tagNovels and NovellasThe User Ch. 22

The User Ch. 22

byD.C. Roi©

When the two police officers walked into the apartment, Martha looked around, examining the apartment carefully, looking for anything that might be incriminating. Her eyes fell on something lying on a table in the entryway and she smiled. "Hey, Tim, look at that," she said, pointing.

Tim turned and looked, then he smiled, too. He walked over the small table, bent down, and picked up the plastic bagful of dry brown leafy material. "Would you mind telling me what this is, Mr. Sanders?" he asked. He opened the bag and sniffed it.

"I...I never saw that bag before," Ben replied, his voice breaking. "I have no idea what it is, or how it got there." He wasn't sure, but he thought the bag was full of marijuana. How had it gotten there?

"Benjamin Sanders, you are under arrest for possession of marijuana," Tim said. "Turn around and put your hands on the wall!"

"I...I...please!" Ben said, "I..."

Tim grabbed Sanders, spun him around, pulled one hand up behind his back and fastened a handcuff to it, then the other. "Before we go any farther, Mr. Sanders," Tim said, "I need to advise you of your constitutional rights..." He proceeded to recite the Miranda warning to the man. "Come on, Sanders, let's go," Tim said when he finished with the warning. He grabbed the man's arm and started pulling him toward the door.

"No...I...I can't go out like this!" Sanders protested. "Can't you let me get dressed at least?"

Tim looked at Martha. "What do you think, partner?" he asked.

His partner grinned and shrugged. "Why not?" she said. "It's not like he's going to escape or anything."

"OK, Sanders," Tim said, "I'll take the cuffs off, then you and I will go in your bedroom and you'll put some more clothes on."

When Ben heard what the officer said, he immediately realized he couldn't go in his bedroom if one of the officers went with him. Sarah and Mindy were there! It was bad enough that he was being arrested for marijuana he knew nothing about, but if they found the girls... "Ah...I...I changed my mind. I...I'll go like this," he stammered. "I...I'm ready to go. I..."

"What's the matter, Sanders?" Tim asked. "There something in your bedroom you don't want us to see? You got more dope stashed in there or something?" He looked at Martha and nodded in the direction of the bedroom. "Better check the bedroom, partner."

Martha started toward the bedroom door.

"No!" Ben yelled. "Don't go in there! Stay out of there!"

Martha opened the bedroom door just as the two frightened sisters, who had been listening to what was going on out in the living room, were starting to put their clothes on. "Hello, girls," she said. "Would the two of you mind telling me what you are doing naked in Mr. Sanders bedroom?"

"Ah...nothin'...nothin'," Sarah stammered. She was struggling to get her tight jeans snapped.

"I...I...she made me do it," Mindy whimpered. Then she sat down on the floor and began to sob.

Martha pulled a portable radio out of her purse, held it up to her mouth, and pushed the button on the side. "David-four to EOC," she said.

"EOC, go ahead, David-four," came the reply.

"We need a juvenile officer, social services, a patrol unit, a deputy P.A., and detective command at Apartment 1-A, Jamestown Manor," Tim's partner replied. "We have three in custody, two of them juveniles."

"Copy, David-four, you want a juvenile officer, social services, a patrol unit, a deputy P.A. and detective command to respond to Apartment 1-A, Jamestown Manor," the dispatcher replied. "You're reporting three in custody, two of them juveniles. I'll get everybody rolling."

"Finish getting dressed, girls," Martha said after she finished her radio communication. "We'll be going down to police headquarters in a little while."

Both girls began to cry.

While Martha was dealing with the girls and they were waiting for transportation, Tim noticed a video camera on a tripod in the corner of the bedroom. He turned to the two sobbing girls. "Was Mr. Sanders taking videos of the stuff you were doing?" he asked.

Both of the girls stared at the floor and nodded.

Martha and Tim looked at each other and smiled. "You think he may do that all the time?" Tim suggested.

"Be nice for us if he did," Martha replied.

"Mr. Sanders, would you mind if we searched your apartment?" Tim asked the handcuffed man who had by this time gone completely white and seemed to be having problems breathing. "You can refuse," Tim added, "but if you do, we will get a search warrant and do it anyhow."

"The tapes you're looking for are in a file cabinet in my closet," Sanders replied sorrowfully.

After they finished what needed to be done at the apartment, the two detectives and their prisoners returned to police headquarters. The two girls were taken to the juvenile division for processing, Sanders was put in a holding cell.

