tagGay MaleThe Vacation House Ch. 09

The Vacation House Ch. 09


My fingers stick a little to the ice cubes. The clink into the glass follows the soft gurgling sound of the Vodka as it pours into the miss-matched tumblers.

Looking down into the clear liquid, my mind wanders into a place of tingling anticipation, of pent up anxiety.

My footsteps are slow, sure. I place one of the small alcohol filled tumblers on the end table closest to my Dad. Turning slightly to toward the chair occupied by our boss, Lee Townsend. The second glass is placed on a small folded paper towel that serves as a coaster.

The furniture is brand new, not expensive by any stretch of the imagination but we wish to insure that it keeps that new look for as long as possible.

"Thanks Son, that really was a fantastic meal. To you and Lee," Dad raises his glass slightly above his shoulder height in a gesture of a job well done.

"Here, here!" concurs the handsome, well manicured Lee, his glass also raised.

"CLINK!" the glasses touch, just as I grab my bottle of Snapple and join in the celebratory toast.

A smile crosses Dad's face, both he and Lee nod at each other before placing the glasses to their lips and pulling a strong swig of chilled Vodka.

"AH! Now that hits the spot doesn't it Lee," Dad's wink at me is a little affirmation of our bond. One that has grown stronger over the past month. I can not believe how things have changed in such a short period of time.

My life once seemed so planned out, so calculated, a bit boring, well it is anything other than boring now.

I have new friends, the anticipation of a new University, a new job and even my passion, hockey seems to have taken on an interesting path. I have a best friend who has my back. He and his girlfriend are not judgmental nor do they pry into my personal life. Neither of them are forcing me to have to endure lurid tales of sexual conquests or past relationship failures. They are just real folk, friends without pretense or expectations. I really feel comfortable not having to make up stories of mysterious girlfriends unknown. It just does not come up, I don't feel compelled to bring it up. It's all going pretty well, so why mess with it. Life could not be better right now, or could it?

I settle down on a large round overstuffed cushion. Pulling my knees up to my chest, legs slightly spread apart. I rest my chin on the rock hard muscles of my quads.

My iced tea is drained fairly quickly, placing the empty bottle on my folded paper towel. The new hardwood flooring shines and sparkles with the reflection of the lamp on the table between Dad's and Lee's chairs.

I listen to the banter between the two men as they swap tales of disastrous attempts at finding suitable Wells in this heavily granite and iron laden area of New England.

It seems as if the two of them are going on and on and on about everything and nothing. My mind wandering in and out of attention. Other things are on my mind, things that I dare not say out loud to anyone, let alone in front of them.

I value the opportunity to work that Lee has afforded Dad and myself. He also is becoming a friend to Dad. I take great pleasure in the satisfaction that the man that I so look up to, respect is appearing to be, well sorta, happy again.

I have not really felt that Dad was all that happy or comfortable without Mom and my sister in his daily life. I worry about him a lot, often late at night, just listening to him gently snoring. Dreaming up all sorts of scenario's where I fill his needs in the way Mom had done for him during their decades together.

I wish for the time that Dad would be as comfortable with every aspect of his life and love as he had been with Mom. Yeah, I know I am off in La-La land again but heck, I can dream can't I?

"Robbie, ROBBIE?" Dad's voice splits through the voice in my head.

Snapping my head up off my knees, "Oh, sorry, did you say something Dad?"

"Were did you go there kiddo? Lee was just asking you if you would get him another 3 fingers of Vodka, a few more ice cubes too. Be a good boy and get us both a little more, wouldja?"

Getting up, I walk toward the two empty glasses sitting on the small white painted table. The ice had long since either melted or had been chewed up. I gather up the blue, then the clear tumbler. "Sorry bout that, I'll be right back."

Part of the kitchen is flooded by a sliver of light as I open up the freezer door to retrieve another handful of ice cubes. The unscrewing of the metal cap on the Vesicca Vodka bottle and then the gurgle of alcohol being poured over ice. A little Vodka splashes onto my left hand as it hits the cubes. I screw the cap back on, instinctively lick the back of my hand. The sweet flavor of the Potato Vodka tingles the end of my tongue.


"Here you go Dad, Lee." handing the men their glasses. "I'll be back in a moment, have to go to the bathroom."

