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The Vacation


I recently ended a relationship with my boyfriend. I have been feeling down and booked a vacation to cheer myself up. I am going to St. Lucia to an all inclusive resort. I cannot wait to go.

The door bell is ringing, and transportation is here to take me to the airport. The driver puts my luggage in the trunk, and I sit in the backseat. I close my eyes, and take a nap on the way to the airport.

When we arrive at the airport, I get checked in, and go through the necessary security checks. There is a long line, but it moves pretty fast. Once through, I walk to my gate, find a seat, and sit down. The plane does not leave for an hour.

I get myself comfortable, and go into my bag, and pull out my book. I bought a best seller, and I am looking forward to reading it. It is a very hot, and sexy book. I look up, and in the corner of my eye, I see a very attractive man. He appears to be alone. I am thinking to myself, I must find a way to speak to this man. He is very much my type.

I get up, and start talking on my cell phone. I casually walk in front of him, and I drop my bracelet. I make sure the bracelet falls into his lap, and I walk away.

"Miss, I think you dropped your bracelet."

I look on my arm, and I say, "You're right." Thank you so much.

"Hi, I am Kate. It is so nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you Kate, I am Rob."

We sit down, and start talking. The rest of the time goes by rather quickly. There is an announcement, over the loud speaker, that our plane will be taking off soon.

The employees at the gate call the passengers to board the plane. Rob and I get in the line and walk to the entrance of the plane. I ask him where he is sitting, and we are in the same row. The plane is not that crowded, and he moves his seat next to me.

Rob helps me put my carry on luggage in the storage department over our seats. I sit by the window, and Rob sits next to me. We continue talking, and I am so excited that he is sitting next to me. Once the plane takes off, the stewardesses are starting to bring the drink carts out, and start serving the passengers.

The stewardess comes to our aisle, and Rob and I order a coffee, and she gives us each a danish. We are getting along really well. Rob tells me he just got out of a relationship. I laugh, and tell him that I also did. We have so much in common.

There is definitely some sexual tension. I put my hand on Rob's lap, and to my surprise he is hard. Rob's erection is growing up his leg. I smile, and Rob gives me a smile back. I rest my hand on his lap. He then grabs my face, and begins to kiss me. Our tongues are entangled in each others mouths. I am rubbing his cock through his trousers.

I am wearing a dress. He moves my dress up a little. I open my legs a little wider. His hand is moving up my thigh. He moves my panties to one side, and starts to rub my clitoris. He is fingering me, very slowly, and I start to moan quietly under my breath. I am so aroused, and my pussy is very wet. He is fingering me for awhile, and I can't hold back. I cum on his fingers. Rob then takes his fingers, and puts them into my mouth, and then in his mouth.

I whisper in Rob's ear, and tell him I want to show him something. I tell him to meet me in the bathroom. I go to the bathroom first, and then Rob knocks on the door. Once inside, we kiss very deeply and passionately.

Rob pulls his pants down. I pull down my panties, and hike up my dress. I put my leg over the sink, and Rob slides his cock into my wet pussy. We are fucking really fast, and very hard. I moan to him, and tell him how good it feels. We fuck for maybe ten minutes. At about the same time, we climax. We kiss, and get ourselves dressed, and go back to our seats.

We sit down. Rob gets a blanket from the storage compartment, and drapes it over our laps. Rob moves my panties to one side and continues to play with my pussy. I am squirming in my seat, as he rubs it. His fingers are finger fucking me very fast. I am dripping wet.

I unzip his pants and take out his cock. I rub it from his base to his head. His cock is so hard, and thick. I I am jerking his cock really hard in my hand. His cum is oozing down his shaft. I remove my hand, and lick his cum from my fingers. I tell him that his cum tastes delicious. I go into the bathroom to wash my hands. The rest of the flight goes very fast.

The pilot makes an announcement, that we will be landing in 10 minutes. We all need to sit down, and buckle our seat belts. Rob and I are laughing, and we both say at the same time that we are so glad that we met each other. There is a definite connection, and we just had really great sex. I am looking forward to really getting to know him, and having sex in a bedroom, or somewhere other then a bathroom.

We go to baggage claim area, and get our bags. The hotel has a bus waiting for all of us to go to the hotel. Rob and I are sitting next to each other. We are still kissing and holding hands. We really like each other. It turns out Rob is staying at the same resort as I am. We are talking on the way to the resort. We have so much in common, and I am so happy that we have met. The bus takes us to the hotel. We go to the main desk, and check in. We both get our keys. Rob is on the same floor as me.

We kiss each other, and then go into our rooms. We decide we will meet in about an hour. We want to explore the resort, and see what it has to offer. I put all my clothes into the closet, take a shower, and get ready to go out. I am wearing a purple dress, and white sandals. I do my make up, dry my hair, put on my jewelry, and spray some perfume on.

