The Upscale Underwear Store


"Now these," she declared, holding up something light and silky, "are what I really want to get you to try, but they're boxers and I know you're not a boxer guy... Maybe later... Okay, let's try these. " She held up something longer and more substantial. "These are light-weight, stretch-lycra, long briefs in the biker-short style. They feature a shaped seat, sized pouch and seamless no-fly front. "

She bent down and held the shorts open for me to step into. Then she pulled them up my legs, tugging on them to stretch over my thighs. The shorts hugged me desperately like a panicked child. Standing up, she moved behind me and shimmed her hands into the back of the waistband. She slid her fingers down and grabbed each cheek at a time, kneading them into some more favourable position. Snapping the waistband back into place, she did a final grab and jiggle of my behind until she was finally satisfied with the overall look.

Before she moved around to my front, she reached her hand up between my legs to the delicate area between my balls and butt. She pushed and tucked the material to get it into my various crevices and succeeded in tickling me without intention but not without effect. I shivered from her close, personal attention.

Moving in front of me, she stood back and looked me over. "Hmmm," she murmured appreciatively, "I just love the way these shorts accentuate a man's package, don't you?" She cupped a hand over my elongated shaft and curved her fingertips under my balls.

"I don't know," I replied, "I've never tried this type on before. " Her hand felt surprisingly intimate, so the material must have been thinner than I had originally thought.

She helped me up onto the podium, which brought my area of interest up closer to her inspection. "Hmmm," she traced a finger down my shaft, "look at its outline. " She ran a thumb and finger along its outer sides and then returned to the tip to rub it playfully through the fabric. "You can even see the ridge around your head and the little crease in the end... Hmmm... Are you getting bigger?" She giggled when she glanced up and saw the look of concentration on my face.

"Now you're not sitting right," she said with a frown. Grabbing hold of my hard-on through the material, she shifted it to one side. The friction of my cock head dragging across my stomach and pubic hair felt exhilarating. Not satisfied, she shifted it back... My goodness!... And back again... Ah!... Then back and forth rapidly like a little windshield wiper... Ahhh!!... Finally happy with its exact position, she backed her hand away carefully. My cock was warm and throbbing.

"So what do you think of them?" she asked, proud of the enhanced bulge she had created and enamoured by the esthetic effect it had on the profile.

"To be honest, they're awfully tight and confining," I had to admit.

"Spoil sport!" she said, whipping the shorts off of me. My shaft, escaping from its confines, shuddered like a diving board. "Of course, they may be tight because Becky didn't have a chance to get all your measurements. " She looked at me wryly. "Whose fault would that be?"

She grabbed another pair off the table. They were very small... very, very small.

"The thong!... Because you have such a cute, little butt," she said gleefully. She caressed one of my ass cheeks and let her hand linger. My stiff cock hovered inches in front of her face.

"I don't think so. They look too skimpy," I commented pre-emptively.

"Chicken!... Okay. " She put them down and replaced them. "These are a sheer-weight, tapered pouch, bikini brief with a hip-riser seat. " She pulled them up my legs but had trouble entirely covering my dignity.

"Oh dear!" Katherine exclaimed. The waistband only reached to the base of my cock head. She looked like she was tucking a bald midget into bed. "Well, the measurements are clearly wrong," she sniffed, touching a fingertip to the exposed tip. "This is why we fit you aroused. " She glanced up at me coyly through the top of her eyes. "Is he getting cold?" she quipped, leaned in to give it a little kiss, and ended up sucking it into her mouth and teasing it with her tongue. I groaned.

"Sorry... I couldn't resist," she apologized. "Anyway, you get an idea of the style. What do you think?"

"Even if they were the right size, they would feel pretty small," I replied.

"Never satisfied!" she complained mockingly and brusquely pulled the shorts off me. "All right then," she said, trading them for another pair, which she pulled up my legs. "These are a cotton-blend, full brief with a slouched Y-front and a full, flex seat. " They pretty much covered everything without being too restrictive.

"Yeah. Yeah! These are more like it," I observed.

Katherine's mood changed. She stood up, put her hands on her hips and stared at me severely in the eyes. I couldn't tell how serious she was being; she did have a wry crook in the corner of her mouth. Suddenly, her hand landed on my ass cheek in a loud spank.


"Well... These are the same basic style as the ones you wore here... better quality though, of course. " She spanked me again. "I knew you were going to like them!"

