tagNonHumanThe Unseen

The Unseen


A streak of blue ripped open the sky; a crack of thunder shook the ground, as Cammie made her way thought the tangle of weeds that used to be a front walk. She glanced down at her watch in the next flash of lightning.

"DAMN IT! It's after midnight already!" She stooped to untangle her heel, "I hope there is electricity." As she stood, the sky opened up and sheets of icy needles began to prick her skin.


Cammie began to run toward a dark, imposing, old house. Tripping and falling she made her way up the rotted, unstable front steps. The wooden porch groaned with each of her high heeled steps, as she made her way to the double French doors. With her skin muddy and blue form the cold and her teeth chattering, she managed to unlock one of the doors. Feeling around the inside, she blindly searched for a light switch. Cammie's searching fingers found one; Click: nothing; Click: Click!

A warm trail of tears began snaking their way down her cold muddy cheeks.

Cammie's trip from Chicago had taken a lot longer than she had anticipated. She had gotten to this little town of Carmichael after dark. On impulse, Cammie had decided to check out her newly inherited ancestral home; even though it was after dark, and the weather had decided to get harry. She hadn't, however, expected not to be able to pull her old, beat up, rusted out, Chevy into the driveway. Cammie was not one to give up; she decided to hoof it.

"And now it's after midnight, I am wet, cold, tired, and hungry." She mused out loud, her voice echoing in the too dark entry way. "I am sure that all the motels in this STUPID little town are closed for the night, and there is NO FUCKING ELECTRICITY!"

From the darkest corner, deep with in the recess of the house, It watched; naked lust in Its eyes. It could smell her; perfume, woman, and rain. She was wearing a skirt so short, It could almost see her young pussy, a blouse so flimsy, her nipples were clearly visible. It watched them jiggle when she stopped her high heeled feet, feeling himself hardened.

"I must posses her!" It growled through unseen lips, "I will taste of her flesh, and drink from her juices. She will be mine!"

It began creeping closer to the woman still standing by the front doors.

Cammie stood there, wondering what she should do. "It's too dark to see anything, and too wet to back to the car. Guess I am stuck in this creepy old house all night. I had better get my head out of my ass, and find candles or something so I can at least find a place to sleep." She gave a dramatic sigh.

A flash of lightning so brilliant the whole entrance way was lit for a split second showed her, that not even two feet from her there was an old fashioned candelabrum. She dug around in her purse until she found her lighter, and using her hands on the walls she felt her way over to it. "Thank God there are still candles in it." Cammie was just too damn tired to explore. All she wanted to do was find a decently clean room with a non-infested bed.

It had slunk deep into the shadows when she had lit the branch of candles. Now it watched, invisible mouth drooling, as she made her way up stairs. Each step she took made It that much hornier. Its cock was so hard it was painful. "Climb you little bitch, wiggle that pert little ass!"

Cammie made her way to the second floor. She opened the first door she came to, brandishing the branch of tapers in front of her, she peeked inside. "Oh my Gawd," She exclaimed, "This is so beautiful!"

The room was huge. The walls were papered with pale, nearly white roses. On one wall was the biggest fireplace she had ever seen, complete with a huge stack of wood. Opposite from the fireplace was a four poster bed, so tall she figured she would need a step. The bed was covered with white chintz and linen so soft, it felt like silk. "I have died and gone to heaven!" Cammie found the bathroom, and filled the sink with the bottled water she carried with her. "Well it's not hot, but at least it's clean." She stripped down and began washing up, admiring herself in the gilt mirror. High pert breasts, with pink nipples, trim waist (almost a six pack of abs) "I am so glad I bought that bow flex. MMM girl, you look sooo good!" Cammie smiled, and began washing her clean shaven pussy with tender loving care. Her fingers found her happy button and began rubbing slowly, enjoying the tingling feeling she always got when she played with herself in front of a mirror.

It watch her ministrations from the door way, reaching down to play with Its cock. It crept up behind her, and grasped one of her breasts. "What the hell?" Cammie gasped. It smiled and reached out to touch her now wet pussy. As Its fingers caressed the outer lips, Cammie jumped, slipped and bumped her chin on the sink.

When she next opened her eyes; a fire was crackling, and several more candles had been lit. Cammie tried to sit up, and found that her hands and feet were tied to each bed post, rendering her nearly helpless. Her legs were spread so far apart she could feel the heat from the fireplace on her moist hole. She began to struggle, twisting her torso this way and that. A low evil laugh drifted to her ears. "Don't struggle, little slut. It will be better for you."

"Wh-who are you?" Cammie gasped, her eyes open saucer wide. "What are you going to do?" She could not keep the fear from her voice.

Cammie could not see anyone, but instead she felt a warm moist touch on her damp cunt. Instinctively she tried to close her legs. "Cease!" It commanded. The invisible tonguing continued. "Stop!" Please, I can't see you. What are you doing to me? OH, it feels SO good!"

Cammie could see fingerprints on her skin, where invisible touches were happening. Her tits were being tweaked and squeezed; her pussy was being deliciously munched. 'Oh God,' she thought, 'I am a slut!' It was moving Its fingers up toward her tits. Cammie could feel its body pressing down on hers. A HUGE penis was pressing against her sopping hole. "Oh God, its not going to fit, feels good, yes, OH shit, yes, yes, yes!!!" She had never felt so full, stretched to the limit like she was now. She could feel it moving in and out of her, fast and hard. Cammie felt It tense, It was getting close; so was she. She could feel her orgasm building from her toes. Her pussy was getting wetter by the minute. Her juices were literally running down her crack and dripping into her asshole.

Then it stopped.

"Wh-What are you doing?" Cammie panted, "Don't stop, please, don't stop."

Cammie felt the weight being lifted off her, and moved. She felt its cock press against her lips. 'Hmmm,' she thought, 'What would ghost cum taste like?' She opened her mouth and swallowed him down. It was so huge; she had to concentrate on relaxing her throat so she wouldn't gag. "MMMM, you taste so good!" It was fucking her face, even harder and faster than it had her cunt. She could feel it tensing; It was getting close to cumming. She could tell. And just like that it stopped.

Before, Cammie could say a word, her hands and feet were released, and she was flipped on her belly. It lifted her ass way in to the air, she was nearly floating. A finger was inserted into her cunt, and one into her ass, as It began to play with her clit.

"Oh, yes, finger my ass, you ghoul!" Cammie moaned.

It removed its fingers and proceeded to try to insert its cock into her tight little bung hole.

"That won't fit in there." She began to panic, "Oh please no!"

Of course it didn't pay any attention to the naked woman on the bed, and crammed itself into that tight little brown eye. It grunted in satisfaction, as it began to rub her hard little nubbin of pleasure faster. Pumping Its dick in and out of her now well lubed ass. Faster and faster it fucked her. Cammie couldn't help but moan. She had never felt so full. Each time he pulled part way out and slammed back in her back door, she got closer to orgasm. And then it happened, from her toes, to the top of her head, the orgasm rocked her. With her body quivering and sweat running down, between her tits, It pulled out and rolled her over. With an eerie moan, and quiver, It came. Cammie felt it hit her lips and tits, she stuck out her tongue.

"Mmmm, baby, that tastes so yummy." With fingers, still quivering from after shock, she scooped up the cum that she couldn't see, and swallowed every invisible drop.

When Cammie awoke the next morning, she found herself on the floor in the foyer. She was covered in dried mud and dust. The door she had come in was still open. She stood up and stretched, noticing that her panties and bra were no longer on her body. She seemed to have something dried on her tits.

"Was I dreaming?"

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