I don't think so, you look wonderful as you are. Just your hat and heels will be fine."

As she left for the kitchen, collecting her clothes and shoes on the way, he wondered what Lady M was having for dinner.


Dinner had been polite, good natured, and relaxing. "The cuisine was excellent Captain, please give my regards to your cook," said Lady M, placing her napkin on the tray.

"As you wish, Ma'am," the Captain replied. "Is there anything else that you require?"

Lady M considered. "What exactly were the Baron's instructions, Captain?"

"Specifically that we are to attend to your every need, to treat any of your requests as if they were his own, and to attend to them without question unless there are concerns over the safety of crew or ship," he explained.

"No exceptions then," she replied.

"None, Ma'am."

As she stood and moved away from the small table, the Captain rose to his feet, expecting to be dismissed. Instead, Lady M turned to face him, reached around to unzip her light cotton dress, and shrugged it from her shoulders, letting it fall from her body, the soft material pooling around her feet. His face betrayed nothing as she stood before him in nothing but her underwear.

"Do you understand what I require, Captain?" she asked, stepping forward out of the dress.

"Fully, Ma'am."

"It has been quite some time."

"I'll bear that in mind, Ma'am."

She stepped toward him and he moved to pull her close to him. His self-control was impressive, she thought; at no point had his gaze wavered from hers during the whole exchange. That was going to be remedied right now. As his lips closed over hers, deft fingers slipped open the hooks of her bra.


The Baron didn't need much in the way of staff on the island, the house wasn't overly large, so a gardener, a cleaner, a cook, a couple of general servants (although he hated the term), someone to look after the IT, and a personal maid worked well. There wasn't really a lot to do, and everyone had an abundance of time to themselves. The usual entourage of attendants and guards weren't required as he didn't bring any of his possessions here. And if he ever did, there was nowhere for them to run. The staff were quite used to the strange and bizarre situations that surrounded him, and had no issues with Mia often moving around the place or serving meals, totally naked, or in whatever state he required her. He'd asked them what she was like socially, and he'd been told she was friendly enough, but mostly kept to herself when she considered herself off duty, which didn't seem to be very often.

After dinner this evening, he'd dismissed everyone for the night to let them do their own things for a while, but now he found himself craving company. He felt restless, and wandered the house aimlessly, unsure what he was looking for. The cook and the IT guy were out on the beach, and the rest he'd seen playing cards in the kitchen, but Mia wasn't with them. Without realising it, he found himself outside her room. The door was open, and he stepped silently into the doorway, wondering what he'd find. The room was tidy, apart from a towel that she'd dried herself with, hung over the back of a chair, and showed little in the way of personal touches. She was sitting at a small desk with her back to the door, wearing a silk dressing gown, a laptop open in front of her. The images on the screen were quite extreme, and she appeared to have a hand between her legs.

"Mia?" he asked.

She turned around, startled. "Oh! I'm sorry Baron, I did not expect you. I'm inappropriately dressed, please forgive me."

"It's ok, I'm not angry, but I would like you to go to my room immediately, please."

She moved quickly, heading through the door and up the hall to his room, the Baron trailing a few steps behind. He caught up with her standing to attention before his bed. As she turned to face him, he took a handful of her hair and gently pulling her towards him, and kissed her full on the mouth.

"Tonight will be different, Mia," said the Baron, "but you will still do my bidding."

"Yes, Baron," she replied.

"What you were doing in your room. Show me." He commanded.

Mia dropped the gown from her shoulders to the floor, then sat and lay back onto his bed. Her hand reached down between her still wet lips, and she began playing with her clitoris. Without taking his eyes off her, he undressed and moved towards her...


Lady M awoke to the gentle motion of the boat, sunlight flooding past the curtains, and an empty pillow beside her. It was no more than she'd expected, the Captain had his job to do and she hadn't told him to stay, but it would have been nice to wake to some company. It had indeed been a long time, but he'd been as considerate as he was energetic, and she'd enjoyed the experience. His tongue, especially so. Still, she couldn't quite shake the feeling that something wasn't quite right; not exactly something missing, more like there should be something more. As she freshened up in the tiny en-suite, she tried to make sense of the vague notion that it hadn't been quite enough. What was it she needed, she wondered, pulling on a red swimsuit and wrapping a sarong around herself. It could wait she thought, heading off in search of breakfast. She checked her watch. Or possibly lunch.


