tagLoving WivesThe Vacation Ch. 3

The Vacation Ch. 3


Chapter 3: Ken’s Discovery

It was a short drive from our resort to the old town where life’s pace was, at its height, unhurried. We drove in an open Land Rover, the cool sea breeze feeling good against sunburned skin…all of us had taken in just a little too much sun over the past five days. The caramel colored beach soon gave way to more rugged terrain as the land made out to a point before rounding into the sheltered harbor. An ancient fort stood in ruins, weeds and brush covering rusted gun mounts, where cannons once guarded the narrow channel opening. The natives built it under Spanish occupation, the English captured it, and sometime ago all had lost interest.

I glanced at my beautiful wife Ann, her jet black hair blowing freely out of the side of the transport. Her eyes met mine, a big smile, I knew she had been having a great time. Our friends, Ken and Brandy, were sitting behind us, engrossed in the scenery. Ken had his arm draped lazily over his young wife’s shoulders, he looked more relaxed than I had seen him in years. And Brandy, a blonde goddess if ever there was one, laughed aloud as Ken whispered to her.

All in all I was very pleased. I had arranged this week long vacation to one of our favorite Caribbean resorts. While we could now afford to go just about anywhere this resort had attracted us back year after year. I invited Ken, a long time business associate, and his wife to join us. Perhaps, for just once since I had known him, Ken would relax. He was a tireless worker, one that those around him were often to remark, “He’s a great guy to work for…if you can take the beating.”

And there was the potential complication of Ann’s attraction to Brandy. The two had met at a company function and had become good friends, a friendship that led to them becoming lovers. Ann’s bisexuality was something I accepted and did not discourage. She was very discrete in her relationships and I had no reason to distrust her with Brandy. We had spent almost a week at the resort, a time that had all four of us together sharing a private villa, and I was sure that Ken was none the wiser of their relationship.

The week had not been uneventful. We had no sooner arrived than Ann and Brandy made friends with a lesbian couple, Vanessa and Lisa, who had seduced Ann the very first day. She confided in me that their making love to her was like no other experience she had had before. The aggressive Lisa and the confident Vanessa had double penetrated her and brought her to a series of incredible orgasms. The two women had had to leave suddenly, the next day, as a result of a death in Lisa’s family, but had exchanged E-mail information for a possible future encounter.

Things calmed down after that eventful first day and despite complaining about Ken’s filling up our schedule we had to admit we enjoyed all of the activities. Ann had told me that “Brandy loves cock as much as she loves pussy”, and “Ken will have all he can handle and more.” As usual my beautiful wife was right. She and Brandy had worked out a schedule of their own, which typically had Ken and I receiving attention first thing in the morning. We would then leave to get breakfast while the women ‘slept’ a little longer. Ann’s accounts of her mornings with Brandy had little to do with sleep.

Heading inland from the coast the Rover flew down the narrow roadway. The dense brush along each side gave way to an expansive sugar cane field, the native’s bright colored clothing contrasting with the lush green field. An open flatbed truck, filled with native workers on their way into the plantation, came uncomfortably close as it passed us. The outline of the old town was discernable in the distance. The whitewashed mansions of wealthy foreigners, most of who maintained a residence to qualify for the island’s tax laws, dotted the hills around the town.

As we drew nearer it became painfully evident that most of the old town was a slum, small rivers of untreated sewage flowing openly on the streets. We passed a site where a small bridge was being built, under construction for the past three years. There was little doubt as to why. An old man sat by himself, his broad rimmed straw hat protecting him from the hot sun. He wielded a small mallet, crushing small boulders into rocks for the roadbed. Three workers looked on idly from the shade underneath the bridge. “They’ll be building that bridge for another ten years at that rate,” remarked Ken as he shook his head.

“A different sense of time and priorities Ken, the men are happy for the work, and the longer it takes the longer they get paid…as long as they are content with their life they are millionaires,” I commented philosophically. We arrived in the merchant area a few minutes later. Several upscale shops selling fine bone china, fine liquors, imported fashions, antiques, and native arts and crafts dotted the narrow streets. Ann and Brandy immediately headed for the shops while Ken and I headed to the infamous island market. One could buy almost anything there I suspected, and nothing had a firm price. It was time to haggle and I knew Ken was a master. This would be fun.

