tagBDSMThe Upper Hand

The Upper Hand


You pull back the door and gesture me to enter, and I smell the faint whiff of scented candles and see their lights flicker in the otherwise darkened room.

I follow you into the middle of the spacious corner room and stand watch your reflection from you as you turn your back to me, face the mirror and lift your hair. I long to rush to you, to wrap my arms around you and kiss you; chase my tongue down your shoulder to the nape of your neck, and feel the heat of your body press into mine.

"You say nothing! And help me undo this damned dress" you tell me firmly, and I feel both surprised and caught off guard by your tone. I throw my jacket over a table off to the side of the room and raise my hands to locate the clasp of the zipper of your dress. Gently I tug on the zip and it moves south, my fingers brushing your bare skin and revealing a black lace bra strap braced across your back. The zip comes to a halt in the curve of your back, and the sight of revealed skin sends a thrill shooting through me and urges me to run my tongue down your back. I feel my cock stir with desire for you!

You swivel quickly to face me, and look me straight in the eyes as you peel your dress off and forward, at first revealing shoulders and such beautiful cleavage captured within the sexiest lace bra I have ever seen, and continuing to reveal stomach and the curve of hips before exposing the matching pattern of lace of your skimpy panties. I am torn between maintaining eye contact but my pulse quickens and my trapped member throbs, and I break your gaze quickly to drink in the beauty exposed before me. My eyes return to meet yours, and you know you own me, you have me, and I want you so completely!

Again my eyes dart downwards to watch you peel the dress down your legs and step out of it. The pale skin of the top of your thighs is offset by hold up stockings that match your panties and bra, and my manhood throbs and aches to be released, and to touch you. I stand stock still, watching you turn sideways and bend over to pick up the dress and take it to drape over the table. I am captured by the sight and my longing for you and I realize my fists are clenched at my sides, and my trapped cock throbs, as if to demand urgent release!

You step close and unfasten my shirt buttons. When they are all released you step behind me and pull the shirt down off my arms, tugging it inside out over my wrists before discarding it in a heap. Your hands slip under mine and for the first time I feel the warmth of your body press into my back and spoon up against me, as your arms embrace my body and your fingers explore the waistline of my trousers. I can barely swallow, and am suddenly surprised by you as you sink your teeth playfully into my neck, and nip me! I wonder if you feel me shudder as my breath is driven from me, wonder if the goosebumps you have given me have gone un-noticed, caused by the feel of your hot breath on my neck and my ear.

Your fingers find the outline of my trapped erection, and I feel you explore me there with finger and thumbnail, stroking, exploring, and teasing me through the material and soliciting throbs and twitches and a soft groan in response. Inside I am begging you to release me!

Your hands finally unfasten my belt and the button and undo the zipper and slide it down so slowly that I think I am going to die of this beautiful torment. My trousers you let fall to pool at my knees, and then hook into my underpants and draw these down also. My engorged manhood is trapped and pulled downwards with them until the elastic drags free of the head, and my full erection bounces back and slaps my stomach.

I feel the coolness of your fingers circle around my shaft and stretch my foreskin backwards to unsheathe the head of my cock which is throbbing constantly now! You tease again with the lightest drag of your nails chasing around the outline of the head of my manhood.

With a foot you force down my trousers and underwear to my ankles and I willingly stoop to discard the entwined remainder of my clothing until I stand naked in front of you, my arms at my side. A hand returns to encircle my engorged cock, and toys with it at the same time I feel your lips kissing my neck, your tongue flicking and licking my ear lobe and your teeth playfully biting on me. I groan as you stroke my full length, and shudder as you whispered with hot breath into my ear.

"You've been a very bad boy this evening haven't you?"

My hands clenched in reaction, unsure and scared how to respond, and you pull your hand up and down the length of my shaft squeezing a drop of pre cum from me swirling it around my glands deliciously, as your tongue flickers inside my ear and raises goose bumps from me again.

