tagLesbian SexThe Vacation Ch. 4

The Vacation Ch. 4


Chapter 4: Las Vegas Getaway

This is a continuation of The Vacation, chapters 1-3 are recommended reading.

* * * * *

Vanessa smiled as she put down the phone. The arrangements were finalized for a getaway to Las Vegas. The three day, four night stay would be fun in itself, but this trip promised to be special. She and her partner Lisa were lesbians, sharing a relationship that was anything but monogamous. They had met, on a recent trip to the Caribbean, two bisexual women, Ann and Brandy, vacationing with their husbands. Ann had spent a particularly passionate, erotic afternoon with them. Afterward they made plans to get together the next day, but a death in Lisa’s family, which resulted in them departing suddenly, frustrated their intentions.

Vanessa recognized Ann as being the more influential of the two women and developed communication with them through her. When she initiated the discussion about the trip to Las Vegas Ann had been very enthusiastic and quickly proposed timeframes much sooner than Vanessa had anticipated.

“I take it we’re going to Las Vegas,” Lisa said cheerfully as she entered the bedroom. Freshly showered, she wore only a towel around her. About 5’4” tall, Lisa, in her mid-thirties, had a compact, muscular body. Her breasts, 34B, were not large but firm and high. Pierced nipples drew attention away from their size. She had numerous tattoos including one just above her cleanly shaved pubic mound spelling out the name ‘Vanna’. She shook her still damp short brown hair. “I thought you were going to come into the shower with me,” her voice seductive with a hint of tease.

“Details my sweet…looking after details. Yes, we’re going to Vegas, in ten days time no less,” Vanessa replied. “Feeling neglected already? We made love last night…” Vanessa was in her mid-forties, but could easily pass for ten years younger. She was just over 5’6” tall, with dark brown hair, light skin, lithe body, and large firm breasts, about a 36D. A hint of extra weight on her stomach and hips was always well hidden as Vanessa had a taste for fine clothes, and the money to satisfy it.

“That…was last night,” Lisa stated letting the towel slip from around her as she moved onto the bed. Vanessa, wearing only a silk robe loosely tied around her waist, moved to sit up but Lisa quickly met her, arms surrounding her, kissing her hard on the lips. Lisa pushed her gently but forcefully onto her back, then swung on top, straddling her.

“Didn’t get enough…” Vanessa started to say.

“I can never get enough of you,” Lisa interrupted as she playfully tugged at the knot in the tie holding the front of Vanessa’s robe. As the knot relented Lisa spread the robe open, then skillfully moved her hands up underneath the silk, sensuously caressing Vanessa’s abdomen up to her breasts. Vanessa shook her head.

“Lisa, don’t start what you can’t finish…I have to be out of here within the hour,” Vanessa said firmly.

Lisa sighed deeply and gave her a look of disappointment. “Later then,” she said softly.

“Absolutely later,” Vanessa smiled and kissed her as she rose to make her way to the shower.

* * * * *

“Our plans are set for Las Vegas,” Ann commented as Bill walked in from the patio.

“Great…that’s one trip I wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall. The four of you in Vegas, think you’ll even make it to the casino?” Bill teased.

“Well if we don’t…I’m sure no one will care,” Ann retorted sarcastically. “How do you think Ken will react?” Bill was a friend and business associate of Ken, Brandy’s husband. Ken had only recently discovered his wife’s bisexuality, and unlike Bill, was not entirely comfortable with it.

“If Brandy’s smart she’ll just go and tell him about it later…Ken’s travel schedule has been brutal, I think he’s in Singapore right now, half way through an Asia Pacific trip,” Bill answered. “Beer?” he offered as he headed to the refrigerator.

“No, thanks, but a wine cooler would be nice. Didn’t we make any progress with Ken while in the Caribbean? Brandy said they had the best sex ever after he discovered she was bi.”

“Old habits die hard sweetheart…it didn’t take long for Ken to get back to his first, and only, true love,” Bill commented as he handed Ann a cooler.

“Yeah, his business, or more accurately, his money. The man is impossible. A gorgeous, attentive, sexy wife and the guy ignores her,” Ann said, a note of disgust in her voice.

“What are you complaining about?” Bill laughed. “You’re the benefactor of Ken’s neglect.” After their first encounter together Ann and Brandy had become lovers, a fact Bill was well aware of. Ann customarily shared the details of her female relationships with her husband, who was supportive of her pursuing and exploring her bisexuality.

