The Unusual Berries Ch. 01


Judith gave a cute little squeal of delight, and moved back in for a kiss, their breasts no longer smashed against each other as they had been before, but now bumping into each other, giving both women a pleasurable little jolt with each grazing. Hetty now pushed one of her fingers in between Judith's vagina lips, feeling her hard clit and pushing back and forth on it. This evoked the response she was hoping for, as Judith nearly instinctively plunged her tongue again into Hetty's mouth. Sucking and gently teething Judith's tongue, Hetty pressed harder on Judith's clit, and now made to penetrate further into Judith. Starting small, waves of energy and adrenaline and hot passion flowed through Judith's body as Hetty began to explore her with her fingers. As the waves crashed and roared through Judith, her orgasm coming closer and closer, she began to rub her hand up and down Hetty's ass, and at the same time squeezing and pinching her own nipple more and more. Finally, as Hetty plunged two of her fingers as deep as she could up into her sister and furiously pushed in and out, Judith's orgasm over took her, and she convulsed in blind hot sexy passion, pushing her finger again up into Hetty, this time as much for herself as for Hetty, and the two kissed and pushed their tongues into each others mouths at an unbelievable rate.

After what seemed to both as an unimaginably long period of pure hedonistic pleasure, they felt their energy start to leave them a bit, and they both relaxed, pulling their fingers out of the other's orifice and wrapped their arms around the other and kissing each others lips gently. Trying to get their footing, the two only managed to get their legs crossed with each other, and without a care in the world for anything else, the two plunged into the water, their hair slowly melding into the others. As the seconds went by, the two slowly let go of each other, and surfaced for air. They came back up, both with a sort of dazed look on their face. Judith felt as if everything was spinning, and by the look on her face figured Hetty's was too. With a sense of urgency, Judith grabbed Hetty's hand and headed for the sandy spring. When they reached dry land, both fell over and quickly fell fast asleep.

Judith opened her eyes knowing immediately that some time had passed but could remember little of what had happened. The last thing she recalled was heading up to a clearing, but judging from the sun's place over head she realized that that must have been a while ago. Sitting up she realized that not only was she start naked but she was also covered in sand. She looked over at Hetty, who was curled up next to her, and was surprised to see that she too was naked and covered in sand. Something about the image made her stop, the way the sand clung to Hetty's naked ass and breasts almost like a second skin, and a strange little flame in her sparked for just a moment. Judith woke Hetty up sweetly.

"Hetty, you have to wake up."

"Oh, Judith..." Hetty said, slowly opening her eyes. As she focused, her eyebrows shot up, and she jolted back a few inches at seeing her sister's breasts hanging freely before her, only inches from herself, covered in a thin layer of sand.

"Judith! You're completely naked!"

"So are you Hetty!" Judith responded. She had to move back quickly as Hetty bolted upright, realizing that she was in fact completely naked.

"We must have gone swimming or something Hetty."

"But we always wear our bathing outfits for that. You know how particular father is," Hetty said.

"I know that Hetty," Judith said impatiently. "But obviously we did something, otherwise the sand wouldn't be sticking to us like this." Hetty watched as Judith tried brushing the sand off her large breasts, mostly to no avail.

"Wow, it's really on there," Hetty said.

"Do you mind?" Judith said, annoyed.

"Oh, sorry." Hetty looked away.

"Alright, let's just go wash off and put our clothes back on."

"But how will we dry off?" Hetty asked innocently, looking back at her naked sister.

"We can't exactly air dry, so we'll just have to put our dresses on separately. Come on now, before we're seen." Judith knew perfectly well that the chances of her being seen were practically none (except by her sister), but she didn't care. She felt uncomfortable as it was, as bad as an Indian woman. She got up and went into the water, and started rubbing her hands all over herself. She was quite surprised to find sand all the way up her legs, which seemed rather unlikely if they had just laid down after swimming. Deciding not to worry about it, Judith finished washing off and went back on shore to her dress and shorts, which she quickly put on. Hetty followed suit soon after, and both got into the boat with little other words, heading back to the castle.

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