You repeat the question as your thumb swirls again running the tip of your nail into the eye of my penis. I cry out, a muted whimper at the heaven and hell, love it and hate it feeling crashing through me. You run your finger down the underside of my shaft and gathered my balls in your fingers, nails scratching and stroking. Every flick of your tongue, every hot word breathed into my ear sends me spinning, and I wonder if you enjoy the effect you have over me? I wonder if you realize the completeness of the power you yield, and I hope my surrender gives you pleasure! I am unable to lie, my body hides nothing from you right down to the goosebumps that advertise my helplessness and the power you have over me!

"You know you have Jay Jay, so stop fighting it! I'm going to teach you a lesson" you whisper to me and again I shudder at the implied threat. I could leave, walk away but my need to stay is overwhelming, and I stay!

I feel you move behind me. You open a bag and rummage inside it producing some handcuffs, and spin me around to face you, as you dangle them from one finger, your eyes searching mine, and approach me! The loop of steel dangles from your hand provocatively and touches my cock and stomach, the cold making me flinch! I swallow hard as you watch me closely! First you raise and cuff one wrist , the ratcheting of the cuff sounding so final, then the second, before lifting my arms and looping my wrists around my neck, elbows splayed upwards.

You seem happy with my restraints and back off a couple of feet standing in front of me , watching my reaction as you reached behind and unclasp your bra, leaving it fall away and exposing your breasts to me, and watching my eyes drink in the view.

"I know you want to see these, Don't you?" And even as you ask the question your hand returned to my member and strokes me. I look at the pale perky breasts bared in front of me, and want so much to touch them or to kiss them but you step in really close until finally I feel the warmth of your breasts touch my chest, and feel the hardness of your nipples as you slide your body around to give unfettered access to my manhood but maintaining the touch of your skin on my flank.

You want to see and touch these don't you? Your voice more demanding and insistent now! I bite my lip and nod in a hot flush of shame, and am bereft as you leave me and walk away. I watch you return to your bag and rummage briefly before pulling out something in your left hand. With a weird mixture of thrill and trepidation I recognize the object as a paddle and my pulse races.

You return once again to stand close to me , right hand gripping my cock, breasts slid up against my right flank, and I feel the hard surface of the paddle smooth over the cheeks of my arse, as if playing with me, and readying me for the sting that is to come. Your right hand moves in a long stroke along my length, until your fingers encircle the base of my cock and shift forward along my member until you lift the paddle bringing it down hard on my nates. The first blow shocks me, more than hurts me. My cock twitches and drives forward into your hand, and the paddle raises and falls again, in time with the movement of your other hand teasing my member, milking a drop of precum and spreading it with your thumb around my head.

The rhythm is set in a slow pace, matching the sweet torment of my member and driving me forward into your grip with each sharp sting of the paddle. My butt warms with each swathe of your left hand and my breathing falls into the rhythm you dictate. At each blow the pain builds a little but mingles and mixes with the pleasure I feel, and I throb for you so obviously. The force of your strokes builds gradually, until I realize I am moaning with each slow coordinated stroke of your paddle and your fingers wrapped around my hardness. Endorphins rush to mix with my pleasure and I feel helpless, wanting to stop, but needing it to continue.

At that moment I swear you must be able to read my mind, each blow increasing in intensity and the frequency increasing in time with the stroke of my shaft. I shiver as I realize you mean to play with me, to torture me with such sweet torment, and that I have already surrendered all control to you. Part of me wonders if you enjoy this thrill, wishing I could find some evidence of your own pleasure, but I am yours to control.

The speed and intensity has increased now to the point I am burning, but still rock hard for you, a swirling haze of pleasure and pain that are inseparable, and impossible to understand. Each new blow produces a throaty moan from me, and I feel your skin on my flank as if to feed off my reaction. The hand on my cock is now stroking me hard, urging me to come, and catching my forward movement driven by your paddle. The sounds seem outrageously loud in the darkened room, but I drift away as my mind swirls. I bite my lip, praying for the build to my orgasm which is oh so close, stood on tip toes as you spank me.