Tim and Martha met with Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Milly Perkins, who hadn't made it out to Sanders' house, in the detective office at police headquarters. Deputy P.A. Perkins was slim and young-looking. She never wore makeup and always wore round steel-rimmed glasses and a stern look. She had on a gray business suit and maroon silk blouse. She also had the reputation of being the toughest prosecutor in the P.A.'s office.

"What have you guys got?" she asked, Tim and Martha.

"Our suspect's name is Benjamin Sanders," Tim said. "He's director of guidance at Jamestown High. We got this..." he tossed the package of marijuana on the table, "and we found two nearly-naked female high school students in his bedroom. We were kind of hoping you'd charge him with whatever offenses apply to an 'educator' who's screwing female students."

"Screwing students?" Milly asked, sounding shocked. "How many? And how old?"

"So far, all the girls we know he's screwed are eighteen," Martha said.

"What the hell is this guy, some kind of Don Juan?" the astonished deputy P.A. asked.

"He's the director of guidance at Jamestown High," Tim said. "From what we can tell, it looks like he's been using his position to target girls who are having emotional problems, and get them in bed."

Milly let out a soft whistle and shook her head. "Nice guy, huh?" she said. "Real prince of a fellow. Damn, wait until the press gets hold of this. The school committee's going to be jumping around like rain on a hot stove trying to blame everybody but themselves."

"One more thing," Tim said, "one of the girls Sanders has been messing with is in the hospital, in a coma."

"He have anything to do with that?" Milly asked.

"Apparently she was upset because she found out he was seeing other girls," Martha said. "Upset enough to gobble a bunch of pills. If her mother hadn't come home from work early and found her, she might not have survived."

"She going to be OK?" Milly asked.

"Last we heard, she's making progress," Martha said. "But that isn't all."

"Oh," the prosecutor said, raising her eyebrows.

"The hospitalized girl's mother works for the Atherton family," Martha said. "She's been their maid for years, they know about some of this."

"Jesus!" Milly said.

"So," Tim said, "what can we get Sanders for?"

"I'll start with the possession of drugs," Milly said. "Seeing as how the girls are all over eighteen, I don't think statutory rape will go. I've got to check statutes. I don't know whether we can get him for something like abusing his position or not." She smiled coldly. "And I intend to do everything I can to get him fired from his job and I'd like to make sure he doesn't work in any more schools, either." She paused. "How much pot was there?"

"About three ounces," Tim said. "Look, Mil, Sanders apparently videotaped his...ah...activities. We have all of the tapes, we just haven't looked at them yet. Could be we'll find proof he'd boffed some underage girls in the tapes."

"You do, let me know. Meanwhile, we'll charge him with possession with intent to sell," Milly said. "But don't get your hopes up that he'll get a lot of jail time. If we're lucky, he'll probably do two or three years, max. Eighteen months is more likely. And if he gets a good lawyer, probation might not be out of the question."

"He's gonna love doing eighteen months in jail," Martha said.

Two hours later, the paperwork required of the case was completed. Tim and Martha had called Sarah and Mindy's parents to come get them. The parents arrival resulted in a fairly emotional scene in the police station. Milly Perkins left, saying her office would notify the superintendent of schools. She said she'd be happy to file statutory rape charges if Tim and Martha could find evidence on the videotapes they'd confiscated.

Martha and Tim, finished for the night, headed out of the office.

"See you in the morning, partner," Martha said.

"Yeah, maybe we can get back to doing normal police work tomorrow," Tim laughed. "About now, I think if I got to make a burglary collar, I'd hug the guy. This shit we've been working on is sick."

"You decide you want to hug some burglar, you make sure I'm there, partner," Martha laughed. "I wanna see that. But I know what you mean. It would have been kind of nice to slap Sanders upside the head a few hundred times with a New York City phone book, wouldn't it?"

"Yeah, it sure would have," Tim agreed.

When she got home, Martha arrived at her apartment, opened the door, walked in, and was greeted by her roommate and lover, Milly Perkins, whose face lit up in a bright smile when the detective walked in. The lawyer was wearing a filmy negligee and robe and looked a whole lot more feminine and sexy than she did when she was at work.

Milly moved to Martha, pulled her roommate into an embrace, and their lips met in a passion-filled kiss. Once the kiss ended, the breathless women continued clinging to each other.

"I...I didn't feel like...like cooking, so I...I was going to suggest going out to dinner," Martha murmured, her voice husky, her eyes hot. "But, I think there's something I'd much rather do."

"Let's make love!" Milly whispered, burying her face in Martha's neck, hugging her.

"Yes," Martha replied, "That's exactly what I was thinking."

