tagLesbian SexThe Vacation Ch. 1

The Vacation Ch. 1


Chapter 1: Brandy’s Awakening

My wife Ann and I are in our early thirties, childless, and semi-retired. Yes, that’s right, semi-retired. Five years ago I joined a small start up company, specializing in computer software. Not only had I met the curvaceous Ann, I became rich along with her when the company went through an initial public offering. A further financial windfall came our way a year or so later when the company was purchased by a large multi national company. We had worked hard and played hard. Neither of us can believe how we had time for a relationship, let alone to get married. After the buy out we were both offered great positions, but decided that it just would not be the same and opted to leave.

Now, most of my efforts go into handling investments and doing some contract engineering work to keep busy. Ann does the same in her field, marketing communications, doing some writing and creative work. Finding time to enjoy life we often take a winter holiday in the south, the Caribbean being a favorite destination. There is nothing quite as rejuvenating as a week in the tropics, the fresh air and warm trade winds are relaxing and soothing.

The resort we visit is slightly older, yet has all modern amenities. Practically all activity takes place outdoors, including all meals. The hotel area consists of multiple two-story structures built right on the ocean shore. The rooms are large, with high ceilings, and are open to a balcony looking straight out over the water. Air conditioning, although available, is hardly necessary as the sea breeze at night cools things down sufficiently and we both enjoy listening to the incessant crashing of the waves.

In fact, without the sound of the waves, the ears are assaulted with quiet. That is until couples begin to come back to their rooms from dancing and partying under the stars. The effect of the fresh air and a little alcohol work as a fine aphrodisiac. Our first night there was spent listening to a couple above us on the second floor. I heard them first and nudged Ann awake.

“Oh you pervert,” she muttered and rolled over. However the sounds of passion intensified, penetrating the hollow walls. A woman was moaning, at first faintly then growing in frequency and intensity. Their bed began to squeak, then the head board began to lightly tap on the wall. She must have reached for a lamp as something crashed to the floor. Ann’s eyes opened, “They’re really going at it.” I nodded.

The woman’s moans became screams of ecstasy and the banging of the headboard and squeaking of the bed were synchronized with the heavy thrusts of her partner. A brief pause, and then the crackling sound of a multitude of beads hitting the floor. “Guess she doesn’t like anal…” I teased as Ann frowned. The action resumed and continued for at least a half an hour until it began to subside.

“Fuck me…fuck me!” We could plainly hear her agitated voice. Needing little urging her partner started up again this time practically sending the headboard crashing through the wall. The bed itself was scraping across the floor moving with the sexually charged action.

“They keep that up we could have a foursome down here for the rest of the night,” I quipped. Suddenly a loud, unrestrained scream pierced the night as the woman came, followed by muffled sobs that became increasingly faint. And the sounds faded as the action slowly wound down until all was quiet, except for the lapping sound of light ocean waves.

We frequently travel with friends. This year a business associate of mine, Ken and his wife Brandy, had agreed to come along. Ken’s company had provided me with a number of small, contract jobs. He too, had been successful financially, and had parlayed his success into his own company. Unfortunately his ambition and hard driving work ethic had proved too much for his first marriage. But Ken had hired a young administrative assistant, easily fifteen years his junior, and work soon blended with romance. It was not hard to see why. Brandy was a stunning blonde, pale skin with blue eyes, beautiful facial features and a wonderful smile. All in a trim 5’8” body with ample breasts and an ass to die for.

Ken, in his early forties, was a hopeless workaholic. “Ken, you want to keep that young lady happy, better take some vacation time,” I had advised.

“I know,” Ken answered with some resignation in his voice.

“Look…you’re a busy guy but you have a great staff, they can do without you for a week. Ann and I take at least a week to go to the Caribbean, why don’t you and Brandy join us?” I suggested.

Ken confirmed the next day, they would join us for a week in the sun.

“I’m jealous,” said Ann feigning petulance when I told her. “How am I to turn any heads when that young bombshell is around?” She laughed.

“Somehow I don’t think that is going to be a problem. As I recall the two of you attracted plenty of attention at last year’s Christmas party,” I reminded her. And indeed they had. My wife being about 5’6” tall, jet black hair, creamy white skin, fine featured, with ample 36D breasts, and nice round ass was the ideal accompaniment for the blonde Brandy. Neither missed a dance all evening. They had become good friends after the evening. It had made it easy to extend the invitation to Ken, I knew Ann would agree.

