tagFetishThe Vacation Trade-off Ch. 02

The Vacation Trade-off Ch. 02


You must read part one if you want to enjoy this piece. It's actually one of my favorite premises for a story, but it didn't get too much activity. Please, for the sake of context, start at the beginning. It's only a two-part series. There's no moral to this story, and it's pretty ambiguous. Still, I hope you folks enjoy it.


I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening getting settled into the resort. There was plenty to do in and around the hotel to keep me busy, but thoughts of fulfilling my free sex day tomorrow monopolized my mind. What kind of man would pick me? Would I be done early in the morning or later in the day? Would it bother me, after the fact?

I felt like I had a healthy mental attitude toward the adventure, but my nerves were getting to me. I suppose I was anxious to get it over with. I'd had a few drinks in one of the hotel bars when a waitress stopped me, "You by yourself, honey?"

"Yeah, just taking a week to myself."

"Don't blame you one bit. Hope it's everything you want it to be. You have a good night."

"I'll do my best." With that, I took the final swig from my glass and headed to my room. I took a quick shower, knowing I'd take a longer one in the morning, but I did spend twenty minutes to shave my privates in preparation for the next day.

The following morning, I must have stared at the door handle in my room for ten minutes. I'd been up since six. After a lengthy and thorough body shower, I washed my hair, taking a long time to dry and style it. I also decided to primp up with some makeup. I guess if I had to be naked, I wanted to look as good as possible. It was almost eight now, and I needed to start my end of the agreement. I took a deep breath and turned the handle, walking toward to the elevator just as the adjoining neighbor stepped out of his room. A pudgy, middle-aged man.

He smiled and nodded at me. "Morning. You headed down for the continental breakfast?"

"Um, I hadn't really thought about it."

"Ah, well, I was going to say, you could go with me. My wife is waiting downstairs already, but you look like you're running solo. Want some company? I'm Geoff Wright. My wife's name is Julie. I think we saw you coming in last night."

I didn't recognize him, but then I was a pretty buzzed last night. "Sure, I uh... I could eat a little bit."

I didn't want to eat too much on my sex day, for a myriad of reasons. Mostly, my stomach was queasy from nerves. I suppose once the deed was done, I might be hungry later. Still, I gladly allowed Geoff to escort me to the hotel restaurant where his wife was waiting, and I wondered if I might get accosted at breakfast, in front of my new friends.

"Where ya from?" Geoff asked.

"Boston. You?"

"Raleigh. My wife and I come every year. So nice of the resort to offer so much for free."

'Free,' I thought. 'Yeah, about that...' We stepped out of the elevator and Geoff led me to the east wing. "Thanks for showing me the way," I said. "This place is enormous."

"Yeah, it has everything, doesn't it? Julie and I are swingers, so this is just cake to us. What about you? Come here often? First time, perhaps?"

"Yes, first time," I sighed.

"I thought I might have recognized those newbie jitters. Even Julie had them, and we'd been swinging for almost a decade before this place opened."

"You mean, you and her like... have sex with strangers?"

Geoff tilted his head. "Meh... not quite strangers, but close enough." He stopped at a golden, ornate archway, an entrance to one of the many restaurants in the sprawling resort hotel. We pushed our way through, and once inside the lobby, I saw a naked middle-aged woman waving at Geoff. It dawned on me this must his wife's free sex day, too. Geoff grabbed my hand. "Oh, good. She's already secured a table."

He introduced Julie to me, and she took no offense to my presence. "Oh, come sit by me, dear. We're sex-mates today, ha ha!" She appeared to be looking forward to the idea.

"Um, if you're naked today, why isn't..." I began pointing to Geoff.

"Oh, I'm doing it tomorrow," he said. "We get more thrills out of it that way... for our own reasons."

I nodded, blushing. Julie gazed on me for some time. "Some lucky man is going to have you, oh my, oh my."

"Or woman," Geoff interjected.

"Oh yes, like when that happened two years ago for me!" Julie giggled. "But my, aren't you a beauty? What I would give for your youth and body."

I giggled. They talked so nonchalantly about it. Would I ever get as comfortable with the idea as these two? We got into chatting about regular stuff, like our histories and careers. Geoff finally insisted we hit the buffet. "Okay, okay," Julie said, raising her hands.