Entering the market was an eerie experience. The merchants appear nonchalant, almost uninterested in your presence…but they see your every move. For some unknown reason you start talking in hushed tones as if you are in a place of reverence. Then suddenly, as you stare at an item just a bit too long, a voice crackles in a distinct island accent.

“You be interested in a straw hat mon? I make you de best deal in de market…come on in, let me show you…” the merchant emerges to literally herd you into his area. The market seems to explode in a cacophony of sound, several large, stern-looking native women talk at the top of their voices all calling you into their space.

“You no be wanting to deal with dat man…come with me,” they insist. Ken looked at me in bewilderment. The first merchant gives all the women a look of defiance and continues his pitch. “You want bags mon…I have de finest straw bags in de market. Come on in, that’s it mon, never mind dem,” he cries as he hustles you away from the others. As if on cue, the others become quiet, and you realize you are now into the merchant’s space, his alone, and away from the neutral zone where you are fair game to them all.

The merchant continues his pitch. He shows us several bags until Ken, who has looked the place over carefully, picks out a finely woven bag for Brandy and offers $10. “Oh no mon, not that bag…that bag not for sale,” the merchant insists.

Ken looks him straight in the eye. “My apologies, I thought you were selling straw bags, we’ll not bother you again.” We both start to leave.

“Wait…wait a minute…that is de finest bag I have, $25 mon,” the merchant’s voice rises as he senses his sale is about to walk.

Ken ignores him completely and keeps going. A few of the other merchants are now standing, waiting for us to cross that invisible barrier out of their competitor’s area. “$20 mon!” the merchant shrieks.

Ken stops abruptly. Looking at the merchant he says, “My offer is $10, if you want $20 you’ll have to include the hat over there,” Ken points to a finely woven straw hat, easily Brandy’s size. The merchant hesitates. Ken turns to me nonchalantly, “Let’s go, this guy doesn’t want to deal.”

“Okay, okay, $20 for de bag and de hat,” the merchant says quickly, a note of resignation in his voice.

“Thank you,” Ken smiles as he pulls out a $20. The merchant’s eyes widen as he sees the rest of the cash in Ken’s wallet.

“You like beautiful women mon? Let me introduce you to my sisters…”

Ken and I turned to one another and laughed, then waved goodbye to the anxious merchant as we left. “Don’t stop until we get right the hell out of here,” I said to Ken as we walked briskly out of the market.

“That was an experience,” Ken remarked as we eased up, having moved far enough away from the market.

“It sure was, and you didn’t disappoint. Hell, I paid $20 a piece for the same combination two years ago.”

“How much did you pay for the sisters?” Ken teased.

“Oh, they were part of the deal,” I smiled, getting my own back. Ken just shook his head.

We met Ann and Brandy at a local café where we all chuckled about the experience in the market. Brandy was pleased with Ken’s purchases however Ken’s eyes widened then darkened in anger when she remarked, “Too bad you couldn’t get the sisters thrown into the deal, then we would really have a good time.” Ann shot me a quick look in alarm, I simply sat there. In a moment Ken relaxed, and the tension passed.

On our way back to the resort in the Land Rover we stopped for awhile to look at the ruins of the old fort and take in the panorama of the harbor. When the women were out of earshot Ken turned to me.

“Bill, have you noticed anything odd about Brandy?” Ken asked.

“Odd? In what way?” I replied with a question.

“Well, like that remark at the café. I got the impression she ‘wanted’ the women, didn’t you?”

“Why no…well I suppose you could…you could maybe think that but…no…no way,” I stammered my way out of it.

At that moment we were interrupted by Ann and Brandy, it was time to return to the Rover. I breathed a sigh of relief, there is no way I wanted to prolong my conversation with Ken, not on that subject.

The resort had a beautiful open-air terrace where every evening there was dinner and dancing to a live orchestra. It always amazed me the way the local musicians seemed to be so versatile. They played almost any request, jazz, pop, rock ‘n roll, and island favorites. There appeared to be no recurrence of the afternoon’s uneasiness and Ken had said nothing further to me. Ken was drinking more than usual, the ornately uniformed wine steward, with his gold tasting cup fastened to his belt via a gold chain, had been by several times to refresh our supply. However, he showed no ill effects, if anything he seemed in more of a party mood than he had been in all week.

