tagIncest/TabooThe Valentine's Day Ball

The Valentine's Day Ball

byOlda Jardinier©

Rose held the steering wheel firmly as the wheels tried to follow the old ruts in the road. They had been on this unimproved lane for hours it seemed but it had only been a few miles.

"Mother, how much more of this is there?" her son Leif asked from the seat beside her. "I'm afraid we might break a wheel if we go on!"

"I don't know dear but I'm sure it's not much further. I told you that these roads are not well kept just to discourage people from driving on them. It helps keep unwanted visitors from entering the valley. The last time your father and I came home this way you and Violet were still quite small but I don't think we have much further to go." She replied.

As if on cue the automobile rounded a particularly bad turn and there before them was an old iron gate between two pillars of brick. The high iron fence seemed to continue off into the forest on either side. There was a sign on the gate proclaiming this to be private property and warned of no admittance. Rose braked and they rolled to a stop before the gate.

Leif and Violet climbed out with their mother when she opened her door. Leif stood up on the running board and looked around at the imposing gate and fence while his younger sister Violet came around the car. Rose rummaged in her handbag and finding what she needed she and Violet walked to the old gate. Rose had a very ornate key which she fitted in the lock and managed with some effort to turn over. The old lock clicked and Rose and her daughter pushed on the gates. Leif came to help as the rusted iron protested being moved and they were able to open the gates wide enough for them to pass.

Rose laughed at the effort and asked Violet to drive the automobile through the gate so that she and Leif could close them again. As her daughter came even with the open gate Rose signed for her to stop and with a glint in her eye stepped one foot on the running board.

"You must know the password to pass or pay the penalty." She said in a low official sounding voice as she leaned in to the window.

"But I don't know the password," Violet laughed and replied in mock distress, "what ever shall I do?"

"Well then Miss, you must pay the fine." Rose said in a stern voice. "That will be one kiss and it must be a good one, not a little girl peck."

With that she leaned in the window and covered her daughter's mouth with her open lips. Violet felt her tongue fairly sucked from her mouth and gave it willingly. The two exchanged sweet tongues until they heard a cough and a grumble. Leif stood beside his mother and declared, "Miss, I can't let you pass with out the proper respect paid to the toll collector. I'll have a second kiss for your toll and you may go your way with out further delay."

Rose laughed and stepped back for her son. Leif climbed up on the running board and adjusted his trousers.

"You must then kiss the royal standard as your toll," he ordered as he offered his hardening cock through the window. Violet giggled and grasped her brother's cock as it protruded from his open trousers. She made a show of placing a loud kiss on the head and then opened her mouth and took its entire length in. Releasing it with an equally loud sucking pop she said, "There my good man, you may have that as a gratuity for your kind assistance. Now be so good as to go about your duties and let me pass."

Rose laughed at her children's by play and watched as Violet drove on through the gate and stopped in the cleared road. She and Leif then forced the gates closed and she again locked the old tumbler in place. As she returned to the car she noticed that Leif was still showing his hard young cock through his open pants. She delighted in the sight and it gave her a feeling of homecoming and nostalgia. Indeed she felt so inspired that she stopped by the door as her children arranged themselves inside and began to unfasten the row of buttons that closed her long skirt down the front. When she had them all open she held the sides wide and twirled around in the road. The clear sunshine shown on her long legs. Her silk stockings stopped at mid thigh held in place by lace garters and her watching son and daughter could clearly see her shaved cunt as she never wore undergarments. Just above her bare cunt lips there was a tiny heart shape of hair.

"Oh, it feels so good to be back home in the valley again. I feel so free now, you know we can be open here and do the things we must hide outside the valley." She stood with her skirt held open for her children to look at her and reveled in the love showing in their eyes. Leif laughed and lifted up from his seat and pushed his trousers down. He sat back and spread his legs open and stroked his hard cock.

"Mother let's go on," Violet pleaded, "we want to see if it's really the way you have always told us it will be. It will take forever on this road!"