That familiar feeling is soon I just know, but just as suddenly you stop, and grip my cock, quelling my movements, and drop the paddle, and your hand goes to feel the effect on the hot skin of my arse, denying my release, and producing a long moan of anguish and utter, total need for you.

You slide around to my front drawing me close, my erection touching the bare skin above your panties and trapped between our stomachs, each of your hands sample my burning skin, nails dragging as you kiss me, hot, wet and deeply, tongue probing me, as if testing the devastation you produce in me. I throb for you, as your tongue flutters inside me.

You pull away and tell me to sit on the foot of the bed, and I oblige, although somewhat pensive about what else you have in mind for me. First you stand and push my legs wide apart so you can stand between them and I feel the sheen of you stockings against my legs. My arms are aching, my wrists still pinioned together behind my neck, and you lift them forward over my head to my relief, as the blood starts to return to them.

Your hands guide me to the waist of your panties and with a thrill I loop my fingers through them and watch you bite your lip as I pull them forward and down. "Slowly" you tell me, and my hands gently pull the elasticized lace patterns downwards, revealing your pubis and as the crotch finally separates from your sex you sigh. Once down above your knees I release them and they flutter to pool around your ankles before you step out f them and flick them away.

You open your legs, and pull my hands to you, and I need no further bidding. My left hand alights on the inside of your thigh allowing my right hand to upturn and delve into the gap between your thighs. I can instantly feel the damp heat of your sex,, and my fingers find you oh so wet and willing to receive them,, and I finally understand your own need for this, and the strength of your reaction to my punishment surprises and thrills me.

My first and middle finger swoop along the wet length of your crack and drive the air from your lungs as my middle finger probes you and with draws, to swirl around your wet welcoming sex again. My hand works back and fore sliding along you, each time teasing the entrance a little more, returning to circle your bud, and twirling again. Faster I flick and your hands run through my hair pulling me forward till I can reach out and kiss your stomach with the inside warmth of my lips, flicking your skin with my tongue., before withdrawing and pursing my lips to blow cold air on the damp patch left by my mouth.

I realize you are getting close now also, your own body telling me so with every swoop of my hand and probe of my finger, but you stop me with a clamp of those thighs trapping my hand before withdrawing from me again., I can smell your sex as you withdraw, and you walk to your bag of toys and rummage once more, producing a blindfold.

I shudder as you approach me and slip it over my head, placing it on my eyes and cutting out all light, and you push me backwards until I lie flat on the bad, knees draped over the edge of the bed and feet on the floor. I sense your movement around the room, feel your hands stretch my arms over my head and realize you have clipped or tied the handcuffs to the headboard somehow.

The bed gives a little as you settle your weight onto it and I feel your hand return to reinvigorate my sex, still hard but still yearning for your touch. Suddenly I feel cold breath blowing on the underside of the head of my member, then warmth huff of your open mouth, before a flick of your tongue sears me and your hand controls the jerk of my cock , as I cry out my need . Your tongue licks my gently at first, runs up and down the underside of my length before your open mouth delivers on its earlier promise and takes my head completely. Your tongue works me sweetly, swirling around me, before you take me deep with a long stroke, and I feel the velvet of your throat encompass me deliciously.

You slide up and breathe again before your tongue swirls again and you repeat your dive, while sparks fly deep inside my darkened mind. You come off my cock and slide your weight up the bed. And I feel your hair on my chest before you lift the blindfold and I see those hazel eyes search mine before your lips crush down on mine, and kiss me hard long and deeply. Is it my imagination but I think I can taste my saltiness on your tongue.