In fact I knew Ann and Brandy had become a little more than good friends. Ann and I share an open relationship and one of our first understandings was Ann’s bisexuality. She loves being with women and I had encouraged and supported her in this. Occasionally she shared her lover with me, but always she shared her experience in intimate detail.

A few months after the Christmas party Ann had set a lunch date with Brandy and they had met at an upscale bistro. After a few cocktails Brandy confided to Ann that Ken had been travelling almost non-stop for a month and she was feeling neglected.

“Horny you mean,” Ann corrected then laughed.

“Okay, horny,” Brandy agreed. “Bill used to travel a lot, did you ever get used to it?”

“Well yes…and no. I found other ways to be fulfilled.”

“Such as?” Brandy’s eyes smiled knowingly.

“Such as other sexual relationships.” Ann asserted.

“But…Bill, does he know? Do you hide it from him?” Brandy asked, startled.

“Yes, he knows, and no, I don’t hide it from him.” Ann replied coyly.

“He doesn’t mind you having sex with other men?”

“No, he doesn’t, but I do…”

Brandy looked at Ann quizzically. “What are you saying?”

“I’m bisexual. I enjoy women as well as men.”

Brandy hesitated then turned to Ann, their eyes meeting and locking. “I’ve wondered…wondered what it’s like…I...”

Ann leaned forward and kissed her full on the lips, a light but lingering kiss. “Perhaps it’s time for you to find out,” she whispered.

They passed on the lunch menu and were soon on their way back to our place. Ann called me on her cell phone.

“Sweetheart, what’s your schedule like today? Do you think you’ll be home before six?” Ann inquired. This told me I should not be home before six.

“You with Brandy?” I asked.

“Why yes, yes I am…we’re spending the afternoon together,” Ann replied cheerily.

“Yes, I bet you are…I mean have a nice afternoon and I will see you later tonight. Of course, I will want to hear everything about it,” I teased.

“Always my dear. Love you,” Ann said fondly before disconnecting.

Ann wanted to take things slow with Brandy, knowing it was her first experience with another woman. Arriving home they took a short tour of the house. We had invested a good part of our fortune to fully refurbish a beautiful hillside property with a spectacular view of the valley below. The grounds were immaculate, fully landscaped with gardens of local and exotic fauna. Our pool area included a hot tub and dressing area complete with showers. It was fully private, our neighbors being some distance away and further down the hillside.

Brandy was impressed with the house, she and Ken had bought what she referred to as a ‘mansion’. It was considerably more formal, stuffy, and dark, while ours was more in character with a leisurely lifestyle. Ann had poured her a glass of wine, wanting to keep her relaxed and in the mood. She wrapped her arms around her from behind as they gazed out of the picture window in our main living room. Brandy could smell Ann’s perfume and feel her hot breath as she whispered in her ear. Ann felt Brandy shiver as she held her close.

Taking her wineglass, Ann set their glasses on a nearby table. She then turned to Brandy, who looked at her, eyes wide with anticipation. “Are you ready? We can just have a swim if you like…” Ann’s voice was soothing, reassuring.

“No…I mean yes, I’m…okay with this,” Brandy stammered.

“Just okay?” Ann’s eyebrows raised as she said it.

“No…I mean I want to do this,” Brandy assured.

“All right then…follow me…it’s time to bath.” Ann almost always bathed with her female partners before making love to them, particularly the inexperienced. It gave them a chance to explore each other and hygienically it ensured there would be no interruptions later on. Ann loved eating pussy and it was her favorite way of bringing her ‘virgins’ to orgasm. She said that no man could ever eat pussy the way another woman can, so why not introduce it right away. It also meant her partner could simply relax and enjoy while Ann brought her off for the first time. This took the edge off along with remaining inhibitions.

Ann led Brandy down a long hallway to a large dressing area adjoining a beautiful marble Jacuzzi tub. Brandy hesitated slightly as Ann helped remove her clothes. Ann reached around from behind her and unbuttoned her blouse as she gently kissed her neck. As the blouse opened Ann slid her hand in to unhook the front of her bra. As the material fell away Ann caressed Brandy’s soft and supple breasts, gently frisking over her hardening nipples. Ann released the clasp on Brandy’s tight skirt then pulled her blouse from beneath it. In one fluid motion Ann removed her blouse and bra, Brandy’s beautiful high, firm breasts barely moving as they were freed. Brandy saw multiple reflections of herself in the bathroom mirrors, breasts fully exposed, her taut cherry red nipples protruding prominently, betraying her excitement.