Walking down the darkened hallway toward the guest bathroom, I pause for a moment. I flick on the wall switch and the room comes into focus. I close the door behind myself and proceed to undress, take care of natures calling.

Just as I enter the living room again, still wiping my damp washed hands on the sides of my T-shirt, I see Dad smile at me, nod toward the two empty glasses on the table.

Lee has his long legs crossed at the ankles, he has slid slightly forward in his chair. It is hard for me not to notice the large bulge in his jeans, it mounds up in front of him. Relaxed and completely at home, he smiles at me. "Please?" he points his long right index finger toward his once again empty tumbler.

Dad chimes in, "Oh yeah, sorry bout that Robbie, Please, the two of us? This is the last one, I promise."

Dutifully taking the tumblers, I turn and go back into the kitchen to refresh the drinks. This time I pour a little Vodka into Dad's glass and take a swig. It burns a little, strong, wince just a little and then swallow. I pour a little more and drink it.

"OK, that's it, I am not going to have any more. I have other plans and I don't think that getting drunk for the first time in my life is going to do anything to help me keep my plan on track."

The glasses are placed along side their respective drinker. "Thank you Robbie, you really have raised him to be a respectable, handsome young man there R.J."

Lee takes his glass, raises it towards Dad. Dad grabs his glass and quickly clinks it against Lee's. They nod at each other, then smile at me.

Proud, that is what I am, blushing, a little embarrassed but very proud. It's a wonderful feeling to be recognized by two very handsome and well, handsome men. I really like this feeling, like I am grown up, one of them. I'm a little emboldened, determined to do what I have been keeping under wraps all evening long.

"I am going to go to bed if you two don't mind. Is there anything else you guys need before I head off? It has been one heck of a day. I sure hope I can handle this kind of hard work when I get older the way you two have."

I wish I had not said what I had the second that it left my mouth. Had I just insulted them? Did I just say they were OLD? Heck, I hope they don't take it that way.

"No, you go to bed Robbie, you have had a rough day and earned a good nights rest." Dad reaches forward and pats the side of my arm with his big paw.

Lee sits up a little, leans forward, gives me a light smack on the side of my butt. "You go get some shut eye, we'll see you in the morning, good night Robbie."

Lee lets his torso lay back into a reclining position, raises his glass to his full lips and takes a long pull of Vodka.

Walking down the hallway, I turn this time to the right hand door at the end. It's the master bedroom, the brilliant moonlight streaking into the otherwise pitch black room. A swath of light illuminates the king sized bed then runs up the wall.

I enter the master bathroom and prepare myself for bed. Brushed teeth, washed face, cloths tossed into a small pile in the corner of the bedroom. I pull back the corner of the top sheet, slide between the clean bed linens. I lay my head down on the feather pillow. Facing my side of the bed, I stare at the strip of light that travels up the wall. I drift off into nothingness, not even realizing it is happening. My mind, once so full and scheming, now muddied and floating into the moonlight.

I awake somewhat unaware of my surroundings. My eyes are unfocussed for a moment, then I get my bearings. The soft and rhythmic snores are soothing to me. I turn my head and look over my shoulder. There is Dad laying on his back, large, dark and beautiful. My heart begins to beat quickly, I try to breath as quietly as I can as not to awake him. He has kicked the top sheet off of himself, he lay next to me naked, bathed in the moonlight filtering into the bedroom from the open windows.

Crickets chirp in unison outside the screened windows. It punctuates each of Dad's exhales.

Slowly turning my entire body, I lay on my left side, facing the most desirable figure of a man I have ever seen. Dark hair runs from his broad shoulders all the way down his burly chest. A path runs over his taught, rippled stomach then ends in a bush around his huge penis. His legs are spread apart, his large ball sack disappears between them, out of sight. From experience, I know that they are hanging so low that they are on the sheet covered mattress, cradled by Dad's muscular ass cheeks.

I can not help it, my eyes fixate on his flaccid yet formidable penis. It lay curved sideways, the pee slit peeking out of the end of foreskin. It points directly toward me as if an eye staring at me from under a thick blanket. It is just as fixated on staring at me as I am fixated staring at it.

My left elbow props my torso up, I shift into a more comfortable position. My right hand reaches ever so slowly toward the object of my hearts desire. My fingers gently wrap around the the width of Dad's shaft as they begin a very slow, deliberate back and forth motion.

