tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Unwitting Guardian Ch. 09A

The Unwitting Guardian Ch. 09A


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The next few days were truly hellish. Ryna and the Shining Fangs (which he unsuccessfully tried to rename several times) built up defenses throughout the 1st year hall, with the HQ located in the nurse's office. Their efforts took the shape of choke points and ambush spots being set up throughout the floor, with iron cut-off walls that forced anyone who encountered them to follow along the indicated path. With all the traps he and Ulgo had installed, Ryna was sure that they would be safe long enough to finish the training he had been putting the Shining Fangs through

Whenever he had been able, Ryna made sure to bring fresh food and water to Sensara, despite the fact that their refrigerator was full in their dorm. He made sure to keep time frozen though, for fear of both her wrath and that he would crack and let her out if he heard her voice. It had been nearly impossible for him to lock her in the room the first time, and trying to do it again would just tear him up inside.

"This is for her protection," he thought after one of the food drop-offs, "so why does it feel so wrong?"

About 2 weeks into the preparations for the anticipated war with the upperclassmen, Ryna received an urgent summons to Iures' office near the end of the day.

I think this meeting is not going to end well for us Carl warned after Ryna had read the summons.

"Relax Carl, Gramps probably just wants to know why we're building crazy mazes and whatnot in the hallways. Admittedly, it does seem really strange, but we have a good reason," Ryna said. He had long since told his classmates about Carl's existence, and they didn't regard him as crazy whenever he seemed to be talking to himself anymore.

Even still, I don't like it. I have survived for ten thousand years based off of my intuition--

"--You have been inside of my ancestor for 10,000 years, and our intuition and abilities have kept us alive," Ryna corrected. He decided not to pause Ulodny, in all its beautiful colors and buildings, for the trip to Iures' office. It wasn't a long walk, and he was admitted by the receptionist immediately upon his arrival. But as the elevator's doors opened, a look of mild surprise flashed across his face.

"Well, this is a surprise," he said, looking around the room. Sitting in the conference room that fills the first part of Iures' suite were prominent members of all three of the other years.

"Look at the little troublemaker first year! All alone, with no friends!" one of the guys sitting at the table declared as Ryna walked in. Ryna recognized him as a third year student, but couldn't quite remember his name.

"Hush Leo!" Iures said from the far end of the table, "Ryna ma' boy, this here is an assembly of all of the two highest ranked students from each year. From the second years, we have Humboldt and Ralor. From the third year we have Leo and Susana. And finally, from the fourth year, we have Markan and Natalie. I'm sure you all recognize Ryna here?"

A collective "Yes," rose from the group. Ryna took one of the two available seats near the end of the table closer to the elevator.

Well, this is a fine predicament you have here Ryna. Everyone here except for those two of the oldest year bear some anger toward you Carl announced, alerting Ryna to the possible danger he was in.

"Well, I guess we should get started then," Iures said, sighing heavily, "Ryna, would you care to explain why a large group of people, who seem to be working for you are building battlements throughout the first year floor?"

"Well, long story short, Sensara got kidnapped by one of the third year groups, and I retaliated by severely injuring several of the kidnappers, and rescuing Sensara--"

"Bullshit! No one I know did anything of the sort!" Leo roared. Ryna didn't need Carl to see the sudden flicker of fear in his eyes.

"--We expect that there will be a severe retribution for our actions, and are taking measures to protect ourselves from any threats," Ryna finished, trying hard to speak formally.

"And where is Sensara now? She would be the easiest method to unveil the truth, would she not?" One of the fourth years, Markan, asked.

"Yeah, she would be, but I am not risking her again, so I put her somewhere safe, and she isn't gonna leave there until I am certain she will be safe," Ryna said flatly. In the corner of his eye, he say Iures nod in approval, but the rest of the group was not quite as nice.

"I think he is hiding her because he doesn't want her to reveal that he just attacked the third years without any provocation!" Humboldt declared. Ryna looked at him for a second before he recognized him as the man whose gang he had obliterated before he had found Sensara.

"Clearly Ryna is not willing to move on his position. However, as he said, when he is convinced that she will be safe, he will bring her out of wherever she is. In order to meet that requirement, why don't we make some sort of peace treaty?" Iures suggested, pulling out a piece of official-looking paper.

