tagRomanceThe Unwritten Rules Ch. 03

The Unwritten Rules Ch. 03


Author's note:I'm sorry this part took me so long to complete. I'll try to get part 4 to you guys a little faster but I can't promise it. Hope you're enjoying The Unwritten Rule none the less!


Diary Entry 24/01/2013

I had the most disturbing yet erotic dream last night.

I was running through a dark forest. It did not feel like night but like the whole area was encased in a black, ominous bubble. There were chains all over my naked body. The more I ran, the heavier they became. I had no idea who or what I was running from yet I was afraid like I'd never been in my life.

Suddenly I broke into a clearing. It was warm and a beam of light shone through, illuminating the small area. There were flowers, hundreds of them and tiny insect buzzed around. In the center of it all stood Yuri.

He was nude, gloriously so, with his cock full and pointing toward his stomach.

"Come to me," he said and I left the darkness behind. The chains fell away with every step I took and ribbon-like extensions reached from behind Yuri and replaced them. They were warm as well, and soft.

Our bodies touched and as I looked into his brown eyes my fear was replaced by something I could not define, something that made me want to run away yet need to stay exactly where I was. He lowered me to the ground and the ribbon encased us in a cocoon with only the barest amount of light filtering through.

He made love to me tenderly and just as I was about to cum, he said something that I could not hear no matter how much I strained. Even though he was pressed against me, his body hard in mine, he seemed far way and I could not reach him.

I woke up with tears on my cheeks and my chest aching, feeling like I lost something precious before I had a chance to treasure it.


The surf tickles my bare toes. I barely feel it though the sensation is one I love. I barely see the picturesque sunrise either. My mind is a clutter and has been since I nearly had sex with my best friend two nights ago.

Just remembering has my sex clenching in wanting and my chest tightening in panic.

He is everything I thought and so much more. Tender. Masterful. Dominant yet not overbearing. All rolled up into the one man I have loved most of my life. Looking into his eyes on Friday night I was forced to admit I am in love with him. But no matter how sudden the realization, it was not surprising.

It is all the more reason to keep our relationship platonic. I cannot risk our friendship over something sure to fail. I am a broken woman and Yuri deserves so much more than a woman with far too much emotion scars. I thought them healed until that night but they are all too real and still bleeding.

Vowing to never becoming involve with a man like my father, self-involved and withdrawn, I married the splitting image of him personality-wise. Karim Remy was a classically handsome man. His blond curls rioted around his face, giving him a mischievous air that the twinkle in his baby blue eyes promoted.

Eighteen years when we met, and so very naïve, I fell fast and hard for his cool looks and charming demeanor. His manners were exquisite and I never heard him speak in anything other than a low-pitched bass. He was the epiphany of southern gentleman.

Until our honeymoon.

My virginity was taken with callous calculation and I found out our marriage was nothing more than a business merger by our fathers. Karim had been gifted with a million dollars and a promotion in his father's company to play the doting suitor and husband. I'd been sold like a broodmare. Physically, I hurt for days after. Physically and mentally I was devastated especially after hearing my mother's response when I told her what happened. "You did not think a man like that would look your way without some help, did you?"

My father had simply commanded, "Do your duty."

With no help forthcoming from my parents and no resources of my own, I had no choice but to endure my loveless marriage. Karim took me many times after that night, never with any feeling other than contempt. I learned to retreat into myself when he did. He called me frigid and said I was unable to please a man. I took his words to heart.

Embarrassed that I'd been so gullible, I hid the fiasco my marriage turned out to be behind fake smiles and declarations of happiness to the equally fake friends who gushed their envy that I landed such a "catch" and Yuri. I could not bear to tell him how stupid I'd been.

Soon Karim turned his lecherous attentions elsewhere and fucking me-there is no other word to describe what he did to me-became secondary to staying in the arms of his many mistresses. I was grateful when he stopped coming to my bed entirely.

For almost two years I knew some semblance of peace until he came home drunk one night and barged into my bedroom. That night I just could not stand his touch. I announced my intention to move out and get a divorce. I had some savings from the allowance he gave me and was almost done with the degree my father insisted I get for appearances sake. The words came out of my mouth without thought but I knew it was what I wanted. That night I determined I would finally take control of my life.