After an hour, Rob knocks on my door. We kiss and we are all over each other again. We just can't keep our hands off of each other. We leave the room, and start looking around the resort.

The ambiance of this inclusive resort is just breathtaking, exotic flowers in big vases, beautiful pictures hung on the walls. The pools are just stupendous with waterfalls, and bars within the pools. The water is a very dark blue. The ocean is just a short walk from our rooms. The ocean is magnificent. The water is calm, and blue. The sand is so white.

We check out the dining room. The dining room is set up like a buffet. There are so many choices. There are bars everywhere. We go to the bar, and order drinks. Rob orders a beer, and I have Malibu and Pineapple. Rob puts his hand on my lap, and I just feel so aroused, when he is near me. We take our drinks, and take a walk to the beach. There are chaise lounges there. We sit down and start to talk.

Rob leans over, and starts to kiss me. Our tongues are dancing in one another's mouths. Rob's hands are all over me. He starts to feel my breasts through my dress. The kisses are very passionate. We undress each other, and he tells me to lay down on the chase lounge.

Rob spreads my legs, and puts his head between my thighs. He rubs my clitoris, with his thumb. He slides his fingers into my wet cunt. He is moving his hands very fast, and I am so wet. He then starts to lick around my pussy. His tongue is darting in and out of my vagina. I am bucking my pussy into his face. I tell him that I am going to cum, and my legs start to shake as my juices flow out of my pussy. My cream is all over his tongue. He is lapping up all my juices.

I then drop to my knees. I lick and suck his warm and fleshy balls. I give attention to each one, slowly sucking them, enjoying them. I then trace the outline of his cock with my tongue. Starting from his base of his shaft. I lick in an upward motion, and a slow suck to the tip of his head, and then continue licking in a downward motion down his shaft.

I slap his cock across my face hitting my nose and chin. I slap his cock across my tongue. Looking into his eyes as I am playing with his cock. I slowly glide his cock, inch by inch down my throat. I am fondling his balls, squeezing them gently.

My cheeks are bulging, spit oozes down the corners of my mouth. I slip my finger into his asshole and start to rub and massage his prostate. His cock is twitching in my mouth. I am nose pressed in his groin swallowing his cock.

I tell Rob I want to make love to him. He gets on top of me, and I wrap my legs around his waist. He slowly begins to enter my pussy. I am so wet, and he glides his hot cock right inside of me. It feels amazing. We are making slow erotic love to each other.

We are kissing very deep, and very passionately. I start to moan, and whimper as the penetration is so deep. Our bodies are in perfect rhythm with each other. We both begin to climax. Our cum is mixing with each others inside of my dripping pussy. We then kiss and just roll around in the sand.

We get dressed, and walk back to our rooms. We are holding hands, and Rob takes me back to my room. He kisses me, and says to meet him at his room in an hour, and we will go to dinner.

I then take a shower, and wash my hair. I get dressed, dry my hair and do my makeup. I decide I will wear a pink dress, and white sandals. I put on my white lacy bra, and lacy white thong. I put my jewelry on, and spray on some perfume. I admire myself in the mirror.

An hour has passed, and I go to Rob's room to get him. Rob is dressed in a nice polo shirt, and dress pants. Rob tells me how nice I look and gives me a long, deep passionate kiss. His hands are all over me. Every time we are together, I just want to have sex with him. But, we need to get to dinner.

Rob and I walk hand in hand to the dining hall. It is buffet style. We get on the line to get our food. There are so many interesting choices. All types of fishes, chicken, beef prepared in all different ways. Rob and I sit at a table with a few different couples. All the couples are about the same age, and we are getting along with everybody. We are drinking wine and eating our dinner.

We meet a nice couple. There names are Layla and Jim. They are very friendly, and are a very attractive couple. They are about our age, and we seem to have a lot in common, with the two of them. We are all pretty drunk, and are having a good time. We move to a lounge, and begin to talk.

We order many drinks. This is an inclusive resort, and everything is included in the price. Layla and I are both rather drunk. We both have to go to the bathroom, and we leave together. Once in the bathroom, Layla approaches me, and says that she, and Jim are swingers. Layla asks if Rob, and I would like to have sex, with the two of them.

I am confused, but aroused with the thought of this. I tell her that I would have to speak to Roband ask if that would be okay. Layla leans in and gives me a kiss. My mind is going in a thousand directions. I have never been with a woman before, but she is very beautiful, and seems to really like me.

Layla is kissing me very deep, and very passionately. Our tongues begin to explore each others mouths. We are both very drunk and seem to be into each other. There is a couch in the lounge area of the bathroom. We sit down, and our hands are all over each other. She begins to feel my breasts. We both slip off our dresses and begin to explore each others bodies. Her hands are on my nipples. She begins to suck, and twirl them. She is rolling them between her fingers.

