The Utter Humiliation of Penny Love


Penny screamed out loud in frustration. She had just allowed a complete stranger to defile her mouth with his dirty penis for nothing! He'd broken the deal and taken her clothes, the bastard!

What was she going to do now?

She took some deep breaths and wiped her eyes. First she needed to clean herself properly and then she needed to get away. If she stayed much longer, the carnival would be ending and then there'd be hundreds of people leaving through the park, massively increasing her chances of humiliating discovery. Of course she could just stay locked in cubicle until it was dark. But then what if other men came in to use them and saw her through the hole in the wall. And what would Bobby do if she didn't turn up soon? He might call her parents and then they'd be worried. She had to get away now and find some clothes.

She gratefully washed out her mouth and cleaned her face, neck and breasts with soap and water until the sharp smell of sperm was gone before drying herself under the hand-drier.

And then she ventured to the door to look outside.


Xavier was exultant as he ran away from the lavatories. He had just come in Penny's mouth. She had actually sucked his cock, his greatest ever fantasy. He couldn't believe it had happened. He hadn't thought she would really touch him so when he'd felt her perfect elegant hand enclosing him, he'd almost come immediately.

And then he'd got carried away, ordering her to suck him. But she'd done it! Even the sound of her sobbing hadn't detracted from the soft damp warmth of her lovely pure mouth enclosing his dick and the ecstatic feeling around his cock as he'd fucked it.

His first handjob and blowjob from the gorgeous wonderful Penny Love!

He stopped behind a screen of bushes where he could still see the door to the male toilets to catch his breath. It was only then that he realised he'd taken Penny's bag. He had honestly meant to leave the bag and clothes. In his triumphant rush to get away he must have grabbed them. He smiled wickedly: what on earth would she do?

He watched the door for a few minutes until he saw her tentatively poke her head around the door to see whether there was anyone around. She must have been satisfied because she suddenly and frantically ran out of the door and threw herself into a clump of bushes near the park exit.

Despite having come so recently, Xavier felt his cock thicken as he glimpsed the pale elegance of her naked body. He was impressed at her resolve; she obviously planned to make a run for it whilst there was hardly anyone around.

He wondered if he could perhaps help her.

He looked down at what he was wearing. A dark green shirt over a white t-shirt and blue jeans. The t-shirt was very tight on him, something he'd consciously worn to hold in his not insubstantial stomach. The shirt was baggier but he tucked it in so that it looked more snug on him. He wanted her to be happy wearing his t-shirt rather than the shirt if she asked for his clothing.

And then, hiding Penny's bag and clothes in the shrubbery, he backtracked through the trees before rejoining the path and walking towards Penny's hiding place. He wondered whether she'd take the bait.

He was almost past her, wondering what he should do if she ignored him, when he heard her cry out his name. Purposefully he turned the other way, trying to appear curious about this mysterious voice calling his name.

"Xavier, over here!" she shouted more loudly and so he turned to face her.

Only her head was visible over a thick rhododendron bush. In fact if he hadn't already known, he would never have guessed she was naked.

"Penny, is that you? Why are you standing in there?" he said purposefully marching around the bush towards her.

"No, wait! Oh, my God, don't look, Xavi!" she cried.

Xavier was rewarded with a full frontal glimpse of her lissom trim body, her light nipples stiff in the cold and her blonde pussy hair visible under her flat stomach, before she covered herself with her arms and doubled over in embarrassment.

Xavier spun around as if horrified that he'd seen Penny's glorious naked body.

"Penny! Oh shit! Why haven't you got any clothes on?" he shouted in mock alarm.

"Oh, Xavi, you wouldn't believe me if I told you. I'm so glad to see you. Please will you help me? I desperately need some clothes. Please can I have your shirt?"

"Er, yeah, hang on. It might be a bit short for you but I've got a t-shirt on underneath you can have that might be longer," he lied. "Turn around please and I'll take it off."

"Oh, OK. Sure," she replied. Xavier glanced over his shoulder and, sure enough, Penny was now facing away from him, with one arm shielding her breasts, the other cupping her pussy or so it appeared to him from behind.

He ogled her peachy smooth arse whilst taking off his shirt and t-shirt. Once he'd put the shirt back on, he turned around as if he hadn't been looking and held the t-shirt over his shoulder for her. "Here you are, Penny."

