tagBDSMThe Vacation Ch. 05

The Vacation Ch. 05


Author's note:

This is the continuation of the fourth in a series of stories about me and my wife Lisa. If you haven't already, please read part one and especially the Author's note with that part.

Thank you

Now on to the story:

This story is protected by copyright, by Peter, the author, and cannot be reposted or used for any purpose without his prior consent.


As I walked up, Lisa looked up and said "Hi Peter, this is Mary. She was just looking for some beach volleyball players and I told her we'd join in!"

I groaned inwardly, but knew I'd better not 'disappoint' Lisa again. "Hi Mary, I'm Peter, volleyball sounds like fun." I said with more enthusiasm than I felt.

"I know," said Mary, "Lisa's been telling me all about you." She definitely had a twinkle in her eye that worried me. "Here let me give you your chair back."

"Don't be silly," Lisa jumped in "we've been sitting all day, you probably enjoy a minute or two off your feet."

I wasn't fooled by this for a second. I was standing with my hands in front of me holding drinks and my crotch right at eye level for these two women. Further, I was looking down at two of the finest sets of tits I'd ever seen and the cleavage from this angle was making my cock start to stir. I couldn't make eye contact with either of them without making cleavage contact too. They were both leaning back with their hands behind them on the lounges, so as to be able to look up at me, but the effect was to thrust four tits right in my direction.

I swear Mary kept looking from my eyes to my crotch and back again, smiling and even licking her lips occasionally. This couldn't have be a coincidence I was positive. Finally after several minutes of this, during which I concentrated as hard as I could on anything but sex, which in my state of mind was NOT easy, Mary said she really had to get back to work. During this time I know my cock was pulsing. It would surge as I looked at her and Lisa's tits. I couldn't help it.

As Mary stood up she smiled at me and said "Nice suit by the way".

I was convinced that Lisa was up to something regarding Mary. However maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part.

As soon as Mary left, Lisa started in about the volleyball. I wasn't really interested but I knew I had no choice. About 30 minutes later we were down on the beach starting the game. I ended up on the same team as Lisa, and Mary was on the other team. The rotation worked out so I was right behind Lisa half the time and when I was in the front row I was usually directly opposite Mary, with Lisa right behind me.

We played for about an hour. It drove me crazy. In my state of horniness, watching Mary (who was a VERY energetic player) bounce up and down right in my face about 18 inches away, was quite stimulating. Then when that wasn't the case, I was watching Lisa's absolutely perfect ass jiggle and bounce. I knew why Lisa had insisted. It was very hot, so everyone was ready to quit at the end of the hour. Lisa and I said goodbye to Mary headed off to have lunch.

Before we even sat down, Lisa was asking me if I'd enjoyed the volleyball. I good-naturedly said it was fun. Then I figured out the trap as Lisa said, "I would imagine it was fun, you couldn't keep your eyes off Mary's tits!" Once again Lisa was acting put out but she couldn't keep the smile out of her voice. "I guess I'm just not enough of a turn on for you. I'll have to try harder!" she said.

I groaned involuntarily. This brought a laugh out of Lisa.

After lunch Lisa said she wanted to take a quick swim before we headed up to the room. It sounded fine to me. We jumped in and cooled off. Swimming easily for a few minutes. However when we got out Lisa insisted we do it on the side of the pool away from the elevator. It meant we would have to walk all the way around the pool to go to the room. I soon figured out why. My darling wife knew that when it got wet, my suit was even more revealing than dry. It became semi transparent and it clung like a second skin. My cock was very clearly visible. I know I turned bright red. Lisa insisted I go ahead and of course, walked very slowly. I'd been had again.

Once we reached the room, she stood in front of me and staring straight into my eyes she started tracing the outline in my suit with her fingernails. First she scratched around my balls and then she used a single finger to trace from the base of my cock up one side to the tip and down the other. She repeated this several times. Within seconds I was rock hard again. Once she had me fully erect, she slid my suit down just enough for the head of my cock to stick out the top. She then started rubbing it all over with her fingertips, using the precum that was now oozing out as a lubricant. It was no time at all before I was on the verge of cumming. Just as I reached the point of no return she quickly stopped and turned around.

Heading for the bathroom she said over her shoulder, "I'm going to take a quick shower before I lie down for a while. Why don't you join me?" I was helpless to resist, and desperate to cum. Perhaps more so than I'd ever been.

As I got in the shower with her I tried logic. Silly me. "Lisa, this is our vacation. I really didn't expect this. You have me so terribly horny I really can't take much more. Plus, I want you so bad. I don't just need to cum, I really need to make love to you. You look so incredibly hot I can't stand not being inside you! Please Lisa, this has gone far enough."

"Oh, Peter, that's so sweet. I do love you. And you have been a really good sport. Okay, I'll tell you what, you put up with me until tonight and I'll give you a really big surprise at the end of the evening. Okay? I'll even take it easy on you until then."

