The Utter Humiliation of Penny Love


"Your girlfriend's got a great arse, loverboy," said a hard-faced blond man with tattoos on his arms.

"Shit, love. Where are your clothes?" he continued. "You look way too hot to be with this ugly fucker. Why don't you try a real man?"

Xavier felt scared. These guys weren't old hobos. Although they were from out-of-town and he didn't recognise them, they looked like they could handle themselves and carried an air of violence.

"Please, what do you want?" he stammered.

The shortest of the men, dark and squat, reached out to pinch Penny's butt, causing her to squeal. "Well we came here because we're going to meet a few, er, customers. But we're early so I think we should have some of what you were going to get from your pretty little girlfriend first."

Penny pressed her face into Xavier's chest and groaned fearfully.

Xavier was torn. The thought of seeing Penny abused was exciting but he knew he couldn't just allow them to take her without a fight. He decided to bluff.

"Well you can't have her!" he said bravely, expecting to argue a bit before backing down in the face of the inevitable.

He realised as he was punched hard in the stomach that the three men didn't play games like that.

He wasn't sure how many times they hit and kicked and he might even have blacked out momentarily. But as his senses returned he heard Penny remonstrating with their assailants.

"No please leave him alone. I'll do whatever you want," she entreated. Xavier began to smile at Penny's touching loyalty to him but it hurt so he just groaned instead.

"Ok, honey. Show us what you can do," the third man, a lankly redhead, ordered her.

Xavier lay back, pretending to be insensible but made sure he could watch Penny kneeling down in front of the men. Quicker than he could have imagined, she was tossing off a cock in each hand while bobbing her head up and down the blond's thick member.

Xavier furtively adjusted his growing erection as he watched the girl-next-door, the sweetly innocent Penny Love suck on three strangers' dicks as if she were an experienced whore. And all for him. If only Bobby could see her now, he thought to himself callously.

The three men took it in turns to use her mouth and grope her breasts, all the while telling her that she was a fabulous slut and gave great head until the dark guy pushed her onto her back.

"Right time to fuck, whore," he said cruelly, standing over Penny his cock glistening with her saliva.

"Oh!" Penny exclaimed deflatedly. "I thought you'd be happy with blowjobs. I really did my best. Please let me try again. I can suck harder," she begged.

The three men laughed cruelly at her pathetic pleading. "It doesn't matter how good your mouth is, darling; you're going to get fucked too," said the blond. "Unless you want us to kick the shit of your boyfriend over there."

Xavier took the cue to moan pitiably.

"No! OK. I'll do it," Penny said resignedly, lying back and allowing her legs to fall open.

Xavier watched in fascination as the dark man, knelt down, spat on his hand and lubricated Penny's pure pussy before slowly expertly pushing his erection into her, causing her to cry out as her virginity was taken.

"Oh fuck, she is so tight!" the man shouted as he fucked her, seemingly not realising that he was Penny's first lover.

He rutted slowly with Penny for a few minutes before his thrusts started to speed up.

"Hey!" said the redhead. "Don't come in her cunt. I don't want sloppy seconds."

The man fucking Penny grunted in frustration but pulled out and shuffled round to her head, allowing the redhead access to her pussy. Xavier's eyes widened as the two men fucked poor Penny at both ends until his groaning indicated that the man in her mouth was coming.

"Oh, yeah, babe. Take it all. That's it. Swallow it down, you slut," he groaned, forcing Penny to gulp down his cum.

Penny's ordeal continued as she was taken from behind by the blond while the redhead violently fucked her mouth until he too spunked down her throat. If Xavier hadn't known better he could almost believe that Penny was writhing and moaning in what could have been pleasure.

However, before long, Penny was swallowing the final load, passively allowing the blond man to fill her cute mouth with his filthy load before she obediently swallowed.

"Shit, what a great fuck," he said, contentedly. "Yeah. Your boyfriend's a lucky bastard to have you. Although you're so tight that he must have a tiny cock," he laughed harshly.

"Come on let's clean up before the kids get here for their weed," the redhead said. "You need to get your boyfriend out of here."

"No, wait. We could make a bit of extra cash with this lovely piece of arse. Why don't we charge to fuck her?"

"Oh, yeah that's a great idea."