He felt her take it and after some brief rustling, she said, "OK. I'm decent now."

Xavier turned to face her and his first thought was that she didn't in any way look decent. Her nipples were obviously poking through the white t-shirt which ended just below her pussy, exposing her long thighs. Penny was holding the t-shirt down self-consciously, trying to maintain some level of decorum.

"Wow! You're looking amazing." Xavier exclaimed before thinking. "Erm, I mean, er sorry."

Penny blushed at Xavier's praise. "That's OK, Xavi," she replied. "I guess it's a bit revealing."

"So what the hell's going on, Penny? Why are you out here in the park naked?"

Penny continued to blush. "I know it might be difficult to believe but I was just getting changed in the toilets over there and someone stole my bag with my phone and purse and my clothes. It's so embarrassing. I'm so lucky that you were leaving the carnival early. Please will you help me get hold of something to wear?"

"Er, of course I will," he replied, deciding he wanted to prolong her discomfort for his own titillation. "But wait someone stole your bag? Well they might have taken your purse and phone but I bet they'd have dumped your bag and clothes nearby. Why don't I go and have a quick look around first? You should hide out a bit deeper into the woods. No-one will be there during the carnival."

"Erm, OK," Penny replied as Xavier led her away from the park exit into the thicker trees.

"Right you wait here. I'll be back in ten minutes max," Xavier said as he walked away.

"Ok, please be quick, Xavi. Thanks so much for your help."

Once Xavier was out of sight he circled back round clandestinely. He wanted to check out Penny's arse a bit more before he came back with nothing.

As he got closer to her hiding place, he was startled to hear voices where he'd left Penny. Male voices.

What the fuck was going on now?


Stepping out into the park stark naked was the hardest thing Penny had ever had to do. Once she was out though, her adrenaline had got her away from the path and into a thick section of bushy plants that hid her from view.

She'd been psyching herself up to make a run out of the gate and into the alley that ran behind the shop parade that included Mr. Keller's store, when she'd seen her saviour walking down the path.

Penny hadn't been close to Xavier for a few years now. In fact it had been when she started to go out with Bobby that the two of them had drifted apart. Partly because Penny was aware that Xavier had a crush on her, which though flattering she didn't reciprocate, and partly because Bobby really didn't like him.

She had no idea why Xavi (as she used to call him when they were younger) was walking away from the carnival but she couldn't ever remember being so happy to see anyone.

She called out to him and , after a puzzled look around, he'd walked around to find her. Her gratitude immediately turned to panic as she realised that he'd be able to see her nudity but, as soon as he glimpsed her slender form, he had turned around in a touchingly gentlemanly way.

He'd even offered his t-shirt to cover as much of her possible and when she'd slipped on the plan white garment, she'd revelled briefly in its warmth and the manly smell from his body. At last she was covered up.

Although when Xavi turned to look at her the startled look in his eyes made her realise that it stopped at the top of her thighs so that she was still highly exposed. She considered asking him whether the shirt might be a better option but, before she knew it, he was off hunting for her clothes, having installed her in a thick copse of trees.

Watching him stalk away she felt guilty about how she'd treated him for so long. She resolved to be nicer to him and spend more time with him after this was all over no matter what Bobby thought.

She knelt down on the soft grass so that she was well hidden and peeked through the leaves of a bush, waiting for Xavier to return.

"Fucking hell, look at the cunt on that!" a voice said behind her causing her to jump in fright. She scrambled around, acutely aware that the way she'd been kneeling would have exposed her anus and pussy explicitly to anyone standing behind her.

With horror she realised that there were two old tramps staring between her legs at her fully uncovered vagina. "Oh, God, no," she moaned. She had to get away!

She stood up pulling her t-shirt down in a vain attempt at modesty.

"Wow, yeah, she's seriously hot," replied the second hobo, a wrinkle-faced gap-toothed black man in a hooded top and combat trousers.

She turned to run but heard a number of voices from beyond the trees. Oh no! There were people walking to the carnival -- a large group of them judging from the laughter and noise they were making.

"Girl, you'd better not go out there. Unless you want everyone to see that fine arse of yours," the black guy cautioned her.

Penny felt confused and upset. What was the lesser of two evils? These two disgusting tramps or the utter humiliation of being caught virtually naked in public? She couldn't decide.