"Do you really mean it?" I asked.

"Peter, you know I never lie to you!"

"I know" I was sure she was up to something, but I didn't know what, nor did I have any real choice.

We finished our shower and took a short nap. I awoke to Lisa's stroking of my once again rock hard cock. "I woke up and you were hard, I just couldn't resist," she explained.

"What about the taking it easy?" I replied.

"Oh yeah. Okay, lets get dressed and go out then."

With that she stopped and climbed out of bed. I wasn't sure if I was glad she stopped or not. My head was in a complete twirl. I was positive that if I didn't cum soon, I'd go nuts.

We dressed and headed out to the beach for our evening drink before dinner. Lisa looked the most stunning she had yet. Maybe it was my state, but she looked absolutely gorgeous and her outfit was another showstopper.

The evening went much as the previous nights. Dinner, then dancing, except Lisa was true to her word and took it easy on my libido, other than just looking good enough to eat.

We were off to our room earlier than usual. I hoped that was a good sign for me.

We were quickly in bed and Lisa told me she was very, very horny and wanted to feel my tongue on her clit. She pointed out that she hadn't cum since last night. The implication was clear; I hadn't earned any points today. Damn, I wasn't think straight anymore I was so horny.

I immediately buried my face in her snatch, licking and sucking with my very best techniques. Obviously Lisa hadn't exaggerated, within minutes she was shaking with her first orgasm. I didn't even slow down, I kept going until she was cumming again, which didn't take very long either. After her second I did slow down, but didn't stop. Wanting to prolong her third orgasm and hopefully earn her favor. It took quite a while, but I slowly built her up to a third orgasm. This one was absolutely shattering. She shook for what must have been a full minute, before going completely limp. I started to gently lick her some more, but...

"Stop, Peter I've had it. Just hold me."

I quickly complied. We were lying side by side with our arms around each other, and my rock hard cock trapped between our stomachs. Lisa felt totally relaxed. My cock was throbbing, but I had the good sense to just wait and see what happened next. It was quite a long time, but finally Lisa started to stir a bit and soon she had her hand on my cock, stroking it very lightly.

"Peter, that was fantastic. Now I'm going to give you the surprise I promised." As she cupped my balls gently she continued, "Wow, I can tell how full they are. Does my baby need to cum? Does it ache really, really bad? Oh God, you must really need it, huh baby?"

I could only moan "Oh God yes Lisa, please! I need it so bad, worse than it's ever been. Please make me cum."

"Would you like to cum in my mouth and have me swallow every drop of that huge load you've been building up, would you like that?"

"You know I would, please, no more teasing, just suck me off now."

"You sure that's what you want, Peter?"

"Please, NOW, I'm so desperate!"

With that she said "Okay, lie still then" and started to lick my balls. She spent a long time just teasing my scrotum with her tongue before she finally started to take my cock deep in her mouth. Slowly she slid up and down my pole, slobbering all over my cock. I started to thrust my hips against her mouth and she immediately stopped. "Lie STILL! Or I'm going to stop"

"No, God No, I'll be still!" It was so hard to not thrust. She was going soooo slow. As I would get even anywhere near cumming, which of course wasn't taking much, she would stop sucking me and start licking all around my cockhead. Treating it like an ice cream cone. She went back and forth between these treatments several times, until it was obvious that I was about to cum no matter what. Finally she started a nice steady sucking. Giving me firm and long strokes, while massaging my balls with one hand. I was racing toward a climax. God it felt so good, finally I was going to get some relief. It was going to be an amazing orgasm, I knew.

My balls started to tighten and Lisa picked up the pace just a bit more. My cock swelled slightly and again she sucked harder. I could feel the cum about to explode out of my cock and the head swelled just a little bit more as my balls started their contracting. And WHAM! Lisa let my cock pop out of her mouth and stopped touching me all together. "Surprise!" she squealed.

I screamed "NO! You can't. Oh GOD DON'T"

She was actually laughing, "I can't believe what a BITCH I am!"

"No Lisa, you promised. You can't do this. LISA! PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE NO!"

I was almost in tears.

"Peter, I know this is hard on you, but, I need to know you've learned your lesson. You should have worn the suit I bought you on the first day. Also, you shouldn't have made me go all day without cumming today, and I shouldn't have to ask. Now, if you do better tomorrow, I'll let you put your cock inside me and fuck me for as long as you want tomorrow night. But you better behave between now and then!" With that she rolled over and pulled up the covers. I knew it was useless to say anything else. I had the worst set of blue balls of my whole life and was totally miserable. Sleep was slow in coming. The fact that Lisa had given me the chance to fuck her nonstop the following evening, if I only didn't mess up before then gave me hope and determination.

To be continued...

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