“Maybe so…but Brandy’s a good friend and I hate to see her marriage dissolve in a pool of disinterest,” Ann replied. Bill could see her concern was genuine. He reached out and drew her to him.

“Hey…they’ll work it out. Ken’s a smart guy, he won’t let his second marriage collapse and Brandy, well…I think she’s much stronger and independent minded than any one gives her credit for.” Bill said softly, his words comforting. “In the meantime you hot bitches are going to Vegas!” he teased, lightening the moment. They both laughed as Ann playfully swatted at him.

* * * * *

Ann peered out of the aircraft’s window as they slowly descended over the White Hills mountain range in northwestern Arizona. She had flown to Las Vegas before on business, usually for a trade show or convention, but had never taken the time to pay much attention. Now she sat engrossed in the sights below her. The dusty brown colored, barren, arid hills giving way to the deep blue of Lake Mead as they passed over Hoover Dam. And the urban sprawl of Las Vegas itself, one of America’s fastest growing cities, evident below her as the big airliner began its final approach into McCarran International Airport.

She looked over to Brandy, a stunning, blonde haired, blue eyed, pale skinned beauty. About 5’8” she was a little short and a little too curvaceous to be a model. They had renewed their mile high club membership, this time Brandy being the aggressor. She had followed Ann to the washroom and slipped into the narrow stall with her. They kissed passionately for a few moments then Brandy dropped to her knees. She knew Ann didn’t wear panties, but had brought a pair she had bought just for this occasion. They were a size too small for Ann and made of stretchy material, perfect for holding something like a vibrator in just the right spot. As she slid them on she lightly fingered Ann’s pussy, noting it was already moist, her outer lips slightly swollen.

She drew a small vibrator from her pocket and twisted it on. Brandy lifted up Ann’s skirt, moved the stretchy material of the panties aside, and placed the buzzing toy between her pussy lips, strategically over her clit. Replacing the panties over top to keep it in place, Brandy rose then pressed her full body into Ann’s, working her mid thigh into Ann’s crotch until she could feel the vibrator. Ann quivered slightly in response and began moaning softly as she began grinding her pussy into Brandy’s thigh. Brandy smiled as she watched her close friend and lover, the woman who had finally caused her to give in to her bisexual urges, slowly get off. Ann had brought her in touch with her own sexuality and she would always be grateful to her. She had truly enjoyed their love making but, of late, had felt somewhat unfulfilled. Perhaps this trip would help, Lisa and Vanessa were both hot, and could inject some excitement, variety, and a touch of perspective into their relationship.

Ann’s moans grew louder as she approached orgasm. Brandy, sensing her being close, lifted up Ann’s light top exposing Ann’s beautiful large breasts, her dark brown nipples fully erect. Brandy leaned down to lightly flick each nipple with her tongue causing a distinct shiver through Ann’s body. “Suck on them Brandy…you know how I like it,” Ann implored.

Brandy’s tongue lingered on a nipple, then her lips, her tongue moving to explore the ridges of Ann’s taut aureole. Slowly Brandy began sucking, drawing the nipple, the aureole, then a substantial portion of Ann’s breast into her mouth while her tongue continued to dance and tease. Then she let up, lightly biting Ann’s flesh as it retreated from her mouth.

Ann had noticed a gradual change in Brandy, who had been more aggressive right from the start, to a woman who liked to take charge. More and more frequently it had been Brandy initiating when, where, and how they made love. Brandy seemed to intuitively know how to please her, slower, faster, sensitively, or animalistic. Her timing was perfect, more and more frequently Ann was brought to multiple orgasms leaving her totally drained and fully satiated. Ann also noticed that Brandy had less patience with her advances than in the past. Ann preferred to make love to her slowly, enjoying the foreplay, while Brandy seemed more interested in simply getting off.

Ann’s moans became louder as each time Brandy sucked and lightly bit her nipples it was like an erotic pulse was sent through her. The vibrator had worked its magic, Ann’s clit and pussy became swollen, sodden, and ultra sensitive, her juices leaking out onto Brandy’s thigh as it pushed firmly against her. “Come for me Ann…come for me hard,” Brandy urged. She took Ann’s nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and twisted knowing it would give Ann a sharp pain then a sustained pleasurable sensation as it subsided.

“Owww…” Ann cried out as Brandy twisted and pulled her nipples. But she was too far into the passion to care.

“Want me to stop?” Brandy asked innocently.

