tagLesbian SexThe Vacation Ch. 2

The Vacation Ch. 2


Chapter 2: Caribbean Lust

As our plane made its final approach the scenes from the window were familiar but no less spectacular than when I had first visited the island. The sun glistening on the surface of a translucent aquamarine sea giving way to a border of sand beach and wind blown palm trees. In the distance a lush green tropical rain forest rose toward mist tipped hills. Arriving in the Caribbean is to visit a special kind of paradise. My wife Ann and I had returned here many times, to an old but very modern resort area, where one could lose oneself in the beauty of the place. Now independently wealthy, we were semi-retired, benefactors of the .com economy. And travel and leisure were a bigger part of our life than ever before.

This trip we were accompanied by a business associate, Ken and his young wife Brandy. Despite having more money than he could ever dream of spending Ken was a hopeless workaholic. I had convinced him to take a week off, pay some attention to his stunningly beautiful young wife, and enjoy life. Ken, in his early forties, had divorced his first wife, their marriage a casualty of his tireless work ethic. He had met Brandy, fifteen years his junior, when she had hired on as his administrative assistant. It hadn’t taken long for the two of them to get together. She was a bright, inquisitive young lady and was a good match for the more conservative Ken.

Ann and I had met at work as well. I developed computer programs while she was in marketing communications. Both now in our early thirties we had dated, lived together, and finally married. After the company we helped establish was bought out we decided it was time to move on and now did mostly freelance work in our respective fields. Ann and I enjoyed a very open sexual relationship. She is bisexual, a fact I became painfully aware of at the time we first met. I had unwittingly put the moves on her date, something she didn’t appreciate at the time.

This lead to a rather interesting courtship and some of the hottest sex one can imagine. I encouraged her not to deny her attraction to women, and was very cooperative in accommodating she and her female lovers. Occasionally it led to a threesome, but mostly it was Ann sharing with me, in vivid detail, her sexual encounters. We both found this hot, and our sex life enhanced as a result.

One of Ann’s female companions was young Brandy. The two had met at Ken’s company Christmas Party. At a subsequent lunch date Brandy confessed her curiosity about women and Ann, never to be one to pass up an opportunity, had taken full advantage. Since then she and Brandy made love regularly, in fact I suspected Ann probably was with Brandy more than Ken was. This was the only thing that worried me about the vacation plans. How would Ken react if he found out my wife was fucking his wife?

“Bill, if it concerns you that much why did you invite them along?” Ann finally asked, somewhat put out with my continued expression of concern. “I think they need time away together, Ken is so damn busy and won’t slow down so long as he’s home.”

“Well, I wouldn’t worry too much, Brandy loves cock as much as she loves pussy. Ken will have all he can handle and more. Just make sure you two take a few afternoons and go golfing, or deep sea fishing…”

“While you go muff diving with Brandy,” I interjected, then smiled. We both laughed as Ann shook her head in mock disgust. As always she was discrete and in control. I was worrying needlessly.

The wall of heat and humidity hit us as we left the air-conditioned cabin of the aircraft. Slightly inland at the airport the temperature was oppressive, easily 100 degrees Fahrenheit with 90% or more humidity. It almost took your breath away as we walked the short distance across the ramp to the terminal building. I noticed heads turning as Ann and Brandy made their way into the customs area. Both were incredibly beautiful and there was no doubt, with the bright sun behind them, there would be a wonderful silhouette of them both as they approached.

While we waited in the queue for the custom’s agent Ann looked at me mischievously. She was carrying a straw bag, one she had purchased on the island during a previous trip. I moved closer. “Do you think I should declare these?” She whispered as she opened her bag just wide enough to give me a look inside. Pale blue lace panties were on top, a stain showing the wetness of the crotch area.

“Brandy’s?” I questioned as Ann nodded. “On the plane?”

“She is now a full fledged member of the mile high club for women,” Ann answered with a triumphant grin.

“You’re incorrigible…when?”

“Oh about halfway through that horrible in flight movie,” Ann replied. “I had a small vibrator with me and held it to her clit while I finger-fucked her. She tried to keep quiet but I made her come so hard she cried out. We got some strange looks when we both came out of the restroom.”

A customs agent interrupted our conversation and directed us to proceed to his counter. After supplying our passports and answering some routine questions we soon moved through to the baggage claim area where we rejoined Ken and Brandy. Everyone was in good spirits as we collected our luggage and proceeded to the transit area for the short ride to the resort.