But the moment is fleeting. The blindfold is replaced and your weight shifts again, and leaves me burning for you once more. I sense movement and feel you return and straddle my imprisoned body, the heat and wetness of your sex on my tummy. I feel you lift and raise your body, slide backwards and take my cock with a hand and guide it upright. I yearn for your touch, for the weight of you to drive me deep inside you, but you make me wait. Then I feel you locate the tip of me and I tense in readiness. But instead of impaling yourself on my hardness you slide my head along your wet hot sex, circling your bud, chasing along your length back and forth teasing yourself with my cock as if using a vibrator. You stop and hold the tip of my head in your entrance , stock still , as if daring me to thrust into you, but as I rise my hips and arch my back to lift you ride me and keep me hanging just holding the tip of me at your entrance. I bite my lip hard and moan a guttural throaty hoarse plea for you. "I need you, please!"

Suddenly your hand moves again and as you swoop my head into you it gathers your wetness and lubricates us both to swirl forward and circle and vibrate your bud. This is heaven and hell, and I yearn for release, to drive into you, but you deny me. I bite my lip and cry out in anguish and need, try to rise up and impale you, but my hands are useless and you rise up to prevent me!

The swirling and vibrating is getting me now, like the sweetest torture I could ever endure, and I know I will soon come for you. Your speed is increasing now and I feel the dull ache grow into a spark, and to a flame and to white hot molten metal of inevitability that surges deep within my balls. My body tenses as my climax threatens and I try to hold on. My hands grip the sheets of the bed helplessly, and I arch my back to press upwards into you.

My blood feels like its boiling and I can hold on no longer and feel the explosion at the same moment you drive onto me, sliding me deep within you and I hear you cry out and shudder as I come for you and expend myself into you! Inside the darkness of my bondage my world is a sheet of white hot lightening. Your body heaves and shudders and I feel you rack with your own orgasm.

It seems to take an age for my breathing to subside, and your hands remove the blindfold, for me to catch site of you resting your weight on me, so totally desirable, and my subsiding erection twitches involuntarily as I gaze at your fantastic body still straddling me.

Eventually you rise and leave me stranded still bound to the bed, and shift to lie next to me, your body spooning around me. I close my eyes and rest, luxuriating in the contact of your body, and the aftermath of my helpless orgasm!

Ten minutes or so later you stir and I see you reach for something. With a start I realize you take a drink of water from a glass and kiss me, slowly releasing the water into me. My mouth and throat are parched and I swallow the water greedily. The coolness of your kiss and the sweetness of the water is a relief and you drink again, sharing the water with me.

The glass goes back on the bedside table and you spoon back into me your head on my chest your hair spilling and covering my shoulder. We drift away, and my tired eyes close, catching your scent, wishing I could hold you. And time stands still.

Some time later I feel you stir and rise your body up, and I awaken as you reach across me, your breasts dragging across my skin as you reach for the bedside table again. My body stirs again to the soft warmth of your breasts, and I feel my unmistakable hardening again. My eyes follow your outstretched arm to see you pick up the candle flickering there and I am instantly alarmed, and fully awakened.

I freeze as you bring the candle over my stomach and hold it, before you whisper, "I'm not done with you yet. Did I tell you to come?" Every hair on my body stands on end, and I watch powerless as you angle the container holding the tea light and watch a trickle of wax pool close to the lip of the container before inexorably breaking free. Every muscle and sinew tenses as the wax drops fall the few inches above my stomach and the droplets land in a diagonal line below my navel, heading towards my member.

My world explodes, my eyes close and I cry out, jerking on my bonds and I shudder, as the heat sears briefly and fades to dull warmth as I finally inhale again. But my cock hardens further, twitches again and I know that fact doesn't escape either of us. Your other hand toys with me there again, and I respond to you again, as your lips caress my neck and ear lobe, shuddering as you whisper what you intend to do with me, and punctuating the sentence with another few drops of wax searing and quickly fading on my skin, driving me wild with that heady mixture of desire and need!

You own me, I am yours, do as you will with me!

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