Arm in arm, they walked to their bedroom. Once they were inside, Milly slipped off the negligee and stood naked before her lover. She exulted in the look in the police officer's eyes as they traveled over her lean body. Then Martha shed her clothes and the naked women moved to the bed. When they were lying down, their bare bodies entwined and their lips met once more and their smooth, warm bodies moved sinuously against each other.

Milly's firm, conical breasts rubbed against Martha's larger ones as the women snuggled. Their erect nipples brushed, sending shock-waves of delight sweeping through them.

Martha began kissing and caressing Milly's slender torso. Her attentions went first to her lover's breasts. She touching the jellied mounds gently, then she began sucking the extended nipples.

"Oh, Martha, yesssss!!!!" Milly breathed. Her body quivered in response to her lover's tender caresses.

Martha's tongue and hands moved lower on the attorney's body, building the other woman's excitement. Moans and gasps escaped from the slim woman's lips and her head began to roll from side to side as the detective's lips and hands traveled over her belly, into her pubic hair.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!!" she moaned, her back arching, when Martha moved between her legs and began kissing her vagina. "Yesssss, darling!!! Please!!!"

Martha held the wet, silken lips of Milly's vagina open with her fingers, then she began thrusting her tongue and out of the quavering opening and giving her lover's clit an occasional lash. The lawyer's hips vibrated up and down, she groaned, and and her belly rippled.

What Martha was doing was driving Milly perilously close to orgasm. She was so aroused she could barely think coherently. "Please!!! Oh, Martha, pleaseeeeee!!!!" she groaned, "I need to come!!! Please, darling!! Make me come!!!"

"Soon, my darling! I'll do it soon," Martha purred. She continued caressing her companion, keeping her writhing on the bed.

Milly felt Martha hand at her middle, stirring excitement into her, then it was gone. She began to protest, but before she could utter a sound, her lover's hand was replaced with something warm and firm, which moved between the lips of her vagina and began to fill her. It felt as like Martha was fucking her! "Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!" the slim attorney groaned, "Yessssss, Martha!!! Oh, God, yessssss!!!!" She loved it when her lover used their dildo on her!

"Do you like that, darling?" Martha murmured. She kept sliding the ersatz cock in and out of her lover's body.

"Ohhhh!!! My Godddd, yessssssss!!!!!" Milly replied passionately, "You...you know I do!!!!" She loved it when they used the dildo on each other! The dildo moving in and out of her began vibrating and the hard shaft brushed her clit, evoking sensations so intense they were almost painful.

Martha continued to move the vibrating invader slowly in and out of her lover's lean body. She couldn't believe how turned on her lover was. The lawyer's back formed a tight arch, her hips were high off the bed and rocking from side to side. Martha extended her tongue and bent her head toward her lover's middle.

When Martha began sucking her clit while she was still fucking her with the fake cock, Milly couldn't stand it any more. Powerful, nearly unbearable waves of pleasure swept over her. It felt as if every nerve in her body was exploding. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Marthaaaaa!!!!! Oh!!!! Oh!!!!!! So goooooddddddd!!!! So gooooodddddd!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!" she wailed.

When Milly finally began to calm down, Martha extracted the dildo from her lover and stretched out next to her, kissing her softly. "Did you like that, sweetheart?" she asked.

"Yesssss!!! Oh, darling, yesssssss!!!!" Milly exclaimed. She began running her hands over her friend's body. "You know I did!! I want to do you, too, Martha!" she said, "I want to make you come like that, too!!"

Milly pushed Martha onto her back and began running her hands over her partner's lush anatomy. She cupped the detective's breasts and began suckling her nipples, drawing each one deep into her mouth. She chewed her lover's nipples it gently with her teeth and lashed them with her tongue. Her loving attention to her lover's magnificent breasts rapidly had the other woman as rapt with desire as Milly had been scant moments before.

Avidly, Milly kissed her way across Martha's rounded belly, then she dove between her lover's legs and covered her lover's vagina with her mouth.

"Wahhhhhhh!!!!" Martha wailed, delighted by her lover's fervent offensive. Her hips rocked and jolted while the lawyer kissed her pussy and reached for the dildo. She turned it on, then laid the tip against Martha's clit. The detective jumped as if she'd been given an electric shock.

"Ohhhhhhh!!!! Milly!!!!!" she cried, "Put it in meeeeeeee!!! Please, sweetheart, put it in meeeeeeeee!!!!"

Slowly, Milly slid the vibrating tool into her lover, watching it disappear between the swollen lips of the other woman's vagina. Milly looked up at her companion, whose face was a picture of lustfulness. Her head rolled wildly from side to side and hair had fanned out on the pillow. Her chest heaved and her breasts jiggled as her body reacted violently to what her lover was doing to her.

