tagNovels and NovellasThe User Ch. 08

The User Ch. 08

byD.C. Roi©

"Hi, Mr. Sanders," the visitor to the guidance office said.

"Hi, Tina," Ben replied. He looked at the young woman who'd just come in his door. Tina Williams was short, had long, wavy brown hair and, unfortunately, a used-looking face. The girl, who was a bit of a free spirit, never wore a bra, and she should have, because her large breasts sagged quite a bit. Her legs and her ass, though, were fine.

For reasons he couldn't for the life of him understand, Ben had always found her interesting, even sexy. She came from a large low-income family and there were rumors, which had never been substantiated, that she was a victim of sexual abuse by her father and possibly several of her brothers, too. Ben knew she was sexually active, mainly because she'd borne a child out of wedlock.

The guidance counselor smiled. "I'm glad to see you, Tina," he said. "What can I do for you?"

"I wanted to talk to you about getting a scholarship to go to secretarial school," the young woman replied. "I figure I'm never goin' to get to go to college, but if I go to secretarial school, I might be able to get a fairly decent job, you know? So I can take care of my kid."

"I think I should be able to help you with that," Ben said. "Have a seat."

Tina took a chair and as she did, Ben could see her jellied breasts moving under her yellow T-shirt. He felt the beginning of sexual tension, and had a hard time believing it was happening. He didn't understand why he was getting turned on by a girl he didn't even consider attractive! He took a piece of paper out of his desk drawer and picked up a pen. "Are there any specific schools you're interested in, Tina?" he asked.

"Not really, I don't know that much about all this. I guess I should look at schools where I could get, you know, a scholarship or something," she told him. "Do you think I have a chance of getting a scholarship?"

"It's possible," Ben said. "Your grades aren't that bad, and the fact that you have a child may make actually help make some grants available to you."

Tina looked surprised. "I didn't know that," she said. "Maybe the little guy's going to be good for something other than keeping me up all night and shitting his pants after all." She looked laughed nervously. "Don't get me wrong, I love my kid like crazy, but sometimes he drives me nuts."

Ben laughed. "Yeah, I guess kids can do that," he said. "I've heard that, anyhow."

"You ain't married, are you Mr. Sanders?" Tina asked.

"I'm divorced," Ben replied. "Unfortunately, or fortunately, as the case may be, my ex-wife and I never had kids."

"Yeah, you're probably right," Tina said. "Divorce can really mess kids up, I hear." She looked directly at him and smiled. Her nipples, partially erect, were clearly visible through her shirt. That did little to ease the excitement building in Ben's body. "So you really think I'm gonna be able to get a scholarship?" she asked.

Ben nodded. "I'm pretty sure we'll be able to get you something" he told her. "Are you interested in finding out what's available?"

Tina nodded. "Yeah, I guess I better, if I'm gonna apply," she said.

"Why don't we move over to the sofa?" Ben suggested. "There's quite a choice, and we'll be more comfortable there."

They moved to the sofa and Ben began showing her the various catalogs that listed what might be available to her. Tina looked the catalogs over with interest.

As she looked at the catalogs, Tina kept glancing at Ben and he kept glancing at her. The sexual tension between them had become almost tangible, but he wasn't sure what to do about it.

"Ah...this...this one here..." he croaked, pointing at a school listing, "...might be your best bet. I think, if I help you with the application, we might be able to get a large enough grant to cover your whole tuition. And, maybe, we'll be able to find you a part-time job to help cover your living expenses while you're in school, too."

"Wow!" Tina exclaimed. "That would really be neat if you could do it, Mr. Sanders. You really think you could do that for me?"

Ben nodded. He kept looking at the young woman, who stared directly into his eyes. The next thing he knew, they were in each other's arms, their lips were joined, and the teenager's body was pressed against his.

Ben clutched Tina's ass while their tongues dueled. Lightning bolts of excitement flashed in his brain. He felt her hands working at his belt buckle, then the kiss ended and she sank to her knees on the floor in front of him. As he stared, wide-eyed, she fished his cock out of his pants and took it into her mouth.

When the girl's lips wrapped around his stiffening cock, Ben experienced sensations so exquisite he thought the top of his head was going to come off! This was something he never in his wildest dreams expected! He wondered if his office door was locked. The last thing he needed right now would be for the principal, or anyone else, to come walking in while Tina was giving him a blow-job!

Tina expertly caressed Ben's cock and balls with her her lips, tongue, and small hands. It didn't take long before she had him near the point of explosion. He found the idea of coming in her mouth exciting, but he decided he'd rather fuck her. He stood up and had her lay down on his sofa.