Check in at the resort was fully automated. Our luggage was taken directly from the transit vehicle to our rooms while we were briefed on the resort grounds and amenities. The grounds extended along two miles of beachfront property. The extreme eastern end, being somewhat secluded, permitted nude bathing. Ann and I often found we had this area pretty much to ourselves, and had enjoyed sex there, both under the sun and under the stars. From there, toward the hotel was a long stretch of beautiful sandy beach, protected by a reef some quarter mile off shore. A number of standalone private villas were located along this area well back from the shore.

The main facilities included a variety of shops, a large open air dining area, a fresh water swimming pool, and various venues for sports including beach volleyball. A small marina was off to the left of the pier. To the west were the long rows of beach houses where most of the guests stayed.

We had reserved one of the private villas for the four of us. They were well appointed two bedroom dwellings back far enough from the beach to blend into the palms and other shoreline vegetation. I had preferred to stay in the multi unit beach houses, mostly due to their location right on the shore. However, Ann wanted to try one of the villas and insisted we could get to know Ken and Brandy better in a more private accommodation. As usual, Ann had prevailed.

“I can’t believe how much cooler it is here, I thought we were going to melt in the heat when we were at the airport,” remarked Ken as we left the lobby area to join Ann and Brandy who had gone on ahead to the pool area.

“It gets pretty hot in the afternoon but there is always a breeze,” I commented. “And nothing a cold beer or a yellow bird cocktail can’t remedy.” As we approached we could see both Ann and Brandy standing by the poolside bar. The two were eye candy. Ann with her jet black hair, dark brown eyes, creamy skin, ample breasts, and round ass. Brandy, the classic blonde, blue eyes, pale skin, smaller breasts but with trim youthful curves to a hip, ass, thigh, and leg combination that was pure magic.

They were talking with two women at the poolside bar. One was a short, heavier woman, with short brown hair, likely in her mid-thirties. Her yellow string bikini barely restrained her breasts, not because they were particularly large, but because the cup was easily a size to small. Numerous tattoos were noticeable despite her deep tan, particularly one of a sea horse, the tail neatly coiling its way around her breast. Her belly protruded slightly but she was obviously athletic, neck, arms, and shoulders well developed with good muscle definition. The bikini bottoms strained to cover an ample butt and thighs.

Her companion resembled an older version of Ann though slightly taller and older, probably mid to late forties but in excellent shape for her age, her toned and tanned body revealed seductively through the tight mesh material of a sexy one piece swim suit. As I got closer it was clear she was wearing some very expensive jewelry, no doubt she had money. And she had an ‘awareness’ about her, as if she noticed everything and everyone around her in a very broad personal space.

The two women began to leave as Ken and I reached the bar.

“Don’t leave on our account,” I said cheerfully.

“No,” replied the older woman. “Lisa and I have booked a workout and massage at the fitness center, we were just telling your wives about it. The resort has an excellent masseuse.” She introduced herself as Vanessa. We exchanged greetings then the women left for their massage. As they walked away I noticed Vanessa put her arm around Lisa, slide it down casually, and pat her gently on the ass.

“Some tattoo work on Lisa,” I remarked raising my eyebrows.

“And piercing, did you notice the glint of silver on her tongue,” chimed in Ann, smiling. Brandy blushed slightly at the mention. Ann had had her tongue pierced since I had met her, I wondered whether she had been urging Brandy to do the same. Our conversation drifted to other topics as we enjoyed our first drink together. “I want to freshen up and get changed, maybe have a swim,” Ann announced suddenly. “Why don’t you show Ken and Brandy the resort Bill?”

“I can provide the cheapest fifty cent tour going,” I answered cheerfully. I knew by Ann’s suggestion she wanted to get away from us and recalling Vanessa’s ass patting I could only guess where she might be headed.

Ken glanced toward Brandy and while she appeared a little startled she quickly smiled in agreement.

Ann left us at the bar shortly afterward. Ken, Brandy, and I talked for awhile then wandered out to the pier. Predictably, Ken approached vacation the way he did his work, always busy, always doing something. Inside of a few hours we had golfing, scuba, tennis, hang gliding, and fishing all lined up as activities for the week. One day was set aside for sight seeing at the old town. I could see Ken negotiating with the natives at the straw market…he would probably own it before we left.