“No, please…make me come,” Ann begged, eager for the release only an orgasm could bring.

Brandy dropped to her knees, moved Ann’s panties aside, then removed the vibrator. She inserted two fingers into Ann’s hot, wet core and placed her thumb on Ann’s swollen clit. “Okay, I want to hear you come. I want everyone on this airplane to know you’ve come,” Brandy commanded. Brandy began pumping her fingers into Ann, adding a third and fourth in rapid succession. Her thumb rubbed directly on Ann’s clit. She could feel Ann’s pussy as it began contracting involuntarily, then waves of warm cum as Ann gave into the orgasm.

Ann felt like she had been split in half. Brandy knew just how to stimulate her, tease her, and draw her into an incredible sequence of orgasms. Her body shook as Brandy’s fingers drove into her and her knees buckled as Brandy’s thumb worked her clit. She felt her juices flowing and that fantastic feeling as aftershocks of the orgasm pulsed through her. Ann would have collapsed had there been room. Instead she leaned into Brandy, breathing heavily, fully spent.

Ann’s thoughts were interrupted as the Captain’s announcement advised them to prepare for landing. A quick look out the window showed them rapidly descending. The hotels of Las Vegas Boulevard loomed larger from the gold plated Mandalay Bay in the west to the tower like structure of the Stratosphere in the east. In between lay the facades of modern architecture, each depicting a theme, and each to a grand scale raising the stakes in the casino business itself. In Las Vegas, gaming isn’t restricted to the slot machines, tables, or sports books, it’s a way of life.

“Where were we to meet Lisa and Vanessa?” Brandy asked.

“They should have landed an hour before us and said they’d meet us at the gate,” Ann replied as the plane jolted touching down hard on the runway. “Must be heat convection,” she muttered.

“What?” Brandy gave her an inquiring look.

“Heat convection. The desert gets very hot during the day and the asphalt runway even hotter. Causes the pilots a little grief on landing as the super heated air near the ground is less stable,” Ann explained.

Brandy looked at her a moment. “Okay,” she said slowly, rolling her eyes slightly.

* * * * *

Ann and Brandy could feel the heat of the day as they walked up the breezeway to their gate. As they reached the entrance to the terminal building they saw Vanessa waiting for them. She greeted them enthusiastically, embracing each of them in turn, taking a little longer than what could be considered simply friendly.

“I’m so glad we were able to get this trip together,” Vanessa grinned as she made the comment.

“So are we…we missed being with you two in the Caribbean,” Ann replied. “We were sorry to hear about the passing of Lisa’s uncle.”

“It was quite sudden…but he did have a history of heart trouble, and smoked and drank most of his seventy years. Died with his boots on though…having sex with his female companions,” Vanessa related as they walked toward the baggage claim.

“Companions! Did I hear you right?” Brandy interjected.

“Yes, companions. Turns out he was quite the lecher…had at least two women all the time, for his amusement and pleasure. Anyway, Lisa said he had a big smile on his face when she saw him at the funeral,” Vanessa said, a touch of humor in her voice.

“Speaking of Lisa, where is she?” Ann asked.

“She met this young thing on the plane…and you know Lisa, wanted to have her right then and there. In the spirit of vacationing in Las Vegas I bet her she couldn’t do it…” Vanessa explained.

“And you lost,” Brandy interrupted.

“Lost big time…Lisa had her sit with us in first class for awhile and teased the poor thing unmercifully. She finger fucked her right in the seat and made her come so hard the guy behind us wanted to know if everything was okay. When the poor thing got up to go back to her seat, she had a wet spot along the crotch of her cut-off jeans,” Vanessa laughed out loud.

“So Lisa’s with her now, at the hotel?” Ann inquired, joining in the laughter.

“Should be…” Vanessa smiled.

“Well what are we waiting for…let’s get going,” Ann urged jokingly as the three women doubled their pace toward the baggage claim and ground transportation.

* * * * *

Vanessa had arranged for them to take a limousine from the airport to their hotel, one of the newer ones in the middle of ‘The Strip’. Despite the oppressive heat of the day there were tourists everywhere, bodies bobbing and weaving around bodies, in and out of casinos and hotels, and standing around enjoying the sights. The boulevard itself was clogged with traffic making it virtually impossible to get anywhere in a hurry by vehicle. However, the women quickly found themselves distracted by the audacious charms of Las Vegas. Indeed, where else on earth could one find a Coney Island roller coaster within walking distance of a half scale replica of the Eiffel Tower?