Penny was looking between the three men in disbelief. "No! You can't! I'm not a prostitute. Please don't make me."

"Come on, all you need to do is fuck them. They're only a few kids who want a bit of weed. Do them and we'll let you and your boyfriend go. We'll even give you a cut."

"No, please. I might know them. I can't!" Penny cried.

"Well, I'll tell you what," the blond man replied. "Why don't you put this paper bag over your head and then they won't know who you are," he suggested, taking out some packages of dark material and handing Penny the empty bag.

Penny shook her head as the men laughed uproariously at the idea.

"Come on; you're obviously a slut. You were loving it when I was fucking you. And you can save loverboy from another beating."

Xavier exhaled sharply when Penny shook her head despondently. "No."

"Well then, I guess there's only so far we can push you. Fair enough. You can just wait here to meet our customers. They're locals so maybe you will know them."

Penny gasped. "Oh, no, please. You have to let us go," she implored.

"No, way. You're not going anywhere," said the redhead. "And they'll be here any minute now. You put the bag on and fuck them or..."

Crying, Penny gazed at the paper bag before nodding and taking it. She looked at Xavier. "Are you OK, Xavi? You have to hide. Please."


"No, don't argue; just hide somewhere and get me out of here when this is over. Please!" she said as she put the bag on her head and knelt down.

Xavier stumbled away to hide in the undergrowth, amazed at Penny's capitulation.

As it turned out he was just in time as almost immediately there was the sound of new arrivals. The blond man turned to the influx of eight or nine young men who were staring in amazement at the gorgeously willowy naked blonde, kneeling in the centre of the clearing with a paper bag over her head.

"Ah, young Bobby! And I see you brought some new friends with you."

Xavier's eyes opened wide as he recognised the boy standing at the front of the group. Oh shit! It was Penny's boyfriend!


As she ran with Xavier from the tramps, such was her desperation to get away that Penny almost forgot that she was naked. It was only when she was safe in the clearing that she realised that she'd left the t-shirt behind.

Still the relief she felt from getting away from those awful men was even enough for her to smile as Xavier took a long appraising look at her breasts and pussy. She felt discomfited but enormously grateful to him and she couldn't blame him for wanting to look at her.

She was even feeling optimistic that Xavier would get her out of her appalling situation when it had all gone wrong again.

When the three drug dealers had initially arrived her first thought was of embarrassment. What would they think she had been doing with Xavier?

But then as it became clear what kind of men they were, she was horrified by their lewd and explicit suggestions.

No not again, she thought dejectedly.

Xavier had bravely tried to resist them but when they started to beat him she knew she had to submit for his sake. "No please leave him alone. I'll do whatever you want," she had begged them.

She had done her best to use her newfound oral skills to pleasure the three men as quickly and as satisfyingly as possible so it had been utterly dismaying when they had insisted on having full sex with her as well.

But knowing that if she didn't surrender to their demands poor Xavier would be hurt badly, meant that she had no choice.

Penny had always thought that losing her virginity would be painful. And the moment that the short dark stranger had thrust his erection into her had been painful but more emotionally than physically. Perhaps it was the humiliating nature of the experience but she didn't felt any real soreness after an initial stinging wrench as his saliva and her surprisingly forthcoming natural lubrication allowed him to attain a steady rhythm inside her. Rather, as the man began to thrust into her tight vagina, she had lamented squandering her innocence to a malevolent stranger instead of her lovely Bobby on their wedding night as she had always dreamed.

Luckily none of them had come inside her pussy but it had been difficult not to gag as they had forced her to taste her own juices as they finished off in her mouth and compelled her to swallow their spunk.

The worst part, though, had been the reaction of her body as she was fucked for the third time by the most attractive of the men, the hard-bodied blond. Despite the awful horror of her plight and to her utmost shame, she had actually begun to partly physically enjoy the sinful feeling of his large member thrusting inside her. It had been a relief when he had pulled out to ejaculate into her mouth and she had been almost grateful as she had swallowed his seed without being asked.

Just when she had thought it was over though one of them had had the perverted suggestion that she have sex with others for money. And when she realised they meant with people she knew in the town she had felt a panic as dire as any she'd experienced this ghastly day.