We are kissing so deep, and so passionately. Layla is rubbing my clitoris, and slowly begins to finger fuck me. I am so aroused, and start to moan. Her tongue is penetrating my pussy as she darts her tongue into my vagina. I am so wet, and start to moan. She is fingering me, and then licking me. She is rubbing my breasts, and sucking my clitoris. Her tongue is all over my pussy. I can't stand it anymore, and squirt my love juices on her tongue. Layla is lapping all my juices up.

I tell Layla to lie down. I start to play with her breasts. She has beautiful large breasts. I start to massage, and caress them. I put my mouth on her nipples, and begin to suck them. Her nipples are very erect and very hard. Her nipples are pink, perky and so beautiful. I turn, and twist them and start flicking them with my tongue. I am rubbing my hands all over Layla's body. I start to finger her pussy very fast and then start to lick the juices that are coming out of her pussy.

I am sucking her clitoris, and moving my tongue in and out of her wet cunt. Layla is moaning, and she is creaming on my tongue. I have never tasted anything so delicious in my life. I make sure to get it all, as I don't want to waste any of her delicious juices.

We get dressed and go back to the table. Jim and Rob are very drunk. They seem to be getting along well. Jim must have explained everything to Rob. We get a bottle of champagne at the bar, and bring it to Jim and Layla's room. Layla again starts to kiss me. We are all over each other. Rob and Jim are on the couch just watching. We remove each others clothes, and again begin to kiss each other. Our hands are all over each others bodies. The men start to remove their clothes, and start rubbing their cocks.

Layla and I stand up. I start to kiss Rob. Layla and Jim begin to kiss. Then we switch. I am now with Jim, and he is all over me. Jim begins to suck my nipples, and his hands immediately go to my pussy. He lays me down, and puts his head between my thighs. He is sucking my clitoris, and his tongue is darting in an out of my wet pussy. His hands are on my breasts, and he is kneading them with his hands. He is eating my wet, bald cunt. My breasts are so sensitive to his touch. I am moaning and squirming.

Layla lies down, and Rob is massaging her very large breasts. Rob's mouth is on her beautiful nipples, sucking and biting them. He is rubbing her clitoris, and slips his fingers into her wet pussy. He is finger fucking her, very hard and very fast. He then begins to lick her pussy. She is very turned on and is moaning. She is bucking her pussy into Rob's face. Layla begins to cum on Rob's tongue.

I am laying on my back and sucking Rob's cock. He has his legs on the side of my head. Layla is on her knees eating my pussy, and Jim is fucking Layla doggie style. We are all so busy pleasing one another. I am sucking Rob's cock deeper, and deeper into my throat. I am massaging Rob's balls. His cock is so hard inside my mouth.

Layla is eating my pussy. Her tongue is licking my pussy lips, and she starts to suck on my clitoris. Her fingers slip into my pussy, and she is fingering me very hard. My pussy is so wet, and I am moaning as it feels so good.

Jim enters Layla's pussy and is jamming it into her dripping cunt. Jim is thrusting deeper and deeper into her pussy. She starts screaming as he is fucking her. We are all moaning and cumming together. There is so much primal sex in this room. We are all fucking like wild animals, as the sweat pours from our bodies. The room smells of our sex.

I then get on all fours and Rob enters my tight asshole. He lubes my ass and slowly begins to fuck me. Jim is lying on his back, and I slide his cock into my wet pussy. We are now fucking, and both cocks are in my pussy and my ass. Layla is kissing and playing with my breasts. We then switch. Layla gets in doggie position, and Rob is laying down. She guides Rob's cock into her pussy, and Jim lubes Layla's tight asshole, and slowly begins to fuck her ass. She is moaning, and I am kissing her and rubbing her breasts.

After we enjoyed our foursome, we all hug each other, and kiss. We had an instant connection to each other and are so glad we all met. We decide we will get together again during the vacation and have another foursome together. We all get dressed. Rob and I leave and go back to Rob's room. On the way back to the room, Rob and I laugh and say these are the types of things that happen on vacation. When you are drunk, and acting a little wild, interesting scenarios can happen. We just giggle and go back to Rob's room.

We take a shower together. The water feels so warm, and we each begin to soap each others bodies in the shower. I take the soap on my wash cloth, and start to rub it all over Rob's body. I start soaping his neck, then his arms, his stomach. I then do his back and the back of his legs. I then let Rob stand under the water to rinse it all off.

Then it is my turn, and Rob uses a wash cloth and soaps it up, and soaps my breasts, my neck, arms, legs, back, back of legs. Rob tells me to stand and rinse the soap off under the shower. The water is so hot and feels amazing on our skin. We then dry each other off.

The vacation went very fast. Rob and I have decided to date each other. We live very close to each other, and are so happy that we met. The vacation was lots of sex and interesting foursomes with our new friends Layla and Jim. We have exchanged numbers with them and hope to get together with them when we all get home. Rob and I will never forget our wild and amazing time in St. Lucia.

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