Ann and I were dancing when I felt a sudden tap on the shoulder. Ken stood there grinning, “May I?” I smiled and made my way to the bar for something a little harder than wine. Looking around I could no longer see Ken and Ann, no doubt lost in the sea of bodies on the floor. I joined Brandy back at our table and was well into the rum and coke when they reappeared. Ann gave me a quick look and smiled. I knew something was up. My curiosity was getting the better of me when Ken and Brandy finally left to dance.

“Okay, what’s the scoop,” I asked quickly. Ann almost broke out in laughter, her hand up to her face in restraint. “What’s so funny?”

“You’ll not believe what Ken just asked me to do,” Ann grimaced again as she stifled laughter.

“Try me…come on, they’ll be back before you get to tell me,” I insisted.

“Ken thinks Brandy has bisexual urges,” Ann started, “And the best part is he wants me to keep an eye on her for him.” She laughed out loud, and I must admit, I did too.

I finally said, “So what did you tell him?”

“I told him I would and, in the interest of our friendship, would try to spend more time with her in the future,” Ann sputtered in laughter as she said it.

“Ann, this really isn’t good,” I said soberly, shaking my head.

“Well what was I to tell him, I fuck his wife at least twice a week, suck her clit until she screams and comes all over my face,” Ann said facetiously. “He is so naïve.”

“Well maybe it’s time he became a little less naïve, maybe it’s time for some education.”

“And some reality,” Ann finished my sentence.

“Okay then, and tonight is the night. Why don’t you and Brandy decide to go back to the villa…for a moonlit swim off the nude beach area. There won’t be a soul there and even if there is, they’ll be busy. I’ll bring Ken along a little later and he can observe what you two do alone,” I outlined. “What if he gets violent, you saw his eyes today?” Ann’s objection was understandable.

“I’ll handle that if necessary. But I don’t think he’ll get violent, some men fantasize about their wife being taken by another man or woman, it can be a powerful turn on.” I spoke confidently and Ann responded positively. She liked the plan. At that point Ken and Brandy rejoined us. We talked and danced a little while longer. Finally Ann looked in my direction and I nodded.

“Brandy, how about an ocean swim, in the moonlight? Ken and Bill can join us later if they want to stay a little longer,” Ann asked. Brandy immediately looked to Ken for approval, Ken hesitated then glanced at Ann who gave him a look of confidence, an ‘it’s all right’ type of expression.

“Go ahead honey…watch out for sharks,” teased Ken, as Ann and Brandy left to go back to the villa. Ken leaned over to me, “I’ve asked your wife a big favor,” he said in a hushed, serious tone. “I want her to spend some time with Brandy…and let me know what she thinks.”

“Thinks about what?” I asked innocently.

“About Brandy’s interest in women. It wasn’t just the comment she made earlier today at the café, I’ve suspected something for sometime.” Ken explained. “I was home one day and while Brandy was out a package was delivered. It wasn’t specifically addressed so I opened it. I couldn’t believe it, it was one of those leather harnesses with a giant dildo, had to be eight inches long, and thick. She had bought it over the Internet, from an online toy and video shoppe on a web site.”

“Did you talk to Brandy about it?” I asked but Ken kept going.

“Then I checked out the web site, literotica.com, it’s filled with erotic stories, poetry, pictures. The browser highlighted several stories in the Lesbian section as being read.” Ken’s voice was rising.

“Did you talk to Brandy about it?” I demanded, raising my voice enough for emphasis.

“Well no…I thought about it, but…but I couldn’t approach her, I didn’t know what or how. I was hoping I might learn more about her needs, her desires, on vacation here…but she seems very content. I just don’t understand it at all.” Ken stumbled through in a mystified tone.

“Perhaps, it’s time…,” I paused as Ken looked at me, “Perhaps it’s time you got to know your wife’s sexual desires. What if she likes women, likes to have sex with women, how does that affect your relationship…your marriage?”

Ken thought for minute. “I hear what you are saying. Brandy and I get on just fine, best sex I’ve ever had, but I just don’t get the having sex with women thing.”

“You mean her bisexuality,” I corrected. “Many women desire other women sexually, I don’t think any man can know the attraction there might be other than to relate it to the one we have for women. When you think of it in those terms, I think you can…or at least I can…see the attraction.”