Rose climbed back in and started off again. She arranged her skirt open to let her legs be free as she worked the clutch and the gearshift. She laughed when she looked back to see that Violet had lifted her own skirts and was naked from the waist too. Rose could see her daughter's bare puss and beside her Leif's hard naked cock. She laughed from shear joy at such freedom.

The road smoothed and became quite good now that they were passed the gates into the valley. As she drove on Rose kept looking at her daughter's bare pussy in the mirror as Violet toyed with the pink lips and occasionally dipped a finger into the honey sweet crease. Her son sat beside her stoking his dripping cock as he watched the country side pass. It was surely going to be an exciting homecoming she thought. As much as she wanted to stop and take Leif's hard cock in her mouth and suck his juice out and tongue Violets sweet puss until she tasted her nectar over her tongue, she drove on.

Presently they came to familiar places and Rose knew they would soon arrive in the Village and told her son to put his cock away, cautioning them about the possibility of strangers. Her children looked about them as they entered the quiet little village. They saw neat houses with beds that promised spring flowers later and trees barely in bud. The day was clear and the houses shown clean and bright. There were few automobiles about and many homes gave evidence of horses kept in stables at the back. People nodded or smiled at them as they drove by in a friendly manner. Leif thought to himself that he could see no outward signs of the kind of activities his mother and father had said were the practices of the Village. He almost expected to see naked people about.

Rose guided the automobile into the lane that ran beside her parent's house. She began to sound the horn as they rolled to a stop. A slim woman with silver hair braided around her head came to the back door and opened it to look out. Rose's mother recognized her and with a cry of joy came down the steps and rushed to meet them as they opened the doors. Mother and daughter came together in a crush of embrace and rained kisses on each other's faces. Presently Rose broke away and pushed her son and daughter into the arms their grandmother. Each was given an embrace and a warm kiss before being led by the hands into the large house.

The reunion went on inside as everyone told of the trip and the children were shown about the house. Refreshments were had and lives were shared over the tea and cakes. Rose had arrived too early for her father to be home from his store but by the time he had arrived she and her children were settled in and had unpacked. The evening meal was a celebration of reunited family and getting to know the two newer members. Leif and his young sister were much questioned on schooling and pastimes. Afterwards the family retired to the parlor where Rose's father build a warm fire in the fireplace and every one made themselves comfortable.

Soon the conversation turned to the up coming holiday and the grandparent's plans for attending.

"What holiday?" Leif asked, thinking it must be some special occasion for the Village.

"Why its Valentines Day!" his grandmother announced, "We always celebrate Valentines Day, its all about love, don't you know."

"Oh, I thought it was just a day for children or rather befuddled lovers." He said with a chuckle.

"Well not here in the Village. We celebrate love and lovers alike. Rose, I would have thought that you had told them about the Ball." Grandmother chided. "It will be a wonderful party and every one in the Village will attend."

"Unless," she hesitated, "you did not intend for them to go, or you? But I thought that you had written that you and Stem were raising the children in the tradition."

"Yes, mother," Rose broke in, "of course we are. I've told you of the wonderful times we've had with the children and their training and they have always been such good students and very willing to learn and participate. I'm afraid that I simply forgot about the Ball. Stem had to go on his trip and will be gone for such a long time I thought it a good time to visit. We left almost on the spur of the moment."

"I'm so glad that you've come!" her mother replied. "Now we can all go together. Before you object let me tell you that we have a new seamstress in the Village and it will be little effort to alter one of your old gowns for you and one for Violet. And you should see the clever new style she has invented for gentlemen." She laughed, "Father, please go up and change. I'm sure that Rose and Violet both will appreciate the fashion and then perhaps we can encourage Leif to show us as well."

Grandfather seemed to be willing and as he left he gave a curious look and smile at young Violet. Rose and her mother carried on about various friends until they heard Grandfather return. Rose and Violet both gasped in unison as they looked up. In keeping with the moment Grandfather struck poses as he stood in front of his daughter and granddaughter. Leif stifled a laugh as looked at his grandfather and knew that they were about to learn that life in the Village was indeed as they had been told.