I didn't realize how small Julie was until she got up from her seat. Maybe just over five foot. She had a bubbly bottom, and was a tad pudgy, but she was so cute, age be damned. We were just at the buffet with plates in hand, when a young man, barely of legal age, tapped Julie on the shoulder.

"Yes?" she asked.

I stopped to see what was wrong.

"Ma'am? Do you mind?" I noticed he was waving a his phone in his hand.

"Oh," said Julie, with a pause, then louder. "Oh!! Of course, of course. I'm so sorry. It's just so early, I hadn't expected... but of course." Julie began fishing through her purse and pulled out her phone.

The boy scanned the code and on Julie's phone, a green icon lit up, followed with a bio of the man who was asking for sex. The app verified to Julie that he was a paying guest, and within his right to ask.

"Well, okay, Peter. Let's dance. Where to?"

"Oh... um... it was kind of my fantasy in public. Here. Right here. Now." The man began stripping his clothes off. He had an athletic build. I was shocked someone so young had chosen Julie, especially since I was standing right next to her, as naked as she was. Perhaps he had a MILF fetish? Or a short height fetish? It just felt kind of weird to be passed over for Julie. I don't know if I was jealous, envious or curious. Maybe a bit of everything.

The young man took to her like a seasoned pro, stuffing a lengthy cock into her mouth the moment he had finished undressing. He fucked her face with a bit more force than I prefer, but Julie took it like a champ. Most of the other people in the room just went about their business as the two got it on, but I couldn't help myself. I had to watch.

Geoff stepped near me. "I usually don't witness this. We like to talk about it after... a lot... but this looks like so much fun for her, that I want to see this. That young man seems to be loving it, too."

"Yeah," I whispered, getting damp in the crotch, wishing anyone would take me like this spoiled, rich kid was putting it to Julie.

A few other people stopped to watch for a moment, and I could tell it got the paying guest reeling. He'd get a bit rougher when more people took interest. Soon, he had Julie on her knees, fucking her doggy style. She grunted as he pounded away, her plump tits bouncing away to the force behind the thrusts.

A few folks managed to approach the buffet and work their away around the two, but no one seemed particularly inconvenienced. One older woman stopped and whispered something into the boy's ear. My jaw dropped when I heard him respond, "Yes, Mom," before she stepped away, giving him a slap on his bum.

I couldn't take it anymore. If I kept watching, I was going to get so horny that I'd be begging anyone in the room to fuck me. It had been so long since I felt the touch of a man. I never realized how much I missed it, until now. I'm not a prude. I've just been busy. I turned away, rushing back to the table. I must have left just in time, missing the money shot, because there were audible gasps and cheers near the buffet, while I got myself situated in the booth.

"All over her face," I heard one woman mutter in disbelief.

"Soaked her," said a man.

Talk about soaking, my crotch was a mess, and if I would have seen that Peter kid cum all over Julie's face, I very well might have climaxed myself. I swear I felt that horny, almost like I was already riding the edge of an orgasm. Geoff slid into the booth beside me. I'm sure I had made it easy for him.

"Oh, man, that was fantastic!" he exclaimed. "That will be etched in Julie's mind for the rest of her life. Wow, you left a bit too soon."

"Yeah, I, uh... guess I did," I muttered.

A second later, Julie popped into view, jumping into the booth across from Geoff and me. Her face was masked with splooge, still a bit wet. "Well, wow. Is that a record?" she giggled.

"I think so," said Geoff. "That first year we were here, you were done before lunch, but this is the first time to be done before breakfast."

They both broke out into laughter, then Julie said. "I'm just going to run up to my room and clean up."

"Hey, you wanna do another?" asked Geoff.

Julie winked at him. "I don't think so. Ten minutes of that young cock assaulting my mouth and pussy was enough for this 'lil lady. At least for today. Maybe we'll play it by ear tomorrow."

I was the only naked person in the room after Julie left. Lots of people stopped to ogle me, and I did my best to ignore them. 'Just go with the flow,' I thought to myself. 'Any one of these people could take me if they're a paying guest. Let 'em look, and don't freak out.'

Geoff and I were done eating by the time Julie got back. She'd put on a pink, summer dress that suited her bubbly frame well... but it still left me as the only naked person in the room.

"So where are you going today?" asked Geoff to me, once Julie sat down to eat and join in the conversation.

