tagNovels and NovellasThe User Ch. 23

The User Ch. 23

byD.C. Roi©

Milly awoke in Martha's arms. She lay there, savoring the feeling of warmth and love that waking up with her lover lying next to her always caused. She kissed her sleeping companion's lips softly.

Martha's eyes opened and she smiled at Milly. "Good morning, Milly," she said. "I love you."

"Good morning and I love you, too," Milly replied, hugging her lover.

Martha returned the embrace.

"Last night was really beautiful," Milly said, her fingers moving lightly over her lover's warm skin.

"I'm glad we got together," Martha replied. "You are the most wonderful woman I've ever known."

Their lips met in a kiss full of sweetness, love, and passion.

Martha touched the tip of one of Milly's breasts and the lawyer shuddered with pleasure. She reciprocated by moving her hand to one of Martha's nipples and pulling on it. The bud of flesh swelled between her fingers and she heard her lover's soft gasp of elation.

Martha shifted on the bed so her head was at Milly's groin and her vagina was in front of her lover's face, the classic "69"position. She began caressing her partner's legs, urging them apart. Then her soft hands began stroking the insides of her lover's thighs.

Milly, thrills rushing through her, returned the favor. The women kissed each other's thighs and their lips moved closer and closer to where they really wanted to be.

Milly's mouth closed over Martha's passion-slick pussy and, at the same time, she experienced incredible thrills when her lover's mouth landed on her pussy, too. Their hips rocked and they clutched each other's buttocks as they licked and sucked each other's pulsing vaginas.

As orgasms swept over them, both women quivered with delight. Their moans of ecstasy were muffled in pussy-flesh as they shared a shattering mutual orgasm.

Afterward, lying in each other's arms, they gazed into each other's eyes.

"What time is it?" Milly asked.

Martha looked over her lover's shoulder at the clock. "Six o'clock," she said.

Milly sat up. "I have to get going," she said. "I have to be in court. We're going to arraign that Sanders asshole this morning, remember? You don't want me to be late for that, do you?"

"No way!" Martha replied. "I want that asshole to go to jail. The sooner the better."

Before she got out of bed, Martha stretched. Milly watched her companion's bare breasts move delightfully. Then the detective got out of bed and walked to the bedroom door. She stopped in the doorway, turned and looked back at Milly, who lay in bed, smiling at her. "Care to join me in the shower?" she asked.

"I was wondering if you were going to ask," Milly replied. She sat up and stretched, then got out of bed. When she got to the bathroom, Martha already had the shower running and was standing under the spray. The lawyer stepped in with her. Her lover's lovely body glistened with droplets of water.

Martha had a sudsy washcloth in her hand. When her lover entered the shower, she began lathering Milly's lithe body.

The contact of the sudsy cloth started desire growing in Milly. "My God, Martha!" she murmured. "The minute you touch me I'm turned on!"

Milly took another cloth off the rack on the shower wall and began to lather it. When she had it covered with white, foamy suds, she began washing her companion's alluring body.

As the washcloths slid over lovely flesh, passion began to escalate in the women. Each paid special attention to the areas on their partner's body which were especially sensitive and soon both of them were covered with lather and gasping for breath. Two pairs of erect nipples poked out through a foamy covering of suds and two gorgeous bodies trembled with need.

Milly's legs were shaking so hard she was afraid she wouldn't be able to keep standing. She leaned against Martha for support and realized her lover was shaking as hard as she was. She slid the washcloth over her partner's belly and between her legs and began "washing" her lover's pussy. She heard her lover gasp and felt a powerful shudder go through her lover when her hand began to whirl on the detective's clit.

Then Milly gasped when Martha's washcloth went between her legs, onto her vagina.

Milly let the washcloth drop and thrust two slim fingers into her companion. Her thumb came to rest on her lover's clit. Martha moaned and her hips rocked forward. Milly kept thrusting her fingers in and out, and her thumb moving back and forth over the tumescent nubbin. After a bit, Milly felt Martha's weight pressing against her as her lover's legs grew more and more rubbery.

Martha shot a finger into Milly's pussy, then, and the lawyer sobbed with delight. "Ahhhhhhh!!!!" she groaned, "Yessssss!!!"

The two women leaned against each other, trembling, fingering each other wildly as warm water cascaded down over them.