Ann slid Brandy’s tight skirt over her thighs. She was wearing white silk panties, a little patch of dampness discernable over her slit. Ann had her sit down, then slid the skirt off leaving her thigh high stockings and panties. Never one to be in a rush, Ann hesitated for a second, then stood up to remove her own clothing. Brandy’s eyes roved over her and grew wider as she shimmied out of her black lace bra. Ann loved to strip for her female partners, accenting the tease, and making the experience more fun.

Ann’s breasts were larger and heavier than Brandy’s and settled slightly lower as her bra fell away. Her aureoles were a dark red, almost brown in color, with nipples like plump pencil erasers. Ann unbuttoned her skirt revealing a sexy black garter belt over black silk panties. She moved closer to Brandy.

“I think I need some help Brandy…will you unhook my garters?” Ann asked sweetly.

Brandy fumbled slightly but soon had released all of the hooks. Ann unfastened the garter belt and removed it as she raised her leg to Brandy’s lap.

“My stockings too…please.” As Brandy reached for the top of her hosiery Ann carefully brushed Brandy’s breast with the ball of her foot, her big toe lingering on her hard nipple for no more than an instance. An involuntary sigh escaped from Brandy as she removed the silk stocking. Ann smiled, things were progressing very nicely. As the second was removed Brandy brought her mouth down to kiss Ann’s foot. Ann pulled it back.

“Not yet my dear. Plenty of time for that a little later,” she admonished.

Ann lightly pushed Brandy to the back of the chair and lifted up one of her legs. She rubbed Brandy’s foot in between her breasts, touching each of her nipples with the tip of her toes. Slowly and deliberately she caressed along Brandy’s leg then sensuously rolled her thigh high off in a smooth, fluid motion. Another gasp came from Brandy as the second was similarly removed. Ann motioned for Brandy to stand up, both were clad only in their panties.

Ann turned Brandy toward the mirror. “God you are beautiful,” Ann admired. Brandy turned to her and they kissed, bodies locked in an embrace, their hands slowly caressing, while their tongues chased, lingered, and then explored. Ann’s hand traced down Brandy’s backbone to the top of her panties, she then lightly lifted the elastic as her hand traveled around Brandy’s hips to her front, just above her mound. She gasped audibly as Ann’s thumb traced up to Brandy’s deep navel while her fingers slid under the silk panties feeling a thick bush of blonde hair above her slit.

“Oh Ann…” Brandy sighed.

“Patience, relax and enjoy,” Ann soothed. Ann slid her hand out from underneath the silk panties and traced down the outside, cupping Brandy’s pussy in her hand, and gently massaging it with her fingers. She began to moan as Ann broke off their kiss, dropping her head down to Brandy’s taut nipples, taking them one at a time in her mouth, alternately sucking them lightly, drawing them in and out, lightly flicking with her tongue. Ann could feel the swelling of Brandy’s pussy and the wetness soaking through her panties.

Ann slowed her pace, she knew Brandy was ready but didn’t want her coming quite so soon. Her hand moved back up Brandy’s body brushing up and under the sensitive underside of her breasts. Ann kissed her way up from Brandy’s breasts, lightly laving up to her throat, then met her mouth, momentarily stifling Brandy’s moans. Ann reached around Brandy’s back and gently grabbed her butt cheeks massaging them together. Brandy squirmed as Ann casually took hold of her panties and peeled them slowly over her hips to about halfway down her thighs.

Ann drew back from their kiss and dropped to one knee as she slid Brandy’s panties to her ankles. Ann motioned Brandy to the waiting pool of bubble bath as she quickly slipped off her own. They stepped into the warm water and sat down facing one another legs intertwined, one leg over the other, bringing them close enough to touch and explore each other.

Brandy reached for Ann’s breasts, lifting them from the soapy water, caressing them. Ann lay back slightly to give her full access. Brandy played with her nipples, pinching them lightly then rolling them between her thumb and forefinger. She looked at Ann inquiringly. “Am I hurting you?”

“No, but even if you were I wouldn’t complain. I like a little pain with my pleasure. I’ll let you know if you get too rough,” Ann reassured.

Brandy sighed deeply then resumed fondling Ann’s gorgeous tits, beginning to suck on them, biting lightly as Ann had done to her.

“That’s it…you’ve got the idea. What feels good to you is exactly what you should do for another woman,” Ann encouraged.