As his eyes opened, the Baron felt a little disorientation at finding the sleeping woman still beside him. He'd half expected her to have quietly slipped away to resume her duties, and be waiting in her uniform to help him dress, just like every other day. But here she was. She'll be mortified when she wakes up and finds she's overslept, he thought, with some amusement. It had been a strange night. Kneeling between her legs, watching her pleasure herself, it had occurred to him that she was only the second woman ever to do that on request. Yes, there had been others, but they had needed coaxing, persuading. The first to show him without shame had been Lady M. There. There she was again. Always there, somewhere in his head. Lady M. Whatever he did, it always felt like there was an indefinable something missing, and even Mia's appetites couldn't fill the gap. And she'd creep back in. In an attempt to push her from his mind, he'd pulled Mia's hand away and buried his face into her soaking pussy, sucking and licking at her until she came, driving herself back against his mouth. He'd taken her then, hard and fast, no thought for her needs, only his own, exploding into her, then collapsing on top of her. They'd spent the rest of the night savagely exploring each other, no toys, no implements, just fingers, hands, mouths and bodies. It had served its purpose and purged Lady M from him for a while.

But not for long, he thought sitting up in bed and gazing through the full height windows to the tiny, white, triangular shape, inching towards him across the azure blue water.


Lying on the deck in sunglasses and swimsuit, wind in her hair, nowhere to be, is a wonderful way to spend time, thought Lady M. The boat was moving quickly in spite of the light wind, the huge sail area catching the faintest of breezes, and she felt at peace with the world. Sitting up to retrieve her drink, she noticed what appeared to be a small island some distance to her left.

"Captain, what's that over there?" she called, in the direction of the wheelhouse.

"It's an island, Ma'am," came the reply. "There's a few of them dotted about, some inhabited, but most not. We're pretty much in the middle of nowhere out here. Would you like to go and take a look? There could be a beach, and we could stock up on fresh water, if we can find some."

"Yes, why not? I'd like that. Thank you Captain." The idea of having a beach to herself was appealing. She felt the boat change course and aim itself towards the island, the crew working leisurely around her to trim the sails for the new heading. She didn't think it would take long to get there; it seemed to be closing fast.


The tiny white triangle was getting larger by the minute now thought the Baron, as he watched it from over Mia's shoulder. The frame in the study was arranged to look out over the sea, and from his vantage point behind the woman secured to it, he'd patiently watched the boat alter its heading and make for the island. Lady M was aboard, he knew that much, but what would happen when she arrived, he had no idea. All he could do was wait. He reached around to cruelly pinch both of Mia's nipples before moving his hands down to grasp her hips. Easing himself forward, he felt her back arch, angling her buttocks towards him, as the head of his cock pushed past the restriction of her anus and buried itself deep into her. The low groan of pleasure that came from her throat always made him smile. He loved the way she did that. Well, there was still time before Lady M arrived, so he might as well enjoy it.


She felt the auxiliary diesel engine start up somewhere in the depths of the boat, and the crew set to lowering the sails, while the captain made the approach to the island. As they'd got closer, more detail had become visible. There was indeed a pale, sandy beach, not overly wide or deep, and bounded by rocky outcrops at either end, but pleasantly secluded. However, on the low rocks at the back, stood a large two story house overlooking the bay, and off to the right, a long stone and wood jetty extended into the sea. So it was inhabited then, although there didn't seem to be any signs of life. The jetty inched slowly closer, and one of the crew jumped across with a mooring rope.

"Lady M," called the Captain, "Would you like to go ashore and see if there's anyone up at the house? I doubt that they'd mind us being here, but it's only polite to say hello."

