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The Vacation


Author's note:

First, if you've read my earlier stories and like them, or especially if you read the note at the beginning of 'Kathy Comes to Dinner' you can skip the rest of this, it's redundant.

This is the fourth in a series of stories about Peter and Lisa. The central theme in all the stories is Female Domination, specifically teasing and orgasm denial, and yes the husband is very much of a wimp. They are BDSM stories, not Loving Wife stories. They are about a guy who allows himself to be dominated and has a very strong and submissive fetish about T&OD.

While not essential, I recommend you read them in chronological order. If you liked the earlier ones, I believe you will like this one. If you did not like the earlier ones, I'm sure you won't like this one any better.

Originally these stories were posted at two other sites where they were extremely well received. One factor is they were in the category of Female Domination, one that Literotica doesn't have. However the reception here at Literotica has been much less enthusiastic. Different tastes of the audience or whatever, I'm not really sure. I do know most of the negative comments have regarded the theme of the story, hence this note.

If you like the genre, great. I hope you'll like this story and I'd love to hear what you think of the writing, character development, etc.

If you don't like the genre please do all of us a favor, don't read the story. Frankly I don't give a shit if you don't like the genre. I do and so do many others. And PLEASE, stop telling me the husband is a wimp. I told you that in the second sentence of this note. If you don't like stories about wimp husbands you'll hate this!

Thanks for tolerating this rant; I think it will improve the readers experience.

Now on to the story:

This story is protected by copyright, by Peter, the author, and cannot be reposted or used for any purpose without his prior consent. But please email the author at the link below to request such consent.

The Vacation

Part 1

We were finally winging our way to our tropical get away. Since, from our northern location, its nearly a five and a half hour flight we had splurged and used airline miles to upgrade to first class. But let me go back and start at the beginning.

Lisa and I both work pretty hard and our major payback to ourselves is a vacation at a tropical resort each year. After alternating between the Caribbean and Hawaii for years, we decided to try the Mexican Riviera this time.

If you have been following my stories about Lisa and me then you know about how our life has changed. If you haven't let me give you a very brief update (if you haven't, you should read "Friday Night", you'll then understand). Slightly less than a year earlier, Lisa had discovered, by looking at the websites I frequent, that I have a T&D fetish. Since then our sex life has taken a dramatic turn. This was our first "Big" trip since that fateful Friday night. I was a bit nervous as I wasn't sure what to expect, but was sure that Lisa would have some surprises waiting!

While October in the Northwest is rather chilly, we decided to dress for the hot humid climate we'd encounter on our arrival. Thinking that the dash from the house to the shuttle and from the shuttle to the airport would be minimal. It worked just fine. We were both in shorts and tees and wearing tennies. Our flight was very early and once we leveled off I was starting to doze. I felt Lisa's hand on my thigh. Her fingers were right at the bottom of my shorts. Strumming and tickling, and working their way up.

"That tickles" I whispered.

Lisa smiled and looked amused, but she stopped. "We are going to have a wonderful time. I just know I'm going to enjoy this vacation more than anyone we've ever taken!"

That was the first confirmation of my concerns. Although I must admit I was looking forward to it.

After a very long day we arrived at the resort just about dinnertime. We were hot and sticky and hungry. Lisa headed for the shower and after a while called to me to come scrub her back. This is one of her euphemisms that rarely has anything to do with actually scrubbing her back. I slipped off the few clothes I still had on and headed for the bathroom. The shower was a rather large walk in arrangement that had no door or curtain, just a partition that you stepped around to keep the water off the tile floor. I was certain that we'd frequently spend some time together in this shower during our vacation.

Lisa really has a great figure and what I describe as perfect tits. I love large (not obscenely so, though) firm breasts that don't sag and have big nipples. Lisa's are exactly that. To get a head start, she'd been going to a tanning place and had a wonderful tan. She looked fantastic and I was getting horny just looking at her. I knew I was in trouble.

She asked me to wash her all over. I gladly obliged, paying special attention and much time on her boobs. By the time I was finished, her nipples were very turgid. I started working on her pussy. She told me that because she had been dieting and working out especially for this trip, she bought a couple of new swimsuits that were tiny and would get her much attention poolside. Not just from me. With just cause Lisa was proud of her figure and intended to show it off on this trip. Much to my surprise she had shaved her crotch completely, it added additional sex appeal for me, probably for the very reason she had never done it before. It didn't take long before she was leaning against the wall and supporting herself on the handhold. She let out a very deep moan as she reached her first of what would be many orgasms during our vacation.

After a short recovery she rinsed off again and grabbed the soap. "Come here" she said in a husky voice. And with that she started to soap my cock and balls. She was very thorough and slow about it. But after many starts and stops she was finally stoking me steadily toward an orgasm. As adept at it as she has become, she had me to the point that one more stroke would have had me shooting when she stopped. This has the effect of making my balls constrict and my cock starts to spasm, but nothing happens. It is unbelievable how frustrating it is. It is also unbelievable how she never makes a mistake and accidentally lets me cum, but does get to the very edge every time. I love hating it!

"Oh Lisa baby, please don't stop there, please!" I begged.

"Peter, the night is very young. Besides, I want you to fuck me good and hard tonight and I want you like a rock" as she said this, she gave me a couple of final strokes, which made me twitch some more, but that was all.

"Do you mean it?"

While Lisa never broke promises, nor reneged on a deal, this was neither. She had become very cleaver at leading me to believe one thing and then explaining how it was that I'd misunderstood. I was getting better at figuring it out. She's said she "wanted" me to, not that she was going to let me.

"Of course I mean it. and if you're good, I might even let you!"