My proclamation was met with the first and only time he hit me. I escaped into the rain, walking for miles until I found a payphone. I called the only person I knew gave a damn. Yuri.

I slid down against the cold walls and hugged my knees to my chest, far too tired to cry then. He talked to me until his car pulled up to the corner with a squeal of brakes.

I pulled my life together with Yuri's help but though I physically got rid of Karim during the divorce his mocking words stayed with me, always in the back of my mind.

The sound of high-pitched laughter breaks me out of my depressing reverie and I turn to observe a couple walking hand in hand. I cannot suppress the prick of envy watching the woman's face as she tilts her head to receive her lover's kiss.

Picking up my sandals, I get up, pat the sand off my shorts and retrace my footsteps. I wonder what I'd do now, the rest of day stretching out in front of me. The beach is only a few minutes away from the apartment and as part of my plan to avoid Yuri, I'd snuck out before the crack of dawn.

I feel guilty doing it. Yuri has done nothing wrong. For a few incredible moments everything had felt so incredibly right in his arms. Then I hit that roadblock that prevents me from climaxing. I fell back on old habits and faked it. Only Yuri did not fall for my deceit. I have never seen him so angry.

It is embarrassing to remember how I burst into tears. I think Yuri was as shocked at the outburst. It's the only reason I was able to escape his grip and barricade myself in my bedroom.

I have been avoiding him since by waking up early to sneak out and coming home later, tossing a few words his way, avoiding eye contact and locking myself in my room.

If the bakery had not been open yesterday, I have no idea what I would have done. Lovely had floated in on a cloud of happy, announcing she's engaged. The diamond ring was dazzling but her smile was more so as she related the story of her childhood crush seeking her out and claiming her as his. He even showed up after we closed up shop to pick her up. He laid a kiss on her sure to fog up windows. In his expensive Volvo, passion in their eyes, they raced off and left me with my turbulent emotions.

I am happy for Lovely. She deserves to have someone replace the sadness in her eyes with that new sparkle. But I'd be a liar if I say I am not envious. Their romance is like a fairy tale; a modern-day independent heroine reunited with a handsome, rich prince who is clearly thoroughly besotted.

So absorbed in my thoughts I almost miss the tall figure leaning against the jeep. The morning breeze plasters his cargo shorts and short sleeve plaid shirt against his body. My heart immediately begins to race. I wonder if I will ever be unaffected by the sight of him.

Leaving the sand behind, I step onto the road stretch leading to the apartment building. He uncrosses his arms and legs and closes the distance between us. His expression gives nothing away. For a while we just look at each other until he says, "Hi."


He pulls me close and I sag against his hard chest, suddenly feeling very tired. I bury my nose against his chest, inhaling his clean scent.

Brushing my hair away from my face, he lifts my head with a finger under my chin and kisses my forehead. I smile a little at the familiar gesture, glad to see the mask lifted.

"Let's get some breakfast."

I nod and follow him to the jeep.


We are sitting in a small café, breakfast gone. My fingers are wrapped around my second cup of coffee and Yuri is sipping on fruit juice. We have said little to each other since sitting down.

"So tell me why you've been avoiding me."

I look down at the dark liquid and say, "I'm sorry."

He pries the fingers of one hand off the mug and joins them to his across the table. His thumb makes small circles on the back of my hand and I shiver. Hopefully he does not notice my reaction.

"I don't want an apology, Bri. I want you to talk to me. What happened on Friday?"

"Does it matter, really?"

"Of course it matters. We were having a good time, then you bolted and have been treating me like the worst thing since the Ebola virus. Why?" Anger begins to creep into his words.

"I'd think you be happy that I bolted, as you put," I say sarcastically. It is exactly what I did but in the light of day, I was definitely not going to admit it. "We were about to make a horrible mistake. I saved us both a lot of heartache for something that was sure to last no more than ten minutes."

His eyebrow lifts over the rim of his glasses. "Ten minutes? Damn, Bri, what kind of men have you been hanging around?"

