tagLesbian SexThe Valentine's Day Mascara Ch. 03

The Valentine's Day Mascara Ch. 03


Betty sat at the breakfast bar, sipping her wine and admiring her second husband's physique as he got on with preparing dinner. Three years her junior and soon approaching his 40th birthday, he was in better shape than a lot of men half his age. His job helped with this of course; as a swimming instructor he kept fit and his muscular thighs were a sight to behold. An added benefit with those luscious thighs was that he was able to keep pounding her pussy relentlessly until she was screaming for mercy!

It was through his job that they had met; Betty had attended the pool for some refresher lessons, although her real purpose for being there was to appraise this hunk of man flesh that her friend Jessica had told her about. It wasn't long before he had asked her for a drink after one of her lessons and before she could say Prosecco they were back at his place and she was experiencing the benefit of his thick cock for the first time.

Feeling Betty's eyes burning into his back, Jack turned around from the cooker. He noticed the familiar look of lust in his wife's eyes.

"Do you want a swizzle stick for your wine?" he enquired.

Betty looked bemused, "A swizzle stick," she repeated ,"You don't have a swizzle stick with wine."

"Just thought you might like the one I have in mind," he said, before quickly whipping out his cock and placing it in Betty's glass.

"Oooh," said Betty, grasping the base of his cock and removing his hard member from her wine before placing it in her mouth. She sucked and licked all the wine from his throbbing cock and then returned it to her glass before repeating her movements. "You didn't tell me we were having cock au vin tonight," she said after finishing licking the last few drops of wine from his cock.

"I'll bring the rest of the bottle to bed tonight - we can finish this later." she added.

Ginny was awoken from her slumber by the sound of Jack's voice, "Dinner's ready," he called.

She got off the bed, smoothed down her creased skirt and wiped her pussy and butt with some tissues before replacing the candle in its holder.

Once downstairs, Ginny sat at the dining table with Jack across from her and her mum on his right. Eyeing what was set before her, Ginny said "This looks delish, I'm famished."

They made small talk whilst they ate - enquiring how each other's days had been - what plans they had for the rest of the week. Having emptied her plate first, Ginny looked across at Jack, she raised her right foot and placed it on his crutch stroking him through his trousers, "Thanks Jack," she said, "that really filled me up."

Jack glanced at Betty to make sure she couldn't see what was happening and reached under the table with his left hand, he stroked her foot and ankle and moved his hand as far as he could up her leg without making his actions obvious. "You're more than welcome Ginny," he said, "Perhaps you can prepare something for me one day."

Betty looked at him quizzically, "You know Ginny doesn't cook," she said and then returned to finishing her food.

"So," said Ginny, "are you going to give me any ideas for your birthday. Big 40 and all that - isn't that when they say you start going over the hill?"

"Don't be cheeky little miss. I can give most of those young whippersnappers a run for their money, prime of life is the term you're looking for I think! As far as my birthday is concerned I don't really need anything and I know you're trying to save for a deposit. Just get me a card - that'll be fine."

Betty smiled to herself; she had wondered how her daughter and Jack would get on under the same roof but after a few early niggles they seemed to be getting on just fine.

After excusing herself from the table Ginny returned to her room, lay on her bed and thought some more about what an exciting day she'd had. Recalling her encounter with Sam, followed by her experience with Jack; the day had been far more satisfying than she could have imagined. Turning her mind to his impending birthday she knew that Jack was right about her need to save - something she had never been very good at - but she wanted to get him something. You don't turn 40 every day she thought. She picked up her phone for inspiration and was about to go on the internet when she remembered that Sam had put her number in her phone. Checking the time - it was just after 8 - Ginny dialled the number. It rang a few times before it was answered.

"Who is this?" enquired Sam.

"Umm it's Ginny, the girl with the mascara from this afternoon."

"Oh hi. I'm glad you called, do you want to meet up so we can finish what we started?"

"Well," said Ginny, "I wanted to chat just now. Ask you a few things if you don't mind."

"That's fine," said Sam "On one proviso, you've got to agree to come to my place soon. I want the chance to eat your pussy and I hope you would like a second helping of mine."

"Definitely" said Ginny "You've opened a new door for me and I want to experiment some more. Are you lesbian or bisexual?"

"Wow - right out there with a big one huh. I'm totally lesbian now, once I discovered the delights of pussy juice there was no looking back. A cock just doesn't taste as good!"

"But don't you miss feeling a cock in your pussy? Surely a tongue doesn't replace that sensation?"

"I've got the perfect selection of dildos for that purpose," said Sam "when you come over I'll show you and we can try them out on each other. Not only do they do the job just as well, if not better than any cock I've had, but they don't finish until I want them to. Unlike those selfish gits I used to date."

"Sounds cool." said Ginny "Umm do you like to swim? My step-dad's an instructor at the local pool and he can get us in free if you fancy it."

"Haven't been swimming in years - apart from on holiday," said Sam "but I'll come with as long as you promise to wear a sexy bikini. I want to see as much flesh as possible!"

"I've only got skimpy ones." said Ginny "The pool was always my fave place to pick up guys."

"When are you thinking of going?" asked Sam.

"Are you free now - or tomorrow morning?"

"Now is good for me. I was planning on a lazy evening in front of the telly. It'll do me good to get some exercise in."