You see what I mean. Still no commitment. But it didn't matter, she was on her way to the bedroom to start dressing and I knew nothing further was going to happen for now.

"Hurry up, I'm starved" she said.

I dressed rather quickly and waited for Lisa. She was putting on quite a show. It turned out she'd bought more new clothes than I knew. Lisa was intending to show off her figure more than at poolside. She'd purchased some very sexy Victoria's Secret panties that were made in such a way it looked like she wasn't wearing any at all. She didn't bother with a bra (also something that was very unusual for her, especially in public. Her dress was low cut and showed off her ample cleavage quite wonderfully. The dress clung to her figure and flattered her curves to an extreme. It was slit nearly to her hip on one side and as she moved her lovely leg flashed frequently.

The sweat beads on my upper lip were not just from the climate. They had the same cause as the tightness in the front of my pants. We had only been here a couple of hours and already my lust for Lisa had me going nuts. By now it was clear Lisa's agenda was to keep me as aroused as possible for the entire vacation. The only question was how often I'd get some relief and what form it would take.

Lisa looked absolutely gorgeous, and very, very sexy. I don't think I'd ever seen her dress so provocatively when we went out. I felt a mixture of pride in being her husband and jealousy over other men seeing her attributes so thinly veiled. Plus being with her all evening was going to increase my horns even if she did nothing but eat (which seemed unlikely!)

As we headed to the restaurant I got the first good look around at the resort. Since we really make this our one big treat of the year, we usually go pretty upscale on the place we stay. This place was no exception, it was very nice. The clientele reflected that too. The people we saw were generally a younger crowd who mostly looked like they took good care of themselves and cared about their appearance. By the time we were seated, I had not seen anyone who could rival Lisa, but there were definitely many other very attractive women guests. It was also turning out that Lisa's apparel wasn't much more revealing than many others. I was going to see a lot of eye candy in the next several days, that much was certain. I knew I'd better behave or Lisa would make me pay, but so far it wasn't going to be that difficult. I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

Dinner was rather uneventful. We talked about what activities we wanted to do the next several days and mostly agreed that we wanted to soak up some sun, read and just get completely relaxed. Just as we were finishing, a three-piece combo started playing. Lisa got excited and insisted we dance. I'm a little self conscious about dancing, because I don't think I'm very good, but I'd promised myself I was going to try and make this an extra special trip for Lisa and do the things she wanted. So off to the dance floor we went.

The first two pieces were rather lively and watching Lisa move to the music in that outfit really got me hot. She would bend slightly forward and shake from side to side, giving me a great view of her tits almost down to the nipples. The movement under the dress was pretty spectacular too! Finally they played a nice slow song and we held each other very close. I could feel Lisa's breasts pressing into my chest and she was doing her best to discretely, but frequently rub my crotch with her naked thigh.

I whispered in her ear that most of the men in the place were staring at her. She replied by looking right into my eyes and saying "That's very flattering, but you're the one who has me. And I'm taking you to bed now." The male ego being what it is, my cock got even harder.

Lisa took my hand and led me toward our room. I'm sure everyone in the place could tell I had a raging hard on. But then I'm sure none of them blamed me, and most of the men I was certain wished it was them. Nevertheless, Lisa had developed a mischievous pleasure in embarrassing me lately. Not the humiliation kind of thing, but like this.

When we reached our room we nearly ripped each other's clothes off. In a flash we were on the bed touching each other all over. I was rock hard and would cum very quickly I knew. I started to mount Lisa.

"Whoa racehorse" she giggled, "Where is the fire? Besides, I want to feel your tongue on my bald pussy first."

Actually, I also wanted to feel my tongue on her bald pussy, so I was more than happy to oblige. It really did feel different, too. I was teasing her cunt lips and slipping my tongue in and out of her. She was moaning loudly in a matter of seconds after I started and was soon demanding I give her clit some attention. I teased her quite a while longer before finally attacking her clit. Almost immediately she started bucking and cumming. In fact almost as soon as her first orgasm ended, another started. The second one seemed even more intense and lasted longer.

Once she finally stopped cumming, I slid up and held her close while she recovered and her breathing slowed. By now my cock was really throbbing.

After a short time she said "Wow, that was so intense. I don't know if it will stay like this once I get use to being clean shaven, but I'm damn sure going to find out. AND MISTER, you are going to pay for teasing me so long!"

I didn't care. Giving her that powerful an orgasm would be worth it, I thought.

Soon we were kissing and caressing each other again. I was sucking on Lisa's nipples, which she loves. It also is one of the fastest ways to turn her on. She was nearly ignoring my cock and balls, in part I'm sure, because she knew it would take very little to put me over the edge. After what seemed like forever to me, she was obviously very turned on again.

"Fuck me" she said. Just her words almost made me cum. I was in her in a flash. "Go very, very slowly. I want this to last!"

It was incredibly hard to go slow, but Lisa was insistent. If I stroked other than at the slowest of paces she would tell me to slow down. "Or you'll pull out and be done for tonight." I could barely control myself, and yet she was making me go so slowly that I wasn't getting any closer.

She made matters all the worse by saying "Oh God you're hard. That feels sooo good. I just want this to last and last and last. God it feels good. I told you that you would pay for teasing me!" I was frantic, but she kept making me slow down every time I'd even slightly speed up.

Finally she started to moan. I knew she was almost there. She grabbed me and yelled "Cum with me" just as she stiffened. I pounded my cock in and out of her and we erupted together. We collapsed in each other's arms and just lay there for quite a while.

"There, I wanted you to have a fresh start for what I have in mind for the rest of our vacation" she said as she rolled over to go to sleep.

I cuddled her with a big smile on my face. Our vacation was off to a fantastic start.

To be continued

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