tagGay MaleThe Vacation House Ch. 19

The Vacation House Ch. 19


Tag is so much more understanding about my confession than I could ever have hoped for. With the sun beginning to set, he's still allowing me to spill my guts, no laughs, not a single negative comment about my deepest, darkest desires.

"Here yeah go Robbie, kill it, I've had enough, my throat is burning like all get out."

The last of the joint is passed, burns the very tips of my fingers. I take as much a hit off it possible, searing pain at my lips.

"Hack, hack."

Chokes, coughs, sputters, tries to hold in the smoke only to cough it all out. I smash the roach into a white quartz garden rock.

"C'mon, let's get inside before the gnats and mosquitoes come and eat us alive. There are still some Pizza Pockets left over in the oven. How's about a Mike's Hard Lemon? You up for a Pay-per-view?"

"Yeah, I'm with you Tag, just want to thank you for being so cool. I don't think anyone else would have been half as understanding. DAMN, just got bit! Look at the size of that thing!"

"It's not the big ones that do the biting, it's the smaller one's. Still those things creep me out, look like flying spider's, don't you think?"

"I'm getting myself in before they eat me alive Tag. Think they are into me big time, I'm not on the dinner menu if I can do anything about it."

We get up, run to the back door, slam it closed behind us, not waiting for the spring to pull. I have no intention of being chased around Tag's house all night by flying vampires, doubt that it's on the top of his list either. We meet at the oven, Tag grabs a pot holder off the counter, opens up the oven, retrieves the overcooked pockets.

"Go get the drinks will yeah? I'll meet you in the living room in a minute, I've got to send my parents a text, let them know that you're staying over, that were gonna rent a movie on their cable account. Be right back, OH, get some napkins."

"Sure thing."

I settle into the big recliner at the far end of the living room. The folding tray next to the chair is already set up. Looks around the room, see's a tray next to the other recliner, another next to the sofa. Guess the family eats dinner in the living room most of the time cause they all blend in pretty well with the dark leather furniture. It's really comfortable overstuffed furniture, completely over-sized, soft, welcoming. Sinks back, pulls the handle on the side, feet rise in front of me. I reach over to the tray table, fingers wrap around the cable changer. This must be Tag's dads chair, the power chair in the living room. I never really noticed there was a sort of plan to the set up, I'm sitting in the Papa Bear's Chair, the sofa with it's fluffy satiny pillows must be Mamma Bears domain while the scuffed up recliner on the opposite side of the room for sure has to be Tag's. He's always got his feet up on something, the foot rest section of the recliner shows signs of wear from his sneakers rubbing the leather.

"All set, Mom said to say Hi, said you're welcome to stay as long as you want too. Just stay out of their bedroom that's all. I don't think either of us needs to go in there anyway. She keeps it so neat that she'd know in a second if there was a foot print on her carpet. Bit of OCD if you ask me."

"Dude, I'm not getting myself into anymore trouble than I have on my plate. Let's get this show on the road, what do you want to watch?"

"What ever you want, I'm good for horror, Sci-fi, pretty much anything but don't put any chick flick crap on. I don't want any tear jerker on tonight."

Tear jerker? TAG? Does he normally watch that kind of movie?

"Why the hell would I put one of those on?"

"Don't laugh, mom, dad and I are really into those animal movies. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to bed, wiped out from crying over some whale, family of lost geese or a dog who finds his home with some dork assed kid. I'm a sucker for the Disney Channel shit, have been ever since I was little. You tell anyone about this, I'll kick the crap outta you, got it?"

Laughs my ass off, nearly rolling out of the recliner. Can't believe Tag just fessed up to being all mushy about this shit. Hold it, why am I laughing at him, he just listened to hours of my sick shit, never laughed at me once. Glances over at him, his face is contorted, laughing, tears rolling down his cheeks, guess he's just as shocked to his admission as I am.

All is good, no harm, no foul. My fingers press the channel changer, scrolls through the online listings. Hmm, the new Superman movie, haven't seen that one yet, looks back to Tag for his up or down. His lower lip pushed up, head moving in a slow up and down motion. He reaches to his tray table, grabs the hot pocket, stuffs it in his mouth. I take this as his approval of my choice in entertainment.


Hours pass, a line of empty bottles line up on Tag's tray table. I've kept things a little on the slow side, the joints have done their duty.