The decision was taken away from her as she was led, as if in a dream, further into the copse by the two men.

"It's OK, honey. We'll look after you," reassured the first tramp, a heavily bearded white man who smelt terrible. "Won't we, Tarquin?"

"We certainly will, Charles. So what the fuck are you doing out here showing that sweet pussy of yours to the world? Are you a whore?" asked Tarquin.

"No!" Penny screeched. "Someone stole my clothes. And my friend is coming back with clothes for me any minute now," she warned them.

"Of course that's what happened," Charles said soothingly. "And here you are in our woods. Well we don't let anyone into these woods, not without paying anyway."

"But I don't have any money. I lost it all with my clothes," Penny sobbed, her big blue eyes tearing up in frustration.

"Oh, I'm sure you can repay us in other ways, babe," Tarquin said with a horrific smile.

Penny's eyes widened as she understood what they were suggesting. "No! Please, I'm not like that. Please don't!"

"You don't have to do anything, darling," Charles said. "But you can't stay in our woods unless you pay. You're free to go anytime. Although it does sound like there are a lot more people out there."

Penny listened to the sound of revellers walking past. She couldn't go out there. Where was Xavi? He had to be back soon! She had to buy some time.

"What do you want me to do?" she finally said despondently.

Charles and Tarquin smiled delightedly at each other.

"Show us your cunt," Charles commanded her, causing Penny to flinch at the crudeness of his language.

"No, please, don't make me," she begged.

"It's either that or you go out and meet your public, sweetie," Tarquin said quietly.

Sobbing once more, Penny lifted her t-shirt to show the hobos the special treasure between her legs.

"Oh, wow, that's fucking sweet, girl. Are you tight?" Tarquin asked reaching a grubby finger forward to touch her.

Penny jumped back. "No! You mustn't touch me, please!" she beseeched but Charles stood behind while Tarquin continued to reach forward.

Penny felt trapped. She was conscious of the unpleasant presence of Charles right behind her as he began to lift her t-shirt from behind and she watched in horror as Tarquin's thick dirty finger reached down to touch her surprisingly lightly between her thighs, gently stroking her pussy lips up and down.

"Oh!" she moaned in dismay as he probed at her opening trying to push his disgusting finger into her. "No please, I've never had anything inside me; oh no, please don't!" she entreated him, pushing herself back into Charles' arms.

"Are you a virgin, darling?" Tarquin stopped his fingering, an expression of surprise on his worn face. "No shit! Tell you what, you sort out us out with that pretty mouth of yours and we'll leave your pussy alone. What do you say, honey? You ever given a blowjob?"

Penny's hesitation before she replied made Tarquin smile broadly. "Come on, love. Just a little suck and you can stay in here safely with us. Otherwise..."

Penny nodded miserably. "OK," she whispered, resigned to having to orally satisfy the two hobos to avoid public humiliation.

"Fuck, yes!" Charles exclaimed as tugged at her t-shirt. "Come on, let's get this off you. I really want to see those cute tits."

In a despondent daze, Penny allowed Charles to pull off her only item of clothing. Their hands immediately grasped her breasts, cruelly pinching her nipples. For the next few minutes Penny stood limply while the two men groped her entire body exploring every part of her with their dirty hands. Please Xavi, come back and save me, she begged silently.

She squealed in surprise as Tarquin began sucking her nipples in turn and she could feel herself blushing in shame as she began to enjoy the way his tongue worked across her rosebuds. When he knelt in front of her and began kissing her between the legs, she stood absolutely still, horrified that she might give away her ambiguous feelings. When he wiggled his tongue across her clitoris though, she gave out an involuntary moan of excitement. Tarquin smiled up at her knowingly.

So at first she felt relief that her body wouldn't betray her any more when Charles pulled her round and pushed her down to her knees in front of him. But then she saw his disgusting penis, encrusted in dirt and grime.

"No!" she moaned as he pushed it towards her face. Charles though just thrust forward pushing his foul member between Penny's sweet lips and into her warm mouth.

The taste and smell was indescribably awful and Penny pulled back immediately, retching and coughing at this revolting invasion.

"Jesus, Charles. Don't you ever wash? Just because we sleep rough doesn't mean we shouldn't have some standards," Tarquin said. "Look, go wash your dick. There's some soap in my pack and a bottle of water. She'll do a better job on you if you're a bit cleaner."

