tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Unrelenting Tide

The Unrelenting Tide


"What in particular is so special about this timeline that warrants an extended visit?" Science Guild candidate Athena inquired, speaking with a polite but insistent tone to a glowing crystal that hovered in the dim light of the circular chamber, shining like a multi-faceted blue sun.

"That in part is what you must discover while you're there." The voices resonating from the floating crystal were like a sing-sing chorus behind a waterfall. "While TL-169 isn't comparable to us or the Patriarchy, it is considerably more advanced than most of the other realities we are aware of."

Management's multitude of voices continued: "We are at a point in herstory where technological civilizations remain a rarity; two centuries into this war against the Patriarchy, and still only a handful of these timelines understand the structure of the atom." There was a short, calculating pause. "TL-169's achievements include advanced telecommunications and nuclear power, making it a rare gem."

Athena looked as though she were about to speak, but reconsidered. The blue gleam shimmered eerily across her lustrous mane of ink-black hair, which framed a face of sculpted porcelain perfection that was mature while lacking any hint of the ravages of age.

Finally, the provisional member of the Science Guild nodded thoughtfully. "Perhaps a reality capable of accelerated progress possesses some secret, or some unique element or condition that might be useful in augmenting our own efforts, particularly when coupled to our technology."

"Or that of the Patriarchy," the crystal chorused. "As you investigate TL-169, be mindful of the possibility that the people of this world, or some rare element therein, might be of more use to our enemy than to ourselves."

Athena absent-mindedly fingered her erect, rosy nipples upon ripe breasts. "What measures am I authorized to undertake to prevent a potential weapon from falling into our foe's hands?"

The glimmering gemstone was silent for a moment, seemingly vibrating slightly. "In this, we will trust your discretion. You have excelled in your coursework and apprenticeships over the years. With that in mind, we believe you will have no problem passing your final exam ... and earning full, formal membership in the Science Guild."

Athena nodded, then smiled wryly, eyes growing wistful as she placed hands upon her sleek hips. "I don't suppose this is a reality without the nudity taboo?" she wondered mischievously.

"No. You are dismissed."

"Pity," Athena noted as she strode from the chamber in search of clothing to reluctantly cover the lush curves of her statuesque body.


"S-so in the end, she just wanted to ask me where - if I knew where that dunderhead linebacker Rob Brickson had ended up since high school," bemoaned Lee Tallman, a wiry, grey-eyed youth with tousled, mouse-brown hair, as he downed a glass of in-house liquor.

"Uh, I'll have another, please," he told the bartender, a woman with a smirk on her face.

"Sure handsome." She poured from a bottle with a label that sported a silhouette of voluptuous young woman who appeared to be dancing, refilling his glass with the alcoholic beverage.

"What d-do I owe you?"

"We'll just put it on your tab, handsome," the bartender remarked.

"Thanks. So ... where was I?"

"Your high school crush, Susan Collings. She called you, wanted to touch base after all these years, and you thought maybe you had a shot with her," said the green-eyed woman that sat at the bar stool beside him, showing what seemed an unusual level of interest.

She was a rare redhead, what with almost all the other women in bar and hotel having raven-black, glossy hair. That was strange really, now that Lee thought about it. He hadn't seen a single male employee since he had checked in. Just these suspiciously gorgeous women, like his current companion. Like the other waitresses, she wore a stretchy white T-shirt/tank-top with the words "Swollen Bud" written in pink letters. The sheer cloth made each pair of nipples stand in stark relief above gold-weave bikini bottoms.

"Y-yeah -" Lee gulped "- Susan Collings. She was ... incredible ... but, she was never ... I guess I never really had a chance. I'm, I'm not mad ... I'm not upset," he lied, pursing his lips. "So, uh ... I'm sorry, I'm being rude," Lee offered. "What is it really that you want from me? You've been sitting here for nearly an hour, listening to me and my sob story, without telling me what I can do for you."

"What can I say," the redheaded waitress demurred, "you looked alone, like you needed a friend. You'll find it easy to make friends in this hotel." Her green eyes glittered emerald-like as her smiling face graced her cheeks with adorable dimples.

"I'll say."

Lee's grey eyes swept the room, seeing mostly male business executives at the tables, and all of them - yes, just about all of them were joined by sumptuous babes with jet-black cascading hair, dressed in outfits that barely restrained generous pairs of breasts. All seemed unusually, no, impossibly friendly. Was there some sort of escort service operated out of this hotel? Would a price for that service too, be added to his tab?