“Look at that, what hotel is that?” Brandy asked as they passed a large gathering of tourists watching a show that can only be described as ‘dancing water’.

“The Bellagio madam,” replied the driver with a distinct English accent. “Their water show is even more visually spectacular at night.”

“Where’s the best place to get to see it? Is it always crowded on the street?” Ann inquired.

“Yes, quite crowded actually. If I may recommend, the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower is directly across the street, a rather perfect vantage point I should think,” the driver remarked.

“If you don’t get vertigo going up there,” Brandy observed straining to look up out of the window at the tower structure.

The limousine finally pulled into their hotel. Vanessa had reserved a private luxury suite, not quite the caliber of the ones provided gratis to the high rollers risking thousands and sometimes, millions of dollars at the gaming tables, but very well appointed. Each of the women had their own oversized bedroom each with bath and shower facilities. They even traveled up to their floor in a private elevator.

Lisa, to the collective chagrin of the women, had checked in but was not at the suite. “Call me on my cell when you get in,” Lisa said in the note she had left.

Vanessa shrugged and crumpled up the note. “She’ll be back in a while…and she can tell us all about it. Champagne anyone? I had room service put some on ice for our arrival.” Vanessa poured them all champagne and they relaxed and enjoyed casual conversation. Ann noted that Vanessa seemed ever aware of things around her and was totally unhurried in her approach. She knew Vanessa wanted to seduce Brandy and wondered how long before she made a move.

They all laughed when Ann related the story of Ken discovering she and Brandy on the final day of their Caribbean trip. Vanessa listened intently and seemed genuinely interested in Ken’s reactions to Brandy after they got back from the trip. A smile crept on her face as Brandy spoke of Ken’s sudden interest in their love life only to have it broken by his continual absence for business travel. It brought back memories of her own past, her own experience had been similar, some years ago. She had never really rejected men in her life, so much as men had rejected her, so she had tried women and had found greater satisfaction and happiness in those relationships. Perhaps Brandy would reach the same conclusion.

Vanessa ensured the champagne kept flowing and her attention to Brandy became obvious. She directed all conversation to her, complimented her on her looks, her clothes, and gazed at her seductively. It was almost hypnotic, Vanessa’s eye contact was disarming, subtle, and not without effect. Ann could feel the tension, a sexual tension, rising between the two and she sat there, more as a spectator than a participant. She saw Brandy playing to Vanessa’s attentions, mildly blushing at the compliments, maintaining eye contact with her to that instant when it becomes less than accidental, and the suggestive body language. Brandy ensured that she lightly touched Vanessa, either on the arm or her breast, as Vanessa leaned over to fill her champagne glass. She positioned herself in a way that revealed more of her long legs and silky thighs and shifted in her seat in a way that accented her profile in Vanessa’s direction.

While admiring the finesse of the two, Ann decided it was time for her to disappear. “I think maybe I’ll go have a look around the hotel,” Ann suggested tactfully.

“Okay, but come with me into my room for a minute, I want to give you my digital camera…I’d love it if you would take some shots around the hotel…and especially of the gondoliers,” said Brandy.

“And I need to freshen up…enjoy your exploring Ann, take your time,” Vanessa suggested as she got up and moved toward her room. Ann looked toward Brandy who tilted her head silently, motioning her to follow. As Vanessa disappeared into her room Brandy grasped Ann by the hand. “Look, she wants me in the worst way…she thinks she’s seducing me, but she’s the one as hot as fire. Why don’t you take the camera, give us a few minutes alone, and then sneak back in? I guarantee you’ll get some great shots.” Brandy enthused.

“I don’t know Brandy, what if Vanessa doesn’t…” Ann cautioned.

“Vanessa won’t care…I’ll tease her to the point where she’d have sex with me right out in the middle of the strip with a thousand people watching.” Brandy asserted confidently. “And if Lisa shows up, tell her to be quiet and enjoy watching me satisfy her lover.” Brandy winked as she handed her the camera. “Now go…I’ll have to change into something more seductive.”

Ann shook her head as she rode down to the lobby in the private elevator. “How much time should I give them?” she considered with a disturbing vision of sneaking back in only to find the over confident Brandy screaming in pleasure, Vanessa fucking her from behind with a large strap on. Vanessa being as sharp and alert as she is Ann knew there was no way she would be undetected, and Vanessa would surely know they had set up for her to return to take pictures. How would this affect the rest of the vacation, they’d only just arrived?

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