"Gramps, I get this weird vibe that this was your plan for the whole time," Ryna remarked, bringing a grin to the old man's face. The peace treaty was not particularly complicated: Ryna was to dismantle his defenses, and bring in Sensara to explain what had happened. In return, there was a complete guarantee that she would be safe, and that there would be no retaliatory action by any other year, and no punishment from the school until the truth was ascertained. Every person present signed without hesitation except for Leo, who hesitated for a fraction of a second before he gave his signature to the paper.

Just as Ryna turned to go, Iures spoke up again. "If there is any retaliatory action, let's say there is just for arguments sake, I will leave it up to the victim or victims to decide what to do then. I hope there will be a more diplomatic solution this time,"

That just left Ryna to let Sensara out of the room, and somehow survive the process. Which is exactly what he spent the walk to the dorm trying to figure out, and he wasn't having much luck. He arrived at the door with the solid plan to just throw himself at her knees and beg forgiveness, which, he reasoned, would delay her reaction long enough for him to get inside, which would then prevent anyone else from hearing his dying screams.

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be I guess. Locking the girl you love up in a room for two weeks is never a good idea, just as future reference, Ryna," he thought as he began to enter the password he had set on the door. Blood pounded through his ears as it slid open, revealing an empty bedroom.

"Hello? Sensara? You here?" Ryna exclaimed, panic rising in his voice. He entered slowly, looking for any sign of his girlfriend. He searched both the kitchen and the bedroom and didn't find her. He walked back into the bedroom and began to inspect the windows for any signs of breakage, figuring that, if someone was going to try to take her, they would try it at night when she was sleeping.

However, the lack of any signs of breakage sent Ryna's heart plummeting. He began to shout her name, and his shouts devolved into wails when no response came for several minutes. In despair, he threw himself face-down on the bed, wracking his brain for any way that she could have been abducted, and where she could be.

In the depths of his despair, he failed to hear the bathroom door open, and a humming, naked Sensara walk out. Her eyes lit up, but her expression became hard, demanding a full apology. She managed to get his attention cy clearing her throat loudly. He looked up at her disbelievingly at first, but then a heartwarming look of complete relief and happiness flooded him. He practically flew up to grab her.

"Sensara, I am so so so so so soooo sorry about leaving you in here. I missed you so badly, I couldn't stand it, " he said, apologizing. Instead of replying, she gave him a "there-better-be-more-than-that" look.

"You do realize just how pissed I am at you, right?" she said, her tone dangerous. Ryna caught the tone, and pulled her into his arms.

"I love you, I love you, and I know it will be hard for you to forgive me, and I promise I won't ever do it again," Ryna whispered into her ear. Suddenly he pushed himself away from her, "I would understand if you don't forgive me, or even break up with me. locking you in here was terrible! And I never should have done it, but seeing you get hurt would have killed me, so I overreacted... a little,"

A little?! You locked me in here for TWO WEEKS!! I oughta dump you--"

"I'll leave then," Ryna said dejectedly. Crestfallen, he began to walk toward the door, but Sensara caught his arm.

"--but Ryna, I won't ever leave you, I love you! And I get why you did it, I probably would have done the same thing if I were you," she said. Ryna's entire being lifted instantly, and Sensara lifted a hand to gently caress his cheek, "I forgive you, on one condition,"

"What is it?" Ryna asked, wrapping his arms around her as if to prevent her from ever leaving his side again. The pure, unadulterated elation he felt at being forgiven for what he had done began to seep through his face until it seemed as though her were glowing with happiness.

"You have to be completely mine for the rest of the school year. No ifs ands or buts about it," she said, putting her arms on his shoulders.

"Hmmm... I dunno," Ryna said jokingly. He had quickly recovered from the torrent of emotions that had flooded through him just moments before.

"That is my first command from the last promise you made me, so deal with it," she said, the look on her face not reflecting her stern tone.

"Why do I get the feeling that this isn't going to be as romantic as you made it sound?" Ryna asked sarcastically. Sensara ignored him and nestled her head on his shoulder. after a few minutes of silence, Sensara spoke again, but in a much softer voice.

"I was so lonely without you here with me," she murmured.