"Good idea, I'll do that Captain," she replied, slipping her sandals back on, and tying the sarong around her waist. It was only a short step from the deck to the jetty, and it felt strange to stand on something that wasn't moving, even after only a day on board.

From the end of the jetty, it was a minute or so's walk up to the house, along a smooth, well kept, path flanked by beautifully tended flower beds. The house itself was a white, contemporary, building, surrounded by extensive gardens, with large windows and a wide and low appearance. The front door stood wide open. She reached in and knocked on the door, but there was no response.

"Hello? Anybody there?" she asked, only to be greeted by silence. "Hello? Anyone here?"

She stepped into the deserted hallway, removing her sunglasses as she peered into each room she passed, looking for any signs of occupation. The place was furnished comfortably, from what she could see; a small, well stocked library, a pleasant dining room, nicely appointed kitchen. Nothing out of the ordinary. At the end of the hall was an open door that, from the layout of the house, she guessed would lead to a lounge or study looking down over the beach. Standing at the doorway, her attention was caught by a black and white maid's uniform folded neatly on a chair, just inside the room. Lady M stepped inside.

As she stood in the room, staring around in shock, her eyes taking in the bizarre contents, an icy chill ran down her spine. And a single word burned white hot in her head.


This place had him written all over it, as did the whole situation. The room itself was pleasant, resembling a large study, with wide French windows taking up most of the opposite wall and opening onto a patio overlooking the beach. Its contents were a different matter entirely. It did, in fact, contain a large, leather covered desk (although she suspected it had spent more time supporting flesh than paper), complete with a chair and laptop, but that was where sanity ended. A hardwood St. Michaels Cross stood near the wall to her right, along with an elaborate bondage chair; a flogging bench close to the windows on her left, whipping stocks next to them; a cage in the corner, and a variety of metal creations, who's use she could barely guess at, scattered around the room; the walls covered with every implement imaginable, from floggers and paddles, to gags and hoods, and strategically placed cabinets containing smaller devices and equipment. In pride of place, in the middle of the room, stood a tall, black, wooden bondage frame, resembling nothing more than a huge, free standing, door frame, fitted with a multitude of attachment points.

And spread-eagled in the middle of the frame, facing the windows, was a woman. She was naked apart from leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles, securing her to the corners of the frame, and a thin leather strip running tightly up from between her buttocks, around her waist, and back down again. Her hair looked damp, and her body was covered in a film of sweat. Cautiously, Lady M moved further into the room, circling around to the front of the frame, strangely fascinated by the scene. When she was face to face with the woman, she found that she had been blindfolded, the leather strip emerging from between her legs was tied off across her lower abdomen, and her breasts, nipples, and stomach were covered in countless trails of candle wax, which must have taken some considerable time to apply. Her breathing was slow and controlled, and her body was rigid and trembling. She couldn't help feeling absorbed by the sight. The faint humming sound that Lady M's mind finally decided to acknowledge, seemed to bring her back to reality.

"Ok, I'm here to help, let me get you out of there," she said.

"No, up," the woman gasped.

"What?" asked Lady M.

"Up. Please. Turn it up," she replied, her urgency making itself felt.

Lady M lowered her gaze downwards as the realisation of where she'd heard the humming sound before suddenly hit her. She dropped to her knees, staring between the woman's legs. The end of a rabbit-eared vibrator, wet with her juices, jutted out from her glistening labia, the ears hard against her clitoris. It was being held firmly in place by the leather strip, and it had been turned far enough up to bring her to the edge of orgasm, but not enough to take her over. How long had she been left like this?


This is intriguing, thought the Baron, as he leaned forwards and focused his attention on the monitor. What will she do next?