"Ow!!" It felt kind of good though.

"So these are what you are looking for?" she sounded like a disappointed little girl, and she had a pout to match.

"Yes...?" I was a bit hesitant, unsure if I was inviting another slap.

"All right then," she helped me off the podium, "Let's do some functionality testing. " She moved around behind me. "The aim of functional testing is to ensure that the mechanical properties of your selection do not hinder any... um... activities that you might undertake while wearing it. " She encircled my waist with her arms. "The first test I call the 'Pee-Pee' Test. " Holding my fly's outer flap open with one hand, she reached her other hand in the opening and felt around for my penis. When her fingers found my pole, she fished it out – with some difficulty given its state. She held it out in front of me with a thumb and two fingers as if she was helping me relieve myself. I hope she didn't want me to actually urinate!

She released her hold, and my shaft stood out stiffly on its own, somewhat supported by the edges of the partially closed fly. Katherine pulled along its length to ensure it was fully extracted. I let out a gasp.

"Is the fly too tight?"

"N-n-n-no... "

"Is that comfortable?" She gave my cock another tug.

"Oooh... yes. "

She tucked the little guy back into his fabric home. "Okay, let's move on to the Petting Test. " She sat me down in the chair and kneeled to its side, facing rearward and draping her arm in my lap. Her hand moved up to my crotch and began to fondle the bulge. "Can you feel that?"

"Y-y-yes... ohhh!!"

As she continued, her manipulations became more vigorous. "The sensitivity level is okay?"

"F-f-fine... Very good, in fact. "

She grinned. Her fingers wormed their way through the staggered cloth opening again. She hooked my pole and tried to drag it out, but this time, its rigidity and angle prevented its immediate extraction. Bringing her other hand in to assist, she wrestled the little monster out with a lurch.

"I'm not sure if your wife does this with you on the couch in your living room or on a chair in the family room... " Katherine wrapped her hand around my hard-on and began to stroke it slowly up and down. "But it's also a good test if you have a... um... close personal secretary... " Up and down. Up and down. "Or if you sit beside someone very friendly on the plane going home. " Up and down. Up and down. "So how does that feel?"

"Gr... gr... great!!"

"The fly is not cutting off your circulation?"

"N-n-no... "

"Okay, let's switch to the next test. " She moved around and kneeled between my legs, resting her arms along my upper thighs. My stiff shaft looked up eagerly at her, seemingly stretching up to receive what it wanted.

She bent forward and extended her tongue toward my tip. The anticipation was excruciating, and all my attention was focused on the sensation of the skin along my cock... She stopped and pulled back.

Oh! No! No! No! Who is this woman – the queen of tease?

"I can't let you do this; I'm not going to let you walk out of here with these. Stand up!" she ordered, and I complied immediately. She bent over and forcefully pulled the shorts down, forgetting to move my cock back inside. The tight grip of the fly pulled roughly along its length. The abrasiveness made me jump but also felt exquisite.

"Back up on the stand!" she commanded and walked back over to the table. I jumped up on the podium, my pole waggling until coming to rest.

She grabbed the silk boxers decisively off the table and returned to my position. She held them out, and I stepped into them. As she slid them up my legs, I could feel their cool, smooth slinkiness. Did she think I was looking for lingerie? At the end of the glide up my body, the silky shorts settled lightly into place. With the material lacking any structural support, my hard-on pushed conspicuously out in front of me. I felt very uncomfortable.

Katherine reached around, pressed her hand on the smooth material covering my ass and swirled it luxuriously around my cheek. "Hmmm!!" she murmured, "Isn't that delicious?"

"Well... "

"Well, what?"

"Well, actually, I feel a little fruity here. "

"Fruity?" She kept swirling. "Hmmm... No, not fruity. How about naughty?"

"How about gender challenged?"

"Nooo. You just need to get used to the fact that they're... exotic... kinky. "

"Perhaps, but I think I would just be more comfortable with the other ones. "

"Really?" she said coquettishly, "Well, let me show you a few differences between these and your Standard Cotton Whites. " She moved her hands to the front of my thighs and slid them slowly upwards. They easily ducked under the open hems and invaded deep under the silky fabric... higher and higher... until they reached groin level and converged. "I wouldn't be able to do this with the other briefs. " Her hands met in the centre and encircled my cock, pumping it slowly in unison.

"Ohhh!!" I reacted. Looking down, I could see the material push out and back.