Ben was so excited his hands were trembling as he stripped Tina's jeans off. His pulse began pounding even harder when, as he stripped her clothes off, he learned that not only was she braless, she wore no panties, either. He fell to his knees and buried his face between her legs, tasting the tart wetness seeping from her puffy slit.

Tina groaned and her hands grabbed his ears and pulled his head against her as his mouth punished her pussy. Her hips squirmed and twisted on the slippery leather sofa and her legs clamped around his ears, locking him into her.

"Nnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Nnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" The teenager's groans of joy reached Ben, even though his ears were covered by her warm, soft thighs. "Eat meeeeee, Mr. Sanders!!! Suck my pussy!!! Nnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhh!!!! Oh, fuck!!! Oh, fuck!!! I'm gonna come!!! Oh, fuck, yeah!!! G-g-g-gahhhhh!!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

Ben hung on for dear life while the girl went wild in response what his lips and tongue were doing to her. He felt her muscles clenching and releasing as ecstasy raced through her. Pre-cum dripped from the tip of his painfully swollen cock.

When Tina finally calmed, her legs relaxed and released his head.

Ben looked Tina and she gazed back at him, her chest rising and falling rapidly, her mouth open, her eyes hot. She grabbed her T-shirt, pulled it over her head and dropped it on the floor. "Fuck me, Mr. Sanders!" she said. "I want your cock in me!"

Ben pushed his pants down, stepped out of them, then he fell between her splayed legs. Her hand gripped his cock and guided it to her pussy. She gasped when he drove into her.

"God!" Tina groaned. "I need that! I need it so bad!" Her hips pitched upward, welcoming him.

Ben, intensely aroused, lunged into her like a bull in heat. He drove her against the sofa savagely, making the it creak and her breasts jiggle. She wasn't tight, but plunging into her felt wonderful just the same. As he gazed down at her, he saw her hands go to her breasts, squeeze them, and pull at the nipples. Seeing that drove him even wilder. He'd never known anyone like her! His insides tightened, signaling his imminent release. "Tina, I have to come!" he groaned. "I can't wait!"

Tina looked up at him and nodded. "Yeahhhh!!! Give it to me, Mr. Sanders!" she cried. "I want it! Give me your hot stuff!!! Now!!! Now!!!"

"Eeeeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Take it!!! Take my come, Tina!!!!" Ben groaned, erupting powerfully. It felt as if he was spewing gallons of his hot fluids into the girl.

Tina's eyes were closed and her hands still clutched her breasts as she rocked against him. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Fuck!!!! Fuck!!! Fuck!!!! Fuck!!! Fuck!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Damn!!! Damn!!! Uhhhhhhhhh!!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" she cried, grinding her body against Ben's.

Spent, Ben laid on top of his newest student-lover and tried to get himself under control. He'd just had a sexual experience wilder than any he'd ever had!

Tina smiled up at him. "Wow!" she whispered breathlessly. "Jeez, Mr. Sanders, you're a helluva stud!"

Ben pulled his softening cock from the girl's still-quivering pussy. "You..." he gasped, "...you...aren't so bad yourself, Tina!"

"God, I needed that!" Tina whispered. "I was real horny and I don't date much. A lot of guys ain't interested in dating a girl who has a kid." She smiled at him. "If I'd known you did stuff like this here in the guidance office, I'd have come to see you a lot sooner than this!"

"Ah...this isn't a service I provide to just anyone," Ben said, returning her smile. "And...you know, it wouldn't be a very good idea if anyone found out exactly what...ah...services I provided for you."

Tina's hand wrapped around his cock. It had softened, and was wet and sticky, coated with their combined juices. "I get the message, Mr. Sanders," she said, giving his organ a gentle squeeze. "You don't have to worry. After what you done for me, I..." She slid off the sofa, onto her knees in front of him, and began licking and sucking his flaccid organ again.

Ben had never encountered a female who liked sucking cock as much as Tina seemed to. Delight swept over him and his cock began to swell once more. He grabbed the arm of the sofa and hung on as the young woman's head bobbed up and down on his swelling pole.

After sucking him and bringing him nearly to the point of explosion, Tina let the fleshy pole slide out of her mouth. She stood up and grinned down Ben, her eyes aflame. "Lay back, Mr. Sanders," she said softly.

Ben stretched out on his back on the sofa. Then, once more his cock disappeared into the girl's ravenous oral cavity. She did things to his balls with her hands that he'd never experienced before, or imagined could be done. It took only a short time before he was as ready to fuck her as he'd been when they first started.