Even the thought of more violence to Xavier hadn't been enough for her to change her mind but then she was offered a stark choice of being exposed to people she knew or complying to their debauched demands with the darkly absurd idea of having her face hidden by a paper bag.

She had reached for the bag resignedly.

The bag smelt odd, from the drugs that had been in them she supposed. She momentarily worried that she might be affected by them but she told herself that she was being silly. She had more important things about which to be concerned.

She was aware that others had arrived and she could tell from the exclamations that she was probably being ogled but the bag stopped her clearly hearing what was being said at first until she felt people standing much closer to her.

She started suddenly when someone began squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples.

"See I told you, she's just a whore and you can have her if you pay enough," she heard the blond man say as he groped her.

"So why's she got a paper bag on her head? Is she that ugly," laughed someone. Oh, no! She recognised that voice: it was Nathan, one of Bobby's best friends! The thought that Bobby might be there terrified her. But she knew that there was no way Bobby would buy drugs even if were only weed.

"No, she's just shy. But she's totally hot. Hey, slut. Turn over and shake that arse," she was ordered.

Tears in her eyes and with her hidden face red with shame, Penny got onto her hands and knees and did her best to wiggle her bottom, thankful that at least no-one could recognise her.

Immediately she heard approving whoops from what sounded like a lot of men. "Oh, yeah, what a fantastic butt! And her cunt is awesome," she heard someone who sounded just like another of Bobby's friends, Mike, say.

Penny's sense of doom multiplied. Oh, please no, not people she knew so well. She prayed Bobby wasn't there. She knew he would never cheat on her but it would be awful if she was taken by his friends in front of her.

"Ok, who's first? Money up front. No touching the bag. And no coming in her pussy. Got to keep her fresh!"

The first one to fuck her was Nathan and he lasted less than a minute. She felt him fumbling at her pussy amateurishly, even momentarily pushing at her arsehole, before he found his mark and thrust in. Luckily Penny was still wet enough from her previous shagging for him to drive in painlessly. And then, after crying out about how tight she felt, he pulled out and came on her back.

Within a few seconds she was impaled again by another penis, this time Mike's.

One by one she was fucked from behind. Every time a new cock was thrust into her she listened out, desperately hoping that it didn't belong to Bobby. She recognised almost all of them but thankfully none of them was her boyfriend. He would never want sex with anyone else, surely?

She was vaguely aware that those that weren't using her were buying weed from her captors whilst watching their comrades and waiting their turn with her. She guessed that she'd been with seven or eight of them when her world collapsed.

"Can I fuck her up her arse?" someone said close behind. Her heart thumped hard in her chest as she gasped in consternation. No! It couldn't be!

"No you can't fuck her up her arse. You've got to respect the merchandise, Bobby. Her cunt's seriously tight so just do her normally," the blond man said.

Penny moaned in anguish as Bobby pushed himself into her pussy. No! How could he! Not only was Bobby buying drugs, he being unfaithful to her, at least in thought if not deed! They had promised to wait until their wedding night!

"Oh, yeah, that's good. She really is tight," Bobby said, as he used her. "And she loves it. Listen to her!" he added, mistaking Penny's tortured sobs for excitement.

"Is she as tight as Becky or Amy?" Mike said flippantly.

"Oh she's much tighter," Bobby replied confidently, speeding up his thrusting.

Becky and Amy? Becky McMahon and Amy Jones! They were her friends! The sluts! He'd fucked them, the stupid whores! She knew they fancied him but she'd never thought he or they would stoop so low! Amy had even advised her on what she should do with Bobby! Penny groaned out loud in a blend of grief and rage at their betrayal.

"Oh, yeah, baby. Take my big cock," Bobby cried just before he pulled out and came over her arse. "Oh, fuck I needed that. I ain't getting any from that frigid bitch Penny. Although she did say she'd give me a handjob tonight, wherever the fuck she is. Best go find her," he said dismissively.

"Oh, Bobby, no," Penny moaned out loud, before catching herself, hoping he hadn't heard anything.

But Bobby and his friends just left with their weed, whooping and laughing, leaving Penny lying on the ground, a paper bag on her head, her life in tatters.