"Umm hmmm," she acknowledged, "You see; not so bad. Here, let me show you something else. " She withdrew her hands and undid the middle button on my fly. Then she moved her head forward until her lips contacted my shorts. Slowly moving her head from side to side, she pushed her lips forward, causing them to burrow easily through the fly opening. Finding the tip of my cock, her lips kissed their way down the upper-side of my cock to its base, causing my cock to push out into view. She kissed her way back to the tip, where she took me fully into her mouth and then out again. "I wouldn't be able to do that with the other briefs either, would I?"



"Nooo... "


"No. I guess not. "

"No, I guess not," she repeated teasingly. "Here, step off the stand, and we'll do some final functionality testing with these. " She held out her arm to help me down and led me over to the table.

"Now, Mr Davis, this test is called the Intercourse Test," she informed me, "but don't get any wrong ideas from the name. We're only checking for range of movement. " Katherine removed her kimono and bent over the table, pushing her rear end invitingly towards me. She spread her legs apart and reached a hand between them just under her crotch. "Here, Mr Davis," she offered with her hand, "We're just going to simulate this, so place yourself here in my hand. " She wiggled her fingers to indicate my target. Then she looked back over her shoulder and cautioned me, "And no funny stuff! Promise?"

"Uh... yeah... of course. "

I probably should have been disappointed with this limitation, but who was I to pass up the offer. My balls were aching, and if she let me finish in her hand, I would really appreciate the release. I snuggled up behind her butt and positioned my cock where I thought she had her hand. Finding nothing, I bobbed it around between her legs. It touched something soft and moist on an up-bounce but then settled into her waiting grasp. She firmed up her grip to let me know that docking was complete.

"Hmmm," I moaned as I thrust into her hand. In and out, I moved... In and out... My hips took up a rhythm. Oh man, I really needed this to go all the way.

"Okay, Mr Davis, that should be enough to tell. What do you think?" she asked, loosening her grip. All of a sudden, I lost my receptacle. I thrust vainly between her legs, searching for some resistance. She tried to stand back up, but I was now too engrossed. I grabbed her hips and began bucking more forcefully. I really wasn't concentrating on my aim. My cock stabbed at her thighs and at the air. Where did her hand go? Suddenly, something made itself available, and I inserted in one complete movement. "Ahhhh!!!" All at once, everything became warm and wet.

"Mr Davis!!!" Katherine shrieked, "What are you doing? You mustn't... "

I couldn't stop. I should have, but I couldn't... And my humping continued.

"Mr Davis, you can't... you... ohhh... ohhh my gawd!!!" Bump, bump, bump. Despite her protests, I noticed that the hand between her legs was now rapidly swishing on her clitoris. Her hips began moving in rhythm against mine. "Mr Davis... oh my gawd... Don't cum inside me," Katherine begged, "Don't... oh, gawd!!... d-d-d... oh, my gawd!!!... I'm going to... Unghhhh!!!" Her vagina gripped my shaft, and her hips began to rock violently.

I barely pulled out in time. My cock wedged along her ass cheeks, and the swaying of her hips finished me off. "Ohhh!!" I grunted. A long stream of cum arced over her back and landed in her hair, and subsequent spurts hit random spots along her back. "Uh! Uh! Uhhh!"

My thighs shook violently, and all the blood seemed to drain from my head. I felt faint and staggered over to collapse in the chair. Katherine slumped forward onto the table, breathing loudly.

*** The Closing ***

From the doorway, I heard Yumiko cry out, "Becky!" I hadn't noticed her standing there. She was still in her one-piece swimsuit, and she made her way to where I was sitting.

Becky rushed in behind Yumiko with a towel in her hand. She had not yet changed back into her street clothes and, instead, was wearing a tiny silk robe similar to Katherine's. She still sported her little pony-tail though, which bobbed about as she hustled over to wipe off Katherine's back.

Yumiko stood in front of me with her hands on her hips and a wry smile on her face. "You naughty man," she counselled me and then held out a hand to help me up. "You come. I wash. "

We returned to the shower. This time, however, I hoped that we would limit ourselves to just a relaxing shower because I was sure that I was too spent for anything more... active. Thankfully, Yumiko seemed pretty businesslike. Certainly, her cleaning routine this time lacked the same degree of intimacy as during our last time together. However, a few times, I noticed her touching herself when she thought I wasn't watching.