Ken eyes narrowed as he looked at me. “Bill, you seem to have a handle on this…no, no…not Ann?” His voice almost pleading. “She isn’t?” I nodded. “And she and Brandy?” I kept nodding. “Man, do I feel like a sap, where have I been?” Ken shook his head. “What about here on vacation?” “Every morning, after we head out for breakfast.” I answered. “And probably right now, out on the beach.”

Ken’s eyes grew wide. “Right now?”

“If we hurry I bet we might just catch them,” I said as I rose to leave.

“I don’t believe this…I just don’t believe this,” Ken muttered as he left with me.

After having spent many hours making love on the beach I knew just where to look for Ann and Brandy. Ann knew I was planning to ‘catch’ them in the act and I was counting on her ability to pace the action so Ken would get a good look at his wife, giving and receiving love from another woman. As we approached the nude bathing area I told Ken to stay behind me. We walked furtively along the beach, moving swiftly and silently, the only sound from the light waves lapping at the shore.

Ann and I had a favorite spot for lovemaking, in a small alcove surrounded by sufficient palm brush to give it privacy. There was just enough clearing in the brush to see out to the water, the moonlight dancing off the surface, and bathing the area in a wan glow. As we approached the alcove I put my finger to my lips to signal quiet and then crouched down as we crept closer. I signaled Ken to move up beside me. Reaching out I grasped a rather large palm leaf and drew it back giving us a clear view of the alcove.

The silhouettes of two beautiful women, locked in a passionate embrace, were clearly visible. As our eyes adjusted to the moonlight it was like watching shadows, variations of gray scale, as their two bodies moved as one. I noticed one of silhouettes staring briefly in our direction, Ann knew we were there. My wife likes to put on a show and wasn’t about to disappoint. She loved to talk dirty.

“What would Ken think if he knew what kind of a slut you are for me?” Ann taunted. “How I can make you scream when you come? Ann’s arm movements made it obvious she was fingering Brandy’s pussy. Brandy was already breathing unevenly, her body moving, grinding herself into Ann’s fingers. Ann picked up the pace and as Brandy’s juices rose a distinct sloshing sound emanated from the action.

“Oh God…Ann, like that, just like that,” whispered Brandy, her voice fervent with desire. I turned to Ken, an incredulous look on his face.

Ann began varying her action, occasionally dipping her fingers deep into Brandy’s hot pussy. “Ohhhhhh,” a passionate moan escaped from Brandy as Ann’s fingers twisted and turned inside her. Ken shifted restlessly, even in the flat light I could see his face darken, only it was clearly not anger, his expression gave away his lust. Watching his wife get fucked was having the effect I thought it would. Ken was getting hot, and hard I suspected.

“Ummm…you want it harder?” Ann was teasing now, in full control. I felt myself becoming fully aroused as I watched her.

“Harder…please Ann, harder…don’t stop,” Brandy was pleading, breathless, her body thrusting against Ann’s fingers. Ann’s other hand fondled Brandy’s breasts, lightly pulling her taut nipples. Brandy was drawing close to orgasm.

“That’s it my sweet…come for me, come for me hard,” Ann urged as she continued her relentless assault.

“Oh God, yeah…yeah…I’m coming,” Brandy’s scream pierced the humid night air. Her body convulsed in an orgasm, a massive wave of passion followed by a series of short, but intense, after shocks. Ann withdrew her hand and then gently embraced Brandy, kissing her, as they slowly lay down.

The dark silhouettes were motionless, only the light sound of the waves interrupted the silence. Ken seemed frozen, his eyes intent upon the two women lying before him. I could feel my throbbing manhood, I thought I was going to explode.

Suddenly there was a slight movement, then another. Then a sound, muffled but sustained, Ken and I turned to one another…it was the two women, giggling. We heard Ann say, “Well boys, how was that? Can your women get it on or what?”

“I’ll be damned…” exclaimed Ken to which we all started to laugh. “That was hot!”

“Thank your wife…she’s my inspiration,” Ann told him. “Now Bill has some unfinished business to attend to, back at the villa. We’ll leave you two to our little outdoor spot.”

As Ann and I walked back to the villa I stopped her. Holding her close, her warm sensuous body pressing against mine, I kissed her deeply and passionately. Finally we released, she looked deep into my eyes.

“Think we could get them into swinging?” Ann asked mischievously.

“Next vacation…” I smiled.

To Be Continued...

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