tagGay MaleThe Vacation House Ch. 14

The Vacation House Ch. 14


Fireworks shoot through every nerve ending. Burning desire floods every inch, everywhere. Pounding heart beating, pressure builds, I'm nearly deaf, rushing blood inflates veins, muscles.

Erection so hard, nearly splitting skin as muscle, cells swell to capacity. Ball slams against my turgid hard on. Balls separate, fall to each side, the mighty bear paw roughly bangs the sack with it's hairy back side. Fingers spreading, stretching, ripping the very tender inner flesh, exposure to air as it has never been before.

The deep growling permeates my near deafness. Looking down at the ferocious onslaught, I see Dad's free arm outstretch, reaches for something in the dark, remotely familiar, shock as the realization of it's origins.

The crushed velvet satchel is pulled back from the hidden treasure it guards from prying eyes. Glistening, veins, thick, perfectly shaped, light dancing along it's 9" length. Calloused fingers wrap it's base.

Buzzing, BUZZING?

"Robbie, please, put this in my ass, carefully, I mean real slow. I promised Lee I'd use it, he wants me so badly and I don't want to disappoint him. I've got to give in, put my pride away. C'mon kiddo, you do this for me and I'll give you what you've been begging me for, deal?"

Pumping sound, slippery fingers moving up and down the length, slime reflecting the moonlights caress.

Fingers are withdrawn abruptly, void, emptiness, vacant desire burns to be filled once more. Heavy vibrating pressure against my hand, my fingers close around most of it's girth, fingertips nearly able to touch, still unable to join each other.

My legs are forced upward, knees hugging my ears, air playfully tingling exposed asshole flesh.

Pressure beyond belief replaces tantalizing anxiety. Forceful invasion, fullness, screaming pain, white spots of sparkling light shoot across my visual field. Burning heat slams against my fully prone backside, whiskers, rough, scrape against my face.

Dad's tongue pushes between my loosened lips, plays with my own tongue, explores the depths of my mouth, nearly reaching the back of my throat. Moaning pleasure sounds echo into me, his breath filling my lungs with super heated air. Musky smells, burning into my head, nostrils flare to capture every single ounce of his manly aroma.

Tongue, lips withdraw, slowly, tenderly.

"Now, do it, do it now Robbie, be careful though, not sure if I can take it yet but I have to try."

My asshole filled, massive flesh pushing so hard against my prostate that my stone hard prick begins to pump a little, balls pull up against the underside of the burning flesh pole. I reach around Dad's backside, stretching every muscle, gently guiding the dark brown colored dildo.

Very carefully, pushing the man made object into his ass crack, Dad reaches back, guides the blunt end, find's the target. Two hands, two different hands, one mine, one Dad's slowly persuade the deflowering of his asshole.

"No, no, no, can't, stop, STOP! Robbie, please, I can't!"

"Dad, you have to, it's now or never, here."

Planting my lips against his, pushing my tongue into his mouth as I had just experienced. His mouth accepts, gives up to passion. I push the Dildo against the very edge of his puckered hole.

"Push back, push, it won't hurt as much, I promise. C'mon Dad, give in, let it happen."

He pushes his mouth back against mine, breaths in, sucking nearly all of the air out of me. Sparkling lights dance before me once again. I push, push as hard as I'm able, the resistance is nearly insurmountable, pushing, suddenly gives way, my hand slaps against the furry muscled ass cheeks.

Wetness hits my face, tears drop from Dad's tightly squinting eyes. Long black lashes intertwined, still tears flood out of the corners. Whimpering, shuddering, vibration running from my fingertips, up my arm, tickles the funny bone in my elbow.

Pressure in my ass is lessened, hardness leaves the spot deep in my bowels that had nearly triggered an orgasm. The monstrous flesh invader pulls out to the very edge of my sphincter, barely holding on, slamming back in further than before. Pain, I yelp, Dad's thick fingers press against the side of my haunches.

I mimic the assault I'm experiencing, pulls the dildo nearly out of his butt, slamming it back in with as much vengeance and meaning that I felt last night as the leather strap landed time and again against my unprotected flesh.

Dampness between our bodies cause odd suction sounds, thighs slapping my ass cheeks, speeds up, more and more insistent. I continue to attack Dad's hole, every once in a while, I see him wince but he was clearly very much into the simultaneous topping and bottoming.

Gushing flood of burning hot liquid, shoots deep inside my guts. Pulsating, pumping, pumping. The full weight of my sexual assailant falls upon me. Panting, his whiskers scrape along the side of my face, coming to rest on the back of my thigh. Knee's still firmly pushing against my ears like ear muffs.

"Thank you, I can't believe I actually did it. Thank you Robbie, I don't think I could have ever have gotten through it but please, take it out."

Fingers release the vibrating hard rubber facsimile of an erection. The pressure from within Dad's ass eject it out, plops onto the bed just behind him, he looks deep into my eyes, smiles, gently kisses my cheek, his slowly diminishing monster still deeply planted up my ass. His hips rise, the tip of manhood slowly slides out, lubricated the entire withdrawal.

Vacant once again, cum slides out of the stretched out gaping hole, slimes down the crack of my ass only to pool on the white cotton sheet I lay upon.

Dad rolls off of me, the weight was bearable but gladly I could now breath easier without the bulk of him atop me. Laying on his back, skin glistening from the heavy duty sexual work out, dark hair mats like a pelt over his protruding pecks. Dark brown nipples standing firmly up into the air.

Rolling off the side of the king size bed, feet place on the cool hardwood floor, hands place on the very edge of the mattress, I rise, muscles pained, arms reaching up into the air, hands clasping, back arching, I yawn, shuffle toward the bathroom.

The rush of hot water quickly steams the mirror, the cold touch of chrome against still burning flesh of the underside of my hand. Hot water cascades down over my brush like short hair. Ivory soap, slips between the beaten cheeks of my ass, lathering as the bar is rubbed up and down, soothing the swollen lips of my asshole. Slippery, soapy finer inserted deep, playfully washing my insides.

The scent of Ivory soap brings visions of Dad into my minds eye. His smile, whiskers, the fur, every crag, line he has earned over the many years of working in the long days sun. Wandering around in an ideal world, without care, without worry.

"Knock, knock, knock."

"Robbie, you in there? Hey dude, I've got to get home, some studies yeah know?"

Tag! Shit, I forgot all about him!

Terry cloth wrapped around my slim hips, rushing to the master bedroom door, turns the knob, barely opens the door, just enough to slip out sideways, closing it tightly behind my exit.

"Sorry, I forgot the conditioner in my hair earlier and had to wash it out and you were in the other bathroom. I'll be with you uno mommento, K Tonto?"

"Tonto follows Kimosabe, Tonto'll be in the kitchen gettin something in his tummy."

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