"Heh, I'm, I'm impressed. I hope this Dark Skies Hotel opens up a franchise someday."

"Night Skies, honey. And nothing would please me more!" his companion purred, reaching a hand toward his trousers, beginning to caress his leg, toward his suit jacket, where she touched a thick, hard cylinder near a pocket.

"Wooo! Are you carrying something extra, or just happy to see me?"

Lee suppressed the urge to chuckle. He had meant to leave the pills in his room, but, oh well, no helping it now.

"No I just -" he sighed, as though caught red-handed in some crime. "The pills help with the symptoms of my autoimmune disorder, Sjogren's syndrome."

It was something Lee had always been insecure about. Was his bad luck with the ladies because of his scrawny stature, nerdy intellect, or his disorder? Did they see him as unfit? An unworthy specimen not deserving of a woman? Luckily, his gloomy thoughts were interrupted by a newscast from a wall-mounted television receiving a local broadcast.

"And in other news, President Rice extended her condolences in a formal ceremony at the United Nations building today over the recent suicide bombings in Switzerland. The president vowed that those responsible will be brought to justice. Vice President Schwarzenegger also sent a message of support from the G-8 summit in Bombay, India. It's expected that India will dominate international trade in Asia after the collapse of the Chinese government."

Momentarily distracted by the news, Lee wondered aloud: "Do you think she'll win a second term? There's been a lot of fuss over the prospect of a woman president."

"You'd be amazed at what women can do," the redhead cooed, fixing him with her green stare. What did she want with him? Lee thought. This sort of thing just doesn't happen to me! "So, your condition - it's not ... fatal, is it?"

"Er, no - just some painful arthritis, very painful sometimes, and dry mouth."

"Well, we've got just the thing here." Playfully, the redheaded, scantily clad waitress took his glass and poured the contents into his mouth with a girlish giggle.

"Mmmh, spicy stuff ... never had anything like it. What's this drink called?"

"Heh, heh. It's called 'Wild Woman,' and we brew it ourselves from a secret recipe."

Everything here seems to have a female focus with sexual undertones, Lee thought. How odd.

Aloud, "Huh. That seems to be a theme in this hotel and ... and you know, since you've got me all liquored-up, I've forgotten to even get your name."

"Patty ... and I think I've got something else to help you with your dry mouth."

And then she fastened her lips to his. I'm lip-locked with a dynamite babe that's with me just because I look lonely! Lee thought. He was just getting into the kiss when Patty suddenly pulled away.


"Turn around, lover. You've not going to want to miss this." She wheeled around his bar stool to face the stage as a voice over the intercom announced the "main event": A slick silvery pole descended onto a raised stage from a hidden shaft in the ceiling as a deeply throbbing, pulse-pounding music began.

"Ah, I wasn't sure this was that kind of bar."

Patty hushed Lee, pointing toward the stage, where a feminine silhouette began to emerge from behind some gauzy, pink curtains.

It was strange, Lee mused as he stole a glance at Patty, noticing that she, too, was watching the silhouetted woman intently. Wouldn't any other woman be jealous beyond belief if she was out with a guy and he suddenly started ogling what must be a stripper coming out on stage? Yet she alerted me!

Like many other women here, the stripper had a mane of night-black hair that flowed across her silken shoulders like liquid ebony. The makeup around her eyes and mouth sharpened the clarity of her classically perfect features with her high cheekbones and aquiline smoothness. Her lips were especially ripe and red, seeming as though someone had squashed a strawberry against her mouth. Her face reflected a certain haughty elegance that contrasted with the luridness of her profession in a way that evoked a sense of forbidden pleasures. But her face wouldn't be the center of attention for much longer ...

She tore the sheer pink film of negligee from her curvy body and began strutting and posing, arousing the basest instincts of the onlooking men. Yet she was not fully nude underneath this flimsy layer; her breasts and groin were covered with circular patches of ... of ... was that whip cream? Apparently so! Under each melon-sized breast was a shape in the form of a small cross descending from the main patch of white cream. With a delicious shimmying of her torso, lips pouting in apparent brazen lust at the audience, she took a tentative lick of her right boob, slurping away a small patch of cream, reveal ing her moist skin.

This was followed by a scintillating routine upon the pole, her hips and thighs undulating like a torrid waveform as she jiggled with teeth-clenched passion, thrusting her breasts onto either side of the pole, moaning and licking the steely shaft in a brazen simulation of what every man in the audience hoped she would do to them.

