tagGay MaleThe Vacation House Ch. 16

The Vacation House Ch. 16


The more I convince myself that I understand my life, the more I realize that it's a bunch of crap. I don't have a stinking clue as to what's going on. Hell, I don't know what's going on in the lives of my parents, sister or even my best friends.

Ever since I came back to Rhode Island for the Christmas Holiday, I've been buried up to my neck working at the ice rink. I've been reffing and making a boat load of money. The owners decided that I am more valuable to their program reffing and inspiring the younger players by working with them on power skating skills than as a step and fetch clean up boy gardening.

Hell the money's great, it's a blast working with the kids. They look up to me as if I am a god. Man it can go to my head, then some smart ass kid's mom comes over, gets all up in my face screaming, yelling at me about how her kid is not getting the same attention someone else's kid is. Bull shit lady, take another pill and sleep it off in your SUV.. OK, that's in my head but I would love to just once let it slip. Yeah, then that would be it for the goose that laid the golden egg, back to emptying trash cans and sweeping up the cigarette butts outside the entrance door.

Mom is busier than I thought she would be now that she is settled into her new position at the hospital. She has a boyfriend of sorts, of sorts because he's barely older than I am! We kinda get along but holy crap, this dude is only 31. What ever, if she's happy then that's all that matters. It's not like she's gonna get married to him. Bet she's just living the life she'd missed out on having been married with kids and all at such a young age.

I have no idea what my sister is doing. She's been away skiing with her friends and her boyfriend even before I arrived.

I've been more confused by the minute with all the crap that's happened over the past year. Dad and Lee have been having some pretty nasty arguments. It's not all that surprising, put two alpha dogs in the same cage, fights are bound to happen. I just hope no one gets hurt.

Two days before I left to come back to Mom's house, Tag and Melanie had a blow up. I mean not just one of those nit picking, nagging type of fights, I mean someone is going to get real hurt feelings kinda fight where there were no hold's barred. Things said that never should be said. They had not cooled down one bit before I had to leave, I'm really worried about both of them. What's going to happen if they need someone to be a go between and no one is there to help patch up? Mel is not answering my text messages, Tag just reply's with a one or two word text. I don't have a good feeling about this.

My head has been so effed up that had it not been for my being busy with work, I could easily begin to go Postal.

Ever since that night I messed up Tag's leg, lied to Dad, gotten comforted by Lee and was on the receiving end of the beating of my life, I just am so damned confused.

I know, well at least I think I know that I was uber embarrassed by what I did but what was even worse is that I knew Tag and Lee were both in the house when it all went down. I'm getting all this crap mixed up in my head. I keep getting sexually excited every time I think about the ass whipping I got that night but at the same time I get this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, my head flips, worrying about who might have heard what was going on and if the next morning, they knew by the look on my face that I had actually loved being belt spanked. Like words had appeared on my forehead, blushing bright red, screaming out loud, I get off on this shit! I'm Dad's little slut!

If this is what happened, neither Lee nor Tag have let on. Lee has been nothing more than a real comfort about that night, he's never brought it up again, not once.

Tag? Well, Tag's Tag. Boy sure is handsome but sometimes I think he's taken a few to many pucks to the head, if you know what I mean. He's kinda like a puppy with huge feet, tongue hanging out the side of it's mouth, follows you where ever you go just because everywhere with you is an adventure, just a whole heck of a lot of fun. There really is no tomorrow in his head, it's all about right now, right here. That's cool, wish I could be more like that, life sure would be a whole lot easier.

I'm getting a little anxious about packing up and making the drive back home to the Vermont house. I feel badly about leaving mom, she cries the entire time I'm rounding my stuff up. Not out loud, I can see the tears well up in her eyes, a little quiver of her chin. I finally came to her, hugged her long and hard, nuzzled my cheek against the side of her head it seems like forever, a gentle push away, a turn of her head to hide her true feelings. Walking side by side to the front door, she bear hugs me and plants a long kiss on my ear.