Then Tina did something that thrilled him more than he believed it was possible to be thrilled. Bending over him, she let her hair fall onto his body. Then she began to move her head back and forth slowly, trailing her long, silken hair over his body.

Ben's hips arched upward. "Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Tina, oh, my, Goddddd!!!" he groaned.

"I knew you'd like that," he heard Tina say as her hair continued to caress and tantalize him. "It always drives guys wild when I do that."

Then once more her mouth engulfed his cock. She took more of him than he believed possible into her oral opening. He'd never been deep-throated before! It was unbelievable! As his rigid shaft moved in and out of her mouth, her teeth brushed the veined surface. Even the caress of her teeth felt wonderful!

Tina seemed to be able to sense just when Ben was about to come. When he reached that point, she would back off and let him calm down. Then she'd start again, playing with him, teasing him. Over and over she did it, bringing him to a level of pleasure he never dreamed was possible.

"Enough of this," she murmured at last, her voice thick.

Ben's eyes were closed and skyrockets of joy were exploding in his mind. He couldn't watch what she was doing, not if he wanted to keep from coming! He felt the sofa sink and heard it creak as she got on it. Her leg slid over him, then once more his cock sank into warmth and wetness.

Ben gazed up at Tina, who was impaled on him. Her face was flushed and slack with passion and he was surprised how captivating she looked. She moved her hips and his cock lashed inside her. She leaned forward, supporting herself on her outstretched arms, her hands on his shoulders. Her breasts swung toward his face, her nipples long and hard.

Ben clasped the dangling mammaries, squeezed them together, and began lashing both distended tips with his tongue at the same time. He managed to get both of nipples in his mouth at the same time and began sucking them.

"Yeah, Mr. Sanders!!! Suck them!!! Suck my boobs!" Tina bawled. The movements of her hips grew more urgent. "God, I love that! It drives me crazy!"

It was driving Ben crazy, too. That and what her hips were doing to his cock! He arched his back, shoving his cock as far into her as it would go. Their pubic bones slammed together and once again the sofa creaked in protest as they fought a joyous battle of passion.

"That's it!!! Harder!!! Harder!!! Slam it to me, Mr. Sanders!!!" Tina groaned, bouncing up and down on him. "Make me come!!! Make me come again!!! Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!! Now!!! Now!!! Now!!! Now!!! Now!!! Nowwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! Nowwwwwwwww!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Nowwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!"

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Oh, God, Tina!!! Nowwwwwwwww!!!!!!! Yeahhhhh!!!!!!" Ben cried and exploded, undergoing sensations so exquisite they were almost painful.

Tina collapsed on top of him and lay there, breathing evenly, not saying anything nor moving.

"Tina?" Ben said softly. No response. He was concerned. Why wasn't she responding? "Tina!" he said, a little louder. He shook her shoulder.

Tina opened her eyes and gazed at him, looking startled. "Wha..." she muttered. She raised her head, looked down at him, and grinned. "Damn!" she said, "I musta passed out! Jesus, Mr. Sanders, can you ever fuck!"

"You aren't half bad yourself Tina," Ben replied as he felt his softening cock slip from her.

"That tickled," Tina giggled. She pushed herself erect, then she slid off of him. "Damn!" she exclaimed, sounding awed. "That don't usually happen to me. Passing out when I come, I mean. Man, you sure can use that cock of yours!"

Ben sat up, slid around so he was sitting next to her, and put his arm around her. She laid her head on his shoulder. "I'm glad I was able to satisfy you," he said.

"Hell, I'm the one who's glad!" Tina replied. She squeezed his again-limp cock with her fingers. "What time is it?" she asked.

Ben checked his watch and told her.

"Damn..." Tina exclaimed. She jumped to her feet and began searching for her clothes. "I gotta get my ass moving. I'm supposed to pick up my kid at my sister's place in ten minutes. If I'm late, she's gonna have a shit fit!" She looked around. "You got something in here I can clean up with?"

Ben showed her his private bath. Tina went in, wiped herself off, then slipped into her clothes. Still naked, Ben sat on the sofa watching her.

When she was dressed, Tina walked over, knelt on the sofa, put her arms around Ben, and kissed him. "Thanks, Mr. Sanders," she said softly. "For everything."

"Thank you, Tina," he replied, giving her a hug.

She pulled out of his arms and started for the door. Before she went out, she turned. "You think, maybe, we can do this again some time?" she asked. She shuddered. "God, I can't remember the last time I was fucked that good!"

"Any time you want," he replied. "Maybe next time we can find someplace more comfortable."

Tina smiled and nodded. "I'd really like that," she said, then she was gone.

Ben cleaned himself up, then got dressed, went back to his desk and tried to work.

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