"Commmmmminnnnnngggggg!!!!" Milly moaned at last, "Oh, darling!!!! I'm commmminnnngggg!!! Yessssss!!!! Oh, yesssssssss!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

"Milly!!!!!" Martha cried, "Darling!!! My darling!!! I'm commmminnnnngggg, toooo!!! Oh, Goddddddd!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

They finally finished their shower and, once they were dressed, they went down to the kitchen to have breakfast. After they finished breakfast, they went off to their jobs.

Milly found Dennis Milligan, a local criminal lawyer, waiting when she arrived at her office.

"Morning, Dennis," she said, "what can I do for you?"

"You aren't really serious about going through with those charges on Ben Sanders, are you, Mil?" he asked. "I mean, get real, he didn't do anything all that wrong."

Milly had never liked Milligan. The man tended to operate at the outer limits of legal propriety and occasionally exceeded them. His most respectable clients were drug dealers. "Give me a break, Dennis!" she snorted. "The man's slime. He took advantage of Lord knows how many teen-age girls, violated the confidence placed in him by the parents of this town, and in general he's a creep! And the detectives working the case think they're going to be able to find enough evidence to let me file statutory rape charges, too."

Mulligan frowned. "Don't you think you might be over-stating things just a little, Mil?" he asked.

Milly frowned and shook her head. "Jesus, Dennis, how can you say that with a straight face?" she asked. "Of course, considering the quality of the people you usually represent, Ben Sanders really didn't do all that much wrong."

"Hey, no need to get all huffy, there, Mil," Milligan replied. "I just thought, maybe, you might be willing to make some kind of a deal on this. The sooner we get it cleared up, the less scandal there'll be, you know?"

"What kind of deal were you thinking of?" Milly asked.

"I talked to my client last night and explained the facts of life to him," Milligan said. "He wants to get this cleared up quickly. He's willing to plead to marijuana possession, even though he denies any knowledge of how it came to be in his apartment. That is, if you are willing to make the statutory rape charges - if the cops actually find any evidence - disappear. I think a year in county jail, with nine months suspended, and an appropriate number of hours of community service, would be a fair sentence, don't you?"

Milly shook her head in amazement. "Yeah, right, Dennis," she snapped. "And I suppose he wants to perform his community service in a home for wayward girls, right? Who in hell do you think you're talking to, counselor? Don't you go treating me like I just fell off a turnip truck. Your client is going down, big time."

"Milly, be reasonable," Milligan said. "Think about this..."

"No, you think about this," Milly said, interrupting him. "There is going to be such a huge fuss once this story gets out that your client isn't going to be safe walking the streets. Actually, if I really wanted to be sure he gets what he has coming to him, I probably ought to give the story to the press, then turn the asshole loose and let the fathers of the girls he screwed take care of him." She saw the shocked look on Milligan's face and smiled. "Don't worry, Dennis, I won't do that," she said. "Here's my deal. I'm going to bet the cops find evidence of stat rape. If they do, I'll make the possession with intent to sell charge go away and recommend two to five, concurrent, on each stat rape charge Sanders pleads to. That's as good as I'm offering. He turns it down, we go to trial." Something occurred to her. "Oh, yeah, and he surrenders whatever teaching or counseling licenses he has, too, and agrees never to work with kids again."

Milligan shook his head. "He won't go for that," he said. "He's scared to death of what will happen to him if he goes to jail."

"Fine, let's go to trial, then," Milly said. "But let me tell you, I'm going to have videotape evidence, which means we will get convictions on the stat rape charges. Then I'll ask that any sentences imposed be consecutive." She smiled. "And Dennis, you ought to know that the cops are reviewing the videotapes and interviewing kids over at the high school as we speak. We will find under-age girls who slept with Sanders."

"I don't know, Mil, I think I'm going to have to talk with my client again," Milligan said.

Milly looked at her watch. "You do that, Dennis. And you better be very persuasive, and quick, too. His arraignment's in an hour," she said. "You got that much time. We have a deal by then or we go to trial."

An hour later, Milly, Martha, Tim, and a courtroom full of angry people were waiting for Ben Sanders' arraignment to take place. The hall outside the courtroom was filled with TV and print reporters and clamoring parents. The two detectives had found evidence of Sanders' sexual involvement with at least four underage girls, so those charges had been added.

"State versus Benjamin Sanders," the bailiff intoned.