"Love you."

"Love you too mom."

The engine roars to life, tires kick up dirt and gravel from the driveway, catches hold of the asphalt roadway.

I'm nearing the Vermont rest stop. Old rituals still in place, coffee thermos emptied, rinsed and filled with cool fresh water. Zipper pulled down, a long stream of piss, sigh of relief, shakes the last drops, zips up, washes hands and off toward the home stretch.

The throbbing in my pants is becoming so uncomfortable that I pull the button loose at the top of my jeans, sliding down my thick thighs, cool air welcomes the flame hot flesh as it flips upward, smacks my belly button. A quick tug, adjustment releases my balls from between my thighs, they too are so much more comfortable in their new surroundings.

Tingling, twitching, my ass muscles clench, I grasp hold of the rigid member in my lap. Fingers slowly encircle it's girth, slide ever so slowly up and down. Breath comes in heavy, labored heaves. Images of my own ass, upturned, a large coarse hand smacking white flesh

Miles pass, my dick nearly beaten to a pulp, building pressure, excitement, head pulled back, eyes open, wide as possible, fighting to keep the roadway in focus. Gushing streams of hot liquid shooting, splatting under my chin, wetness, long strings decorating the grey fabric of my under-armor shirt. Exhaustion, exhaling, sensitive, very sensitive, just hold it tight, still, it'll stop soon.

God damn it, no napkins! Reaches over to the passenger seat, grabs the paper bag my fruit and juice box are in. Contents dumped on the seat, crumples of paper, roughness, hard, brutal, not the way I had hoped this one would end. At least it's almost cleaned up. Crumpling the bag, stuffs it under the drivers seat, out of sight, hides the evidence, nasty.

Bends in the road, trees that have become familiar landmarks. A turn of the wheel, gravel kicks up under the wells of the truck's bed. Grabs my luggage, garbage that took the ride back to the vacation house with me, my feet sprint toward the garage door. I lift the heavy metal folding door, enter the darkened garage, "CLICK" fluorescent light floods the partially finished structure.

Opens the kitchen door, steps in, pause.

"Anybody home? Dad? Lee? The prodigal son has returned!"


Looks around at the kitchen, peeks into the Living Room to be met by nothing more than furniture and the fading evening light. My bedroom is just beyond the guest room, they both are still, silent, devoid of life. Bags are tossed on the bed.

I head toward the Master Bedroom, come to my senses, "I've really gotta take a leak."

I whip it out, a long stream of piss floods the toilet with a deep reverberation, sounds like the toilet bowl is growling back at the forceful jet invading it's bowl. Shakes the last dribble off the tip, quick, stuffs it back behind the denim fabric, "Zip".

Walks toward the master bedroom's closed door, my right hand raises, knuckles softly knock the hard oak. It opens a small way, darkness inside peaks out into the less dim hallway.

A massive silhouette on the bed, curled up in a fetal position, its all too familiar. Speaking of familiar, that nasty tingle in my crotch. The same hand that had just knocked the oak door, cups my growing bulge. Thumb hooks the cool metal buckle holding the ends of a very worn leather belt together.

Upon tip toes, barely breathing, not daring to make a sound, not wishing to awaken the giant as it's soft snores cause a swoon to come over me. At the very edge of the bed, lays my free hand to the surface of the mattress, lowers myself to the inviting bed. Snuggles in, gently, hand releases the now rigid mound trapped in my pants.

Slown motion, I move myself to conform to every bend, bulge, curve of Dad's body. He's the little spoon, I the large. An unfamiliar position for me yet very satisfying, empowering, extremely erotic.

My lips barely brush the back of his neck, gently kiss a pathway from ear to shoulder blade. My hand reaches around his muscular waist line until a solid giant mass of flesh is met by my fingertips.

Protruding from the waistband, his mushroom head boldly unwrapped from the foreskin that covers the throbbing shaft, disappears below the cotton/elastic boxers.