"Hey, dude, you want to know what went down between Mel and me? It had to do with you too well sorta, you'll laugh when you here this shit."

Shock slaps me in the face, head snaps toward Tag. Finger instinctively presses the off button on the remote. The room goes pretty dark, the only light that filters in is from the overhead microwave light in the kitchen. Tag's profile, smiling, white teeth reflecting, he's laid back in the recliner, one of his sneakers had been kicked off, a hole in his sock reveals a couple of bare toes.

"Go for it man, you listened to my tale of woe, one good turn deserves another, I'm all ears."

"Mel and I have been fighting on and off for a while. Lots of it has nothing to do with anything at all. She just wants me to be all about her but she forgets that I'm just not as smart as she is, that studies don't come easy, I have to buckle down most nights till 1 or 2 am just to get barely passing grades. It's not like you guy's, burns into your brains, stays there. I have to read the same damned page over a few times before it sinks in, even then it's like throwing water on a rock, it just won't stick."

Shifting, a little uncomfortably in the recliner, waits for the revelation as to how I'm involved in their break up. Tag's going on and on for a while, rambling, weaves in and out of different complaints, excuses, outright confusion as to what went down.

"We've known about you pretty much since we met, you know that? I've never had an issue, never even thought of it except when Mel would bring it up."

The feeling of sick in my stomach rises. Nervous twitches, runs my fingers through my short cropped hair, scratches at the back of my neck out of habit. It's something I tend to find myself doing when I'm nervous, Dad does the exact same thing, guess it's hereditary.

"No, listen, Mel has this thing, you know, about you and me. She was trying to get me to have a three-way with you. She has this whole scenario about you, me doing things with each other while she would watch. Then she'd want me to screw her while you massaged oil and stuff all over both of us. I know, weird shit, she really thought you'd be up for it. I kept telling her there was no way we'd do anything together, that we are friends, wouldn't do anything like this."

"Whoa! She wants to do WHAT with WHO?"

I could not believe my ears. Tag just blurted out something that I never thought about. It was not like I had never looked at him in that Beautiful God Like object kind of way but I never once had a sex dream that involved him or Melanie. Melanie never! Tag, well I have had wood once or twice after seeing him in the showers after practice, he would be a bit aroused sometimes, bit of a chub on just from the adrenalin come down, mixed with the hot water, just being a young guy, it's natural right?

"Yeah but I just didn't see it happening, I'm straight, nothing wrong with being gay or anything, I just never really thought about it seriously."

"What do you mean seriously? So, you've thought about it though? C'mon give, tell me about it. I put myself out there, you know me pretty much inside and out, I won't judge, PROMISE."

Tag turns his head toward the kitchen light, hands reach for the arm rests, pushes his frame up from the recliner, turns on his heals, walks out of the living room.

"I'll be back, gotta take a leak, do you want another drink on my way back? Hey, you ever think about this, why do we take a leak when we're really leaving one?"

"Hell yeah, you thanks, take your time. What? You've got to be kidding. Who even thinks of things like that?"

With a slight shuffle to his walk, Tag crosses the living room, arm outstretched, hands me another Hard Lemon, the cap already removed. I press the cold bottle to my lips, draw, soothing cool runs down my throat. Had not even realized how parched I had become, BURP! The belch came from my depths with such force that it brings with it a little bit of Pizza into the back of my mouth.

"Gross man, BLAM! See, you're not the only one that can make noise."

The smell wafts to my side of the living room in a second. Chokes me, gags.

"You fuckin stink! Laughs, coughs, snorts all at the same time, hiccups."

Tag's laughing his stinking ass off, thinks his own farts are funny, well, it kinda is.

"Anyway, it was not all about you Robbie, I just didn't want to involve you in our problems. Not even sure that I could do anything anyway. Could you image it? You, her and me all in bed together? I don't think I could even get it up, then where would we all be? It'd be like three girls together having a sleep over, no one able to do anything with anyone, giggling, talking about what we wish we could be doing instead of actually doing it. Seriously, now that would be awkward."

This is a hell of a revelation, I had no idea that Tag would have actually, no seriously consider doing anything with another guy, even if it were because of Mel's sex fantasy. The simple fact that he would be worried about not being able to get it up, perform, does this mean he would have tried it if he knew he could do it?