For a second Penny thought that Charles would thrust back into her mouth in his crazed lust but he pulled back and walked away, grumbling as he went.

"Here, babe. Give this one a try. I ain't promising I'm pristine but I like to keep myself reasonably clean."

Tarquin's penis was much larger than the other two Penny had seen. And as promised it wasn't as filthy as Charles' sordid member and frankly it tasted a lot better.

Penny, her mouth stretched wide by his cock, looked up into Tarquin's eyes as he began to slowly thrust in and out of her mouth.

"Oh, yeah, babe that's nice. No teeth now. Yeah, oh yeah. And suck on it. Hmmm, that's good. Move your tongue. That's it, honey. Lick it. Oooh, that's good," he commentated, instructing her on what to do.

Penny did her best to pleasure him, knowing that her ordeal wouldn't finish until he was satisfied. And so she was oddly pleased when he gave sudden thrust and began to ejaculate copiously into her mouth.

"Oh, yeah, don't stop, keep sucking, darling," he moaned as he continued to spurt this thick brackish jism across her tongue. Once he's stopped Penny spat it all out on the ground, grateful that the experience hadn't been too distressing.

As Tarquin stepped back Charles returned, immediately putting his now much cleaner cock back into her mouth. Penny used her newly acquired oral abilities to bring him to orgasm much more quickly even anticipating his climax and finishing him off with her hand onto the grass.

Despite having just satisfied two tramps with her mouth, an unimaginable act only an hour ago, Penny felt satisfied that she'd managed to handle the situation. Xavier should be back any time now and she still hadn't been exposed to anyone that knew her.

"Hey, girl. How about we fuck now?" Penny looked up in horror as Tarquin waved his renewed and lengthy erection at her.

"No! You promised," she screeched. She had to get away!


Xavier watched in astonishment from a hidden position as the two tramps gradually persuaded Penny into sucking them off. He rubbed himself through his trousers as they groped her naked body and shook his head in amazement as she willingly agreed to fellate them.

Partly he was horrified that Penny could be so sluttish and partly he was excited. He watched out carefully though to make sure no-one could see him as well as being ready to intervene as soon as it looked like Penny was in real trouble.

However it was still a shock when suddenly the mood turned ugly as one of the tramps pushed Penny onto her back and knelt between her thighs to rape her. If he'd thought about it a bit longer he probably would have let her be taken because he was still angry at her twat of a boyfriend and, if he were honest with himself, because taking on two grown men was a terrifying prospect.

But he didn't think; he just leapt up, crashing through the bushes to bowl into one of the hobos before pushing the other off his feet.

"Quick, Penny," he shouted grabbing her by the hand and pulling her out through the trees.

They ran through the woods randomly until they found themselves deeper into the park in an isolated clearing, miraculously avoiding the ever increasing streams of people using the paths.

"I think we got away. Oh, Penny, are you OK?" he gasped, breathing heavily from his exertions as held her close.

Penny sobbed into his arms. "Oh, Xavi. They were going to rape me! Thank you so much. You saved me again."

Xavier revelled in the glorious feeling of holding the naked Penny, a situation he had fantasised about on many occasions. But he was careful not to allow his erection to press against her as he was certain she would be appalled at his excitement.

"I'm sorry I didn't come back quicker, Penny," he apologised. "I couldn't find your bag or your clothes. Did anything happen before I returned?" he asked her with apparent disingenuousness.

Penny tensed against his body. "Er, no, you got there just in time. I can't thank you enough, Xavi." She pushed back, looking down at her nudity. "But I lost your t-shirt. Sorry."

Xavier took the opportunity to study her pert boobs, flat stomach and the tantalising mound of her cunt. "Yes, I noticed!" he said with a smile.

Penny's face transformed as smiled back briefly, before remembering herself and covering her breasts and pussy. "I guess you've seen it all now," she said embarrassedly. "But can I have your shirt now?"

Xavier nodded although inside he felt reluctant to expose his not particularly pleasant torso whilst covering up Penny's magnificent body. However he couldn't think of any reason to dissemble so started to unbutton his shirt when they were suddenly interrupted.

"Well, well. Looks like we might be getting in the way of something here!"

"Oh!" Penny cried, jumping back into Xavier's arms as three men in their twenties approached the two of them, surrounding them and blocking off any escape.

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