As the deep bass throbbed and boomed from hidden speakers, she took another lick of whip cream, teasingly exposing yet another area of buoyant, slick breast-flesh.

Lee, dazed and flush with embarrassment, would have figured out her pattern sooner, had he not been distracted by the tension of his rigid cock straining itself against his woefully tight pants. He adjusted his pants, giving himself a brief moment to think clearly, and - as she arched her back against the pole, panting and cooing with her mammaries thrust proudly into the illumination of the colorful stage lights while she swayed - Lee began to guess her plan. Her breasts were large enough to easily bring to her lips for more sensuous licks, her agile tongue dancing upon her nipple as her hips shimmied.

"Yes ... she's going to complete the circle ... she'll keep licking herself until she's created a hollow ring around each of her nipples ..."

As indeed the stripper did, her tits thrust moist and bare to the crowd amid raucous cheers and gasping moans - and not only from the audience. In seconds, she had started on the other boob.

"She's making Venus symbols on herself ... in whip cream!" Lee realized, as the timeless emblems of femininity where sculpted upon her tantalizing, mammalian charms.

Finally, after almost another minute of simulated thrusting and rutting, both breasts where thus decorated. The sensuous stripper slid to her knees near the edge of the stage, legs wide, breasts heaving and moist, her creamy pussy blatantly displayed to the crowd.

Her index finger drew a circle around the top part of the sugary coating slathering her womanhood.

"Now ... finish it ... finish the pattern!" she ordered with a sultry growl to the man closest to the stage. Needing no further prompting, the grizzled trucker's beefy fingers traced a cross-shape, completing the Venus symbol at her crotch.

The stripper ceremoniously thrust the middle finger on her right hand in the center, straight into the depths of her femalia with a single, slick push. The shuddering of her shoulders came before her wild scream of passion.

"She, she climaxed! She's, she's cumming ... right there on stage!" Lee exclaimed in awe.

There was no way the stripper could fake the tension in her throat muscles, the sweat on her lovely brow, the blushing of her cheeks as the routine's finale brought her to orgasm amid hurling wads of dollar bills and yelps of rowdy joy that drowned out the now-fading music.

"Please, check your glasses to see if you're our contest winner ... for tonight," the performer panted as the noise quieted down.


"Your drink glass lover, let's see if ..." Patty never finished, for as she held aloft Lee's glass of Wild Woman, there was an image darkening on its side, through some unsuspected chemical reaction just now taking place. It was an darkened outline of a voluptuous woman dancing on a pole.

"But, that's mine ... that means ..."

"BACKSTAGE PASS! TODAY ... IS YOUR ... LUCKY DAY!!" the redhead remarked with exaggerated emphasis as she smiled sweetly and gently tapped Lee on the tip of his nose.

"B-backstage pass? W-with her?!"

"She's a friend of mine. I'll help to introduce you two ..."


The stripper's name turned out to be Bobbi, and she seemed to be more than just friends with Patty, as evidenced by their familiar embrace and how the two disturbingly gorgeous women grabbed each other's shapely asses when they greeted one another.

Bobbi now wore a terricloth bathrobe that performed a valiant, if incomplete, job of concealing the full splendor of her womanly assets.

"My shift's over for the day," she told them, striding over boldly to the blushing Lee to appraise him with a smiling glance. "I know you were promised a backstage pass - but since I'm all done here, how about if I just take you up to my room instead?"

"Uhm ... well - I, I never -"

No way! This sort of thing ... it just never happened! Not to him! Lee thought. He had really never even been in a strip club before, living an almost celibate existence most of the time, trying to avoid most women. Why? Because, frankly, he feared being rejected.

"I found him for you, so I think the two of us should bring him over together," Patty suggested, surprising Lee with a firm squeeze of his buttocks.

Bring me over? What does that mean? he wondered. The longer he stayed in this Night Skies Hotel, the more confused he became.

The pair half-dragged, half pushed him to a nearby elevator normally reserved for staff. Bobbi hit the button for the 10th floor.

"OK, what's the deal? This sort of thing doesn't happen in real life," Lee observed, rolling his grayish-green eyes. "Am I on 'Candid Camera,' or am I going to wake up next morning in a bathtub filled with ice with my kidneys missing?"