"Tag man, it's cool, I've had the same fear about not being sure if I could do, you know, when or if the time came. Found that it was easier than I thought, just went with it, let my body perform the way it wanted to. My head just went along for the ride that my other head had gotten me into, it was way hot, not something I would have even have considered to be a turn on, it sure as hell was."

"Yeah, what was it? Who was it, c'mon, I'm starting to like this whole you tell, I tell stuff. Not that I'm looking to do anything about it mind you, it's just kinda like live porn in my living room, free, no subscriptions, no worry that my parents will find traces of some site on my laptop."

"O.K. you know I told you about what went down between my Dad, well you see."

Swallowing for a moment, am I really going to get into this with Tag? Had I already told him too much, maybe given him too much personal information about my sexual fantasies? Really, am I going to do this?"

"Dad and I, well you see, we were in the middle of this whole thing one night. I was stressed, worried that I might have gone too far with him, that he was about to cut things off. He was with Lee after-all, they are a couple, didn't see that one coming but we were dealing with it pretty well. I helped my Dad with some of his hang ups, you know, things that he was not really into between."

Tag is totally into what I'm putting out there. He draws again, hard, places the bottle down on his tray table, not for one second taking his eyes off of me, looks like he is hypnotized.

"Well, yeah, you know, one thing led to another, Dad and me, we are going at it when Lee walks in. The next thing I know I've got the two of them in me at the same time, in the same place, never thought I could do that, didn't even think it was possible but man, they blew my mind! Next thing I know, I'm sitting here telling you about it, like time has been fast forwarded to the here and now."

"Jeezus Christ! You've got to be kidding me! So, you, them, all of you did it together? How does Lee feel about this? Isn't there someone having issues about this?"

I had never really thought about it that way. I know I'm definitely not the alpha, opposite, guess I'd be the sub for sure. But, Dad or Lee? I know from what Dad has told me that Lee does not bottom, Dad, I know has experimented, actually has bottomed. Does that make him the non alpha? No way, Dad is the alpha in our family mix up, or is he?

"Don't know for sure Tag, it's a good question, what do you think?"

"The way I see it Robbie, your Dad is definitely the alpha of your pack. You, well I guess we both know where you fall in line. Not that there is anything wrong with it, get me for real, I'm kinda like an alpha myself but not a real alpha, kinda a forced alpha."

"What the heck is a forced alpha? I've never heard of any such thing before? Is this something you made up?"

"Yeah, it's just the way I kinda see things in my head. I get into situations where I am forced to be the alpha, kinda tricked into being in control of the situation, weird huh?"

"You've got to be kidding me dude, weird? How could you even think that I would think that is weird after what I told you I'm into."

"Right, your weird out weirds mine for sure, just I've never actually acted on my weird, think if I did it might all go wrong, then what would I do with my fantasies? Could you imagine being into something, then suddenly find out you're no good at it. Might be left with nothing to fantasize about, now that would be a real nightmare."

The idea that forms in my head pulls all of my focus for a moment. Drifts off into my minds eye, I can see, feel, experience what I'm envisioning. Go for it, say it!

"Tag, tell you what, you don't have to take this seriously, just an option, an open offer. You said you worried about, well, performance quality. How about we try to kill two birds with one stone. I'm into the sub thing, you have never had the chance to try out your forced alpha fantasy, how bout, you know, you and me, we do a little role play. We wouldn't have to have sex, just some light B&D, SM stuff see how it works for you?"

Holds my breath, nervous, know we've both opened up to each other but was this simply too much? What if I'd read the whole situation wrong, put my own spin on what Tag was sharing. Maybe he had never meant to suggest any kind of interest in same sex stuff. Maybe he was just telling me about what Mel was into, that he just had no interest in it, no way, no how.

"Robbie, I've got to tell you, I'm way too tired, too drunk to even understand what you just said to me. Tell you what, I'll take the top bunk tonight, you take the bottom bunk. Last time you left here with a lump on your forehead the size of a puck. I'm use to the low ceiling, after-all, it is my bed. C'mon, put this to rest for tonight, we can get back to this shit another time OK?"

Probably the best suggestion I've heard all night. I'm pretty wasted too, tired beyond belief. Had not even realized how tired I am. A good nights sleep will do both of us a ton of good.

"Right behind you Tag, I'll be right in, got to leave a leak."

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