"I missed you too, I couldn't take it anymore. Even if Gramps hadn't called the meeting, I was going to come see you soon," Ryna admitted. They made their way to the dorm's couch and sat down, letting Sensara snuggle up next to him even further.

"Grandfather had to make you come see me? Is that true?" Sensara asked, alarmed at the possibility that she wasn't leaving.

"No, he called the meeting to discuss the defenses we have built around the first year floor. Then we signed a treaty between years to insure protection from any kidnappings or fights. That's why I have decided it was safe for you to leave here. But I was going to come see you anyway," Ryna explained.

"There was a treaty? Really? Wow, Grandfather really went old-school on that one," Sensara chuckled. Ryna, however, was preoccupied with something else.

"I don't want to ruin our romantic reunion or anything, but I haven't so much as touched you for two weeks. I am dying, like, for real," Ryna whispered into her ear as he wandered downward, kissing her neck.

"Mmm, I haven't even seen you, and nothing in here feels as good inside me as you do, so how do you think I felt?" she replied, moving so that more of her neck was exposed to his touch.

"I don't suppose you tested that, did you?" Ryna asked, laughing. Sensara blushed fiercely, and playfully punched him in the stomach.

"Maybe I did. A girl has to get off somehow," she said indignantly.

"Great, now the room is going to smell like pussy for the next few days," he said sarcastically. Before she could answer though, he leaned past her neck and kissed her. Filled with passion and hunger, Sensara quickly melted, letting Ryna dominate the kiss.

But Ryna wasn't satisfied with just the kiss. His hands worked their way down her naked body in between her legs. Immediately, he went to work, teasing her clit with one finger, while rimming her pussy's lips with another. A third finger was employed to thrust into her womanhood, earning a moan from Sensara.

Sensara's hands were also busy; busy removing her boyfriend's belt and pants. Needless to say, they were off quickly, and her hands moved to their true prize. Both of them were easily aroused after the weeks apart.

"Ryna, now," Sensara demanded. Ryna wasted no time. He leaned her back on the couch and spread her legs. In one thrust, he entered all the way to the base of his cock, provoking an orgasmic scream from Sensara.

"Oh, someone was really looking forward to when I came back," Ryna teased, smirking.

"Shut... up..." Sensara managed to get out while she came down from her orgasm. Ryna began to thrust again, each one earning moans and lusty growls from Sensara.

"More... more! Fuck me harder Ryna!" she exclaimed. She began to grind up and down through his thrusts, desperate to find release again. It came quickly. The weeks she had been without him had made her very sensitive, and it didn't take long for Ryna to realize it and use it.

"Just like this?" Ryna asked teasingly while he adjusted himself so he could thrust deeper into her. Her cries reached a higher pitch than Ryna had thought she was capable of, bringing a smile to his face. Her pussy tightened as she flew into another orgasm.

"AHHH!! YES RYNA!" she screamed, her eyes watering from the pleasure. He leaned into another kiss, playful this time. He pecked lightly at her lips, occasionally catching one in between his. Her whole body felt warm and loved, and she absent-mindedly wrapped her legs around his back.

"Sensara! I'm coming!" Ryna panted. A little squeeze in her pussy and her legs, and he knew what she wanted. He erupted inside her, coating her pussy walls with his spunk. She threw her head back in pleasure, and let out a long moan.

It was a little while before Sensara realized that her legs were still holding Ryna secure, making him unable to pull out. She flushed, then quickly let him free. He grinned teasingly, then got up to put on his pajamas.

"There is nothing like the feeling of wearing warm flannel pants," he remarked as he pulled them up over a fresh pair of boxers.

"Oh? I thought I felt the best." Sensara teased.

"You feel good in different ways," Ryna replied. He sat back down on the couch next to her, and pulled her into his lap.

"Which would you prefer then: me, or flannel pajamas?" she asked, shifting into a comfortable position.

"Well... I have known these pants a lot longer than I have known you. You could say that we're old pals," Ryna joked, kissing her forehead.

"So the pajamas then," Sensara said, raising an eyebrow at her lover.

"I mean, I've got history with these PJ's. We've been through thick and thin together!" Ryna exclaimed, rubbing the pants affectionately.

"Really? What in the world have you gone through with PJ's on?" Sensara questioned.