Their twitters of laughter resounded through the ascending elevator. "Yup, you've got us. No backstage pass - we're just going to take you up to Bobbi's room and screw you senseless," Patti revealed.

"Uh, huh." Lee's brow furrowed in confusion. This is strange, he thought, is my hair getting longer? It shouldn't be falling past my ears like it is now. Must be my imagination.

But the lips pressed against his own were real enough, and he scarcely noticed as he was alternately pushed and pulled by the randy hotel workers into a luxurious suite.

Once upon the bed, he found himself sandwiched between the buxom beauties, each one teasing and caressing each other's flesh as often as his own. It would go quickly, Lee knew, his body trembling with excitement, lust and disbelief. His penis had never really deflated. He was tempted to apologize in advance, because he knew he wouldn't be able to last long, but his words were stifled by a plump, firm mammary that was thrust into his face, nipple nestling between his lips.

"I'm afraid I've still got some whip cream on my tits," Bobbi lamented with disingenuous regret. "I can trust you to clean up, can't I?" The ripe splendor of her decorated breasts fully occupied his mouth and lips, muffling any attempt to reply. Still, he had no regrets.

Hmm, he thought, there seems to be some kind of moisture, other than cream, coming from her nipple.

Licking the clear, warm fluid gave Lee an odd sense of euphoric bliss, but not quite as much as when a sopping wet pussy thrust itself upon his member; he couldn't see - but it didn't matter which of the lovelies had forced his rampant cock inside her womanly folds. He couldn't resist bucking his hips in pleasure as the coupling intensified into outright passion.

Yet, something felt wrong while, at the same time, the rutting felt so right, so incredible - the fulfillment of every fantasy that Lee dared not dream. He knew his penis shouldn't be so rigid, so hard, so impossibly, painfully erect. Not that his lovers seemed to mind; the hoarse yelps of unfettered lust belonged to Patty, and from the sound of her moans, and the throbs in her groin, Lee knew that she was not the type to fake an orgasm.

But there was more. Had the winner of the alleged "Backstage Pass" not been so drunk with lust, he might have noticed, and worried about, the tingling rippling across his skin, the strange tension pulsing across his chest, or the odd feeling in his hips, a pushing pressure in his pelvis - almost as if his hips were widening ...

(((They're widening to contain fertile ovaries and to someday swell with your young.)))

What? Where did that come from? Lee thought. Why would I imagine such a thing?

"I think - hmm - it's good compensation," Bobbi murmured between grunts of lust as she switched Lee's sucking mouth to her other breast.

"I admit, he was cruel to all the shy guys, the nerds in high school," the stripper continued.

Something tugged again at the back of Lee's mind, but he was was too busy enjoying the sensation of suckling the clear moisture from her other nipple to pay any heed to it, let alone ask Bobbi what on Earth she might be talking about.

"I ... he was extremely insecure around studious types - AHHHH!" Bobbi continued, eyes squeezed shut. "Secretly, he was afraid that his athletic skills wouldn't amount to much in the future, wouldn't get him a scholarship. He was worried that the brainy types would get all the jobs, and power. So he tried to make life a living hell for you, Lee. And a few others he deemed nerds."

"WH-mmphllph?" The rational part of Lee's mind was admittedly curious, but it was much more fun to suck and fondle these spectacular tits rather than disengage his mouth long enough to form coherent words.

"So I figure ... I should make up for how Brick treated you by making sure you had mind-blowing sex with two incredible babes."

Bobbi pulled away from Lee's mouth, thrusting his head back against the satiny pillows. "Oooh! Look, Pat. Aren't his eyes the most brilliant shade? Almost like an emerald meadow."

How can that be? Lee thought. My eyes are gray - yet she's saying they're sort of green! And I'm not wearing colored contacts!

Bobbi straddled his chest while Patty rutted away on his penis, which was more rigid and more electrified than Lee had ever imagined possible. Patty spread her legs, the blossom of her twat glistening in the light - was her hooded clit pulsing with lust? Were those lower lips widening with an urge to devour his manhood? Those questions and more shot through Lee's astounded mind.

Then the scent struck him. It was a very subtle, but somehow he was breathing in a faint aroma that seared his nerves and fanned the fires of his desire. His lips twitched and his cock surged in anticipation. The stripper smothered his smoothing, softening face with her drenching cunt. Without thinking, without wondering, he began licking, sucking and tasting her depths, another surge of euphoria momentarily disconnecting him from his surroundings, thrusting him into a pillowy realm of erotic wonder.

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