We finally made our way back to the villa. Ann was stepping out of the shower as I went into our room.

“Well, what kind of mischief were you up to this afternoon?” I asked somewhat facetiously.

“Oh nothing really,” Ann evaded my question. I looked at her carefully as she stood naked in the bathroom doorway, her nipples were slightly engorged and her pussy lips were swollen.

“My dear either you just had a very exciting shower or you got fucked silly this afternoon? Time to confess. I saw the way Vanessa put her arm around Lisa and patted her ass as they left the pool. When you left us you joined up with them at the fitness center didn’t you?” I asserted confidently. I sensed there was a good story behind this.

“Okay, busted…but I, we had a great time,” Ann smiled and came over to sit on the bed. “Let me tell you about it, it was amazing, those two women are hot. I was so horny after doing Brandy on the plane I just couldn’t pass up their invitation.” Ann then related the events as they unfolded from the time she had met Lisa and Vanessa.

Ann and Brandy had flirted with each other at the poolside bar. The very observant Vanessa noticed it and had struck up a conversation with them. Very friendly she had not taken long to deliver her invitation.

“Lisa and I have booked a workout and massage this afternoon at the fitness center, you are both welcome to join us. I am sure it was a long flight, and a massage is so relaxing. We would love it if you could,” Vanessa enthused.

“The massage sounds great…” Ann thought out loud. “But we are meeting our husbands in a few minutes and I really don’t know what our plans are for the afternoon.” Brandy nodded in agreement.

“Not a problem my dear, maybe later on though, we’re here for another three days…but I have booked the entire afternoon at the fitness center…if you change your mind,” Vanessa replied with a hint of tease.

I interrupted the story at that point. “I’m surprised you didn’t take Brandy with you.”

“Well I would have…but you are so concerned about Ken finding out about us I decided to go alone.” Ann then continued.

She had shown up at the fitness center about a half-hour later. It was officially closed for the afternoon but an attendant was conspicuously nearby. She greeted Ann as if she were expected and led her to Vanessa and Lisa. Both were on adjoining massage tables, completely naked, lying on their stomachs as a masseuse finished with them.

“Ann, how wonderful for you to join us,” Vanessa greeted her enthusiastically. “What about Brandy?”

“She and Ken are taking a tour of the resort courtesy of my husband...she may join us another time,” Ann answered.

“Not a problem, she’s welcome anytime and I hope you’ll tell her so. Lisa and I are just about finished here, why don’t you get undressed and come in for a massage?” Vanessa invited. Ann was suddenly distracted as Lisa rose from her table, her bright tattoos and various piercings in full view. Counting quickly Ann noted silver loops in both Lisa’s nipples, in her navel, and at least three in the labia of her cleanly shaven pussy.

Vanessa smiled as she noticed Ann staring at Lisa. “Lisa, show Ann back to our lockers, I’ll arrange for her massage.” Ann followed Lisa back into the locker area where Lisa turned to her.

“You like my jewelry?” She asked seductively.

“Why yes…yes I do,” Ann was slightly surprised at her directness but quickly recovered. “That’s not all I like.”

“Oh really…well then, we ARE going to have some fun this afternoon,” Lisa smiled and then they both laughed. “Vanessa and I can provide a lot more than a massage…given the chance.” Lisa reached up and kissed Ann full on the lips, her tongue darting into her mouth. She expertly removed Ann’s light top pausing sensuously to rub her breasts then lightly pinch and role her fingers on Ann’s nipples. Ann could feel them hardening to Lisa’s touch and felt a tingling sensation deep inside, a wetness gathering in her loins. Lisa was aggressive and slightly rough in a way that pleased her.

Lisa pulled away from her. “I better not start what I can’t finish…at least until later…I’ll go get you a towel,” she whispered.

Ann removed her light shorts and already damp panties. It was Lisa’s turn to stare as she saw Ann’s beautiful naked body, her full breasts with nipples taut and protruding from her fondling. Lisa smiled broadly as she handed Ann a large towel and led her back to the massage room. The room was empty with the exception of Vanessa who had finished preparing a table. She had ordered a bottle of wine and insisted they enjoy a glass of chardonnay. Ann felt very comfortable with the two women as they talked, both very relaxed, and exuding a sensuality which aroused her.

