tagBDSMThe Vacation Ch. 06

The Vacation Ch. 06


Author's note:

This is the continuation of the fourth in a series of stories about me and my wife Lisa. If you haven't already, please read part one and especially the Author's note with that part.

Thank you

Now on to the story:

This story is protected by copyright, by Peter, the author, and cannot be reposted or used for any purpose without his prior consent.

* * * * *

When I woke the next morning I was absolutely determined not to give Lisa any reason to be disappointed all day long. I could see that she was just starting to wake up herself. I pulled back the covers and stared at her beautiful body for a moment and then I gently moved between her legs and start to lick her pussy. It was soon responding by getting very wet. In a mater of minutes she had her knees up and legs spread as was starting to moan. I went very slowly, building her to a climax. It took many minutes but finally she was drenching my face with her juices and shaking all over.

"Wow! What a great way to wake up. You really did pay attention last night didn't you? Keep that effort up all day and your cock will spend as long inside my cunt as you like!"

Just the thought made my already hard cock even harder. A fact, which Lisa noted. "Come here Peter, let me see how full your balls are." As I stood beside the bed Lisa took my balls in her hands and started to slowly massage them, "Wow, Peter this must be driving you wild, these babies are sooo full. I don't know how you can stand this" she giggled, "But then I haven't really given you a choice have I? I don't know what's gotten into me, I am really enjoying being such a total bitch!" By now she was actually laughing.

"Lisa, I'll do anything you want today, just promise me you won't renege on letting me fuck you tonight, please!"

To my surprise she replied, "Alright Peter, you've been great. I promise you can fuck me as long as you want tonight. But you have to do it the way I ask, okay?"

Of course I agreed. I tried to make sure Lisa hadn't built in some loophole I was missing. But she promised I could fuck her as long as I wanted, as long as it was her way. She also promised that she wouldn't do anything to keep me from cumming once I was inside her. I thought I had all the bases covered.

Lisa slowly released my balls and then rubbed her hand over her mound. A smile came to her face. "Peter, I think a little stubble is growing back. Would you shave me?"

I didn't want to do this. It would of course drive me even more insane. And God forbid I might nick her or something. But naturally I didn't have a choice. So into the bathroom we went and since there was no tub we had to do this in the shower. Lisa stood with her legs wide apart while I kneeled in front of her. I lathered her up and very slowly and carefully removed the very slight stubble that had grown back. I know that wasn't why she wanted me to do this. My nose was right at the height of her pussy and she was obviously very turned on by this. Her scent was filling my nostrils. I made sure I touched and stimulated Lisa's clit every chance I could. By the time I had her all smooth and rinsed I could tell she was ready for more. Her clit was swollen and sticking out of its hood.

I set down the shaving equipment and without missing a beat started tonguing and fingering her. She was soon well on her way to a second orgasm of the still young day. I was determined to make her cum many times today. Soon she was holding herself up on my shoulders and cumming hard.

My cock was throbbing and twitching once again, and the day had hardly started. Lisa ignored that fact as she regained her composure. "We need to hurry or we'll miss the bus," she said, as if she had just finished drying her hair rather than having been brought to a knee buckling orgasm.

We had signed up for a snorkeling tour and the bus left in about 20 minutes. We quickly dressed in more conservative suits that day. It just wasn't practical to go snorkeling in the ones we'd been wearing by the pool. I stuffed my cock in my suit as best I could, grabbed our gear and we were out the door.

The tour was crowded, but we had a great time and the snorkeling was fantastic. It was a very 'normal' day and there was no cock teasing on Lisa's part. I needed the break and it would have be blatant for Lisa to do anything much in this setting.

When we got back to the room, we cleaned up and took a rest, got dressed and headed to the beach to watch the sunset. Lisa was still acting normal and doing no overt cock teasing. She wore another killer outfit, but nothing other than that. I was speculating that since we were going to fuck ourselves silly at the end of the night, she was planning an ordinary evening. And that's the way it went. Dinner and dancing, other than her whispering in my ear during the slow dances things like "I can't wait to feel your big, hard cock inside me, Peter" and "I'm going to enjoying you fucking me sooo much" and the one that got to me the most, "Oh Baby, I bet you can't stop thinking about what its going to feel like when you cum inside my moist, wet pussy, can you?"

Of course I couldn't stop thinking about exactly that!

Finally Lisa said it was time to go up to our room. It was all I could do to keep from running. When we got there I near tore my clothes off and hers too. She started to laugh, "In a bit of a hurry, are we?"

"Lisa, I'm totally frantic, as you well know!"

"Okay" she said as she finished undressing and walked over to start stroking my cock, "but in your condition, I'm afraid if I don't get one first, I'll never keep up with you." With that she lie back on the bed and spread her legs. The message was obvious. I didn't hesitate a moment as I dove into her lovely lips with my tongue. My instinct was to attack her clit hard and fast and then ram my cock inside her, but I managed somehow to control myself and be a considerate lover. She slowly built to yet another climax. She actually let out a little scream this time.

I slowly started kissing my way up her stomach to her breasts, where I concentrated on her nipples for a while. Then up her chest and neck and finally her lips as my cock head parted her pussy and slid deep inside her. Just as I started my first thrust she exclaimed, "Wait! My way I said."