The cadence of Dad's snoring does not skip a beat. It is constant and assures me that he is still asleep.

I move my right hand up and down Dad's penis, it begins to swell. The foreskin moves back and forth over the large mushroom shaped head of his penis, the width, length begin to double in size.

There is increasing pressure against my fingertips and the palm of my sweaty hand. The monster in my grasp grows to Dad's full manhood size, my fingertips, further and further separated from each other.

Dad's penis is as hard as the granite ledge that our house is built upon. It stands at full erection, so hard that it no longer lays on its side. It rises in the moonlight, a thick missile on a launch pad, awaiting the count down to a fiery blast off!

Sitting up, I continue to stroke the hardened flesh, constant up and down motion. I Bend forward, take the tip of the huge penis, place it on my tongue. My lips parted as wide as they will go, I breath in deeply.

I hold my breath for a moment, then feel the extreme size stretching my mouth. I forcefully push the entire shaft in. The head of Dad's penis hits the back of my throat, I gag.

I refuse to allow a little gag reflex to stop me now. I force the head of Dad's dick further down my throat. I stop and relax for a moment, breathing out of my nostrils. Allowing the next few inches of his penis to continue it's journey down my throat. I am sure that it is to reach my stomach at any moment. I feel the course bush of black curly pubic hair rub my chin, nose and the corners of my mouth.

Dad's massive dick is buried as far down my throat as it would go. I stopped moving and listened. I hear Dad's snores but the pace has quickened, a bit more insistent in its exhale, deeper on the inhale. The crickets outside still chirping on. Oblivious to the anxiety that fills my head and the huge penis that fills my gullet.

Slowly, I retract from the huge penis, the very tip of foreskin pulls tightly over the head of Dad's penis, being flicked by the end of my tongue. I let my spit build up in my mouth, run down my tongue. It cascades over the angry mushroom head, down the shaft, until it disappeared into the dark bush of pubic hairs.

Forcing the shaft into my throat then removing it to the very end, time and time again. I feel my own hard penis in my left hand, stroking it, squeezing it as hard as I can.

The pre-cum that seeps from the large slit at the end of my dick lubricates my hand. I bang the side of my fist against my pelvis, withdraw it again, then tease my piss slit with the tip of my index finger.

I become aware of the near silence. The only sounds are the slopping noises coming from my mouth on Dad's giant boner. The crickets are the only other sound I hear. The snores that put me at such ease, assured me of Dad's sleep had stopped. Panic fills me, my stomach tightens. I gag, withdraw the monstrous dick from my mouth, leaving it slick and shiny.

I feel Dad's hand at the back of my short cropped hair. It is guides my head back toward his penis. I part my lips, allow him to force me down, down, down until I gag. He pushes harder on the back of my head, I feel my nose buried so deep into his groin that it is mashed. I can barely get any air at all into me, the swollen dick gagging me, not allowing any room for air to enter. I try unsuccessfully to pull my head back up from the hard lower stomach muscles being forced upward.

A struggle ensues, it lasts for what seems an eternity. I feel Dad's hand slide to the back of my neck and quickly pulls my head upward. The lubricated dick pulling out of my throat and popping out of my mouth with a very sloppy slurping sound. I gasp as warm air fills my lungs, I gasp again, panting wildly.

Dad's huge paw moves to the back of my head, I am rammed downward until I feel as if he were trying to break his own pelvis with my face... I gag again, decide that I am going relax myself,give in to this violent assault.

I realize that I have been pounding my dick so hard that I nearly rip the head off!

Dad's grip becomes more forceful, ramming his monstrous dick down my throat. His fingers nearly crushing the back of my skull. My mouth is moving so fast up and down his angry dick, I begin to notice the pulsing of his rock hard rod. A salty taste flavors the tip of my tongue every time he rips my head from the base of his penis. I hear his breathing become extremely labored, he gulps in air through his wide open mouth.

I find my chance, I feel the pressure on the back of my head let up just a little bit. I pull my head up and off of Dad's throbbing dick.

"UGH," the sound escapes Dad as if it was being yanked out of him. I look at his face, his eyes squinting tightly shut.

His breathing begins to slow to a pant, his rock hard penis points straight at the ceiling. My mouth, sore as if I had taken a hockey puck to the face in a scrimmage gone bad, my throat ravaged.