In the final rinsing, Yumiko ventured a question. "Mr Davis?"

"Yes, Yumiko. "

She turned off the water and hung up the hand faucet. We stood dripping in the shower together. "You like Katherine? You have good time Katherine. "

"Yes, Yumiko. I suppose so. I'm not sure what you're asking, but I did enjoy myself with Katherine. "

"Yes. You have good time Katherine. I watch. " Yumiko's hand moved down to her groin area. "I watch... "

"Pardon me?" I wasn't sure what she was getting at – she saw us at the end, or she watched the whole thing?

She was clearly massaging herself through her swimsuit now. "I watch – you, Katherine. I watch. " Her eyes turned soft and pleading. "Mr Davis... I need you finish me. " She let out a little whine as she rubbed.

"Pardon???" This was turning strange.

"Ohhh!" Her hand was moving faster now. She placed her other hand on my shoulder for support. "Hmmm!... I need you finish me... Please!" Her eyes narrowed as her concentration transferred to what her hand was doing.

I didn't now what to do. I brought my hands to her sides to support her in case she swooned. My touch seemed to re-engage her attention. She opened her eyes wide and stared into mine. With sudden urgency, she pulled the straps of her swimsuit off her shoulders and uncovered her small breasts. She reached a hand up, roughly grabbed the back of my neck and pulled my mouth to hers for a forceful kiss. Our lips entwined and wrestled. She sucked and licked with her renewed energy. She seemed insatiable.

Her free hand took hold of one of mine and pulled it onto her pussy, and finally getting the hint, I took over massaging her. My fingers descended to the taper of her suit and rubbed through the material. Almost immediately, she began to whimper – a whimpering that sounded through her kisses into my mouth. "Eeemmm... eeemmm... eeemmm... " The faster I rubbed, the louder she got. "Eeemmm... eeemmm... eeemmm... " Finally, she placed both her hands on my neck for support and pulled her face around to the side of my head, resting her cheek on mine and trying to catch her breath. I didn't know what she wanted, so I paused.

"No!!! No stop! No stop!" she scolded me, but took the opportunity of the break in the action to hurriedly remove the rest of her suit. Her naked form looked so youthful, delicate and untouched – well not completely untouched.

Grabbing my right hand with both of hers, she moulded all but my index finger into a fist and steered my extended finger to her wet pussy, where she inserted it slowly to its full length and then extracted it. "Ahhh!!" she exhaled appreciatively.

She then remoulded my hand to extend my middle finger. Insert... "Ahhh!..." Ring finger in; ring finger out. "Ahhh!..." Pinky in; pinky out. "Ahhh!..." Thumb in; thumb out. "Ahhh!" Finally, she returned to the middle finger and slipped it in and out a few times. I took up the rhythm. "Ohhh!"

She caressed me frenetically. Lips kissing, mouths sucking, tongues probing. It was so intense I had trouble taking in breaths.

I was inspired by her energy, and I stepped up my stimulation. Withdrawing my finger, I found her clitoris and rapidly vibrated a fingertip on it. "Anghhh!!!" she cried loudly. I guess I was on to something. I increased the frequency of my swiping. "Anghhh... anghhh... anghhh... " Soon my hand was in full tremour, lightly touching but maniacally swishing.

"Ohhh!!! Ikuuuu!!!" she yelled out, "UNGHHH!!!" Her back arched, and a shudder went through her abdomen. She fell into my arms. I cradled her for a bit and then let her slump onto a stool in the corner. She was breathing heavily.

I exitted the shower to get us some towels. When I rounded the corner of the lockers, I ran into Becky. "Ah, Mr Davis, I was looking for you. Katherine asked me to finish up with you. " She took me by the hand over to my locker space and went to retrieve a towel.

"Umm, Becky, I've left Yumiko in the shower," I informed her with some concern.

"That's okay," she acknowledged off-handedly, "She practically lives in there. "

On her return, I put out my hand to accept the towel, but she shook her head. She stepped behind me and started drying my back. "I've got it," she said. "Um... Mr Davis?"

"Yes Becky. "

"Katherine is actually going to be the one to close out with you today. She has your purchase out at the counter," she informed me, wiping down one of my arms. Purchase? I didn't know I had agreed to buy anything. However, given everything that had just happened, I determined that I had better buy something.

"I just wanted to apologize for how things had gotten out of hand earlier," she continued, having moved to the other arm.

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