"Harder!!!" Martha begged, "Do me harder!!!!"

Milly increased the tempo she was using to pump the humming sex toy in and out of her lover's body and her lover's moans increased in volume.

"Eeeeeeeyahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" Martha screamed, her back arching, her hips twisting. "Milly!!!! Oh, God, Milly!!!!!!!! Goddddd!!! Ohhhh!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! Ohhhhh!!!! Uhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" She continued wailing and her body went into spasms of joy while her orgasm ran its course. Finally, just as Milly had done earlier, she relaxed onto the bed.

Milly pulled the dildo out of her lover, turned it off, and threw it aside. Then she gathered her companion into her arms and kissed her tenderly. "I love you, Martha," she said softly.

"I love you, too, Milly," Martha replied, gazing tenderly into her companion's eyes.

The women's faces moved closer, then their lips joined and feelings of desire began spreading through them once again.

"Make love to me again, Martha!" Milly exclaimed after the torrid kiss ended. "I need you so badly! Please, darling, make love to me again!"

"Of course, my darling," Martha replied. "I'd love to." She began kissing Milly's slim neck and shoulders.

Milly was enthralled. Martha caressed her so wonderfully! Her desire rapidly expanded when her lover's soft hands cupped her breasts, and she began to rain light kisses on her companion's flesh. The tips of her breasts tingled. One super-sensitive tip was engulfed by warmth when Martha drew it into her mouth.

"Yessssss!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!! Wonderful, so wonderful!!!" Milly moaned. She felt Martha's hand traveling down over her belly. Then it slid between her legs, found her clit, and began moving on it. The lawyer's hips rocked, twisted, and jolted while the detective's hand whirled on her clit.

Then the release Milly wanted so desperately arrived. "Commmmminnnnnnggggg!!! Oh, God, Martha, I'm commminnnggggg!!!!" she cried when explosions of joy began to shake her. "Don't stop!!! My Goddddd!!! Don't ever stopppp!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Uhhhhhhh!!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!"

Martha kept kissing and caressing Milly until her partner's need was sated. Afterward, the women lay in each other's arms on the bed, their chests heaving, gazing into each other's eyes.

"Would you like to make love to you now?" Milly asked.

"Yesss!!!" Martha replied. "Make love to me again! Please! Make love to me!"

"I will, my darling," her lover replied.

Milly's fingers trailed over her partner's breasts, drawing a low moan of pleasure from the beautiful cop.

While Milly's hands were adoring her breasts, she urged Martha onto her back. Then she began planting soft, teasing kisses on her lover's warm flesh body. Her long, soft hair tumbled down and caressed Martha as Milly kissed her body. It didn't take long before the detective was writhing on the bed.

Martha felt Milly's fingers combing through her pubic hair. An intense bolt of joy caused her hips to rock upward when her roommate's hand slid onto puffy lips of her pussy. She felt as if she was going to explode when her partner's fingers began to tease her damp opening.

"Ohhhhhh!!!!" Martha moaned when Milly slid one finger, then two, into her. Her hips rocked, seeking more pleasure. Her body fluttered while her lover's lips roamed it. The fingers invading her began thrusting; slowly, maddeningly, wonderfully! In and out, in and out, they moved, rousing her more and more.

"Ahhhhhh!!!!" Martha moaned, her cry more impassioned than those that preceded it. Milly's thumb began sliding back and forth over her lover's ultra-sensitive clit and the detective exploded into delight. Her body arched and whirlpools of pleasure spun from her loins into the rest of her body. "Yesssssss!!!! Yessssss!!! Yesssssss!!!" she cried. "Oh, God, Milly!!! Oh, Godddddddd!!! Oh, Goddddddd!!! I'm commmmminnnnnggggg!!!! Yesssssssss!!!!! I'm commmminnngggggggg!!!!"

Milly continued her caresses. Her head was lying on Martha's softly rounded belly, which undulated as powerful spasms of joy tore through the detective. At last, her companion's frantic movements began to calm. When the detective lay still, she slid up next to her lover and took her in her arms.

"Oh, God, Milly!" Martha gushed, kissing her companion. "That was wonderful! Wonderful!"

Martha began caressing Milly's body again. Milly at first didn't believe she could become aroused again, but her lover proved her wrong. Before long, the lithe lawyer could feel herself being fired with need by her lover's caresses once again! In just a short time her companion's feather-light touches had her writhing with need once more.

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