Grandfather stood before his family in a white silk shirt with a collar made for a tie, which he had not donned. He wore a dark dinner jacket and trousers that had a subtle stripe. The trousers consisted of leggings that fastened with a strap and buttons to the bottom of his silk shirt. The short jacket covered the fastenings but not the fact that his cock and balls were hanging in clear view. When he turned to give them the view around all could see his naked bottom as well. Violet was rapt in her attention to her grandfather's naked cock and noticed that he had the shaved tiny heart of hair well above his member just as her mother and father. She also appreciated the slow rise of his cock as it began to harden.

When her father stepped close Rose reached out to grasp his cock and pulled him to stand at her knees. She leaned in and kissed its head and then lifted it up to kiss each of his pendant balls in turn. His cock was hardening quickly and soon stood out from his shaved crotch. Rose kept her grip and began to stroke her father's length as she brought her other hand to cup his full balls.

"I very much like this new fashion!" she said, "and I have been looking forward to tasting Father's cock again."

Violet and Leif watched their mother as she slowly fed her father's hard cock into her mouth. They could see the way her tongue worked as she held it with her lips. Rose gradually released the dripping cock from her mouth and turned to her daughter.

"Violet, taste your grandfather's cock," she said, "give him your sweet mouth, let him give you his juices."

Violet opened her little mouth as her mother guided the dripping cock to it. She could take the large head in but could not swallow as much of the length yet. Grandfather's cock was somewhat longer than her father's, but she felt that she could learn to take it all just as she had learned to take Father's and her brother's. She began to suck and tongue the seeping hole as she felt her mother lift the full balls and caress her chin with them. Rose pulled her daughter back and again took her father's firm member to suck, then offered it to Violet once more. Soon they set a rhythm each sucking in turn.

Leif watched in awe as his sister and mother took turns sucking on his grandfather's cock just inches from his face. He realized that his grandmother had come to stand at his knees as she watched the two suck her husband. Leif saw that she was stroking grandfather's bottom as she watched. She then leaned down and brought his face up and covered his lips with hers. He opened his mouth for her probing tongue and she sucked his in turn when it was offered, but he was uncertain what to do when she cupped his chin and turned his face to the side.

Rose had caught the play between her mother and her son and now saw what she intended. She urged her sucking daughter back and took Grandfather's hard cock and pushed it to her son. Leif then understood and willingly took his grandfather's wet cock in, tasting his flowing juices and the mouths of his sister and mother.

Satisfied that her daughter had indeed been instructing her children in the traditions of the Village, Grandmother knelt down and took Leif's stiff young cock out and swallowed it. They soon managed to bring Grandfather to the natural conclusion of the sucking attention of his daughter and grandchildren. With a pleased gasp he released a stream of white cream into Rose's mouth and kept pumping quantities of cloudy essence as the three suckers contrived to share it at once.

Leif was unable to contain his own excitement and shot fresh young cream into his grandmother's sucking mouth. She kept her attention to it until she could no longer draw out his juices. She was delighted to note that Leif did not lose his erection. His young cock was just as hard and hot. With a laugh of approval she reached for her granddaughter bringing her closer to share a kiss on her pink creamy lips. When she had cleaned Violet's lips Grandmother turned to her daughter and suggested that perhaps it was time for them all to go upstairs.

Grandmother led the family up with an arm around each of her grandchildren. They ended in an enormous bedroom with a beautiful posted bed that was of a size to fit the room. Grandmother busied herself helping Violet undress while Leif quickly threw off his own clothing. As he flung his trousers to the side Leif watched as his grandfather removed his daughter's clothes. His mother was working to unfasten her father's shirt and his leggings were already at his feet. In seeming moments the family was naked and each cock was hard and ready and the three women were wet with anticipation.