I blush. Karim had definitely never lasted more than that and the one man I slept with after spent more time suffocating me with his idea of kissing and no more than a minute to cum after sticking his dick in me. I know, just know, that Yuri is not a one minute man or even a ten minutes man. "Does the time matter? I'm trying to make a point here."

"When you're doing it right, the time definitely matters." His lips tilted in that sexy way that always has me checking my chin for drool. I wipe a hand near the corner of my mouth just to make sure, freezing when he continues. "If your breasts taste half as delicious as I remember, I can suck on them for hours and not get enough."

His eyes remain on my face yet still I can feel the heat of them on the globes. I squirm, my pussy feeling left out. Yuri notices. He leans closer. "And what I'd do to your pussy if I get the chance. It would take forever, Bri, cuz' I'd always be thinking of something new. Can you imagine it? The two of us. In bed, on the floor, in the shower, it does not matter where, for hours on end. Naked and sweaty as we fuck in every position imaginable."

Of course I can imagine it. I spent many nights dreaming of recreating the Kama Sutra and teaching the authors a thing or two with Yuri as my starring man. But this is supposed to be one-sided. When did Yuri starting thinking about me in this way? I should not feel happy about the fact either. I am more familiar with the fear that's creeping along my back.

"What are you doing, Yuri?" The words come out hoarse.

"What I should have done a long time ago. I want you, Brianne. No, want is not the proper word. I fucking need you. Sometimes I am so hard from this that I feel like my dick is damn near ready to explode. I'm like a closet junkie and you're my drug. I'm tired of hiding the fact I'd give everything I have just to have one night with you in my bed, to feel your tits in my mouth and your tongue against mine. You have no idea how many hours I've spent dreaming about how your pussy would feel surrounding me."

Is this another dream? I ground one foot over the other and the resulting pinch says I am definitely awake. The look on Yuri's face says he is serious. He only gets that look when he is going after something he wants and it looks like I'm the target this time.

I swallow, fighting duel desires. On one hand I want to throw myself at him and tell him to ravish right there on the table in full view of strangers. On the other hand I want to run away screaming like my hair is on fire. But in the end the decision has already been made. I look down at my coffee again. It has grown cold.

"We can't do this, Yuri. I don't think it's a good idea for us to get involved. We have a great friendship and I don't want to ruin it with sex and messy feelings."

"Why does our friendship have to be a hindrance to something better? As far as I'm concerned it will make it that much better. The best relationships start off as friendships."

My head snaps up at the word 'relationship'. The prospect scares me more than the idea of sex. A rock settles at the bottom of my stomach and the delicious meal no longer sits well. I grapple for the first thing that comes to mind. "Don't you think Berry might be a tad miffed if she heard this conversation?"

"Berry and I broke up almost two weeks ago. I only went over to her place on Thursday to pick up some stuff I left behind. Besides, it was never serious between us."


It is ridiculous how happy I feel about the ebony diva no longer being in his life.

"So what's your next excuse?" He watches me steadily and his eyebrow lifts in challenge.

For some reason the gesture sparks my anger. "Yuri, this isn't a joke and I'm certainly not one of your little tarts."

He put his glass down with a thud. "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where the hell did that come from?"

"Oh please. Don't act all self-righteous. I see how you are with those girls. You never let any of them get close to you. Do you really think I want to lump myself in with your famous loved 'em then left 'em club? I don't think so, pal."

"Every one of these women knew what I was offering." He pushes his glass to the side. "You want to know why I never let any of them get close?"

"Oh, this will be good." Following his example, I push the coffee away, fold my arms and roll my eyes.

"It's because of you, Brianne."

I stiffen. "Me?"

"Yes, you. Do you have any idea how long I've wanted you? Years you've haunted me. But there was always something in the way. Our families. College. Your marriage. Your divorce. There is always something but Friday showed me I was being a coward and not going after what I want is leading me nowhere. So this is me going after what I want and that's you. I'm not going to let you freeze me out."

I am near hyperventilation now and can only think one thing. I need to escape. He isn't supposed to say these things. He isn't supposed to tell me all the things I want to hear, to offer the things I've been dreaming about for far too long. It is so much crueler that I cannot reach out and take what he is offering.

