tagIncest/TabooThe Vacation Ch. 3

The Vacation Ch. 3

byL.A. Wicker©

For Popeye, and Kissandrea

* * * * *

"Oh Daddy," Kissandrea moaned, " TAKE ME..."

I held her in my arms as I walked into my bedroom and gently laid her on my bed. Taking in all her youthful beauty. Knowing she was to be mine, all mine.

I pulled Kissandrea to the side of the bed, spreading her legs. My tongue began licking over her soft panties, I love teasing a woman before I eat her up.

My tongue worked over her wet panties just taking her to the edge of an orgasm. I gently pulled her panties off and continued to work her shaved, young pussy.

I licked the tender pink folds of her womanhood slowly, enjoying it to the fullest. Working each inch of her flesh into ecstasy, as my tongue roamed.

Little by little my licking and sucking of her love flesh increased. Bringing her youthful body closer and closer to her first orgasm with me, her father.

My hands roamed her body, up, down, all around. Finding her full breast and very hard nipples. My fingers caressed her soft but, hard nipple buds. Rolling them in my fingers, adding to Kissandrea’s building internal fires.

My sucking of her love flesh increased when I found her "love button". Sucking it into my mouth, while flicking it with my hot tongue, Kissandrea was ready to burst right before me.

I drove my tongue in her, " OH DADDY... YES... YES" Kissandrea screamed.

Her hips were thrashing around and grinding in my face. I had to hold her down so I could finish eating out her love tunnel.

Then she came, in a deep voice she moaned, " OH DADDY... YES... YES... OH YES... EAT ME... EAT ME."

My tongue drove deeper and deeper into her body. She pushed her spasming pussy into my face as I consumed her. My mouth covered her and I sucked her pussy lips and her hardened clit.

She started cumming again, " Oh Daddy... your so good... do it... do it...," her hands pulled my head harder into her pussy, " Eat me... yes... yes"

After a few moments I stood in front of her, placing my swollen manhood at Kissandrea’s wet love opening.

"You ready baby doll? You ready to be my woman." I said as I pushed my thick cock deep inside her young body.

I moaned and whispered to my daughter, " Your my woman..."

"Oh yes Daddy... Take me..." Kissandrea said, pushing her hips into my cock.

I pulled her long slender legs up on my shoulders, driving my hard, pulsing shaft deeper in her tender love canal. She was wet, hot and needed some " DADDY COCK".

With long full deep strokes my manhood took her flesh, her love and made her mine. Filling her body with the cock that had made her, not many years ago, was loving her.

Kissandrea’s arms and legs wrapped around my body as I continued working my love shaft in and out of her body. Slowly, in and out my cock took my daughter’s love.

Deep and so easy the thick man cock made it’s way into the tender inner parts of Kissandrea’s love nest. Caressing the inner folds of her hot and wanting flesh.

As I moved in and out of her young body, I could again feel her inner fires of lust building as it did before. Knowing soon, very soon, this youthful woman would bursting with another phenomenal orgasm.

My mancock worked in and out of her love tunnel like a tuned piston. Her love muscles clutching the hardened cock, commanding it, and controlling it, in the precise position.

Faster, faster I worked my steel hardened cock in and of Kissandrea’s inflamed body. Her inner fires needed to be extinguished, now...


I held her burning hips down, I began to drive, thrust, ram my cock meat in and out of her body. Harder and faster than I had ever done to a woman in my life.

I needed my baby girl’s pussy worse than she needed my cock. All of the women, beaver, pussy what ever you call it I’ve had in my life, none, and I mean none came close to this beautiful lady.

Our bodies moved as one, like we had been loving each other for years. Our pace was fast, full, we needed each others love. I had been alone sense my wife started her business.

Kissandrea as far as I knew had only been with one " Dirt Ball " guy. Last year for her birthday, She knew him from school or someplace.

Our bodies were ready to explode when, Kissandrea started to cum.


Her hips thrashed wildly around, ramming my hard cock deep into her hot love canal. Her nails digging into my back drawing blood.

As I pumped her, " YES... YES... DADDY... OH YES... DO IT..." Kissandrea kept screaming.

She had calmed down when my cock was ready to blow my seeds inside my " BABY GIRL ". I hadn’t had a piece of ass this good in my life. And she was my daughter.

Kissandrea must have felt my cock grow or something, she began talking to me, " Oh Daddy, you ready? Fill me up Daddy, fill your daughter full of cum."

I started cumming hard, jet after jet of my hot cum shot deep inside my baby girls body. Filling her with the same seeds that made her.

"Cum on, Daddy fill Kissandrea up... fill your daughter full of cum." She whispered.

We made love into the next day, only stopping for a short time. We went home later that week. Not to stay but, to get our things from the house.

We moved on our own houseboat and still do to this day, not as Father and Daughter, but as MAN AND HIS WIFE.

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by mezmerized03/07/18

Nice, in theory..

(sense - SINCE) Since it was his injury settlement $ that bought the wife's business, then during the divorce, she gets the biz, and nothing else - that's fair... he gets to keep the house (or sell itmore...

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by sargedog106/23/17


Try some research. Try an editor. Try a concept called suspension of disbelief. A 10" cock 5" around. It's a terrible read, completely unrealistic and predicable with virtually no content might as wellmore...

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