Silence, no more snoring, my senses becoming more acute, anticipation heights, beads of sweat form on my brow, mouth goes desert dry.

The grind of Dad's ass cheeks against my turgid penis drives me into a sexual frenzy. I thrust my hand under my waist band, push the fabric down the bulky thighs as far as I can. Rolling my entire body over his, now face to face, breath comes in short gasps. Huge arms encircle me, forcing air from my lungs, draws me toward the heat that rises from his dark hair covered near naked body.

It is absolute joy, unadulterated thrill as his heavy lips and whiskered upper lip press against mine. No mercy as the wet, thick tongue invades the dryness of my open mouth. Writhing back and forth, side to side as if two giant snakes were attempting to find the upper ground and wrap itself around the other, making the loser it's prey. I relent, give way for his huge weight rolls atop me, my back pressed heavily into the white cotton covered mattress. Softness of the pillow meets my blond crew cut hair, envelopes my head, covers my ears, sounds are muffled, my breathing becomes magnified.

The force of his knees push between my long muscular thighs, expelling them apart, the wishbone of a dinner chicken comes to mind, how far can they spread before the quick "SNAP?" It never comes, rough, calloused hands grab the backs of my calves, knees buckle, press up, back toward my shoulders.

The loud slap of one of his calloused paws, sudden sharpness of pain, breath held, eyes open wide. The smile that covers the majority of his face, tongue between his upper and lower teeth, that devilish twinkle in those black, black eyes.

I close my eyes, mouth agape, body tenses, waits for the next, "SMACK!, SMACK, SMACK." Sharp, quick repetition, sudden pressure at the dryness of my asshole, force, extreme forcefulness. Nervous, fear, I'm not sure I can do this dry like this. The ripping feeling sends electrical shock waves to every nerve ending, even the room seems to have become brighter. No, the room has become brighter.

Pain subsiding, animal sexual stimulation is demanded as I force myself up to meet the two fingers that have become embedded to the third knuckle. Wriggling my ass, tries to get as much inside my crazed hole as possible.

It's not my imagination, it really has become brighter in here. Dad's hand pulls away only to be slammed back in. The feeling of the balled up fist, curled other fingers against the crack of my ass drives me insane.

Feels something tickling the area around the pounding hand assaulting my ass crack, smooth, cool, slippery, INSERTION! MORE! Something else is invading my hole, how the hell is this happening? I just can't wrap my mind around what is happening.

Dad's left hand has my right leg thrust back toward my shoulder, two fingers on his right hand are fucking me in a slam in, rip out full on assault of my hole. I feel his fisted unshoved fingers balled up, punching against the crack of my ass, taint, then there is this doubled stretch of my inner hole. Sphincter gives way, contracts on every withdrawal and forced entry.

Lifting my head from the pillow, eyes opening, light from the hallway carving it's way into the once darkened master bedroom. Dad's dark eyes meet my stare, I'm adjusting to the light. Chocolate colored skin surrounds Dad's form as if a shadow. bigger, shiny. A flash of white. Lee's broad toothy smile, white of his eyes carve out an erotic sight.

Laying my head back into the plush pillow, sounds muffled, my minds eye goes wild as the assault upon my body takes yet another twisting turn. Complete withdrawal of the invading fingers, replacement of Dad's giant monster dick rips it's way past the swollen lips of my ass, past my inviting sphincter, hits my prostate, continues, presses harder against an inner wall of my bowels.

My leg is lifted, forced back toward my shoulder, both of my knees now pass my shoulders, presses into the pillow surrounding my cradled neck.

Fire burns in my gut, penis being brutally punished as Dad's muscled stomach smashes it against my firm abs, his hair covered skin sand papers the shaft as he slides up and down my buckled form.

That god-damned tickling returns, traces it's way around the outside of my bloated ass hole lips. Dad's giant thick as a beer can penis sends me into a state of sex crazy. The forcefulness that replaces the gentle tracing sends more heat, more sparks to my head, to my dick.