Grandmother again took the lead and holding her grandson by his stiff cock guided him to the giant bed. She quickly had Leif inside her pulling his young cock deeper with both hands on his bottom. Grandfather laid Rose on the bed beside them and slowly pushed his renewed cock into his daughter's loving cunt. Violet was invited to come to her grandmother where she was given nipples to suck. Presently Grandmother turned over and had Leif enter her from behind so that she could suck her granddaughter's sweet pussy. The family kept a program of exchanges then as each cock was given to each cunt. Mothers and daughters were fucked just as brother and sister fucked and mother and son and father and daughter. Each grandparent enjoyed the wet puss and hard cock of their grandchildren. When exhaustion overtook the naked family every cunt had been filled and emptied of white cream and clear sweet nectar, each cock had been invited to leave its juice every mouth, cunt and puss, and bottom.

The family spent the next days visiting and sharing love. The house had the traditional large bath where several people could bathe at once and Leif and Violet thoroughly enjoyed being bathed by their grandparents. In the vanity of youth Leif began to believe that his cock would stay hard forever, it seemed as if someone was always stroking it openly. Rose delighted in the way her children were accepting the new way of life here. They no longer had to hide their feelings for one another from others. Her children were more openly affectionate with everyone. Long sucking kisses were often exchanged. Family members were often naked about the house, which left breasts and cunts and cocks open to caress in passing.

One memorable afternoon three of Rose's friends dropped by to welcome her and visit. Leif and Violet were asked in and introduced to the three women. The young people had thought it a dry adult ordeal until Rose casually mentioned how much her son was looking forward to wearing his new leggings for the Ball. At which point the guests insisted on a preview. When the three old friends left they had each sucked his cock as well as Violets sweet puss. While Leif was fucking or being sucked by one, the others were exploring Violet and becoming reacquainted with their mother Rose.

Finally the day of the Ball arrived. The family rested most of the day and refrained from too much physical loving. Everyone had new Ball costumes and Rose and her parents had instructed the young people in what to expect. After a light meal in the afternoon everyone met in the bath. The family assisted each other in washing and shaving and rubbing scented oils into the more intimate parts. The traditional little hearts of pubic hair were trimmed. Leif and Violet were both shaved clean to emphasize their youth. Then each dressed in the new fashion.

Rose and her daughter Violet were wearing gowns altered from older ones that Grandmother had saved. They were stunning in light blue and white. Each gown was covered in lace and fine needle work. The lace gathered off the shoulder and went under their bare breasts. Rose's blue gown had the skirt open in front and gathered to the side at the hips showing her beautiful shaved cunt and open lips. Violet's gown was cut somewhat lower than her mother's to better show off her young perky pink breasts. The white satin bodice was open to the waist with long smooth sleeves the seemed to make her appear more naked. Her skirt consisted of two white satin panels that were separated front and back hanging down the outside of her slim legs leaving her divine little puss as bare as her tight bottom.

When every one had dressed they donned wraps and their elaborate hats and walked the short distance to the great hall in the center of the Village where the Ball was held. As they walked along they met other families who were also dressed for the Ball or undressed for the Ball. As they entered the hall Leif and Violet looked around them at the wonderful room. The walls were covered with huge paintings showing scenes of lovers from history; everywhere they could see naked people with open poses showing hard long cocks and bare cunts. The brother and sister saw the act of love shown in every position and with many lovers at once. Violet thought that she had never seen any pictures so beautiful.

There were large numbers of people already gathered. It was clear to Leif and Violet that these were families, many families. People of every age and description attired as they were in formal dress costume. Each ensemble was made to show the wearers body in provocative ways, usually leaving the more intimate parts in open view. Every woman showed her bare breasts in some way through various openings in her gown with a few who were simply naked to the waist but with the addition of glittering jewelry. Each dress or skirt was open on the traditionally shaved cunt either by not closing at the front or by some clever opening which framed the view. Not a few women also proudly exhibited naked bottoms. Most of the women wore stockings of some kind and slippers. The overall effect was that they seemed more naked and much more sexual. The new fashion for men seemed to be all most universal in that the crotchless leggings were everywhere worn. Violet noted that every size and shape of cock was presented to open view. Bullocks were clean shaven and suspended through the openings giving proud promise of vast quantities of loves juices. She watched the bunching of the tight naked buttocks as the men moved about.

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