"From the time I got here, and I saw these in the campus store window, I knew that they would be on me eventually. So I struggled at my part time job as a lemonade stand worker, selling like a fiend so that I could afford these beautiful pants. Then I would go and talk to them every night while you were asleep, telling them that we would be together soon," Ryna explained.

"I don't want to believe you, but it seems like something you would do," Sensara said, trying to figure out if he was telling the truth. She was pretty sure that he wasn't but the absolute adoration he seemed to feel for the pants, judging by the way he kept stroking them, it was entirely possible that he actually did that.

"Nah, most of that I just made up," Ryna said, shifting his gaze from the pants to Sensara.

"Most of it?" Sensara asked, her curiosity piqued.

I actually did eye it for weeks. But there was no lemonade stand, or talking to them in the middle of the night," Ryna admitted.

"What made you buy them all of a sudden?" Sensara asked.

"Hahaha, well, its a funny story actually," Ryna began awkwardly. Sensara knew something was up.

"Is it? Let me hear it then," she said, putting fake impatience in her voice.

"Well, during one of my food drops, I happened to notice that your cred-card was just sitting in the open on the bed, so I picked it up to put it back in your purse. Then I remembered these babies, and I was like 'It must be done', and bought them," Ryna said, gently stroking her hair, preemptively trying to calm her down. Instead, she just nodded.

"I see, and how much were they?" she asked, a devilish glint coming into her eyes.

"Uh-oh" Ryna thought, "Um, about 12 bucks, if I remember right,"

"Hmmm. And how much lemonade do you think would you have to make to recover my 12 bucks?" she asked, sounding halfway between teasing and dangerous.

"Umm, not that much. Why do you ask?" Ryna queried. He already knew pretty much what she was thinking, but he asked anyway just to play along.

"See, my thinking here is that you could work a lemonade stand on campus for the next weekend or so; however long it takes you to make 12 bucks back for me," she explained, grinning evilly.

"That sounds like a great plan, but wouldn't you rather that I payed it off with my body instead," Ryna suggested, doing his best to keep from laughing.

"Trust me, I am going to have my way with you for the rest of the year, there is no need for you to pay anything back with your body," she said, resting her head on his chest.

"No way at all?" he asked.


"I guess I have to start on Saturday then," Ryna sighed. He picked her up princess-style, "Well sweetheart, I've had a long day, so I'ma go hit the sack,"

"I haven't done much today, thanks to someone's paranoid tendencies, but I am rather tired as well. Cumming three times is tough on a girl, you know," Sensara teased. They were both in bed for a while before Sensara remembered something.

"Ryna," she said quietly. She saw him stir slightly, and decided that he was awake enough. "I love you," she said, snuggling against his back.

"Yeah, I love you too," Ryna mumbled.

The next day, they walked to school together, and, with their usual parting kiss, made their way to their respective classrooms. Ryna was greeted with raucous applause and cheering upon his arrival into the classroom.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Ryna asked, slightly confused. "Is it my birthday? No. My anniversary? I hope not or Sensara would have killed me. A school holiday? Nope, or I wouldn't be here. Maybe they finished the defensive battlements. It is gonna suck to take those down after 2 weeks of work." Ryna thought, waiting for the applause to die down.

"Boss! We thought you were a goner!" one of them shouted.

"Yeah, when you never came back after the summons, we thought they might've put ya' on death row or something!" another one cried.

"Haha, nah, I just went to visit Sensara afterwards. Sorry guys, didn't know you wold worry so much," Ryna said apologetically.

"So what was it about?" they asked, almost entirely in unison.

"I mean, it was supposed to be top secret but..." Ryna said, pretending like he wasn't going to spill.

"But boss, we won't tell anyone!" they exclaimed.

"Alright, but only cuz' I have absolute faith in your ability to keep secrets," Ryna said, dragging it out as long as he could.

"Uh-huh boss, we can keep secrets, for sure," they affirmed.

"Basically, it all came down to a showdown between me and the 3rd year boss," Ryna exaggerated, "In the end, I forced him and the other year bosses to sign a treaty that said they wouldn't touch Sensara or us,"

"Wow boss, you're so cool!" they cheered.

"Honestly here, these guys sound like frickin' 7-year olds, but whatever, as long as they're happy," Ryna thought, shaking his head and laughing.

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