Ann let Brandy work on her for awhile knowing it would help her gain confidence and keep her aroused. She slipped her own hand to her swollen pussy and lightly fingered herself. Brandy enthusiastically picked up the pace and Ann soon felt herself beginning to build to an orgasm. It was rare for Ann to orgasm in this way but Brandy was proving to be quick study. She was particularly adept at drawing Ann’s full aureole into her mouth and then very lightly biting back from the base of it to the tip of her nipple. Ann responded vocally as she did this. Brandy increased the intensity and ever so gently increased the pressure of her biting. It was driving Ann wild, she felt like an electric shock was going directly to her pussy from her nipples.

“Damn it Brandy…I’m coming, oh shit, don’t stop,” Ann cried as her body convulsed, an orgasm engulfing her in passion. She stiffened and reached for the side of the tub as she slid backward under the bubble bath. Ann emerged after her dunking, dripping in bubble bath.

“I’m so sorry Ann, it was my fault, I got carried away,” Brandy apologized.

Ann looked at her, still recovering from the intensity of the moment, then dunked herself to clear off the residual soap. “Don’t ever apologize for that my dear, I haven’t come like that in a long, long time,” Ann scolded, then smiled, “Your turn?” Brandy relaxed at the reassurance. Bringing Ann to orgasm had been an awakening for her, it had been so natural, so wonderful…so this was what it was like making love to a woman. She liked it.

Ann laid out a towel on the edge of the tub and instructed Brandy to sit on it, her legs spread apart. Ann’s beautiful brown eyes looked straight at Brandy as she moved between her legs. Ann gently pulled apart her outer lips and she gently laved up and down inside her slit tasting the light salt of Brandy’s juices. Brandy closed her eyes and let out a sigh as Ann’s tongue probed deep into her core. She opened her eyes to Ann’s penetrating stare, her tongue working feverishly, building Brandy to an intense climax.

Ann’s arm lifted out of the water and rested on Brandy’s upper thigh, hand over the top of her pussy, fingers separating her lips. Ann’s index finger pushed down on her clit which had fully emerged from its hood. Brandy gasped as Ann touched it, fingering her tiny swollen button. Ann reached up with her other hand and inserted two fingers into Brandy’s pussy. She moved them slowly but rhythmically in and out while matching a circular motion with her finger on her clit.

“Do you like getting finger fucked? Tell me you like it.” Ann asked seductively. Brandy was distracted, an orgasm building deep inside her. She shook her head first, then nodded. “Come on, tell me you like it…if you don’t, I’ll stop.” Ann pressed for a response.

“No, don’t stop, finger fuck me…eat me…just don’t stop,” Brandy’s face contorted with pleasure as she fought off the impending orgasm, wanting it to build still longer before giving in to it. Ann brought her head down to Brandy’s clit, then using her finger she stretched the skin causing the engorged member to stand straight out. Dipping her head she flicked it with her tongue and then encircled it with her lips and drew it into her mouth. She sucked on it with increasing intensity.

As Ann peered up to catch her reaction Brandy went over the edge. Her screams echoed through the hallway as the orgasm raced through her. She slid back into the tub with Ann cushioning her descent. It was Brandy’s turn to emerge dripping with bubble bath.

“Oh god Ann, that was great…I’ve never…” Brandy said breathlessly.

“Never had a woman fuck you before,” Ann offered, completing the thought. “I may have been your first but I have a feeling I won’t be your last, I think you like women.”

Brandy nodded, smiling as they embraced, kissing deeply. Finally Ann said, “Let’s get dried off, it’s getting cold in here.”

The two toweled each other off and then adjourned to the bedroom. They embraced again collapsing onto the bed a jumble of arms and legs as they pressed their bodies together. Ann tried to pace the action but found Brandy taking charge. Brandy rolled Ann over on her back and slid her hand down to her swollen pussy aggressively cupping and fingering her as Ann had done to her earlier. Ann moved to reverse positions with her but Brandy held firm, feeling Ann’s hot juices pouring from her core, as she fingered and rubbed her.

Brandy swung over top of Ann in a sixty-nine position. Using her fingers she opened up Ann’s hot wet core and eagerly ran her tongue along its length tasting the light saltiness of her juices. Ann moaned as Brandy’s tongue speared into her core then moved to her clit, lightly flicking the engorged member. Brandy could feel Ann’s body shiver beneath her, close to orgasm, then would back off slightly to keep her from coming.

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