Xavier couldn't believe it as he watched Penny get fucked by her boyfriend's mates. Surely she knew who they were. He couldn't imagine how she was feeling. Part of him pitied her but another darker side to him was exhilarated by her humiliation. He stroked his erection as he watched her take one dick after another.

And when Bobby started using her, he couldn't help chuckle out loud at the irony.

As Bobby pulled out of her and spunked all over her arse, he was sure Penny said something. And indeed Bobby did look mystified as he zipped himself up, staring down at Penny's semen-covered back. But he allowed his friends to pull him away and, apart from a few, thoughtful looks at her recumbent form he left without saying anything to her.

Xavier shook his head, wondering if Bobby suspected that all of his mates had just fucked his girlfriend!

He stood up, tucking his erection down his leg to conceal it, before making his way back into the clearing.

"Wow, mate. You're girlfriend is such as slut!" the red-haired man said, gesturing down to the sobbing Penny who had taken off the bag and was standing up.

"She's not my girlfriend and she's not a slut!" Xavier said loyally although he was surprised at just how far Penny had gone to, in a way, preserve her dignity.

"Woo! Ok, lover. Whatever you say!" he replied. "Anyway, girl, here's your cut. You can buy yourself a few baubles with that," he continued waving a wad of notes at Penny.

Penny just groaned and turned away. "I don't want your filthy money!"

The red-haired man just shrugged and handed the money to Xavier who secreted it in his pocket after making sure Penny hadn't seen.

"Come on Penny, let's get out of here," Xavier said, walking over to her.

Penny nodded miserably, before looking back down her back. "Ok, let me just clean all of this gunk off me." Looking around in vain for something to use to clean her back and bum, she settled for lying back down and rubbing herself clean on the grass, affording Xavier a deliciously lewd view of her pussy.

She got back up slowly, groaning painfully, her face red from crying, her hair a mess and grass stains on her knees. Xavier, taking on pity on her, strode up to her and picked her up in his arms. She felt as light as a feather. He felt her initially before relaxing against him in a way that made him feel particularly protective.

"Let's go, Penny," he whispered to her, leaving the clearing and ignoring the catcalls and taunts from the drug dealers.

He walked carefully through the woods, avoiding the paths and making his way away from the carnival.

"Please don't let anyone see me Xavi," Penny pleaded, her voice muffled by his chest. "You're the only one I can trust. Everyone else hates me," she lamented.

Xavier, allowing his hand to slide slightly onto her bum, replied, "It's OK, Penny. I'll look after you, my love."

There were definitely more people in the park than earlier but they thinned out by the time he approached the lavatories where the day's events had started. From the place where Penny had first hidden, he watched the park gate for an opening to escape.

"Ok, Penny. We need to make a run for it. Do you want me to carry you?"

Penny nodded miserably against his chest as if she couldn't face looking out onto the real world.

"OK, we can do this," Xavier reassured her, his right hand stroking her arse. He took a deep breath and ran for it.

In fact it was easier than he could have hoped.

He ran across the street right for fifty yards before nipping into an alleyway at the end of a parade of shops. He was certain no-one had seen them.

He carefully walked to the end of the alley where it turned into a small access lane at the back of the shops. His plan was to walk to the other end from where it was a mere sprint around the corner to his and Penny's houses.

Although the thought of humiliating Penny in some other way was still attractive, he thought she'd had enough. In any case, she would be really grateful for his help and she seemed OK with their intimacy so maybe this would draw them more closely together.

"We're almost there, Penny. Don't worry, you're safe now," he comforted her.

Making sure no-one was around, he carried Penny down the lane behind the stores until they were almost at the other end.

Xavier almost had a heart attack as Mr. Keller, the owner of the hardware store where Penny worked, stepped out in front of them. His first thought was that it could have been worse: at least this was a responsible adult and respected member of the community. But Mr. Keller's first words disabused him immediately.

"I always thought you were a whore, Penny Love!" Mr. Keller intoned his piggish eyes bright with triumphant malice.

"Mr. Keller! Oh no!" Penny screeched, bucking in Xavier's arms until he put her down after which she instantly hid behind him.

"All those Saturdays with you teasing me with that fine arse of yours and those perky little tits! I knew you were a slut!" Mr. Keller shouted.

"No, no it wasn't like that," Penny whined, peeking over Xavier's shoulder at her boss.

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