Lee's stretches me further than I have ever been stretched before. 3 of his fingers cradle Dad's thrusting rod. They slide in me, stretching, ripping all the way until I feel his balled up fist against the lower section of where my tail bone resides, just under the meat of my butt cheeks.

"Please, please, I can't, no more, I'm gonna cum, please, please, don't stop. PLEASE D-O-N..."

Lee's fingers shamelessly yank out of my hole, Dad's assault on my ass does not loose any momentum.

Pressure, mighty blunt pressure, Dad's dick is pulled nearly all the way out of my ass, just the very head still inside what must be a gaping red fleshy collar around his steal hard prick.

Pressure continues to increase, pain shoots through me like pain I have never known. I try to back away, try to escape, unable to move from the weight of the man that has me pinned to the bed.


My screams are muffled, a filthy stinking pair of used underwear are jammed into my begging mouth. Filled, tears run in torrential rivers down the sides of my face only to be absorbed by the cotton pillow case.

Two mammoth dicks are jabbing at the outside of my ass. There is just no way in hell they are going to both be able to go in at the same time.

I feel the tearing pain at my sphincter and the way it just will not give up another millimeter.

No way, NO WAY! NO WAYYYYYYY!! Muffled as it might have been, there is no way that these two men could not know that I was screaming at the top of my lungs.

The pain is as blinding as it's been unbearable. I can not see, only feel, the thickness of the two massive manhood's being forced into my bowels, sliding in, all gives way, the door of my insides has opened.

Bristling crotch hair mashes itself against the very tenderness that surrounds my torn hole. Bizarre motion inside, one moves in, one moves out, in, out, they are not working in tandem any longer, they are working opposite thrusts and withdrawals.

My dick's sensitivity increases, the abrasions of Dad's body moving back and forth over my dick brings me to the very edge of the world.

"Can't hold, CAN'T HOLD! "OH MY GOD, I'M CUMMING!" I-I-I-I-."

Hot streams of cum shoot out of my balls, burns it's way up my shaft, splits the tip of my dick head, gushes between our two super heated bodies.

The onslaught of my ass hole does not end, it increases. Urgency of entry and withdrawal becomes so random that neither man's ram rods is in the lead.

Feels Lee's withdrawal, his cries, screams, it is obvious he is unloading all over Dad's back.

The cock in my ass picks up tempo, shorter thrusts, deeper, less withdrawal. I feel Dad lay his entire weight into me, thunderous heat spreads in waves into my bowels.

The feeling of having to release myself becomes more of an issue. Pulsing continues, slows to a few pumps, a gasp for air from the man inches above my face. Lessens in size, slides out, feeling of emptiness left in its place.

Jumping to my feet, I rush to the master bathroom, sit, relieve myself of the hot liquid that I am sure has somehow found its way up into my stomach. A siege, an onslaught of pain, I reach my toilet paper covered fingers to wipe away the waste of war.

Swollen lips of my ass protrude so far from where they normally are that I can not refrain from touching myself, allowing my fingers to rub and play with their bloated proportions, enter the loosened opening. Damn it if that prick of mine didn't get up and blast another load without warning.

Slowly standing, my hand reaches for the metal handle, pulls, the glass shower door swings away. The coolness of the shower handle in my burning hot hand turns, twist, water showers down, bounces off the fiberglass bottom of the enclosure.

I step in, allow the hot water to saturate my short cropped hair, cascade down all sides of my body. Steam rises quickly, winter cooled air surrounding the shower stall causes condensation to develop on the glass, only blurry images can be made outside of the enclosure.

The bathroom door opens, a dark chocolate figure moves in closely followed by a much lighter outline.

I lift the bar of Ivory soap, work it between my palms until a light lather develops. The scent of freshly lathered Ivory soap mixes with steam rising from the super heated air.

The lighter figures hand reaches forward, the shower stall glass door opens slowly. Dark hair, then a head peaks its way between the small opening.

"You OK kiddo?"

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