"Well, I was thinking I'd go to the beach for a couple hours. The big one off the lake."

Julie interrupted. "Oh, there are a couple smaller beaches on the other side of the lake, too. Has fewer tourists, with a bit more privacy."

I nodded, "Thanks for the input." I wasn't sure I wanted privacy. I wanted to get fucked already, still envious Julie beat me to it.

"So after the beach, what do you have in mind?" asked Julie. "Geoff said this is your first time. We'll be happy to offer some suggestions."

"I suppose if I get hungry, maybe a restaurant for a small bite. I was thinking seafood."

"Oh, go to Oliver's in The Dome," said Geoff. "I know it's not the one closest to the lake, but best damn seafood on the planet."

"And if you're going to be in The Dome, you HAVE to go to the Deep Space Lounge attraction," shouted Julie.

"Coolest thing ever," agreed Geoff. "The anti-gravity room is insane."

"What? Really?" I gasped.

I guess Geoff and Julie were very useful after all, with their knowledge of all the attractions and what to expect while staying. I was so nervous about being free-sexed, I hadn't really thought past the beach. In fact, I kind of envisioned that if the deed were to take place anywhere, the beach would be it. I'd be naked, alone, with plenty of opportunity for any paying guest. I get a lot of glances in a bikini. Butt naked, I was prepared for much more.

Geoff and Julie filled me in on a few more of the resorts' amenities before we finally parted ways. Wasting no time, I took a bus to the lake. It would have been rather uneventful, had it not been for a middle-aged executive type guy, at least fifty years old, fucking the sanity out of a very young woman. It was like a reverse switch from Julie's experience, with that young man at the buffet.

I wished I had been on the bus before this man had come on board. Perhaps he would have chosen me, over the girl he was using now. He certainly knew how to work his cock into the young woman. As we made our way to our destination, the bus made more stops, soon crowding the space as more people came aboard. A few were naked, but most had beach gear on.

Once off the bus, I picked up a beach towel from the visitor center and made my way to the sand. The resort shipped in fine grains to feel more like an ocean beach. Considering the size of the lake, it pulled off a nice effect. If the water were as blue as the ocean's, one would think they were on the coast.

Pockets of people were scattered here and there, and I took a place between two groups. The ones on my right looked like rich college graduates. The other group consisted of two naked women among several others who were all dressed in swimwear. They were probably all free sex guests, here for the same reason I was, but only two of them scheduled to be "working" today.

I positioned myself so the young men on my right could have a clear view of everything. Might as well present all the goods, I thought. I could already hear them whispering and cheering about their happy situation. I was likely being rated right now. I spread out my blanket and lay down. I thought it would be kind of fun to just stay naked for a few minutes, before someone accosted me. Let them brew it over in their heads for a bit, while they check out my body. Maybe they were fighting over who would get to ask me. The anticipation was intense.

But after a few minutes, the boys settled down and circled around a cooler, laying out to tan. It didn't sound like they were pursuing sex at all. Slightly confused, I closed my eyes and calmed myself. "No worries, Susan," I told myself. "Your time will come. Give it a few minutes."

But nothing for almost twenty minutes, when finally, the only blonde in the boy's group got up and started walking towards me. 'Finally...' I thought, smiling... until he passed me. A moment later he made it to the other party. There were several clothed men and women hanging out with the two naked women. After a bit of mumbling amongst each other, the young man took the taller of the two naked girls by the hand. They walked back to his side, where his friends were.

"This is going to be so awesome," I heard him say. The girl was long and lanky, flat up top. Certainly he saw me laying here. He knows I am available, right?

Minutes later, that blonde guy made the naked girl get on all fours in front of the group. He handed her a dildo, and though I was at least thirty feet away, the wind carried his voice. I heard him asking her to pleasure herself. Like it was no trouble at all, she took the device and worked it into her pussy, leaning forward, ass in the air. With her arm under her torso, reaching under her, she drove the dildo in and out. Soon, the boy started undressing. "Get it ready for me," he demanded.

'Fuck, why couldn't that be me?' I was asking myself repeatedly.

The woman drove herself close to orgasm before the man took over, yanking the dildo out of her pussy, throwing it into the sand behind him. He grabbed the girl by the hips and thrust his way inside. She screamed in response. A scream of pleasure. Before long, he was pumping her like a machine, pounding her torso to the ground as he drove his cock in and out of her. It didn't take long for her to cum again.