My plan is set into motion, past the point of no return. Convincing myself that it is now or never, I make my move.

While Dad lay panting, his hands grip the fitted sheet on either side of his hips, pulled up from the bottom corners of the mattress. His hard on moves slightly back and forth, he's on the very brink of orgasm. I have no intention of allowing him to cum when he wants to. I'm going to make his first with me, one that he will never forget.

I quickly get to my knees, throw one of my muscled legs over him. I place each of my hands atop his sheet clutching paws, press down on them with my full weight. I straddle Dad's chest, my fully erect 7 1/2" penis touching the cleft in his sculpted chin. I feel the very ends of his beard stubble tickling the tender head of my dick.

Dad takes this cue quickly, inhales my penis to my balls. I feel his teeth close lightly over my dick, slowly withdraws my rod to the very tip of the head, raking his teeth along the entire length. Teasing me to no end, then nibbling the tip with his front teeth. He swallows me in a sudden rush of face to crotch and repeats the taunting. He continues his brutal oral ravaging of my dick.

I move both of my hands, place them on either side of Dad's shoulders, bracing myself against his blow job. I feel one of his thick, calloused fingers against the crack of my ass, it moves forward and back, then forward again. The pressure of his finger increases, he slides it between my cheeks only to be met by a great surprise.

Dad stops moving his head back and forth over my penis, the very end of it still kept in his mouth. Dad has discovered my little plan at last. He slides his finger up and down the crack of my well lubricated puckered hole. Traces the shape of the ring around the opening to my anus.

I had planned this all evening long and as it turns out, the Vodka I drank in the kitchen had helped to solidify my determination that tonight was going to be THE NIGHT.

Dad's finger finally found the entrance to my asshole. He presses firmly and it slides in with some resistance, stops just inside, allows me to adjust to the intruding digit.

I breath out, try to relax, enjoy what I hope will come to be.

Unbeknownst to Dad or Lee, earlier in the evening, when I had excused myself to use the bathroom, I slipped into the bedroom Lee is occupying. I went into the leather kit I had retrieved the band aide from earlier. I borrowed the tube of lubricant from the bottom of the kit.

After I had relieved myself, washed up well, I used a small bottle of water to rinse out inside my butt. I made myself a homemade douche. I was determined that nothing was going to go wrong tonight.

Once I felt assured that everything was sparkling clean down there, I proceeded to apply a liberal amount of lubricant to my butt hole. I worked it in very well with my middle finger until I could feel myself relax to the point that I was able to add a second, then a third, right up to the bottom knuckle. I worked my hole to the point that I was sure that I was relaxed enough for my plan to move forward.

Dad slowly moves his finger in and out of my hole. When he is just about ready to pull all the way out, he begins to move it in a circular motion, stretching my hole a little wider, then a little wider with every pass. He begins to move his head back and forth over my hard dick, no longer using his teeth to rake my sensitive penis. He uses his large, thick tongue to rub the underside of my shaft, his mouth moves from tip to balls. When he gets to the base of my penis, his tongue darts out from beneath my throbbing dick, it extends, he licked my ball sack.

He pulls his head off my penis, it smacks Dad on the side of his face. He lunges forward, pulls my left nut into his mouth, sucks so hard that I let out a little yelp, only to suck in the right ball too. My distended sack being sucked into his mouth, Dad rolls my testicles back and forth with his tongue, never letting up on the suction of my sack into his mouth.

He continues sucking all the while, causing them to hurt. I wince at the pain. I feel sudden emptiness as he yanks his fingers out of my greased up asshole.

Dad looks up at me. I am being driven mad at this point. I deserve this, I know it, I had done pretty much the same thing to him. I had left him on the verge of blowing his load only to leave him wanting.

He smiles a most devious smile, opens his mouth as wide as he can manage, sticks out his tongue, it looks like the flattened head of a King Cobra!

In one swallow, Dad takes my penis to the base. This time he also takes his free hand, cups my balls, then forces them into his mouth along with my rock hard dick. He sucks and sucks until I yelp again. He is pulling back as far as he can, my balls stretched in their sack to the point that I nearly have tears rolling down my face.

I yank as hard as I can, with a mighty effort, my sore balls and penis are pulled out of Dad's suction cup of a mouth. I feel the scraping of his whiskers, like sandpaper on the underside of my dickhead. I force my hips back, as far away from his face as I can.

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