Her mind screamed at her to run; her conscience yelled at her to release the woman. Something inside her had different ideas. She was familiar with this type of vibrator, and with slow deliberation, her hand reached for the control. It felt slick under her fingers, but she could grip it well enough, and a short twist turned it up to maximum. The woman began to moan, rising in intensity with each successive breath, her hips trembling as the force increased, then let out a feral scream as the pent up pressure was released. Her whole body tensed and shook, straining against its bonds, as the orgasm tore through her, wave after wave driving deep inside her. Still on her knees, Lady M watched mesmerised as the woman writhed and convulsed in front of her face, all control lost with the intensity. It seemed to go on for ever, but be over in seconds, and when finally it passed, her head dropped forward onto her chest in pure exhaustion. Her body trembled with small aftershocks for a few moments, then her legs gave way leaving her hanging from the frame by her wrists.

Lady M snapped out of her trance. She reached out and released the leather strap, turned off the vibrator, and gently eased it out of her, letting it drop to the floor. Her fingers set about unclipping the ankle cuffs from the frame, remembering something she'd heard somewhere (from the Baron himself, perhaps?) to always release from the bottom upwards, before standing with an arm around the woman to take her weight, and unclipping her wrists. Once freed, she lowered her gently to the floor, and carefully lifted off the blindfold. Blinking in the sudden light, she stared up at Lady M, a satisfied look in her eyes.

"Thank you, thank you for that," she managed to gasp. "And please, thank the Baron for me too."

Lady M was confused; what had just happened here? What had been going on?

"Ah, my dear Lady M, so good of you call," came an all too familiar voice from the direction of the door.


She stood up and stepped around the frame, carefully watching the Baron as he entered the room with his usual air of confidence. White linen trousers, grey shirt unbuttoned, barefooted, and Wayfarer shades; he looked perfect for the setting, as always.

"It's wonderful to see you again," he smiled, "It's been such a long time, and I have missed you so much. Were you just passing, or did you detour specially?"

"Hello Baron, I believe that you already know the answer to that question," she replied.

"Really? I don't recall issuing any instruction for you to be brought here. Did you not agree with the Captain to come and investigate the island? No matter, you're here now, that's all that counts. And I see that you've already met my maid, Mia, too. It's so nice to see my friends playing well together."

Lady M glanced in the direction of the woman, who was easing herself up onto her feet. She looked back in pleasant recognition.

"Lady M, it's good to meet you at last. I've heard a lot about you," she said.

"Really?" replied Lady M, turning back to the Baron. "I know you can be vindictive Baron, but what exactly did she do to deserve that?"

"Deserve it? Oh no, she didn't deserve it Lady M, she desired it. And a good performance it was too, Mia my dear. One hour and thirty eight minutes; a new personal best. You know, the first time she asked me to do this, I doubted that she'd make ten minutes, but managed twenty two before she started to beg for release. I was impressed. What do you think you could manage Lady M? Would you like to try?"

Lady M considered her options carefully before making her reply. There was no indication that she was a captive here, but there was nowhere to run either, and even the boat couldn't be considered a viable means of escape. The thing that disturbed her most however, was that a part of her wasn't sure that that it wanted to run at all.

"Are you suggesting that I try, Baron, or insisting? After all, you do have something of an advantage here. Where would I run to?"

"You misunderstand me Lady M, I was merely offering the opportunity of the experience, should wish to take it. Indeed, I would be most surprised if you did. And you're not a prisoner here, you came of your own free will, and you may leave whenever you like. I would prefer it if you stayed for dinner though, or perhaps even a few days, just to catch up on old times," he explained.

"Do I have a choice?" she asked.

"Not really, no. But the climate here is good, the food is excellent, and it's the first time we've been together with all of this equipment at our disposal," grinned the Baron. "I'm sure that I can make your stay entertaining and pleasurable for you. And we even have Mia to play with, should we feel the need."

"And what makes you think I might feel any need, Baron?"

"Well, I was quite intrigued by your reaction when you came in and found her. I half expected you to valiantly rush straight in and save the poor girl, but you didn't, instead you walked in slowly and looked first. And when you did realise the predicament she was in, you still didn't free her. In fact, you even reached in and gave her what she wanted, finished her off. Not what I would have expected at all. There may be a side to you that is still unexplored: perhaps you may want to remedy that? Well, we shall see. All in good time. Mia, could you do the honours, please?"

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