The man barked at her. "I didn't say you could cum now. You better cum again, when I cum inside you. Do you understand?"

The girl was furiously nodding her head, biting her bottom lip as the stranger continued to have his way. She was a free sex guest, and it was clear to me that she was enjoying the experience even more than the paying guest. They both cried out as they came together. I could see their bodies shaking from here, seismic markers of their simultaneous climax.

Goddamnit, this was pissing me off. I was so horny and nobody was approaching me. Did I need to move? Soon, more people crowded around us. From the conversations, I could hear people commenting on my tits and my body.

"Damn, you see the one over there," whispered one to another, not ten feet away from me.

"How couldn't I? Way out of my league," he muttered back.

I cranked my head to see the two men. They were maybe mid twenties, and one was in excellent shape. A bodybuilder, no question. The other had a swimmer's physique; lean, slightly tone. I would gladly have either one of them take me.

'Should I go talk to them?' I asked myself. I switched positions on my towel, so the two could ogle me at a better angle. Maybe if spread my legs...

Two girls, both naked, happened to be strolling by, just as I was getting situated. The bigger of the two boys held his hand up. "You two look perfect. Let's do this." He pointed at his smaller friend. The girls had the boys scan their phones and seconds later, the four walked off towards some remote area of the beach.

I wanted to scream out, "I'm right here! Someone fuck me already!" but I managed to hold my tongue. Frustrated, I got up. A trip to the water park, standing in long crowded lines, ought to do the trick.


It didn't do the trick. One man - and I KNOW he was a paying customer - was standing next in line to me on The Dragon's Tail slide. He even brushed against my tit and acted all apologetic. Why didn't he ask me to fuck him?

I meandered around the parks and resorts for hours, getting more and more confused why no one would engage with me. By six p.m., I was getting nervous... and hungry. I remembered the suggestion to go to Oliver's in The Dome and made my way there via another bus ride. I pondered the possibility of going through the whole day without being asked for sex. Was it possible? If it happened, how would I feel about it?

The walk from the stop to the restaurant took about five minutes and just as I approached the door, I heard a voice. "Susan?" I turned to see Lionel, the guy I'd gotten along with so well at the free sex seminar yesterday. He was dressed in a suit and tie.

"Oh my god!" I screamed. "Look at you." He was still desperately short, but looked quite handsome in his well-fitted suit. I told him as much. Well, not my thoughts on his height. I kept that to myself.

"Thank you," he said. "So this is your day, huh? And still naked?"

"As you can tell," I giggled nervously, hands up. "So, why are you dressed up so shiny, handsome?" Maybe being naked brought out the flirt in me. I certainly enjoyed all the admiring gazes I got today. I just wish things had gone further by now.

"No reason, really. I heard great things about this restaurant, and thought I would treat myself."

"Oh, can we go together then?" I asked. Maybe having someone with me would help my odds, I thought. Honestly, almost all the times I had seen people fucking today, the naked people weren't often alone, but in a group or with a spouse, like Julie and Geoff's situation.

"I'd love to," Lionel said.

We went inside and were directed to a small table near the center of the dining room. The place was more than half full, and dozens of people stared at me. 'Probably the best idea of the day,' I thought. Many of the guests there were paying members, no doubt. In fact, I was the only naked person in the room at the moment. My heart picked up pace a bit, anxious to see how this would play out.

It was a lovely meal, with great conversation, but by the time we ordered our drinks, appetizers and entrees, even Lionel was questioning my circumstances. "I have to admit, Susan, I don't get how you haven't been picked yet."

I leaned in. "Me, too, Lionel. Honestly, I am starting to feel a little awkward about this whole thing. People keep looking at me, I've even overheard lewd comments, and yet no one comes and engages with me. Is there something wrong with me? I mean, I've looked in the mirror several times today to see if I could be-."

"Jesus, no. You're hot, Susan."

"Well, what's the hold up?"

"No idea," Lionel said, scratching his head. "I only had to go naked for about three hours."

"Wait, you mean your day was today, too?"

"Oh, yeah, didn't I tell you that? Very attractive older woman. She said I reminded her of her first husband."

'How had Lionel been picked before me?' I screamed in my head. I had no right to be upset, but I was getting very jealous, being passed up by so many opportunities today.

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