Ben Sanders, looking haggard, was brought in by sheriff's deputies and took a seat at the defense table next to Dennis Milligan.

When his name was called, Sanders and his lawyer stood up. "Dennis Milligan, appearing for Mr. Sanders," the lawyer said.

Judge Hawkins, a sober, gray-haired bear of a man, read the information on the charges into the record, then he glowered down from the bench at Ben. "Mr. Milligan, what plea does your client wish to enter on the charges I just read?" the judge growled.

"Your honor, I believe the prosecuting attorney's office and I have come to an agreement on disposition of this case," Milligan said.

Judge Hawkins turned to Milly, who was standing behind the prosecution table. "Miss Perkins, is that correct?" he asked.

"Yes, your honor," Milly replied. "If Mr. Sanders enters guilty pleas to all four of the statutory rape charges, we're willing to drop the marijuana possession charge. We would also request that Mr. Sanders surrender any teaching or counseling certifications or licenses he may have."

The judge turned back to Milligan. "Is that your understanding, Mr. Milligan?"

"Yes, your honor," Milligan said. "And I believe the state also has a recommendation regarding sentence."

"Is that correct, Miss Perkins?" Judge Hawkins asked.

"It is, your honor," she replied. "If Mr. Sanders pleads guilty to the specified charges, we plan to make a recommendation on length of sentence."

"Very well," the judge said. He again glowered at Ben. "Mr. Sanders, do you understand the charges filed against you?" he asked.

"Y...yes, I...I do, your...honor," Ben replied, nodding faintly.

"Has your attorney explained the plea agreement to you and do you understand it?" the judge continued.

"Y...yes, your honor," Ben replied, very softly.

"Are you entering a plea of guilt because you, in fact, committed the offenses charged, and not because of any coercion or intimidation?" the judge asked.

"I'm...pleading guilty because I...did it," Sanders replied, his voice almost a whisper.

"How do you plead to the charges that you had sexual relations with four under-age females?" the judge asked.

"G...guilty, your honor," Ben stammered. He never, ever imagined it would come to this. His whole life, his career, everything he believed he had, was all gone.

The judge asked a few more questions, ascertaining that Ben both understood the plea agreement, and was accepting it without duress. "Very well, then, I accept your plea of guilty, Mr. Sanders," Judge Hawkins said finally, "I furthermore find that you made it knowledgeably and without duress. I enter a finding of guilt on all charges." He paused and wrote something on the papers in front of him, then he looked up. "I am scheduling sentencing on this matter in thirty days, and am ordering the department of probation to conduct a pre-sentence investigation," he said. "Miss Perkins, do you have a recommendation as to bail?"

"I believe $10,000 cash or bond would be sufficient, your honor," Milly said. "If Mr. Sanders makes bail, I would ask the court to impose conditions of release which prohibit him from having any contact with the victims or their families, and which bar him from being at or near Jamestown High School."

Judge Hawkins nodded. "I concur with your recommendations, Miss Perkins," he said. "I will issue an order. In addition, I think it might be wise to require Mr. Sanders to report to the police department twice daily."

"Thank you, your honor," Milly said.

The judge turned to Milligan. "Mr. Milligan, do you wish to be heard on the subject of bail?" he asked.

"Your honor, my client has limited financial resources," Milligan said. "He has no prior criminal record, he has ties to the community, and I don't believe he poses a substantial threat of flight. I believe he's appropriate for recognizance release."

Judge Hawkins leaned back in his big chair, his face stern, but thoughtful. Then he leaned forward. "I impose bail of $10,000, cash or bond. In the event Mr. Sanders does manage to make bail, he is to abide by the following conditions: One, he is to have no contact whatever with any of the victims in this case or their families. Two, he is to have no contact with any females under the age of twenty-five. Three, he not to be on, or within five hundred feet, of any school or place where young people congregate. Four, he is to report to the Jamestown Police Department daily. Five, he is to remain in his residence between the hours of five p.m. and nine a.m. Do you understand these conditions Mr. Sanders?"

"Y...yes, your honor," Ben said.

"I hope you do, sir," the judge said. "Because if you violate even one of them, I will lock you up. I promise you that."

"My client understands, your honor," Milligan said.

"I hope he does, Mr. Milligan," the judge said. He pounded his gavel. "Next case!" he said.

The sheriff's deputies took hold of Ben's arms and led the pale, shaking man out the side door of the courtroom.


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