I push the chair back. The legs scrape on the floor loudly and draw a few gazes. I hurry out of the café with the sound of Yuri calling my name. It does not take him long to catch up to me, especially since my watery eyes makes it impossible to see very far ahead.

His arms close around my shoulders as he pulls me to his chest roughly. His eyes blaze down at me. "You're not fucking running away this time."

I feel the eyes of strangers as they pass us and a tear escapes my control. The anger drains out of Yuri's face. "Aww, sweetheart. Don't do that. You know what your tears do to me."

He kisses the tear away. His tenderness just makes more fall down my cheeks. He follows their tracks until he lays his lips over mine. It was not a kiss exactly, more like a sharing of breath. It only lasts for a second but it's enough to make me shudder.

We're both startled when a high-pitched, scratchy voice says, "A swift kick in the ball sac always keeps them in line, dear. Even the handsome devils like your young man deserve one every once in a while."

I spatter surprised laughter watching the tiny old woman walk away happily puffing on a cigarette and leaning heavily on her cane. The hot, humid weather does not appear to bother her since she is wearing brightly color clothing from head to toe.

Looking after the speaker and chuckling as well, Yuri shakes his head and mutters, "Making my best girl cry and having an old lady suggest that my nuts are best suited in my throat all before nine in the morning. I must be on a roll today."

His self-mocking tone forces another giggle out of me. He looks down at me and smiles. "That's better." He wipes the remaining moisture away with his thumbs before taking my hand. "Let's go home."

We walk to the jeep and he helps me into the passenger seat.

The ride home is made in silence.


"We should date."

We are sitting on the couch. My legs are tucked underneath me and my head is against Yuri's shoulder. We are watching the television though it is set to mute and I'm in that fuzzy zone between sleep and consciousness.

We've been at the apartment for almost three hours and though I expected Yuri to jump right into our previous conversation, he let it rest for a while. We joked and laughed like we always do before settling on the couch.

I look straight ahead, hoping he would think I am asleep. No such luck. He forces me to look up at him with a hand below my chin. I close my eyes in a childish gesture meant to delay the inevitable.

He laughs and says, "Open your eyes, Bri."

"Don't want to," I reply stubbornly.

"Hmm." That does not sound good to me. Either does, "Maybe you need some convincing."

Fingers pass along my side and my eyes fly open. He is watching me smugly, his face closer than I anticipated.

"That was sneaky. You know how ticklish I am," I grumble.

"A man's gotta do what he's gotta do." The smile disappears as he says, "I'm serious about wanting us to be more than just friends. I know you're afraid of where this might lead so how about we start somewhere neutral. We date."

I shake my head. "I still don't think it's a good idea."

His head comes closer. "What can I do to convince you?"

I gulp. His voice is low, deep and suggestive. He moves in even closer and nuzzles my neck. Goose bumps pull my skin tight and a breath shudders out of me. Somehow, I think Yuri now knows just how helplessly I react to him and is shamelessly using the fact.

"Nothing." My voice is a squeak.

"You sure about that?"

I am about to nod when his teeth close on that spot where my shoulder meets my neck. "Oh."

He sooths the prick with a lathing tongue before nibbling his way across my collar bone and up to my chin. My eyes close helplessly and I inhaled deep, trying to control my body, slow the beat of my heart and regain some order in my mind.

All I manage to do is make myself giddy on his scent.

"Think of it as Yuri and Brianne Version 1.0. We get to know each other on a more intimate level. If it's not working, we go back to how things were but if it does, we work out any kinks and bugs and we've got a better 2.0 version. What do you say?"

Trust Yuri to think of this in terms of computers.

His fingers hold the base of my neck and he kisses the side of my mouth. By this time, I am aching for his lips on mine so bad, it's a wonder I don't spontaneously combust. I open my heavy lids. His eyes are intense on my face, more green than hazel now. His cheeks are flushed and his jaw tight.

"You're not playing fair, Yuri."

He kisses the other side. "Playing fair has gotten me nothing but being placed firmly in the friend zone."

He lifts his head and we look at each other. His mouth hovers above mine. I know he is going to kiss me. The moment hangs between us, rich with anticipation. He shouldn't. I should not want him to. I open my mouth to say... I'm not sure what but he gives me what I have been craving since my first taste on Friday.

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