I groaned loudly, but said, "Okay, I promised. How do you want it?" Not very romantic I know, but I was beyond caring at this point.

"Lie down here" she patted to the bed, indicating I should roll off her "I have to get something." She jumped up and went into the bathroom. It seemed like forever when she finally came out again. My cock had started to soften and was now only semi erect. She when to her dresser and I could tell she got something out, but I didn't know what. She took a few more seconds and did something, then returned to the bed. I still couldn't tell what she had with her. She sat on the side of the bed.

"This is how I want to do it" and with that she displayed a cock sheath, not that I knew what it was, it looked like a dildo and I was very confused and extremely suspicious.

"Lisa, you said I could put my cock inside you and fuck as long as I want. What's that for?" I was starting to get angry.

"And you will. But I also said, 'My way' and this is it. I'm going to put this on you and then you can fuck me as much as you want!" she giggled.

"NO! That isn't the deal we made" I was really starting to get mad.

"PETER" Lisa said in her most stern voice, the one that told me if I wasn't careful, I'd regret it even more. I struggled to get control of my anger. "I said MY WAY, now I'm going to put this on you and you are going to fuck me as much, as long, and as hard as you want. Which is what I promised you. I'm not reneging on my promise, so don't accuse me of doing so. It's this way or not at all, you choose!"

Even though I was mad, and knew I'd been had again, I also knew better than to fight the inevitable. Besides, I assumed this device would just prolong my orgasm and that Lisa wanted more before I finally got off. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Let me now explain this little gizmo, as I doubt most have never seen a device quite like this. It is an incredibly diabolic thing. When I later was able to examine it closely I understood. It is a very thin aluminum tube, just barely bigger in diameter than my cock for a length of about five inches. That part of the device is lined with a thin coat of soft neoprene (the stuff they make wetsuits out of). The end of it is a cock head shaped chamber that is just big enough for the head of my cock when it is fully engorged. It surrounds the cock head, but without making any contact at all. You can probably see where this is going.

The device is slid over the cock when its semi erect. Then Lisa stimulates my balls until a full erection is achieved. The tube portion is held tightly in place by the neoprene on the first few inches of my cock shaft, but there is no contact at all with the sensitive part of the shaft just below the head, nor with the head itself. The tube is tight enough that when my cock gets completely hard, the sheath is held snuggly in place and the tightness, while not uncomfortable at all, helps restrict the blood flow just enough to make the cock even harder and the head swell even more.

At this point there is no way to stimulate my cock enough to cause an orgasm, no matter how turned on I am. Even pumping away furiously at Lisa's pussy, the only sensation I have is the skin on the base few inches of my cock moving up and down. Its just not stimulation enough to get off. The sensitive part of the cock and the head are totally isolated from any stimulation at all.

The outside of the sheath is coated with a thin layer of that gelatinous rubber that is used to make lifelike dildos. In effect, that's what the sheath is, just with a way to put it over a real cock. The net effect is a device that is just slightly bigger in every dimension than my own cock, but very slightly. I'm almost positive that Lisa had it custom made using my own cock's measurements, but I can't be sure.

Now that you understand the sheath, let me resume the story. Knowing she had won again, Lisa took a small dab of lubricant and spread it all over my cock. Naturally as soon as she touched me I started to get harder again. Exactly what she had in mind. As that was happening, she slid on the sheath and made sure it was all the way down against my pubis. To completely harden me, she massaged my balls with one hand while holding the sheath tight against the base of my cock with the other.

Once my cock was completely hard and trapped inside the sheath, Lisa proceeded "Okay stud, now fuck me silly!"

At this point I still thought that the device would just prolong my orgasm. I quickly slid my now encased cock in Lisa's sopping pussy and started to pound away. I'm sure it was largely the head game she'd played, but within moments Lisa was cumming hard. I was quickly learning that there was barely enough stimulation to keep me hard. No way would this every make me cum no matter what I did. Yet I couldn't stop fucking her hard. And she kept cumming and cumming. It was the most frustrating thing I'd every experienced. I don't know how long it was, but I slammed away at her pussy until I finally was exhausted. And Lisa was just smiling and cumming the whole while. I collapsed on the bed next to her.

"My God that was good!" she gasped "I don't think I've every cum that many times in a row. I think this new toy has serious potential!"

I just groaned. My cock was throbbing, my balls were aching as much as they ever had in my life and this damn thing was still keeping me hard even as I tried to catch my breath. After a few minutes my cock softened enough for me to remove the sheath. I tossed it across the room.

"Peter, don't get grouchy now! You've been so cooperative, I'm going to let you cum."

I was still suspicious, but said, "Do you mean it?" I was truly desperate.

"Yes, I do" Lisa replied, "but I'm too worn out after the way you fucked me. It's a good worn out though. Peter, I'm going to make you cum HARD, before we even get out of bed in the morning, AND no more teasing the rest of the vacation. We'll fuck and suck as much as you want, I promise. But I'm so tired I need to sleep now." And with that she rolled over and was asleep almost instantly.

It took a long time before I fell asleep. I kept playing over in my mind if there was still a trick left that Lisa would some how keep me in my current state even longer. I couldn't find one and finally fell asleep sure that in the morning this would finally end and I could look forward to lots of wonderful sex for the last few days of our trip.

To be continued...

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