"Okay," said Ginny "text me your address and I'll get Jack, that's my step-dad by the way, to pick you up on the way to the pool."

Ginny walked into the living room, interrupting some intense kissing between Jack and Betty. "Jack," she said, "you know earlier when I was on the settee and you offered me a session in the pool tonight."

Jack gave Ginny a knowing look and said "Sure Ginny but your mother and I were just going to enjoy this film together."

"But Jack - you did offer, and I've got this friend who wants to go. I'll owe you one!"

Jack looked at Betty who smiled and nodded. "Okay," he said, "but I will be cashing in that IOU young lady."

Ginny returned to her room and tried on three different bikinis before settling on the one she considered showed off her assets best. She then simply through a coat over the top, grabbed a towel and called to Jack.

Once in the car and part way down the street she opened her coat to flash Jack a look at her outfit.

"Holy shit." he said, "You'd better cover yourself up or I am going to crash this thing."

He drove to the address Sam had supplied, pulled up and rang on the doorbell. The door was answered by a gorgeous red-headed female whose appearance gave him an immediate stiffy. "I'm looking for Sam." he said.

"Well - you've found her." stated Sam giving Jack an amused smile.

"Oh, Ginny didn't say - I mean, I was expecting a guy."

"Not a problem I hope." said Sam as she made her way to the car.

"Most definitely not!" exclaimed Jack. This evening is getting better by the minute, he thought to himself.

Sam was disappointed to see that Ginny was sitting in the passenger seat; she had hoped they'd sit in the back together and renew their acquaintance. However, the journey to the pool didn't take long and they were soon striding through the doors on their way to the changing rooms.

Ginny guided Sam to a family cubicle. "There'll be more room in here." she said as she whipped off her coat.

"Wow," said Sam, "You look amazing." as Ginny slowly turned for her new lover. The bikini briefs could not have been briefer - little more than a thong and Sam reached out to stroke Ginny's milky white smooth buttocks.

"Patience Sam." said Ginny "We're here for a swim remember. Let me help you get changed."

At that she unbuttoned Sam's coat and unzipped her dress letting it fall to the floor. Sam was wearing matching turquoise panties and a bra; the panties were sheer at the back allowing Ginny the opportunity to admire Sam's butt. Sam reached behind her and undid her bra, removing it and her panties before twirling for Ginny - she then pulled her bikini from her bag and put it on.

"Two can play the teasing game Ginny." said Sam.

"First one in the pool gets their pussy licked first." said Ginny over her shoulder as she had already started towards the pool.

Sam was busy picking up her clothes and placing them in a locker so had no chance in the race. "We'll see about that." she thought to herself as she made her way to the pool. At the poolside she noticed Jack standing in a pair of swimming trunks - "Not bad," she thought, "if I was that way inclined." She nodded to him and dived into the water surfacing right beside where Ginny was standing. She gave her a playful pat on the backside and then began to swim a few lengths with Ginny following behind.

Jack stood chatting to one of the lifeguards whilst watching the pair of them swim. He was admiring their form - not so much their swimming form as much as the form of their bodies - especially when they both switched to back-stroke and their breasts were available to ogle. Jack had to pull his eyes away from them when the lifeguard asked him a question and when he looked back they were both up the shallow end, chatting and laughing.

Jack watched as Ginny said something to Sam and then Sam moved into the centre of the pool, standing with her legs apart. Ginny dived under the water and surfaced behind Sam; what Jack didn't see was Ginny reach up with her hand and caress Sam's pussy as she swam between her legs. Then Ginny stood whilst Sam took her turn to swim, only Sam gently pressed her mouth against Ginny as she passed between her legs. Ginny gasped at the pleasure she felt and went over to Sam, pulling her towards her and kissing her, slipping her tongue between her lips. Sam began to reciprocate, stroking her hands up and down Ginny's back when their attention was taken by a shrill whistle from the lifeguard "You two," he shouted, "no canoodling in the pool."

"Mind you," said the lifeguard to Jack, "I can't think of anything hotter to watch than two babes getting it on together!"

"The blond one is my step-daughter," said Jack, "and I couldn't agree more."

Jack had been a little disappointed at the lifeguard's intervention as he was getting more than a little turned on by this new side to Ginny he had not expected but he knew the rules of the pool and realised that the lifeguard was only doing his job. He adjusted the bulge in his trunks to try to make it less obvious.

Shortly after, they left the pool and returned to the changing room where they showered, taking occasional opportunities to fondle each other's bodies before drying themselves off. Sam changed back into her dress, but Ginny realised, having arrived in her bikini, that she had nothing to wear home. "Idiot!" she thought as she put on her coat and buttoned it up.

"Nice outfit." said Sam as they made their way out to meet Jack in reception.

On the journey home they both sat in the back of the car. Sam undid the top two buttons of Ginny's coat and reached inside to caress her breasts whilst planting a kiss on her lips. The moan from Ginny caught Jack's attention and he glanced in his mirror to see the pair of them kissing furiously, noticing Sam's roving hand moving under Ginny's coat.

"Calm it down back there," he said," or I am going to have an accident in more than one sense of the word."

They pulled apart and smiled at each other. "Change of plan Jack," said Ginny, "Sam and I are having a sleepover at hers."

As he drove away after dropping them off he thought, "I sure wish I could be a fly on that wall!"

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