“The masseuse will join you in a few minutes. Lisa and I have to finish our workout, we’ll be in the gym area…come join us when you are through,” invited Vanessa. “And if we’re not there check in the showers…” Ann nodded as they left. The masseuse appeared as promised and Ann relaxed as strong, skillful hands gently kneaded the tension from her body.

Ann soon found herself fantasizing about Vanessa and Lisa. They were in the gym, by an apparatus, Vanessa was spotting Lisa who was on the bench. Lisa was arm pressing and leg pressing an impressive amount of weight. She was completely naked except for a leather belt around her waist holding a harness between her legs. A thick plastic dildo was buried deep in her pussy and the action of her leg pressing ground it into her, driving her toward orgasm.

Vanessa shouted encouragement then removed the arm weights. She stepped over Lisa and straddled her, lowering her own dripping pussy to Lisa’s face. Lisa hungrily licked Vanessa’s pussy and drank her juices while her own flowed from her as she leg pressed. Vanessa started to come, her face contorted with pleasure, and she screamed…

Ann woke up suddenly as the masseuse lightly tapped her shoulder. The massage was over. Ann noticed that it had, in fact, been forty minutes. The masseuse smiled then left her lying on the table. As she sat up she noticed the wetness between her legs and on the table below. Ann shook her head as she remembered the erotic images of her fantasy. She knew one thing, she was feeling very, very horny. Ann checked the gym area and while Vanessa and Lisa were not there she started when, in the corner of the gym, she noticed the very apparatus she had fantasized about earlier. “This is too bizarre,” she muttered as she headed to the shower area.

As Ann entered the shower area she stopped abruptly when she saw the two women. Vanessa was kneeling with her face buried deep in Lisa’s cleanly shaven pussy. She had Lisa’s right leg draped over her shoulder, and her tongue danced and moved. Ann admired her technique as she had Lisa moaning in pleasure, her body quivering and shaking with every lick, stab, or suck. Lisa leaned back against the shower wall, her hands on Vanessa’s head as she ground her hips forward. Her moaning became deeper and louder. Vanessa pulled back briefly only to use her fingers to work open Lisa’s swollen pussy lips, she then drove her tongue deep into the hot core.

Lisa shook and shivered on the brink of orgasm. Vanessa paused again, prolonging the sensation, then laved up from Lisa’s pussy to her breasts. Reaching her nipples she gently flicked each of her nipple rings causing Lisa to gasp involuntarily, her erect nipples hyper sensitive. As Lisa shuddered Vanessa eased her leg to the ground to help steady her. “Please finger fuck me Vanna, finger fuck me,” Lisa pleaded as she slung her head back. Vanessa kissed her neck, her shoulders, and then muffled Lisa’s cries as she drew her forward and kissed her.

Ann could see Vanessa’s fingers disappearing deep into Lisa’s swollen pussy, her thumb lingering on her clit. Lisa broke their kiss, sucking in air, as the intensity of the orgasm grew within her. Vanessa pulled back slightly, watching her lover intently, smiling as Lisa’s body yielded to her assault.

“Come my darling…come the way I know you can. Give into it.” Vanessa encouraged.

Lisa’s body arched as she came, her screams of passion echoed throughout the empty shower area. Vanessa didn’t let up. “Come on…I know you’ve got more, give into it,” she commanded.

Lisa screamed again, her body bucking and twisting as Vanessa relentlessly pumped her. Ann noticed the sudden surge of clear liquid driven from Lisa’s pussy, her body shaking involuntarily. Vanessa quickly withdrew from her pussy and rubbed her clit in a strong, tight, circular motion.

“Squirt for me bitch,” Vanessa demanded.

Lisa’s hips gyrated as Vanessa finger fucked her clit. Streams of hot liquid poured from her body spilling on Vanessa and the floor of the shower. Lisa cries began to subside as she clung to Vanessa, her knees weak. Finally Vanessa took her fingers away and placed them up to her lips, tasting Lisa’s warm cum.

“Ummm…you hot bitch,” Vanessa smiled as she offered Lisa one of her fingers. “A taste?”

“I love it when you make me come hard like that,” Lisa whispered.

Ann had watched this from the doorway of the shower area. She thought she had not been noticed however, as Lisa came down from her orgasm, Vanessa looked straight in her direction. “Come in Ann, I was just looking after Lisa, you got her more than a little hot earlier on. How was the massage?”

“Uh great…yes, it was…” Ann stammered, completely surprised by Vanessa’s question.

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